Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Running on Empty


Esme IS HAVING the baby! Ryan tells her he's a doctor so don't worry. LOL. He wants her to go to the house with him. She says no. 

Austin wakes up a bit...then Heather tells Ava that Ryan got in with her family and destroyed things from the inside.  Anyway, Heather gives Ava the gun and Ava heads out to find Ryan. 

Ava comes out of the woods pointing the gun at Ryan "get away from her"! Ryan says she can't have his grandchild out there. Ava can't believe that Ryan is her father. He says yep! I planned it all..how do you think she got into that fancy school in France and met Spencer?? He says he got Esme to sleep with Nikolas too. Ava is stunned. They look back and Esme is gone! 

Mac and Jordan come into Wyndemere... Heather tells them all that Esme is Ryan's daughter. She gets arrested. Austin should be ok because there's no venom on the hook. 

Alexis tells Kevin and Laura the hook is Heather. She called the prison and the typewriter there has the same wonky keys. Kevin tells Alexis Heather is Esme's mother. Laura and Kevin go over on the launch. Alexis calls in the story to the paper. 

Laura and Kevin get to Wyndemere. Kevin tells everyone that Heather is Esme's mother. "Can't you tell? WE have the same smile" says Heather.

Sprina make out--a lot. Trina goes for Spencer's shirt and he says no..wait, he cares too much for her. He doesn't want to take advantage of her when she's hurting. Aww. He says he can take her somewhere she can be alone and sleep. 

N'neka sees Curtis drinking at the Savoy and calls Marshall. Curtis is just slamming shots. Marshal wants to talk. Curtis doesn't. Marshall says too bad. Curtis tells him Trina could be his daughter. 

Spencer and Trina make it to the pier. Alexis fills them in on the situation. She also tells them that Heather and Ryan are Esme's parents. 


Esme makes it back to Wyndemere and falls into Laura's arms..>Heather watches and is pissed LOL 

Ava has a GREAT scene with Ryan, you HAVE to see it..she pulls the trigger at the very end of the show. 


  1. Karen's recap is great - it is a must watch episode again!
    ----I liked Marshall today - surprises me too
    ----Heather/Alley Mills is spectacular today ---- so fun -----
    -----Give Maura West the Emmy to-day...
    -----Did I miss WHY Austin wasn't stabbed much?????? I also must have missed Austin/Felicia connection besides Maxie or he knew Mac wanted her gone?
    -----SO disappointing the previews show Ryan still yapping - kill him already
    ------KUDDOS to Jon Lindstorm for 2 completely different characters!!
    -----Sprina = still great
    -----Make Detective Bennett on contract today----he is a keeper!

    1. I think Austin was just helping Mac out by keeping Flea safe. So he asked her to come with him

    2. 100% agree about Detective Bennett, especially if they're going to keep Chase in constant limbo!

  2. I have to say Spencer and Trina were dreamy! I loved the camera concentrating on her shoes as she stands on her tippy toes to kiss him. Hearing him say he needs her to see the good in him. I had goosies!! Just perfection between these 2. I felt the love for sure.

    And our Ava, she still was the highlight as usual. Loved the Get away from her or I'll blow your head off! The emotion and her funny tone in every scene with Heather.

    Mac: Not a mark on him. Oh well still a great week thus far and its only Tuesday.

  3. A lot of funny one liners today!

    Ava's art gallery:

    Sprina: Awwwwwwww Spencer is such a gentleman and very wise. :) Yeah Trina can't go back home! Where can she go? She can't sleep in the art gallery.. Spencer has an idea? I'm thinking Kelly's? :)

    Outside Wyndemere:

    Ryan and Vampira: Well, Ryan used to be a doctor.. A pediatrician! So he will have to deliver the baby with one hand!!! :) That baby bump looks like a huge bowling ball/Watermelon. OH hi Ava!!! :)

    Ava, Ryan, and Vampira: Queen Ava with a gun! :) Ryan is so happy to see Ava! Hahahaha!

    Ryan: This is my crowning moment.

    No the baby is the one that's crowning Ryan. :) Ooooo Vampira yes sneak out! Escape!!! :) Great idea!

    Ava and Ryan: Ryan wins the lines of the day.

    Ryan: Husbands come and go, you and I are forever! You shot me!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't want Ryan to die!! I want him to escape, then come back later. :)

    Wyndemere: Jordan says this is a mess. I was hoping she would also say this is such a soap opera! ROFL! That would have been a nod and a wink to the soap fans. :) Yes everyone Heather is Vampiras mother! :) I love how happy and relieved Mac is seeing Felicia. Awwwwww. :) And I'm glad Pawtucket Holtster is going to be okay. Whew! :) Giving queen Ava the gun! Love that! :) I'm very disappointed that the writers rewrote the hook as Heather. :( That sucks. I wish it was the DA or EyeLean.

    The pier:

    Alexis and Kevlar: Love that they are giving each other information!

    Alexis and Sprina: OH! Spencer wanted to take Trina to Wyndemere! Hahahahaha. Well you can't now! So now what? Where are you taking Trina now? Ooooo Vampira is with her biological parents! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN!

    The Savoy:

    N'neka and Curtis: I thought N'neka was going Portia. She looks so concerned about Curtis awwwww. :)

    Curtis and Mr. Hat man: Yes everyone hates being lied to, but come on! Stop talking and drinking to get drunk and get a DNA test!!!!

    Wyndemere: VAMPIRA!!!! That watermelon/Bowling ball is ready to come out!! Who is going to deliver? Baby Ace is ready!

    1. Oh forgot to mention, that I love when Jon Lindstrom does double duty! :)

    2. Me too. GH has such a fantastic cast of actors. Keeps me watching even when it's not so good.

    3. Seriously 2 Emmys. Jon and Maura! Just love them both.
      Loved the fact that Esme just threw herself at Laura. She know's a safe space when she sees it!
      I also appreciated Hat Man's reasoning with Curtis. He said some very smart things!
      Very irritated at the Hook rewrite. When writing a mystery you already have a beginning/middle/end. You don't change it up half way through. :(
      Line of the day...perfect!

  4. Maura West was magnificent today! Yes to an Emmy!
    Police arrival at Windemere was anti-climactic.
    Curtis is acting like a two year old. Not a surprise. For once Marshall has the right idea. It may have been a lie but so what. Everyone lies. Will we have to watch Portia whine and weep for day/weeks/months. Please no.

  5. Was it just me or was anyone else expecting Nik to pop out of the shadows today, or maybe tomorrows episode? I just have a feeling....I did love Ava's reaction to finding out Ryan was behind it all! She is just so bad ass! Maura deserves an Emmy!

    1. I was wondering where Nik was too.

    2. I thought the same thing. Nik would pop out in the woods.

  6. You know with the PCPD on Spoon Island the "should" be searching the whole island so shouldn't they find Nik's body? Unless Austin/Franco/BobTodd has already moved it, Nik isn't dead and he moved himself, or someone else moved him.

    I had been wondering if Heather had put the venom on the hook, glad to see that she hadn't and Austin/Franco/BobTodd/ is still with us.

  7. So Curtis should forgive Portia for this HUGE lie but it's not big deal that he divorced Jordan for a much smaller lie?

    1. That is my feelings too. Jordan lied about a case where she wasn't allowed to tell him because of her job. That is minor compared to keeping a possible child a secret for 20 years.

  8. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/icymi-finola-hughes-james-patrick-stuart-interview/

    1. Oh my goodness, that was so good! Such a mutual respect and admiration, yet still playful. Thank you for sharing here.


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