Thursday, July 31, 2014

Skyped Fluke is on

So... Josslyn took up 2 bowls of cereal to her room.  Spencer talks to Brit. SHE HAD CORN POPS!
and her entire room is CORN colors!! Yellow and Green.
OMG I'm dying. ahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaa

Oh nos...Spencer showed Joss a photo of...COURTNEY?  She better stay dead. 

Carly scolds Franco for not being home when she got there. Flashback to yesterday with he and Ava. Franco tries to get her to tell him if she has the file of the recording somewhere. 

Ummmmm, Tracy pesters Liz to find out if Mickey Diamond matches Alice's blood type. He is of course, B+ and now they just have to find out if he's an organ donor. 

Julian Skyped Fluke..while shirtless. Fluke has a nice tropical flower behind him to remind us he's IN HIDING. On a TROPICAL ISLAND!  They banter. Fluke calls him a "wormy slab of maggot food" and Julian tells him he's running things now and "Peace out, Bitch"!! Just like Breaking BAD. Awwww 
Ava sees LUKE talking to Julian--oh wow.. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Give Me Your Heart

Nina, that was stupid, not Rosie, it's your BRO! and you're STANDING UP!!  and she says, she's just "Trying it out".  And stupid Nate buys it.  Nathan has a heart, it's obvious Nina ATE hers. Nina is still at age 22 or however old she was when she comtatized--so she still thinks like a youngin' when it comes to love. 

I hope Julian didn't shoot Mickey in the heart?  He's still alive! He almost tells Julian she's DEA but Jordan gets him out of the room first.  Anna comes in and sees Mickey, he gets sent to the hospital. Jordan tells her Julian shot him. The phone rings and Jordan says it sounds like Luke Spencer!! (she met him in the gallery) 

Alexis has to tell Molly the house blew up.  Molly cries...wah, my dolls! My christening gown! 

Lulu says NO to Maxie for being her maid of honor.  She thinks she has feelings for Nathan. Maxie yells at her and they talk. Maxie talks about how Levi  "saved" her . Then Lulu says ok

Tracy blabs to Fluke OUT LOUD.  Ned walks up and she tells him  Alice is dying. (covering for her phone call_) He says "YOU tell her she's dying or I WILL"! 

Mr. Otunga was on to cheer up Alice. He was fine looking!!! Morgan got him for her for a pessie. LOL  Alice was so good today 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Save the Animals!

So, I came in late and saw Carly and Sonny drinking in his office,  Ned and Olivia on the couch watching a movie and Ava and Franco talking about taking Sonny down.

Ned is so cute!! And SUCH a nice guy!! did you see the ANIMAL commercial? We always make fun of it on Twitter. Too funny. She calls the ASPCA and is going to adopt a ton of animals to put in the hotel.  AHHAAHA 
 Olivia "I turned into the next Brenda Bot"  GOOD stuff today 

Oh, guess no one got hurt ...and MOLLY AND TJ and Danny went to..SAM'S? WHEN? I mean, I was sitting here, saw the bomb go off...
I'm so confused. 

Oh, Ron told me on twitter that they, LEFT during the COMMERICIAL and got the truck. Seriously. So ok then.  There goes the Lake House!!

Mickey and Jordan. She's got a gun on him and BOOM! Julian walks in and PLUGS HIM! I mean like BOOM! wow... 

MY PLAN: I want Shawn to find out that Jordan is undercover and look at her and go: ME TOO! "I've been close to Corinthos all this time to take him down"!
How cool would that be!? 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Raining..Pouring The Old Man is Snoring...

Well, this happened a few towns over this morning. It's just been raining horribly here. Still going and going...

What are you watching this summer? I'm watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I like this season--although "Jail" is starting to feel like summer camp with lots of sex. LOL The back stories are why I'm keeping up.  Finding out about each inmate is good. 

That's about it for me! I think we might try that "Quest" show--which looks like a real-life nerd cos-play but it could be good.  I will tune into the RHONY reunion just for the catty crap. Not interested in RHONJ anymore. All the reality shows are going "naked" have you noticed? Dating, Surviving-- and now Real Estate. Good Gravy. Is nothing left?  

