Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Samurai Scripting


YEP, me with a Migraine after GH 

Well, LAST week I was in LOVE with this show. THIS WEEK? Holy Christmas On A Cracker what in the hell kind of sushi blended mix up bizarro Twilight -Alfred Hitchcock did I walk into?? Seriously. 

BY THE WAY: If you didn't know this: NINA REEVES IS THE WORST and will probably be the reason the stock market crashes soon. 

I'm just going to eat fruit salad bathed in gin for this one.. we are ALL going to need it. 

Let's GO GO 

Should I have knocked on wood after last week's blog? I mean, look, I'm all for SOAPY stuff happening but..this was not that. As you know, I'm old AF and even watched the entire town of Pine Valley get sex-drugged. I've seen hate zex every which way possible. BUT!! Nothing prepared me for this week's GH. 

 Sorry if I sound alarmist, it's just I was watching live and I'm still not right in the head from it! LOL

NINA REEVES IS RADIOACTIVE: PUT on your SHEILDS!!  Let's see. It started with Millow refusing an offer of free champagne from Nina for their anniversary. Why? Because they want NO CONTACT with her--but yet decide to go into The Metro for dinner. Why? Poor spoiled princess Willow wanted to and damn it, she's going to go. Should have ordered take out. Speed up the bashing on Nina when she walks away. 

OMG!! THAT BIT*CH!! Olivia has to go to Carly to complain that Nina not only fired a beloved worker and didn't ask her SHE CHOSE LIKE the WORST COLOR IN THE WORLD for the bathrooms!! Olivia even had the paint chip in her purse to prove it. What?? Um.. Okay, calm down there. 

THE ICE MACHINE IS BROKEN!  CALL a LAWYER!! When Carly brings a wounded Jagger to his suite at The Metro, she goes to get ice for his face and... damn it. The ice machine is not working! Would this EVER HAPPEN under HER watch? Hell no!! She can do anything!!! 

ONE WORD: NINA!  Leave it to Diane to answer a question from Jason about Carly having to "run a diner" (poor girl) and it's all Nina's fault! EVERYTHING is Nina's fault. Poor little match stick Carly, turned into the SEC after just wanting to help her innocent son, shuffled to poverty. She lost Sonny too. (Not to mention she almost married you, Jason--but that's another story)! We also find out that Jason left half his estate to Carly and the other 1/2 to his kids. Wow. Generous. 

THEN THIS HAPPENED: And I cant unsee it. Hate Sex? Um.. hate sex is usually zexy. This was... cringy. I swear a 14 year old horny boy wrote this script. Not only that, sorry, but Cam Mathison is the LAST guy to pull that sort of macho thing off. (in my opinion). Between the stupid "what a boy wants, what a girl does" dialog and the break-away shirt. I sat there with my mouth agape waiting for flies to rush in. LOL ....wait....THEN --Drew says the next day it was "45 minutes" !! and mentions "Rug Burns"!! By now I'm a puddle of crying laughter and just rage at such a 1940s script. Drew wanted to ruin her business AND her looks folks! She begged him to help her *by putting her on the board of Aurora* (??) and he had zex with her and told her he would 'need more". :eyeroll: 

WAS THERE MORE TO THE WEEK?  it's really hard to remember after Tuesday's show. EESH.  

THE AVA CAPER: Another weird AF thing is the entire Ava set up. I really REALLY was hoping she was working with Valentin (under threat of blackmail) to undermine Sonny from the inside.  I mean, she's giving him drinks, trying to isolate him and being all sneaky-pants in his penthouse. BUT..looks like NO? She actually can't sleep and looks for drugs in his bathroom and takes a few. This is the most dumb thing. First, Ava would have a stash of something and second, she didn't even GOOGLE the medicine? And, btw, the medicine she took seems to be made up but ends in a Latin suffix that usually is for muscle relaxants. NOT BI POLAR. But.. I digress. She wasn't tired.. and..? Welp. I'm at a loss here. You know they are going to end up in bed together. Just a matter of time. No wonder they were distancing Nina/Ava with the BFF thing. 

HEE HAW: Why. What. I guess they needed to buy some overalls. I am not into Cody and Sasha in normal times, but the Farmer Jones stuff? Talking about life and mucking the horses? Nope. 

