Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2 Days Gone..

I was gone today doing my HAIR...(which looks faboosh by the way). And tomorrow I HAVE TO GET Another CROWN for my tooth (not my head).
I have another FUNERAL.

ERGO...this week is going to suck for the blog. I heard today was a bit boring? What say YOU!? I'm kinda glad that I watched yesterday and loved it so much. 

That's about it.  


  1. Carly's home: Carly and Sonny scene. Damn I love it! She is like all don't kill him! I wuv him!!!! And Sonny is all you are lying to yourself!!! Yeah Carly listen to him!!! BobTodd shows up and wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: Oh wow look at you two. This whole don verbal communication thing it's really, it's creepy. You got it down to a science.

    ROFL! And then of course he is upset with Carly for throwing him under the bus by telling Sonny what BobTodd has been up to! But all is forgiven and all lovey dovey. They drink red wine and have frozen pizza. Is Carly wearing a black shirt or a brown shirt? Aren't you hot in that shirt Carly?

    Maxie's home: Nathan vs Levi! Come on! Let's get some punches going! Levi runs off like the place is on fire just to find Maxie! Run Levi run! Get your control on! I hope you used deodorant.

    Floating rib: So there we are with Olivia with baby Rocco. Baby Rocco is having fun drinking his baby beer and eating nuts. While Maxie is confronting Mac and Dante about calling ICE on Levi!

    Maxie: I have on good authority that it was one of you two.

    Me: Maxie what the hell are you talking about? Who's authority? You are dumb. Wake up!!!

    Oh and here comes Levi and Ethan rushing in like a flood trying to talk to Mac and Dante. Oh oh the ICE number is on Nathans phone! Oh Levi you are setting Nathan up!! I so want a flashback of Levi calling ICE! :) Meanwhile Julian and Lucas scene I love! Lucas almost told his dad which guy he picked! Until Brad and Felix showed up!

    Metrocourt: Oh look at that. Jordan with her hooker outfit is there to have dinner with her pimp Mickey Diamond, who is hitting on her and wants to have sex with her so she could find out who the boss is! And here is Shawn all jealous! Hmmm Shawn and Jordan had a little scene before she saw her pimp.. Their little scene, well, they must have had sex in the past! :) Anyway Pimp Diamond has a gun in his holster and isn't afraid to use it it, it seems. And there is Sonny to save the day.

    Felix and Brad: Oh Felix is on the phone with Sabrina! Oh Brad stop blaming Felix! You are the one who kissed him!

  2. Ugh! This Levi/Maxie story is BORING! Please deport him! And he's wearing too much make-up!

  3. I , too , am sick of the Maxie is a moron story. It shows no sign of ending unfortunately.

  4. How about if after Rafe drains Nina, he bites Ginger Kato?????? Did anyone else just about barf in the previews when Maxi said she was getting married???!!! Crap crap crap. I hate this story. I hate stupid Maxi and stupid Tracy.
    And I am thinking: if fan outcry saved the character of Luke in the 80's, can we outcry to have Ginger Kato GO AWAY??????? Please??????????????? Oooh, then he could be Rafe's donor.

  5. I don't know exactly why, but Levi is super annoying. The actor is OK, and I see where the story is going (Maxie needed story), but I don't want him on my screen. Every time he enters a scene it turns me off big-time and I lose interest. It is obvious he made the call himself and put it on Nathan's phone (they live in the same apartment), so why bother with this story. Unlike most of Ron's stories, this is way too predictable. And it does make Maxie stupid.

    I'm also bored with the boy triangle. It just isn't exciting. Lucas seems weak and stupid and immature. So does Brad--he is so in-your-face. Felix is the only one there who is worthy of us caring. And why would he want either of them?

    The Jordan thing is interesting, but scary. I like her and I like Shawn, but this looks dangerous.

    Geary is on medical leave for back surgery--same reason Tristan had to take over his story a couple years ago when TG was supposed to be catching up with Faison. Bad backs are really hard to fix and I read his leave is longer this time to allow him time to recuperate, but that they shot stuff ahead. That's why the substitute hood with Jordan, to keep the story going. Soap stars get sick, too, like anybody else!