Today is actually a Friday show because of the airliner interruption, a lot will happen.

Ariel better not be in that BBQ Grill.  Someone put a bomb in the mailbox at Alexis' house. Alexis, Danny, TJ and Molly all walk in. SOD mention Molly missed her soaps while she was in General Hospital . heh

Silas drinks the magic potion.  Ugh. Have him turn into Caleb, please.  She gets him on the couch--massages him. Sam then knocks on the door. LOL...No pants interruptus!  Sam opens the door and thinks that Silas is doing it on purpose. 

Olivia goes to drink with Ned. She wants Carly to evict Sonny but Carly won't. Olivia goes on and on about how much Carly and Sonny are meant to be. 

Sam looks at the DVDs... but not after Sonny and she talk AT LENGTH about Nina and Silas. SNOOZE. She sees the door open on the roof---but can't see whos' doing it. 

Ava was at her brothers' and all she had to put on was some weird-caftan. EESH Alexis and Julian are just giggly. 

AND BOOM goes the bomb. 

Mickey walks in on Shaun and Jordan. Jordan plants a bug. Mickey finds it right away. 

FRANCO: Pasta's good. CARLY: Do you have a magical connection with it? Best line ever.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Stuck in Neutral

Kinda of a neutral week. I don't have a lot to write because I don't think that much happened. It will be another short, sweet blog for you! 

Why don't we join Spencer and get some Pringles and other fun stuff and pig out!!?? I need a coffee, that's for sure. 


This will be the bookmark for the spoilers/news! I am putting a page break today for those of you that are spoiler free. (cause I'm cool like that!) Please book mark this page and I will update here. Thanks! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wubs Exclusive: Interview with NEW GH Star!

Giving a helping seat to undercover agent Jordan 
Everyone's buzzing about him on Twitter... he's been featured numerous times this's 
THE PARK BENCH!! Here's an exclusive:
Undercover action 
WQ:  Mind if I sit?
Bench: No, please go ahead, that's what I'm here for!
WQ: So, how has it been to work on GH this summer?
Bench: Awesome! I've had the nicest tushies rest on my seat. I can't tell you how great that feels!! Everyone's been so nice. No jumping on me!! 
WQ: You've been featured in a major story line this summer. How do you prep for your scenes?
Bench: I usually do some deep breathing and chant some James Woods words of wisdom.
WQ: Oh, you're soft!
Bench: It's the oil they use. Soft as a baby's bottom!

WQ: Where do you hail from?
Bench: Parts are from the North East and the rest are from the woods of Colorado. I guess you could say, I'm from all over. I do have a distant cousin that's a chair in Kelly's and I think my Aunt is working in Floating Jake's this summer. 

WQ: Any funny stories to share?
Bench: Well, that little scamp Nicolas Bechtel  (Spencer) likes to play practical jokes and put his gum on me. Jason Thompson (Patrick) sat on it the other day and freaked out! We had to stop the scene while someone cleaned his pants. 

What's on your Pants, Paddy?! 
All in all, great day with the BENCH! You can see him in the fall, at the Geffin Playhouse, in "Bus Stop".  In the meantime, watch for more 'top secret' scenes with Finola on General Hospital, M-F 2pm/est. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Friday

I found this on Pintrest and think it's a riot. HAPPY Friday!! What's happening ?? It's gorgeous here. Low humidity and cooler temps. 
Nice day for the PARK (which is being featured multiple times on GH...MULTIPLE!!) 

confession; I am watching GH and blogging IN BED! lol...I got hardly any sleep last night and had a long work morning so, if I fall asleep, you'll know why. 

Ya, Sam... Molly is gone, you may have to watch your own kid for 2 minutes.  

Ava and Mickey...he points a gun, Julian gets it away from him. Ava does like the danger!! Mickey tells Julian they laced the coke with the heroin! :) HEH. 

Olivia tells Sonny to move out of the office.

