Thursday, July 17, 2014


Guess what tho? I got some info from our Canadian friends!!

Nina almost confessed to Silas but Rosie stopped her (Shocker).  

Liz goes to the park with Felix. Britt's all bummed.  Spencer says Kids Vs. Counselors. They have races, dodgeball...all fun STUFF I missed.

Dr. O apologizes to people...Paddy and Silas say it's her fault.  Silas is going to the press to tell them what happened.  Dr. O says you don't dare!! Rafe was on drugs! 

Patrick talks to Anna. Emma mentioned Patrick might divorce Robin to her.  Anna says Robin has PTSD 

Talk about if Patrick did this on purpose...

Maxie says the call to INS came from their phone..Nathan said he didn't do it. Then he says what about Levi? What if he did it? 

and DON"T YELL AT ME...ABC news said NOTHING during this hour. NOTHING, and they speculated FOREVER about NOTHING.  COME ON. I don't mind an interruption but this?? If you have something then cut in again. But HOURS? ugh

GH's SHOW will AIR TOMORROW!! So we missed nothing. 


  1. "Anna says Robin has PTSD"

    Wait what?! It's been already established over and over again that Robin doesn't have PTSD! Come on writers make up your mind! :)

  2. I guess if GH airs tomorrow then we'll have a repeat up here where we saw today's episode. :(

  3. Di...yes, the network guy tweeted you will see a repeat

  4. Karen,
    One of my biggest gripes, too. The very word news implies that there is something new to report. Repeating the same stuff endlessly to fill airtime is not news.

  5. It will probably be on for several hours tonight too, dar, repeating the same 5 minutes of news over and over again.

    Thanks, kd.

  6. Oh, my Tivo usually doesn't tape shows it reads as repeats, does anyone know how I can override this and get Tivo to tape tomorrow?


  7. Can't you just go the the tv guide for tomorrow, find the show listing and press record? Do that instead of just a series recording.Both can be done at the same time. And you can record anything even a repeat. I have a series recording on the American station, but I always manually record it on the Canadian station too in case of interruptions like today.

  8. This was the most annoying part- there were ZERO answers and even Obama sloughed it off in 40 seconds of ralking.

    THis did not involved the USA- a plane was shot down in a war zone, half way around the world HOURS earlier, there is no info, and no relevance to Americans.

    This is a 30 second update at the midway and hourly newsbreaks. Period.

    A quake didn't destroy FRiscom a twister didn't kill 200 in Illinois, and Florida did not go Atlantis under the largest hurricane in US history. Hell, this wasn't even a psycho teen live killing kids in high school.


  9. I agree the coverage was extensive given the lack of detail available but to say it was of no relevance to Americans is ignorant. 23 Americans died on that flight. Instability anywhere - even "half way around the world" in a war zone - DOES affect all of us. In addition to the 23 Americans that were killed yesterday I wonder how many more were on planes that fly over that war zone or how many Americans live in that war zone. PLUS - is the only thing that matters to you the impact on Americans?!?!?!?!

  10. What matters is not having the rare television I watch get interrupted by a preening jackass midget NOT named Corinthos, who's doing nothing but feeding yellow journalism and turning off many to real news w Boy Who Cried Wolf tactics.

    23 Americans died. Were they singled out? Or just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    That war, like most, is idiocy, and I get enough of that at work.

    You interrupt for Presidential assassinations, major disasters stateside- not in Burma, and things of that nature, not for local weather than can be scrawled, nor for faux news where there is ZERO developments during the time pre-empted, and rampant speculation designed to titillate.

    Let's not be so self-centered as to think Americans are th eonly ones that matter.

    But, this is stuff that goes on all over- we're not interrupted, thankfully, when some thugs in Latin Am or Africa slaughter folks.

    This was disgusting yellow journalism PERIOD. Nothing that was known nor learnt in the time on air could not have been summarized in 5 mins of the nightly newscast.


    We are not going to war over this, and most people just yawn when these tactics are used.

    It's a way ABC and other networks try to show off, and it's disgusting. They almost scavenge for blood to report.

    If you want 24/7 of that- go online. Let the rest of us relax!

  11. The anonymity of the internet has made possible a level of viciousness the likes of which we do not see "in real life." God speed to those who died in the crash.

  12. Blogger JPink said...

    The anonymity of the internet has made possible a level of viciousness the likes of which we do not see "in real life." God speed to those who died in the crash.


    I'm hardly anonymous, and everything I wrote had to do w yellow journalism, NOT joying in others' misery.

    That you would even imply such says you have more than a single screw loose.

  13. Maxie's home: Oh Maxie!!! For crying out loud! Kicking Nathan out!?!!?! You are so dumb! Wake up!!!! Oh look a flashback of Levi calling ICE! Delicious!!!! :) On a sidenote, that dress looks cute on Maxie.

    The hospital: Anna and Patrick scene, Anna is all like oh I'm so sorry. We dropped the ball! Oh you want a divorce from Robin? She has PTSD! Oh knock it off Anna! Stop talking to Patrick, and go find Ric, to tell him that his daughter got into a car accident and she is in the hospital! McSilas is all threatening. Time to talk to the press! Oh but Dr O will beat him to the punch! Meanwhile Nina is all skulking around listening to Sam and McSilas! She is so giddy thinking they are going to break up! They just might! Those seeds Nina planted in McSilas's brain are growing! Sam is on team Patrick and Mcsilas isn't happy about that.

    The park: Carly Jr (Joss) and Sonny (Spencer) are getting along just great aren't they? Hahaha! Cameron kisses Emma on the cheek?! I prefer him kissing on her hand. Oh geez Britch has to call her mutter for help!? Come on Britch you can do it yourself!!! Altho I do like Britch and Spencer working together. :) Britch and Liz are acting like high schoolers! I enjoy the kids more than the adults who should know better! Spencer wins the line of the day!

    Spencer: We're European. Europeans don't whine.

    ROFL! Oh Spencer! You DO whine! And your father was looking right at you when he said no whining! :)

  14. Um, Nina left her chair there, and was just walking/lurking around. What if someone saw her? She seemed not even to be concerned about it. . .



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