Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Surgery: 24 Hours

Oh Rafe, we hardly knew ye. You were on...then off...then tattled on TJ and Molly...then MIA for months and now YOU are the reason baby Patrina is dead.
Oh, how the mediocre have fallen.

I have to admit that with my SIL still here and it being a holiday/short GH week, I really didn't pay huge attention to the show.   It was fun most days but as far as 'story' goes? Eh... It was the week of the "also rans".  Two characters that haven't really been on canvas for ages were RIGHT THERE-- one on his way to doom and the other passing out on the floor.  Glory days. 

ALL happened in one 24 hour period that still isn't over.  My timeline was so messed up this week I couldn't stand it. LOL 

Get your left over hot-dogs and beers from Friday and let's dish, shall we? I'm so tired from all the stuff I've been doing, if I nod off mid post, I apologize in advance.

Easier to break these into segments:

The NIGHT: it was dark when so much happened. And it's dark here around 9pm..ergo all this stuff happened in the night time. Which I of course, found hysterical. (you know me, it's the little t things that set me off!)  The entire day started out as "the night"-- The Brownstone happened the same day that the fireworks happened. Ergo, they were chasing Rafe about 2am??  (which is what time those fireworks went off).  All of this week took place in one 24 hour period as far as I can figure.  It was a long one! 

Ava: Brightness of the week is that Delia is here in Port Charles to drive Sonny nuts. LOL. Love her. Ava thought she'd get to Sonny with Mama but he turned the tables and was like "sure! Stay here all ya want"!!

Brownstone: Mr. UnckaDilgildorfer decides to have a "sit in" -- at about 9pm while Kiki and a shirtless Morgan try to strip (cough) off old wallpaper. Why not just leave them there? Not like they'll steal anything? Why not laugh in his face? BECAUSE ...Maxie has to end up handcuffed to Nathan so we can see how adorable they are!!! 

I'm gonna eat you up!
Nina: Also has Physical Therapy around 9pm as well. She bribes the guy to pretend she's hurt and talks about student loan debt.  Goes home...and Rafe comes in to see her walking. Poor Rafe. She leaps over to him like a grizzly bear and gets THISCLOSE to tell him to back off or the jig is up. Here, kid, take some money and run.   She tells ol' Silas that Rafe roughed her up. Then, MOLLY gets in the car as he escapes  and I think every 3 year old knew what was gonna happen  next.  Oh, Rafe confesses someone told him to do "the job" and drive into the car. He needed money for his 'fix' obviously. Fluke must have known that Rafe was a user, that's my thinking. 

Sam and Patrick Po-Po drama: First they think it's Silas and when Silas realizes it's Rafe they all go in different directions looking for the kid.  Oh, they do get Dante involved (he's waiting for Lulu's uteri to be serviced) and the whole PCPD. 

Britt, Nik and Spencer: It could be cute-- but her calling her nuts mother, who took her baby just months ago--who basically tried to kill everyone she could---is a bit far fetched. Yes, I LOVE Dr. O. LOVE her. However, painting her into a corner and then extracting her so that she keeps her job and Britt's 'admiration'? Weird.  Britt calls her to get Liz to go to work, but all I could think of was she was asking for a magic potion to put in Nik's wine. LOL

Not for nothing but can these two put the damn brakes on this? I mean, seriously, they have a giant baby in a tiny loft and they are going to try to implant MORE in Zulu? All I can think of is that she has to get PG so that in aprox. 9 months, she can give birth early and Ava can give birth late and they can baby switch somehow. Cause that's what happens when 2 people are preggo at the same time on soaps and one is a nut-job. It's the LAW. 

Tracy:  First of the week was basically the same as last week, talking to Fluke and giving us a run down of everything. Then Alice shows up, ends up on the floor and Tracy calls 911.  Michael and Morgan rush in, she has no pulse. Alice, who's been MIA for AGES is suddenly all up in the story. She hasn't been around for any of Fluke, I don't remember her at AJ's funeral--the last time I think she was around was when she 'broke' Morgan's wrist.  Oh, and one more thing: Yet again, there's a giant build up Wed and NO follow through on Thursday. have a lady being defibrillated and you...what?  Oh, I know, let's skip that part the next day.  Given the fact Michael and Morgan went to Tracy's office and it happened before Maxie and Nate went to the park, she should have been wheeled in when Liz was there.  You know messing with my timeline is going to drive me insane.

The 4th of July: well, we honored the old Park days!  Maxie and Nate all old school screw-ball comedy.  Weird that everyone was so spread out though no one saw each other??? Everyone was all spread out all over??  That park must be GIANT!  Oh for the olden days where the actors actually mingled at times like this, all together in one spot. BTW,   Emma is going to be SO messed up. Geesh. Baby switches, mama leaves for "wherever" bro dies and now Mom and Pop getting a divorce. Hey, HAPPY SUMMER!

