Friday, February 17, 2023


 NOTE: today's show was SUPER FAST moving and had a ton of dialog. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT BECAUSE I couldn't keep up LOL 

VAnna's on doing FA at the cabin. This is boring. Valentin says that all Martin and Lucy do is have sex in the other room LOL. I guess there has to be on boring thing on per show. 

Victor talks to Deputy Mayor Eileen He tells her that she has to keep working for him and to apologize to Laura because she might be on to her. 

Laura and Jordan find Mac on the side of the road. He goes to GH. Laura is trying to figure out why Heather would leave with a 9 month pregnant lady. They don't know that Ryan is with them yet. 

Trina hugs Taggert. Curtis wants to know what's going on. "Why is our daughter bawling her eyes out" asks Taggert. "She says I might not be YOUR DAUGHTER" says Trina. Portia cries. Says she doesn't know which guy is the father. Trina leaves. Taggert leaves. 

Curtis and Portia argue. HE thinks she's trying to justify things and she's trying to explain. Curtis was gone and she wanted Trina to have a happy family/life. "without me" says Curtis. 

Taggert and Trina are outside. She says she feels like her life is over. Taggert says "you are my daughter, you are my baby girl". They hug. WAH! GREAT SCENE. 

Ryan holds Felicia and Ava at gunpoint. Ava's like SO you fakin' it, huh?!! You had to sit there and listen to me taunt you and you couldn't do anything!! Ryan tells Felicia that he attacked Mac and took his gun/car.  He asks where Nikolas is. LOL BLOOP!  He calls Mac (Jordan and Laura listen in) tells Mac he's leaving and he'll kill Felicia if he sends any cops. Ryan hangs up. Tells Ava and Fe they are leaving. OH! AUSTIN hears him through the door!!! SQUEE

Sante are still in England talking to Maggie. She told them that RYAN is Esme's father and they just sit there and not call anyone?????????????? She tells them how they found out about him being her dad. There was a brooch on her baby blanket that belonged to Ryan's first victim (Heather put it there) 

OK, Dante AND JORDAN finally talk. He tells Jordan about Esme thinking that Ryan is her father. Jordan says Esme has escaped from Jail. The Warden says Ryan killed a guard and put him in his cell. Laura finds out about Ryan being Esme's Dad. 

Eileen calls Victor and tells him that Esme has escaped. Victor tells Spencer! Spencer is afraid she's faking her amnesia and leaves. 

Eileen is on the phone and Anna interrupts to "Scare" her again with her voice. Eileen is creeped out. 


Laura thinks she knows where Ryan went 

Spencer takes Trina out of the metro

Ryan says there's not enough room on the boat for everyone so he has to kill either Ava or Felicia



  1. Comments are just futile today - it was the best show of this year so far.....must watch.....
    special shout-out to Real' Andrews today-----he was amazing.....
    ----Don't think Austin is gonna die -------------- maybe he wakes up thinking he is Franco? LOL
    -----the ending--------wow....

    1. Or wakes up being Todd. Yes.

    2. LOL!!! I'm gonna be sad if Roger Howarth leaves. I don't care for Austin but I love Roger and I'd love if they brought back Franco.

    3. Maybe Esme saves him. Since she lost her memory she seems to be pretty sane.

    4. What if Essie gets her memory back with all the commotion going on and joins Mommy and Daddy in their shenanigans? πŸ˜‚ Better yet, she goes into labor? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5. shellatt52 If Esme goes into labor Heather better think twice before hooking the only doctor around.


    1. "Judith says, As I said on Twitter: FRIDAY CLIFFHANGERS ARE BACK, BABY!"


  3. and whoever is in charge of that launch to Spoon Island does NOT make enough money for that job!!!

  4. What a show today! I loved Maura taunting Ryan. Marcus (Taggs as wubsy calls him) was so good too.

  5. Either nothing happens or it all happens at once. Good show today.
    Curtis has that "I will NEVER forgive you" face on. I hope Trina turns out to be Taggert's baby girl after all.
    Heather Hookster left Esme alone in the car? Run, girl run.

    1. Yeh I'm hoping this was all for nothing and she's Tagg's daughter

    2. me too except the DNA test Stella took and Trina long ago---

    3. "mufasa says, me too except the DNA test Stella took and Trina long ago"

      Yeah. We can't forget that!!!

    4. "Either nothing happens or it all happens at once."

      That is exactly right.

  6. Overall, a really good show today once some of the repetitive dialogue ended and there was movement in storylines. Tagg will always be Trina's Dad regardless of DNA which he proved today. Great acting by them both! Great acting with Portia and Curtis as well! Lots of beats were played out quite well.

    The Ryan, Maura, Felicia stuff seemed very sudden and rushed but I can imagine they are just trying to jam in as much as they can for the so-called February sweeps which really aren't even a thing anymore. I do love Jon's portrayal of Ryan and Kevin and how he always maintains to keep them completely different. Spectacular acting!!