The fact that Ava hasn't been NEAR Nina is just PISSING ME off. How long has she been on?? UGH. One of the most potential fun on GH an nada. Now Nina want's Silas to pay. She wants a baby LMAO ...aren't you old? Oh maybe she wants to say she's pregnant (sometime) and make him think  that she 'loses' it. SO he loses a baby too? 
OH she's gonna drug him. SO, maybe they have sex SOON ...and that's when it all happens. I don't think she can steal Ava's baby, it's too old already to be workable. (plus Ava's probably going to steal Lante's). ahaha.
I think Nina will fake losing the kid and then have Silas mourn it's passing. 

NEDLY!! yeah!!  I hope he's on a lot. Tracy wants in illegal heart. She gives a good speech to Ned about family members. She wants him to come home.  Ned's coming home!! 

Jordan is doing a search of Mickey's room and Shawn walks in. 

I also think so many people can get off the show. NO, I'm not picking. I'm not sure if say, they should ramp up Shawn, Jordan and TJ or not. Shawn and Jordan are hot together. She could be a police undercover and he a hit man. Give TJ some kind of edge and GIVE THEM A SET. Maybe send a sister/cousin up. I still think they can be part of the Justus relations to tie them to the Qs and TJ work for ELQ.  I Love the vets but when they are just thrown in now and again, I don't like it. Anna's regulated to tiny scenes, and Duke has been off/on for so long now it's starting to get stupid. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014



It's national tequila day so I drank thru GH. I needed it. painted with some lady and Carly thought she was having an orgasm. I did love Nina and Franco! Very good scenes. I wish they would have talked about the 90s more and what she missed. 
Franco finds her list! heh..she says it's to remember stuff but he knows better. Carly walks in and sees how much fun they are having. 

Ava and Julian still in the room, trying to spit it out.  He finally takes her to the roof when she tells him Sonny killed AJ.
Diamond finds them up there, draws his gun to shoot Ava. Then, Julian tells him about Sonny and they all fly off together. Sonny yells "SON OF A BITCH" from the roof top! ahaha 

Diamond outted Julian's mob involvement to Alexis. TJ brought Molly a soda.  Alexis tells Molly that Julian "left" her so Molly could move home.  Molly's going home

Patrick talks to Anna about his firing. Sam confronts Silas about telling the reporter everything.  POWERFUL scenes from them today. They basically broke up. 

Win a Day on the GH Set!

Oh, I'm entering. Here's hoping Alberta and I win!! WOOT!! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ava gets a phone

Alexis and Julian in bed. He can't see her anymore because of Molly's safety blah blah blah Alexis wants to sneak around. She likes it that way!

Scotty and Bobby in bed.  *sigh*

Ava and Sonny in the hospital.  Morgan is there too. He tells Sonny to basically go to hell-0.  Nik Diamond walks in too. You know he's the heart donor. I'm just waitin' for it! 
Ava wants Julian's help, which is her flipping sides.  She got a phone at GH from a nurse for $1000 by the way. GH people...very bribeable! LOL 

AND...the secret meeting place of the park bench is back. I have to think Finola H is like: PARK BENCH SCENES...AGAIN!????? really? oy. Let this drug sheeze be OVER SOON. Please, please. Please. 
OMG I think they had lunch delivered there!  geeshhh
What's Anna listening to?  

Bobbie, Scotty and Lucy. I asked about Kevin on twitter, I guess he filed for divorce. Okay then, must have missed that.  Felicia and Lucy talking about Scott. Lucy goes over to tell Scott she wants him. Bobbie is like neener neener. Scotty looks uncomfortable.

You can see Morgan and Rosie happening. Might be good. 

TJ ratted on his own mother to Diamond. Geeesh. BTW, do you want to know what happens? An explosion, someone is shot and...Alice gets a heart. 

Um, not a lot happened today. Like Nothing. Other than Rosie's bikini chest. 

The Bobbie/Lucy Fiasco

Ok, I'm starting off to say that I am HAPPY AS HELL these ladies are gracing our screens again. SO, let's get that outta the way. 
I am however, going to take umbrage with the 'story lines' they've been 'featured' in over the past year. (I learned the word "umbrage" from Spencer, btw)

Ok, so Bobbie came back, lived with Carly (along with Lucas) and...and... I remember when she was around for a day or 2 when Lucas got shot, then. Nothing.
Lucy? Had some fun stuff at the Nurses Ball and of course, went from Doc to Doc to Scott over a year's time, with many gaps in between. SO many gaps, that I really don't care about that side of the 'story'. And I'm someone that watched these 2 in their hey-day. 

