Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Two Truths and a Die


PHEW!! If I smoked, I would have had a cigarette or two after Monday-Wednesday's shows! Holy heck!! All Hell broke loose. Then we had a strangely inserted Thursday show and it came full circle on Friday. 

When GH does endings, they are slam-dunk shanga a banga (I just made that up lol). Weeks, months, years finally give you a damn fine pay off. :clapping: 

Not sure what you're drinking but grab it if you got it and let's go-go! 

Where to even START on this??  I guess I'll go with the wedding aftermath to the Spoon Island shennanigans. Let's see how I do... 

BOX O' PAIN O' THE WEEK: Aw, Curtis... So Sad. He talked to Portia about her lying. "You're a lying liar that lies"! Then he talks to his dear old dad about "She's a lying liar that lies". LOL. He did do a lot of shots at The Savoy and N'neka got some nice speaking parts. Nothing is really solved here and I'm sure Curtis will be moping around for days until the DNA test comes in. 

BOX O' LOVE O' THE WEEK: On the other hand, Taggert came out as a loyal, caring and wonderful father in all of this. Real Andrews gave the performance of a lifetime while talking to both Trina then Portia. The dialog was spot on. Yes, he was angry but understood and most importantly, realizing that Trina WAS his daughter in every sense of the word. Really loved his scenes. 

YOUNG WUB OF THE WEEK:   The kiss heard around the Twitter feed!! People went insane. This was a very long awaited and well done series of lusty kisses. Spencer was also a gentleman and wants to wait to make the love when the time is right. Doesn't want to take advantage of Trina when she's in pain. That's some 2023 progress right there people! The two of them run off to Spoon Island where Spencer thinks Trina can be safe. Little do they know, they'll be headlong into the whole Esme/Heather/Ryan drama soon! 

YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH IT OF THE WEEK: I could try to go into detail about all that went down on Spoon Island but believe me, you're going to want to watch it. There were many moving parts and great dialog all over the place. Sante was figuring things out in England, Alexis got confirmation from the warden and the PCPD was even in the loop. People were finding out that Heather and Ryan were Esme's parents at the same time but in different places. Most editing was pretty good here because the scenes wove together well. (not counting the entire show on Thursday! LOL). Here are the highlights: 

HOOK OF THE WEEK: Austin goes down Heather hooks him but she didn't put poison on the end so he will be ok. The best part of all this was watching him pop up, then go back down again after delivering some one-liners. So Todd of him! We all know that Ava wanted to  move Nikolas but these two just didn't manage to do that. 

PAPA BEAR OF THE WEEK:  Ryan, Ryan Ryan.. you sure went out with a bang. Well, two bangs really. We first get some closure on Ava with you. Then Mac strolls out of the woods and shoots you when you go to grab her. "It had to be you" says Ryan.  There in ends a long history of Chamberlain terror. I watched the body bag be zipped up. Many people including Kevin looked at the body and yet... yet.. we all know this is GH. 

MAMA BEAR OF THE WEEK: Oh, Heather. You so wanted Esme to love you. Who does she run to when she comes back out of the woods? Laura. That had to hurt. Heather is cuffed and ready to go to jail when Esme is in the middle of birth. 

GRANDMA BEAR OF THE WEEK: Well, Laura continues her awesomeness of just being Laura this week!  She takes charge of being mayor, gets over to Spoon Island with Kevin and then helps deliver Esme's baby. :clapping: I'm saying it again: SO happy Laura is being an independent kick ass woman instead of her old weepy self . She was that far too long on this show. 

ACE OF BASS OF THE WEEK: Another giant baby is born!! On an interesting note, Becky Herbst took to Twitter to tell everyone that there's an age limit to babies on set now due to COVID!! SO!! That's why the kids are giant! It's still funny and fun to watch. I think they are played by the same twins. They just swap out for Amelia and Ace. Spencer is playing the good big brother already. Awwww... I did get a vibe about all this because we know that Sprina won't be happy for long. Hmmm.. will he become so involved with baby Ace and Esme that he neglects Trina?? 

                                             On to the BTEAM PARTS OF THE WEEK: 

WE HAD TO GO THERE OF THE WEEK: ?? Well did we really?? Willow gets home and Carly's minding Wiley and GiantAmelia. We hadn't seen hide nor hair of Carly for DAYS AND DAYS so you know, it had to happen!! Willow and Carly have a cry about Willow's bone marrow mess and Michael fights with Sonny yet again. "You're done" says Sonny. Ok. Whatever. 