    Having Austin, aka TODD MANNING, showing up at Windemere was laughable. They seriously have no idea what to do with RoHo so they just inject him into all kinds of various storylines.

    I see the moss balls have migrated to Vanna's love shack now. LOL!

    1. "MatchboxGinny says, I see the moss balls have migrated to Vanna's love shack now. LOL!"

      Hahahaha. The Tribbles are everywhere!!! :)

  7. I was screaming words I learned in basic training at the end of today's show. Wow!

    I read that Tabyana Ali did an interview where she said that Sprina fans are going to be happy, a kiss is coming.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "Gary says, I was screaming words I learned in basic training at the end of today's show. Wow!"

      Lots of swear words eh? ROFL!

      "I read that Tabyana Ali did an interview where she said that Sprina fans are going to be happy, a kiss is coming."



    3. Sonya, it didn't give a date for the kiss but she said it is while she is dealing with the daddy issue.

      Learned lots of swear words there and then got fluent when I became an NCO.

  8. Some funny one liners today!

    London pub:

    Sante and Maggie May: They are having a nice little chit chat. Nobody is in any hurry to do anything. No emergency. But then later Maggie May is in emergency mode!!! Too much coffee I tell ya!!! :)

    Port Chuckles:

    Private cabin: Poor V.C. is so bored. :) Well it's good that the Tribbles are there to keep them company. (Thanks Di for that :D )

    Vanna: V.C. wins the line of the day!

    V.C.: Aside from Martin and Lucy and their constant shagging.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Awww what's the matter V.C.? You jelly? You and Anna aren't constantly shagging? :) Well, Anna haunting EyeLean got you all turned on! Time to shag now? :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Victor and Ilene: I just want to spell her name as EyeLean. :) Yeah it's been awhile since she was haunted by Ghost Anna. They wouldn't need to show a flashback if the writers keep having her being haunted.

    Victor and Spencer: Awwww Spencer is so worried about Trina. :)

    The jailbreak/road:

    Mac and Jordan: I'm glad someone finally showed up and saw Mac!!!

    Mac, Jordan, and Laura: MAC IS OKAY! YAY! :D Now they just have to figure out that that Ryan escaped too!!! :) Thinking caps engage! :)

    The hospital:

    Dante and Jordan:

    Jordan: Wait. What the hell?


    Jordan and Laura: The look on Laura's face! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Mac's room:

    Mac, Jordan, and Laura: Great scene with Mac talking to Ryan!!! That was fun! :)

    Eye Lean and Laura: Laura is giving you an order EyeLean! Will she do it? Probably not.

    Eye Lean and "ghost" Anna: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Perfect. :)

    Metrocourt hotel room:

    Portia, Trina, Taggy, and Curtis:

    Trina: Mom says I may not be your daughter.


    Purtis: Making excuses and justifying yourself Portia.. Ohhhhh how you felt back then! Well you weren't clear about that. And stop whining that Curtis left you back then! You were MARRIED!!! Curtis don't mess with married women! Get over yourself! Great scene and great acting though! That's very clever of the writers having Portia say she don't know! Cus then Curtis won't hate her and then they will get a DNA test together, and then he can forgive her quickly. :)

    Metrocourt rooftop:

    Taggy and Trina: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! My heart exploded!!!


    Ryan, Ava, and Felicia: This was a fun soapy scene! :) Oh oh Ryan broke Felicia's phone!! Oh no Ryan! Don't be talking about Avery!! Ava could very well hit you over the head! Oh oh Pawtucket Holtster!!!!

    Pawtucket Holtster and HOOK: Yeah I yelled out WHAT THE?! WHAT THE?!!!?!?

    Previews: They showed Heather on Monday! So is she the one who hooked him?!!?!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to July 20th 1990* Ned and Dawn's wedding!

  9. Great show Friday. I especially liked the scenes with Taggert consoling Trina, and Ryan with his two blond obsessions.

    Also, Austin had better not be dead unless than plan on bringing back Todd Manning. Roger Howarth is far and away my favorite actor on the show. Even when he has crappy material to play, he is fun to watch.

  10. So...I don't come here very often anymore and I may be the last to know or maybe you all don't know, but.. Roger isn't coming back. 😭 I just did a Google search and yeh he's gone. No more characters and I for one am pissed. They wasted his talent on this last character. They should have never ever killed Franco. But whatever, it's done and I digress. 😒

    1. What you read may have been from when he left GH a few years ago. I can't find anything saying he will be leaving now. If you have a link to what you did read please share.

    2. I'm not sure, probably so? It was dated Feb of this yr. I went back and looked after I saw your comment and looked further in the article which read Feb of 2021... confusion for sure. Sorry guys. Wonder why they would update the article? Guess we'll find out Monday what happens.

  11. Ryan really likes the blonds. Wonder if his past victims were blond too


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