Lucy shows up crying about Rafe, but couldn't be there because the 'canvas was too full' instead we watch TJ for days holding Molly's hand. Welp. There was also a note on twitter from the head writer that said  these actors are not on contract and ergo, can't be on that much. 

Let's go with that. SO...they aren't on contract. So, why don't you open up Lucy's Spa (where did that go? Did it leave with Laura?) and have her on now and again in the Spa, interacting with a bunch of people doing Lucy type stuff.  Bobbie could be at Carly's now and again, interacting with Josslyn and Franco. Scotty has a great 'in' with his DA job and MAYBE getting to know Franco a bit. Why put them in the same tired  triangle hi-jinks? Did Bobbie and Lucy really need to have another cat fight? 

Look, Kevin and Lucy have a kid and Scott and Lucy have a kid. You obviously want newbies and there have been rumors out for a long time that they are coming. Welp? Let's go! Get a house for Lucy to have a home base from. Kevin and Scotty can come and go, along with her daughters. The two of them might just have an interesting dynamic, no? 

Bobbie? She can be around Carly's now and again to be with Joss and Lucas.  Monica and she can have lunch. Lucy, Felicia and Bobbie can go out to Floating Jake's every once and awhile. But not like 4 months apart.  It has to be more consistent.  GH Is way to crowded -- and yes, I know we need newbies but some of the newbies are just NOT NECESSARY.  

So, there  you have it. I had to get that out. And in it's own special little post. I can't wait until Sunday!! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lynn and Kristina !!

How Adorable is this!!? 

From the Facebook page: FANS of Lynn Herring. Check it out. 

Movin' on UP!

So..READ THE POST BELOW PLEASE and Pass it on! I know some of my long-time  users will be confused. It is what it is. That angelfire site was ancient and a dinosaur. Moving ON! 

OK, so SOD got Ron to say this about Lucy:
 Head Writer Ron Carlivatiexplains that the decision not to have Lucy present for Rafe's last moments was the result of how crowded those episodes were. "There was so much story going on at the hospital with Molly and Rafe, with Alice," he says. "It was one more character to add into that mix and the days just became too big and too complicated. So, we decided to give Lucy her own separate moment after the fact [to mourn Rafe].

So... there you have it! :facepalm: TOO CROWDED? Seriously. TOO CROWDED. YOU could have left TJ at Kelly's. There's a damn idea. 

TODAY'S SHOW: Bobbie in a much like when Laura was knocking on the door.  I give NO F's about This because Scott, Lucy and Bobbie will be off canvas for months again soon.
Don't care.  

Press conference goes badly because of Nina. heh.  Sam thinks Silas told on Patrick. 

Scotty and Anna. I so don't care about this drug sheeze. Nada. I'm going to really bitch right now.
This is STUPID. So, heroin is found in Rafe's body. Scotty, the DA is asking ANNA HOW IT GOT THERE.

Um, you live in a freaking CITY SCOTT. You think there's NO DRUGS??????????? Seriously???? and then Julian goes right to Jordan to say "You and Diamond are selling HEROIN"???
Um, you think only 2 people sell HEROIN??????

and what about FLUKE?  Holy lazy writing. I'm sorry but watch some crime shows. 

So, let's see Spencer uses a great guilt card against Nikolas. Says it's "Hard out here for a prince"-- and that he's confused after losing Emma and Nik not marrying Brook. That's SUCH a good mood. Granny Hells is so proud !!!

Ok, I'm outta here. Today's show is just boring me, pissing me off --you name it. You don't need to hear it! 



Blogger changes are driving me crazy. My old HTML site is just not cutting it any longer. Since I'm not a fancy coder, that's not good news for you! LOL 

I will continue to blog as normal, but the spoilers will probably be listed right on the blog, not in the older format unless I decide to do that just for the mobile users. 
If you want to COMMENT you must come in using this URL:  If you come in by you won't be able to comment. Don't ask me why.  I'm sure some cyber techno could tell us but I have no clue 

A taste: 


Tony Geary is out with back surgery... he will be back around October. "Fluke" will be scene in a series of phone calls this summer.

