Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Movin' on UP!

So..READ THE POST BELOW PLEASE and Pass it on! I know some of my long-time  users will be confused. It is what it is. That angelfire site was ancient and a dinosaur. Moving ON! 

OK, so SOD got Ron to say this about Lucy:
 Head Writer Ron Carlivatiexplains that the decision not to have Lucy present for Rafe's last moments was the result of how crowded those episodes were. "There was so much story going on at the hospital with Molly and Rafe, with Alice," he says. "It was one more character to add into that mix and the days just became too big and too complicated. So, we decided to give Lucy her own separate moment after the fact [to mourn Rafe].

So... there you have it! :facepalm: TOO CROWDED? Seriously. TOO CROWDED. YOU could have left TJ at Kelly's. There's a damn idea. 

TODAY'S SHOW: Bobbie in a robe..so much like when Laura was knocking on the door.  I give NO F's about This because Scott, Lucy and Bobbie will be off canvas for months again soon.
Don't care.  

Press conference goes badly because of Nina. heh.  Sam thinks Silas told on Patrick. 

Scotty and Anna. I so don't care about this drug sheeze. Nada. I'm going to really bitch right now.
This is STUPID. So, heroin is found in Rafe's body. Scotty, the DA is asking ANNA HOW IT GOT THERE.

Um, you live in a freaking CITY SCOTT. You think there's NO DRUGS??????????? Seriously???? and then Julian goes right to Jordan to say "You and Diamond are selling HEROIN"???
Um, you think only 2 people sell HEROIN??????

and what about FLUKE?  Holy lazy writing. I'm sorry but watch some crime shows. 

So, let's see Spencer uses a great guilt card against Nikolas. Says it's "Hard out here for a prince"-- and that he's confused after losing Emma and Nik not marrying Brook. That's SUCH a good mood. Granny Hells is so proud !!!

Ok, I'm outta here. Today's show is just boring me, pissing me off --you name it. You don't need to hear it! 



  1. I hated the Lucy - Bobbie fight. How unoriginal. The writers can't think of anything better for these women? So sad.

  2. I was THRILLED just to see them both, I will take whatever I can get. Having Mac/Felicia, Scotty and them, all on the same day, made me happy.

  3. I think the writer's attitude is " We'll just show the vets once every 2 or 3 months to please the old folks. We don't need to write any material for them. The old fans will settle for just seeing them" I am extremely offended by this.

  4. thanks Kat..I'm freaking out a bit over this lol

  5. The floating rib: Oh Levi's plan is coming along wonderfully! :) Levi and Maxie get married, and then have a little party at Mac and Felicia's! Then he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, but instead sneaks into Mac and Felicia's bedroom to look for the aztec jewels, pockets it, and then goes downstairs to rejoin the party. :)

    Scotty's home: Lucy and Bobbie scene was fun!!!! :) Bobbie did you really have sex with Scotty? :) Or are you just trying to get under Lucy's skin? :) Scotty comes in! Hahahahaha! What are you going to do with that apple Scotty? Just put it down for a second! :)

    The hospital: Oh I can't believe Sam thinks McSilas spilled the beans about what Patrick was thinking! If McSilas was Jason, she would NEVER think he did it!!! Oh Mcsilas dump her ass!!!!!! Dr O wins the line of the day.

    Dr O: Ladies and gentleman of the 4th estate. You have been politely asked to leave, yet you have chosen to linger. Now hospital security will show you out. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.SCHNELL!

    ROFL! Oh and I googled what schnell means, it means fast in German. :)

    Spencer's room: SO MUCH FUN! And I love the letter Spencer wrote hahahahahaha!

    Jordan and Julian: Oh stop with the foreplay already and just have sex! :)

    Police station: Oh Scotty what are you hiding? :)

  6. The scene w Lucy crying was so obviously an ass covering move. Cartini forgot her connection so snuck her in at the last moment.

  7. I can't take much more of Nina skulking around......I mean really how long is physical therapy supposed to last??? I just want to send her down a stairway

  8. I can't access the site. Karen, Help!


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