DECISION OF THE WEEK: On the heels of Sonny telling Michael to go to hell, Dex is stupid enough to talk about the Pikeman shipment while Joss could listen. So dumb. Anyway, I was really hoping he was a fed but it appears not. After talking it over with his lady love, he decides to get Sonny on federal charges when the whole arms deal goes down. *sigh*. Does ANYONE THINK Sonny will go away to jail for any length of time?? Yeah, I didn't think so. 

INSERTION OF THE WEEK:  There was a strange encounter between Sasha and Heather. Sasha pretends to be her lawyer but really just wants to blast her about Brando's death. It could have been really good but Dante comes in right when things are getting going. This was also a catalyst for Cody to talk to Sam about.. summer camp (again). Like I said, just plain strange. By the way, it seems like Sam and Dante's kids are at camp Q for the rest of the duration. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Ava talking to Ryan about Kiki. Just serve up the Emmy already. 


Curtis grabbles with the truth's aftermath and talks to Marshall 

Taggert confronts Portia and they have a good talk 

Trina and Spencer connect at The Art Gallery

Sam and Dante call Jordan with the Ryan news

Alexis figures out Heather is the Hooker

Austin gets Hooked by Heather 

Esme runs into the woods; Ryan follows

Heather tells Ava she should go kill Ryan, gives her the gun

Esme's water breaks, Ryan is ready to deliver a baby? 

Ava comes out of the woods and shoots Ryan in the shoulder

Mac Daddy comes out and shoots him in the chest. 

Felicia and Kevin say a tearful "goodbye" to Ryan 

Laura and Kevin deliver Esme's baby. 

Esme names the baby Ace; does she remember her past? 

Nina and Drew blather on about Willow/Wiley

Willow goes home to live out her last days

Michael and Sonny argue while Leo and Wiley make Pizza dough with Olivia

Austin and Ava realize that Nikolas' body is still in the shed 

Spencer is taken with his new baby brother, promises to protect him. 

Everyone wonders where Nikolas might be 

Sasha pretends to be Heathers' lawyer, Heather confesses to all the Hookings

Dex lets Josslyn in on part of his 'secret" and decides to stay and finish the job. 

That's a wrap!! I am in love with this SLIZ photo that Becky put up on Twitter. She's been on GH 26 years and Kelly 20!! SO many stories with these ladies. Still may fave is them drinking and burning Jason stuff on the docks! 

It was a wild week on the show for sure. I really really looked forward to watching every day. Well, 4 out of 5 ain't bad!! The actors were all on their A Games. We had history closed on Ryan and all the players were there. Even Robert showed up Friday! We have the 60th delights coming soon and there's also going to be the "How much does Esme remember and When" story. Sprina is getting going and hopefully this Dex/Michael/Sonny stuff will end soon. Willow will be getting some marrow soon or will die. Nikolas is either rotting in the shed or he's been taken. We have two giant babies to coo at on our screens!! Oh, yeah..also, will the DNA test on Trina get done by Easter?? Hmmm.... 

Anyway, have a great rest of your day! See you Monday!! I do have a meeting right at 1pm so I hope I'm done in time to make the whole show. 


  1. Thank you Karen!!

    I prefer "kick ass" Laura too. Genie is my favorite actress of all time.

    At first I thought Laura Wright was wearing a sling and holding that giant baby who must be 9 months old IRL. Looks it anyway. I am glad their are age limits for babies and COVID on set. Better to be safe. Better for us than them using a doll.

    I didn't see everything this week. Hoping to catch up some on the better stuff. Ryan might not be dead. Two medical professionals checked Peter's pulse and he was alive. lol

    1. PS. Ava has grown so much on me over the years. I didn't care for Maura/ Ava at first, but now I love her. Glad she shot Ryan. Should have been she and Felicia though. Mac getting in on it was good though

    2. PSS. Why oh why don't they have Robert and Mac on screen more often than some of the other clowns. Their scenes just come to life IMO when they are on screen.