RUMOR HAS IT: Billy Miller will be the NuJason. Kim McCollough will return as Robin for a short stint this summer. She'll have scenes with Patrick. 

UPDATED: JULY 22, 2014 
Alice gets a heart, Expect an Explosion and Spencer stays "Missing"

**Julian demands to know who set off the explosion
**Patrick and Sam investigate Nina and he finds a big surprise...
**Levi advances his plans
**Nina gives Nathan advice about Maxie
**Lucy doesn't know where to turn
**Jordan's cover? Blown
**Mr. Diamond? We hardly knew ye
**Ava switches sides again
**Kiki and Morgan are in an interesting situation 
**Michael gets legal troubles dealing with the waterfront project 
**Victor is back
**Did Rafe get 'turned into' a junkie? 
**Sam thinks Silas and she are over
**Nina shows Silas her ability to 'stand and maybe walk' It's a miracle!
**The fallout from the Rafe operation hits GH
**Franco offers more advice to Nina
RUMORS of newbies Cassadine, Anna Donnelly and Lucy's daughter persist!! 

I will ALSO direct you to other sites such as TV Source or Daytime Confidential for other good stuff. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Spencer APP

Nathan had his clothes in a garbage bag...and Maxie has her HEAD in one.  Dante and Nathan figure out Levi got to his phone. In the meantime, Levi is telling Maxie he can't go back to Aussie land due to a warrant for his arrest. He supposedly let animals go at some lab.
Maxie is figuring out she can marry him. Oh good lord. Yep, she goes and tells Flea and Nathan and Mac they are marrying. 

Morgan checks into a hotel, I guess as part of the PLAN.  He says his name is Ron Moss. heh. Soap Joke.

And so... Britt makes Liz take all the kids ahahaa (So she can be alone with Nik). 
Nik tells Britt he has an app to find Spencer on his phone! She's! 

Lucy is upset over Rafe...and Serena. SERENA mention. WE've been teased with a Serena cast forever. long ago was Lucy on? 3 months? I don't even remember. 

PRESS CONFERENCE: Awkward! Patrick looked weird..and pissed. 

BOBBIE opened the door on Lucy...wearing Scotty's robe!! HOLLAH! Nice!! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The Button and The Balloon

One heart "Transplant"
One pulled plug
One illegal immigrant...

There you go-go! That was GH  this week!! 

Maybe we should nosh on some camp scrambled eggs and then play red rover? 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Guess what tho? I got some info from our Canadian friends!!

Nina almost confessed to Silas but Rosie stopped her (Shocker).  

Liz goes to the park with Felix. Britt's all bummed.  Spencer says Kids Vs. Counselors. They have races, dodgeball...all fun STUFF I missed.

Dr. O apologizes to people...Paddy and Silas say it's her fault.  Silas is going to the press to tell them what happened.  Dr. O says you don't dare!! Rafe was on drugs! 

Patrick talks to Anna. Emma mentioned Patrick might divorce Robin to her.  Anna says Robin has PTSD 

Talk about if Patrick did this on purpose...

Maxie says the call to INS came from their phone..Nathan said he didn't do it. Then he says what about Levi? What if he did it? 

and DON"T YELL AT ME...ABC news said NOTHING during this hour. NOTHING, and they speculated FOREVER about NOTHING.  COME ON. I don't mind an interruption but this?? If you have something then cut in again. But HOURS? ugh

GH's SHOW will AIR TOMORROW!! So we missed nothing. 

GH Yesterday The Brown-Chicka-BOWN Stone!

Britt has TIME TO BE A CAMP leader? Goodness.  And Nik is going to help her!!
Spencer and Joss are so Tad and Liza on AMC LOL 

OMG.. they both take their shirts off in front of the kids??! What? The..helloooo!! 

Morgan and Kiki. LMAO. Ahahahahaaa. Geesh CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!  What if Ava is having Morgan's kid and Kiki gets PG with his kid too. LMAO. I can't even. I don't think they'd go there but.... 