SCENE OF THE WEEK: anything---  ANYTHING these two scene of the week. Such naturals together, the chemistry is still there. Just get Wally back on GH already and hook the Gatekeepers back up.
Thank you. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  This is what the aftermath of getting slapped by Nina looks like !

PROP OF THE WEEK: Nina's wallet.  She used it a lot-- paying off anyone she could.  That and Spencers humungous giant Uncle Sam hat. 

So, what did you think?  A 4 day week, one day on GH. Looks like Monday will be STILL the same "day/night". Geesh.   
I am going to try to get spoilers updated before we go to Toronto today. I'm not seeing anything that's earth-shattering coming up.


  1. Yawner week.

    Most are saying Fluke sent Rafe to run Paddy off the road, but I think it's a Son of Sam thing, and Rafe was told by his daddy Caleb- i.e.- Rafe is going psycho like his pop.

  2. It was a pretty good week, soapish and interesting in the bits and pieces. ( I no longer try to figure out time of day.)

    Wonder what happened to that old well or fountain or whatever with the arch of rocks behind it--that was in the park where most of the action took place. Picnics, like the one Mr Smith sponsored, with everybody there bringing food and greeting each other. It was by that well that Laura admitted to Luke that she was drawn to him, felt something for him. For months after the 'rape' they would run into each other, often in the park, have these sexually tense moments that drove us all nuts. Their chemistry was so wild that we could easily believe a 17 year old girl and a 30 year old guy could absolutely be soulmates and so close it took your breath and steamed up the TV screen.

    I can't think of a couple in years that could get us even a tenth as involved. Odd. Odder when you consider Genie was about 17 and Tony was more like 37. Amazing anybody even thought to put them together in a story. But it made history.

    I'm anxious about Alice--always liked her. I'm pretty sure Rafe will die--another character they brought on and didn't really have a use for. I am hoping Levi goes the same way. Rosemary, too, though she has a use right now--but she is too obvious. If Silas could just get over his guilt about Nina, he'd figure it out in a nano second.

  3. Their chemistry was so wild that we could easily believe a 17 year old girl and a 30 year old guy could absolutely be soulmates and so close it took your breath and steamed up the TV screen.


  4. Yes, a clown haired rapist and the girl next door. It was riveting-


  5. I'll try to find something positive to say because, lately, that has been difficult with regard to GH.

    Whomever styles Emma ... Spot on! From her cute headbands, adorable dress, painted toenails ... That girl has got it going on! Hopefully, we will see her blossom into a beautiful young woman who will not skip town, the show, and change from a "stellar," young actress into a character named Fifi. OLTLers will get that :)

    Yes ... In soap land, once you see anyone get into a car, you can be 99.999% sure that a wreck will follow. I mentioned in an earlier blog that Molly's condition will no doubt bring Ric out of hiding because she will need a transplant, transfusion, or something that only his genotype can supply.

    As for Rafe, I think his absence told us that the writing was on the wall. I hope that M.O. isn't put upon our dear Alice "the Dominator" Gunderson. I also wonder if she will need a heart & perhaps it will come from Rafe. Please don't let the opposite be true as there is no where left for Rafe to go, other than to Statesville after a short stay in a juvenile facility. But we still don't know for sure if Alice had a heart attack or a stroke.

    The Brownstone. Oh Lord give me patience. Does Maxie not know that even a trespass arrest will put the kibosh on any chance she has to see Georgie? Levi Douchekelman has brainwashed Maxie. That was evident the moment she traded in her Cartulos for a pair of bamboo flip-flops (circa 1980).

    Ooops. I said I was going to be positive. So here goes:

    Love love loved Nexis on the park bench. When it's right, it's right. I'll take seconds and even thirds of that.!

  6. The Good: Ned/Alexis and Delia. Yeah Ned and Delia are yet more characters on an already absurdly packed canvas, but both are great and add some meaning and fun to the show.
    Dr. O also is great!

    But poor Emma gets dumped on again - she's gonna be more screwed up than Robin and Maxie are. Can't anyone in the Scorpio/Jones fam provide this kid some stability? I hope the kid is in weekly, ongoing therapy sessions with Kevin - God knows she needs it!


  7. Cosmo,
    You had to be there back in 1979 when it began because Luke and Laura were kind of an accident. TG was only supposed to be there short term (he would die after the rape), but he proved too good and way too popular to lose, especially when Asher Braun left. And yes, their chemistry was simply phenomenal. Yes, it WAS riveting. The whole country went totally L&L nuts.

    The clown hair? Tony said the GH hairdresser was trying to do something with his thin blonde hair, and said, 'Let's make you look like a Bottachelli angel.' She permed him and it took years before he could go back to straight!

  8. Luke and Laura were completely unplanned. The audience loved them together so much even after he raped her - they were given a shot - and Luke was "redeemed" and they had the greatest love story.