WEDDING STUFF: First we have to have a great big wedding (but not too big)...then! NO!! Dante's in a coma and Greg's ready to collapse so let's have a TINY WEDDING! But wait!! Wait!! Dante woke up....doesn't look like Greg's going to be out for the count so soon so BRING BACK THE BIG WEDDING! And..I'll wear Lila's dress... but there's not enough time to alter it!! YES! There is! BUT!! Wait!! it can't be done because the fabric is too fragile!! OMG at this point Brook can just walk down in her red blazer and I'd be happy. 

Someone pointed out on Twitter that these 2 are eating egg sammys talking about: EGGS basically ahahaha! TJ is now questioning things? Dude!! I get we need angst in all this but I swear Molly/TJ have such few scenes together --and when they do it's all about babies and you know what? I don't care at this point. I do like the Papa and grandson vibe of Marshall and TJ yes (and I know he's not his BIO papa)...but. can we talk about anything else? 


Valentin plays cat and mouse with Anna.

Carly saves Jagger from thugs! Chem test galore

Curtis walks all the way upstairs!!

Nina and Drew.. well.. you know. 

Nina finds Carly with Jagger, runs to tell on her to everyone

Olivia HATES the new paint colors at The Metro

Laura and Kevin discuss chemical poisoning and Heather's fate in jail (or not)

Alexis will get her law license back soon

Sonny to Jason: GET OUTTA MY FACE!

Jason wants to buy back Carly's 1/2 of The Metro 

Diane is hella busy

Willow's so sad about not seeing her kids. Maybe she should quit nursing

The Metro is falling apart! 

ChaLyn wedding .. is happening sometime

Jason is now working in The Warehouse of Worship for St. Jaysus of PC 

Ava decides to raid Sonny's medicine cabinet and down some pills 

Sasha and Cody discuss life and horseflies 

Krissy sees Ava hand Sonny a giant drink

Maxie thinks Lucy is the "real problem" at Deception

Blaze and Krissy: almost as boring as Sasha and Cody


Anna works on her suspect list 

Dex Trains for the PCPD 

Changing characters a bit and having couples/storylines switch is a given with new writers. I just have whip-lash over what I saw on my screen. I will say the longer scenes are appreciated for sure. I will also say that sometimes I don't really know what I'm watching. The Pure Carly worship is maddening!! My goodness. Nails on a chalk-board. Nina's a crying little jelly baby that goes to DREW (?) about Millow not accepting her dinner gift. OH! Willow: I can't deal with nursing--Quartermaine; poised to be a runner of charities "like Lila".  Head spinning.  Someone else on Twitter had this observation: Nina saw Curtis walking and said--nothing? Hmmm. They were such good friends. Now? Who knows. Nina can't have ANY friends. I want Dr. O back to put people in their place. 

Also: Where is Scott? Heather stuff-- Jason's back... Lucy zex...? He's just POOF !! 

Ok, I could keep going but you have lives to live. GH still needs to get it's cast down to a better size and also get the younger set on more. 



  1. Thank you, thank you. Agree on all. You are hilarious! Best line in the blog "warehouse of worship". Have a great day, finally sun in PA

  2. Not only a great SS as usual but SO on point and funny! Thank you.
    Big sale on overalls! Pssst GH...most people I know on farms do not wear them. Especially in fancy stables.
    When was the last time Ava left that apartment? Yes, she is definitely the type to have a stash or two.
    Lucy lost it.
    Lois dressed like church lady was a hoot! Clear nails??? Never happen.
    Tomorrow is the day for the Boston, Curtis, run! LOL
    Thanks again Karen!

  3. Gosh Karen I laughed out loud at this recap --------------
    WORST week in a long time on GH cause it made no sense....Maybe 3 times in my soap opera viewing experience have I ever been nauseated - Nina and Drew were atrocious -
    STILL think no way CW is happy with her character.....
    -------repeating myself I know but I do not want Ava to be working with Valentin - I want HER to SOLVE the pill situation...
    ---it's also like they don't know what to do with Donnell T - so Curtis now has another experience/storyline?
    ----WHERE is Selina Wu? Scott? Marty?
    ----go away NOW Lucy, Drew, Michael, WIllow, Molly TJ and PLEASE take Nina and Kristina with you.
    -----IF they can cast a grandfather for Brook Lynn to attend the wedding - they BETTER have SOME PERSON there as Chase's MOM!

    1. I honestly think they are just like: Chase? He never HAD a mom...nope. Never heard of her lol

  4. I will say that Maxie has been looking great!

  5. I have never liked NuDrew and have thought for a long time that the Nina character had run its course. Now, with the horrible, horrible hookup scene (seriously, who wrote that?), I am more convinced than ever that both characters need to go.


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