Nice Liz and Sam scene. Although Sam's black bra under her undershirt is distracting me.  Silas hugs Sam...right in them boobs. Nina can't help him in that way LOL
Nina is feeling guilty about Rafe because he wasn't 'on her list'?? 

FOR GODSAKES, it's 2014. Get Nina an electric chair or a scooter. People pushing her is so 1983. 

Molly finds out that Rafe is gonna die. Her hair looks gorgeous too. 
She was the BEST in the goodbye Rafe scene. Wow... seemed real.  And I liked how long it took for him to go. It's not immediate. 

Tracy and Alice's heart. Like she has the corner on the organ market!! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2 Days Gone..

I was gone today doing my HAIR...(which looks faboosh by the way). And tomorrow I HAVE TO GET Another CROWN for my tooth (not my head).
I have another FUNERAL.

ERGO...this week is going to suck for the blog. I heard today was a bit boring? What say YOU!? I'm kinda glad that I watched yesterday and loved it so much. 

That's about it.  

Monday, July 14, 2014


Monica is IN A LAB COAT!! Yep..and said "my office" --must be back on staff. Silas agrees to the ol' heart transplant.  BUT there's something wrong..Dr. O says Vait a Minute..Rafe was a heroin user, and ergo, his heart can't be used. 

OMG!! OH MYyyyyyyyyyyyy, RAFE!! Tears out his tube and says "Does this look like Reflex, BITCH"!! GOOD Gravy really great scenes. I LOVED it. I was kinda hoping Rafe was the undead but unfortunately Nina's just craymation all over. Franco walks in and Rafe is back to dead.  Nina tells Franco she heard him talk. LMAO 
Maybe he'll have her paint.  He does tell her that he used to see stuff, too. Maybe SHE has a tumor! LOL 

Maxie and Nathan.... I didn't even pay attention because of the Rafe stuff. Maxie thinks Mac called INS. I Still think Levi did. 

Dr. O and Todd were priceless. Liked their scenes. He's so happy to be working at the hospital. Just giddy. 

CORN ON THE COB today-- Was Josslyn at Floating Jakes?? 

Carly and Sonny had a drink. Talked about stuff. He wants Franco gone. She's like no..yada yada. Then she tells Sonny that Franco almost spilled to Michael. GEESH, Carly--does that help you in ANY WAY ?? WHY U SAY THAT? 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Surgery: No Shirt...No Shoes...

If you are going to yell at me for being a grumpy bored bitch, STOP RIGHT NOW!! The show is a daily hilarity in so many ways, and the dialog is making me giggle and yet...and yet..... 
wait, what was I talking about??
  I need espresso for this Sunday Surgery. And some beaners.  Men? Take your tops off because that's the way it rolled this week!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Love Triangle No. 9

Lucas...and the boys.. He spills all to Lulu and Brad finds Felix in the shower and calls him a
Hungry Hippo Homosexual .
Lulu tells him to go for it with Brad

Alice  JUST SAY IT. good LORD!! GOD! UGH! I hate this whole story and I'm so going Sunday Surgery on it's ASS. Nina is on Silas' side and Patrick and Sam on the other. @@
Tracy's promising Alice Rafe's heart ..okay then. 

Sam, you really think Patrick is going to TELL you if he scrambled Rafe's brains? He tells Sam he didn' you believe me?? Huh, Sam? Do you??!!  They embrace. 

Felix/Brad jokes: Jessica Fletcher, Cabot Cove, Golden Girls, the UPN.... The Movie Bridesmaids.. Brad tells Felix that HE (Brad) is a "hot slab of a man" and then kisses Felix and Lucas walks in. Because the GH showers are just open to the public? 

The INS Guy--I bet Dunklehoffer set it up so Maxie marries him. He probably hired the guy lol 

Rafe and Alice's blood types match.  And Rafe wakes up and grabs Nina's hand. If that's not a dream 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Face Thursday

Silas' face when Patrick walked out of the OR

Silas' face after sex with Sam..
Silas' face when he found out Rafe is brain dead 

Ut Oh. Rafe? Blood vessel burst..he's brain dead now.  Whoops Did Patrick do it on purpose? Will we ever know?