    3. PSSS. Heather did NOT do all the hookings did she?

    4. lindie, there are several possibilities, right? One, Heather thinks (as discussed with Ryan) that Esme was the original Hook, so H is taking the fall to cover for her. Two, the original, unknown Hook says, Gee, thanks Heather, and slinks away. Three, the original unknown Hook says, NO, it's Mine! and hooks 47 new victims, getting both Esme and Heather off the, um, hook.

  2. Another great SS...thank you!
    About Ryan's demise. I said it earlier...bullet proof vest. We have seen that he can completely control his body.
    Why would Willow's giant baby go home from hospital before her? It was odd. Two exact look alike giant babies with totally different moms. Oy.
    Taggert was perfect. Curtis not so much. Even a "lying liar that lies" deserves some understanding sometimes. Curtis is not that guy.
    Did Heather do all the hooking? They seem to want it that way even though she wasn't even around when the hookings started.

  3. Great SS Wubs!! What a week indeed! Pretty good stuff and so nice having a break from screeching Cujo and boring Millow!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, the only way Dex would be an interesting character is to have him be AJ's son back to avenge his father's murder by Sonny. That's the only thing that would make sense. Because right now, he and Joss are just so damn boring and his character seems so pointless because of the non-stop repetitive dialogue about Sonny!

    Absolutely LOVING Avery Pohl's portrayal of AmnesiaEsme! Perfection! And the Ace reference was brilliantly done!

    Annnnd huge kudos to Alley Mills for her portrayal of cuckoo Heather! Well done!! Bravo!! More MORE!!

    Looking forward to when Ava and Austin find Nik's body missing. Muahhahaaa!

    1. Agree here, too! Cannot stand Drew anymore-wish the real Drew was back. So many great performances last week! And great Wubs!

  4. I am not happy that the writers changed the original hook ( cause we ALL know they did) BUT I was convinced because she told Jordan she hooked Nik, which had never been known before.........
    ----I think Maura/Ava is so much better now cause she is her own person - not under her brother's rule/sister's rule - she does what SHE wants to do and it is FANTASTIC!!!
    -----Yep Esme's memory is going to come back slowly but she won't tell.....I think Laura will take her home 'under the mayor's care' so she won't go to Springridge...
    -----I think Trina won't agree to a DNA test but her problems are just beginning as Esme and Spence get closer.....
    -----I HOPE this week Ava and Austin find - no body of Nicholas' around--------
    ----Karen appreciate you not mentioning Nina's whiny crying to Drew ------
    ----It should be Feb 15th - day after wedding ---------------still think Vanna waitin on Felicia!!!GREAT WEEK of shows.

  5. "When GH does endings, they are slam-dunk shanga a banga (I just made that up lol)"

    ROFL! Yes they are a shanga a banga! Hahaha! :)

    "YOUNG WUB OF THE WEEK: The kiss heard around the Twitter feed!! People went insane."


    "This was a very long awaited and well done series of lusty kisses."

    Just like Luke and Laura!!! Long awaited until they got together! :) And the Sprina kisses weren't lusty, until Trina wanted him! *Snicker*

    "Doesn't want to take advantage of Trina when she's in pain. That's some 2023 progress"

    Yeah HUGE 2023 progress! :)

    "Many people including Kevin looked at the body and yet... yet.. we all know this is GH."

    Hahaha. TRUTH! :D

    "SO happy Laura is being an independent kick ass woman instead of her old weepy self . She was that far too long on this show."

    YES!!!! Too long!!! I'm glad she is an independent kick ass woman! :)

    "ACE OF BASS OF THE WEEK: Another giant baby is born!!"

    Hahaha. The 2 babies must be twins! They are both HUGE! :)

    "I did get a vibe about all this because we know that Sprina won't be happy for long."

    Yeah that's the way it goes on soaps. :)

    "Hmmm.. will he become so involved with baby Ace and Esme that he neglects Trina??"

    Or maybe Spencer finds out that Ace is his son, and Vampira falls in love with him, and Spencer spends more time with Ace and Vampira than Trina? Hmmm.

  6. I wonder if Liesel will break up with Scotty because he defends Liz? That slap on the previews is not just a little slap-----so I guess she thinks Britt would be alive if Esme wasn't in the tower? Can you IMAGINE how she gonna slap JOSS????? LOL!
    -----so also if Molly is pregnant, does that mean a real storyline for TJ and Molly? That kinda came out of the blue
    ------paging Phyllis - paging Phyllis - where have you been?


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