Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Commenting Mystery: Solved?

Many of you have emailed or tweeted me about not being able to comment on the blog. If you come into the blog via Wubs Net, it won't let you for some reason.  If you use the Blog's URL (http://wubtub.blogspot.com/) you should be able to do so...it's always easiest if you have a Google acct but others work as well.


And I will be out again tomorrow. Taking the SIL to Skaneateles ! East Aurora was today. It is such a pretty town. She loved it. I'd like the heat to break a bit...but I'm not complaining.

Thanks for the recap today. Lulu's WOMB will be full soon... Maxie and Nate will have handcuffed time together and Rafe? Welp. I think he's doomed.


  1. Did I or did I not warn you about pissing off Mr. Craig?

  2. I can't post comments with my Ipad but with my laptop I can. Couldn't figure out why. Thanks and have fun today!


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