Alice is laying there :Hey! What's up"?  Monica: "Oh, nothing, you just need a new heart"
Tracy totally is into getting Rafe's heart LMAO 

Morgan Kiki, setting it up--again. oy vey can it BE any more obvious?? 

Carly's house: Felix (slept on the couch) and Lucas are walking around in their undies. Lucas lives with Carly; where's Bobbie?  Joss? 
And....Brad shows up with coffee. Okay, then!  And..he lip locks Lucas

Dante and Nathan look fine together. They could have had that convo while showering, btw.

Lulu and Maxie have a nice cup of coffee. Lulu seems to be pushing for Nathan. The INS comes for Levi.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Going to the Doctor Today so...

only a tiny time with GH. JUST A CHECK up...ugh. I hate going though. 

A NEW DAY ON GH!! People changed clothes!! WHAT!? 

OMG that park bench again....with Anna and Jordan.  I think Jordan was jogging ALL night?!! 

Alexis and Julian..she's a mess. She did a PERFECT Mama breakdown!! 

Blueberry Muffins and Rosie!  Nina is so crazy..

Levi might be deported---why do I have this weird feeling Maxie will have to marry him to keep him in the USA? 

What the hell in the operating room? Patrick "Sees" Patrick? Ummmm. WEIRD. 

OK GOTTA FLY!! let me know what happens!!

Personal GH Announcements!

1 day ago
An ocean beneath us, an endless sky in front of us, I asked her and she said YES. @paloma

Jason Thompson got engaged ..and tweeted it out for the world to see!! @myjasonthompson go to his INSTAGRAM page to see the photo. 

And Mr. Steve Burton (@1SteveBurton)  welcomed another daughter, Brooklyn to the family.!! Congrats to both 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Don't Tase Me, BRO!!

Oh Delia is bringing joy to the summer! LOL Sonny likes the Far Side. He has that calendar in his office LMAO. And she's YELLING in that office. Geeshhhhhhh. Olivia busts Deliah! and Deliah calls her Ms. Falconberry.  :giggle:  Sonny comes in and tells Ava it's all over. whoops 
Delia is so scared. LMAO Sonny wants to send her back to NYC? Nooooooo!!! 

Rafe is looking like the He IS a Vampire!! He almost spills the beans...then seizes up. Molly wakes up and looks pristine. No blood, no nothin'.
Dr. O waltzes in and tells Patrick he has to operate. Silas is yelling at him. NO..Sam is like "he has to"! 

Franco and Carly discuss his new job: Art therapist at GH--which is brilliant actually. 

Sean is all sweaty in the park. JOGGING AT like, 2am..okay then. Just get neeked already. Oh, they basically said Shawn is TJ's Dad. 

Alice needs a new heart.  Wonder where that could possibly come from? If Alice was on more than 2x a year, I could care more. 

OMG my weatherman just cut in to GH to tell us to stay away from windows. Great. Storm's a comin' 

Monday, July 7, 2014


Same as it ever was.... it's still the same day as last MONDAY--but who's counting? ahaaha. (ok, I am)

Olivia and Sonny..I KNEW it was a dream thing!! LOL  Delia comes out and sees a pic of Mike and says "ROGER.??? MY HUSBAND"!! LMAO!!  OH I LOVE it. Now get Ron Hale back and have the two of them run Kelly's!! 
Ava wants her mama to go into Sonny's office and find the tape where she incriminates herself. What could POSSIBLY go wrong??  She pretends to hate Ava so she can go get the tape and not be followed.  They argue about Ava's birth and Delia's life at Ryan's. Awww..another Ryan's Hope nod! 

I saw TJ on "Everyone Hates Chris" this morning. I was like TJ!! and...he looks EXACTLY the same.

Molly and Rafe crash:  Rafe collapses. Molly's all bloody. Sam runs over to her in her giant HIGH HEEL boots and it's pretty funny.  They are taken to GH. Starr has to stay with Nina. 

Patrick is all nasty to Rafe..really nasty while Rafe is laying there. GOOD Make up on Rafe!! 