    You may not like the fictional circumstances that brought L&L together, but no one can deny that their chemistry was off the charts, their on screen love story was what all the fans wanted and they tuned in everyday to see it.

  9. The L/L storyline was beyond creepy in my opinion, but it is a testimony to Geary's powerful presence form the start and the graceful way that Francis grew into the great actress she became that it worked. Plus, let's give some credit to Kin Shriner's heel turn as Scotty Baldwin and John Colicos' villainous Mikkos Cassidine. They gave gave L/L a great foil to play against and gave the couple even more likability in a storyline which needed it.

  10. Rafe is a Barrington. I've said before he should have brought into the Q's sphere instead of vampires and dull as dirt Silas. Why not have Monica or Tracey have adopted the long time family friend as her ward? Monica could have done such out of grief of having all 4 of her children dead or Tracy may have wanted to try to be a better parent than she was with Ned and Dillon. Have him have inherited Grandma Barrington's ELQ shares. He comes from a family with history on the show as opposed to TJ.

    IMO it would have made more sense to give Rafe a storyline that drew on his Barrington roots while having TJ, with a murdered fathered and as far as he knows drug dealing mother, become the out of control druggie.

    I think the writers got the characters of Rafe and TJ mixed up. Just as I think they have the characters of Michael and Morgan mixed up. Morgan was raised by calm business man Jax. Morgan should be the one int he business world while Sonny's spawn Michael should be the short tempered cougar hunter.

  11. I'll say it again... it was the 70s and Luke and Laura could never happen now, but then? It was right out of the old school bodice-ripper books. Were they wrong? Now they are considered wrong and part of a 'rape culture' but then? Didn't see it that way. Hated the rape but what came out of it? Was something just magical. Which sounds bizarre and old fashioned, I realize that but that's the way it is. I couldn't wait to see what happened with the 2 of them on a daily basis.

  12. I've watched since '78.

    Geary and Francis had good chem as actors, not romantically. Laura and Scotty had GREAT chem romantically cuz they were involved.

    I know the whole L&L tale. It was sick and twisted from Day One.

    That so many of you presumed females still find it romantic or that Luke was redeemed is testament to how twisted it was. Seriously.

    As for magic- that had more to do w the Left Handed Boy storyline. Recall, a year earlier, or so, Scotty was the hero who saved Laura from a NYC pimp.

    So, spare me the 'you just hadda be there' crap. I hear the same from the Sonny fans who try to deny he drugged and raped Karen Wexler and a handful of other strippers.

    It was the love on the run story that sold L&L, and made soaps mainstream, but Laura and Scotty's romance saved GH from cancellation- a point conveniently forgotten by most GH fans!

  13. Boy, I used to race home off of the school bus in order NOT to miss a moment of Luke and Laura... Nope, would't fly now with that storyline but then? WOW! It was magical how they overcame that event to really and truly fall in love. Not everything from start to finish is a fairytale... Now, it's just wham/bam/Let's get married man! It's borning now how people fall in love on these shows; it was more interesting then to see how the fall out was and then the slow coming together worked out. I know it kept this now 40-something riveted to the tv with her mom and grandma daily from the late 70's on to now.

  14. Just had to chime in on the Luke and Laura thread here. Cosmo has every right to his/her opinion and a good point was brought up regarding Scotty and Laura. They, too, were a magical couple and I think a lot of the reason for both the couples' success rests on Genie Francis. Gorgeous from the word go, she played the perfect Pollyanna with just a hint of rebel. When she "accidentally" killed David Hamilton, I was riveted. She seems to have been born with acting in her blood... at least in this type of role. It's too bad she eventually grew to dislike the Laura character but who can blame her after almost 40 years! Same for Geary. A true master class actor, he grew to resent the Luke character and the whole Luke & Laura worship club.
    I think it would make one hell of a send-off for Geary if they tied this current Fluke storyline in with Helena... brought Laura back to rescue the institutionalized real Luke... resuscitate their endless love and send them off into the sunset once and for all. It would need to be told over time though. Not rushed.
    Alternatively, have Luke die in Laura's arms and position the Laura character to be the ultimate soap matriarch much like Vikki on One Life to Live. She could provide the "anchor" this show desperately needs!

  15. Erika: L&L were never really in love. Luke viewed Laura as an angel, his savior, and he never treated her as a person, just a symbol.

    AS for Luke or Scotty, it's telling how blah L&L were in the 90s return, and even more blah in the last few years. It was NOT the character nor actors, but the story that riveted folks.

    OTOH, Scotty and Laura still played well together last year.

    Geary loathed Luke and the tale of his revulsion while being screamt at by hausfraus to 'RAPE ME, LUKE!' is legendary.

    The whole love story was an abomination.

  16. And Genie's appeal was not that she was gorgeous, but rather average- a girl next door.


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