Big Alice is in the hospital. Tracy is pacing up and down. Morgan managed to get a shirt on. Monica is there. Finally... she must have gotten the snacks from the funeral going.  Hey,, Big Alice needs a new heart, and someone's gonna die!! Fancy that.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Surgery: 24 Hours

Oh Rafe, we hardly knew ye. You were on...then off...then tattled on TJ and Molly...then MIA for months and now YOU are the reason baby Patrina is dead.
Oh, how the mediocre have fallen.

I have to admit that with my SIL still here and it being a holiday/short GH week, I really didn't pay huge attention to the show.   It was fun most days but as far as 'story' goes? Eh... It was the week of the "also rans".  Two characters that haven't really been on canvas for ages were RIGHT THERE-- one on his way to doom and the other passing out on the floor.  Glory days. 

ALL happened in one 24 hour period that still isn't over.  My timeline was so messed up this week I couldn't stand it. LOL 

Get your left over hot-dogs and beers from Friday and let's dish, shall we? I'm so tired from all the stuff I've been doing, if I nod off mid post, I apologize in advance.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

ONE Year ago TODAY..

Yep...RIP baby Ariel!! It was the BRITT BBQ from hell-o!! Any hoo, enjoy today-- I'm off to the .lake because yesterday was so yucky!!

HAVE a good one!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Too stormy hot-muggy to go to the lake soooooo HERE I BE!! 

Since NO ONE likes Ginger Kato, I'm going to pretend he doesn't exist. LOL. Nope--he's just NOT THERE!! 
.Best thing to happen this summer, imo. I know there's a hella lotta people on the show but she's a fun addition. 

GATEKEEPERS!! Ned and Alexis --yay!! Two of my ol' faves.  Maybe they'll figure out Tracy's angle?  yep..she does!

TJ and Molly--erm. Whatever. Although TJ does tell her about "the drugs" . They were looking for snacks. Ask Monica where they are. 

Nina was pretty funny, and so was Rosie.  Rafe walks in as she calls him a coke head and he sees her walking and doing squats.  He kinda threatens her and she leaps up and almost eats his head. GEESH..she's nasty LOL I can't wait to see her with Ava. She gives Rafe money to run away. 

Maxie and Nate.  HOW convenient! If this was OLTL, they'd be locked in the wine cellar together instead of handcuffed :) The key is gone!! 

Alice is going to tell Michael--and then she falls down in pain.  Tracy just stands there. Michael and Morgan rush over...Leaving Nathan and Maxie handcuffed.  Tracy does call 911.  Morgan gets no pulse. 

APB out on Rafe!!  Alice is jolted into having a pulse! Molly takes off to find Silas. 

TOMORROW: Molly gets in the car with Rafe. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Commenting Mystery: Solved?

Many of you have emailed or tweeted me about not being able to comment on the blog. If you come into the blog via Wubs Net, it won't let you for some reason.  If you use the Blog's URL ( you should be able to do's always easiest if you have a Google acct but others work as well.


And I will be out again tomorrow. Taking the SIL to Skaneateles ! East Aurora was today. It is such a pretty town. She loved it. I'd like the heat to break a bit...but I'm not complaining.

Thanks for the recap today. Lulu's WOMB will be full soon... Maxie and Nate will have handcuffed time together and Rafe? Welp. I think he's doomed.

Burt Ramsey ...Bob Hastings GH Vet Has Died

Those of us Veteran GH watchers will mourn the passing of a true legend on our show--Bob Hastings who played Burt Ramsey AKA "Mr. Big".  It was one of the hugest shockers in daytime history at that point.

Emma Samms tweeted: 
So sorry to hear the news of Bob Hastings. He was always such a delight to work with.

USA ??!! Blog it Yourself Today!

Game is at FOUR!! What will happen? I'll be in Buffalo, you have the blog duty! It looked like Shawn would be on..and stupid Ginger Kato is going to be sitting and yelling about the Brownstone. 

It's gonna be a HOT one here...91 and humid as hell-o. I'd better get my sunglasses ready and a nice sun dress. 

Have a good day!!

Before You Can Kiss A Baby

  GUESS WHO!  It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!!  Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw wee...