  6. I hate to see it but I think TG should just retire, as much as I like real Luke with Tracy. I know back surgery is serious but it's not like he has to do physical labor. Haven't seen Mon. & Tues. yet but in no hurry.

  7. soaplover said... And it does make Maxie stupid.

    I find that these writers make a lot of the women stupid. This is our world now...stupid women, ( or crazy women) and shirtless men with little or no purpose.

    Too bad the ratings can't show the amount of FFing.

  8. Todays tribute to Rafe would have been very touching, except for the fact that. we really didn't know him, I didn't really give a crap that he died. '

  9. Today's show:

    The park: Why is Nik tying Spencer's sneaker?!?!! He can't do it himself? :)I love how Britch and Spencer are working together hahaha. And he brings Joss in on this! :) Nik and the tight shirt! YUM! Britch and Nik taking their shirts off! Foreplay? And in front of the children too!

    The hospital:

    Alice's room: Tracy's tit for tat with Alice. Or I scratch your back, and you scratch mine.

    Molly's room: She has a dream of the accident, but now she can't remember what Rafe said! Damn! :( When Molly was looking at the streetcar named Desire book, I thought she was going to have a multiple personality disorder. Now that would be interesting. :)

    Rafe's room: Liz had to make sure Rafe was all nice, warm and comfy. Gee Liz. Did you think brain dead Rafe was cold? Now everyone had to be there when McSilas shuts off Rafe's machine. Watching everyone cry, made me cry! Where was the doctor?! Why didn't the doctor shut off the machine instead of McSilas? How horrible they had to wait until Rafe flatlined. :'(

    Nina and Rosalie: Nina is feeling so guilty she has been having nightmares about Rafe! ROFL! Rosalie wins the lines of the day!

    Rosalie: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume that that that meant he could no longer, you know talk.

    ROFL! And then they talk about BobTodd.

    Rosalie: Was this guy imaginary too?

    Hahahaha she kills me! :) Oh look Nina still wuvs her Mcsilas and NEEDS to tell him the truth about everything! I mean the guilt is eating her alive! Even in her nightmares! But when she was about to, she sees Sam and McSilas together hugging in Rafe's room! Nina looks so jealous! I bet she keeps quiet.

    Liz and Felix: Hmmmm is Felix growing his hair?:)

    Brownstone: Oh Starki and Morgan slept over! And of course he is shirtless. And they throw their mugs to get their frustration out! And he is rubbing her shoulder! That damn anvil is dropping likes flies! Michael shows up later and trying to be subtle about it, but he sees something is going on between Morgan and Starki. He isn't blind! I really think more people should help with the Brownstone and live there.. It's just strange that it's only Morgan and Starki.

  10. LSV: If every actor retired because they had medical problems, the shows would have major cast problems. You can get back problems at any age.

    Personally, I have never liked the pairing of Luke with Tracy, but that doesn't mean I want him to leave. I like watching real talent, which both he and Jane have in soaring abundance. Still, I see NO chem whatsoever in them as a couple and hate that the show let Genie get away again. I cannot believe Luke would ever fall for someone like Tracy.

    Sonya, you asked, 'Where was the doctor? Why didn't the doctor shut off the machine...'
    Silas IS a doctor. He works there. True, he wasn't Rafe's doctor, but he is qualified to do it...

  11. "soaplover said...Sonya, you asked, 'Where was the doctor? Why didn't the doctor shut off the machine...'Silas IS a doctor. He works there. True, he wasn't Rafe's doctor, but he is qualified to do it..."

    Oh yeah I know he is a doctor and is qualified to do it, but he isn't Rafe's doctor. Rafe's doctor should have done it. Poor McSilas! So heartbreaking to watch! :'(

  12. I thought that Rafe's passing was so heart-wrenching, and the acting was amazing. Maybe we didn't see Rafe a lot, but he was young, and people loved him.

    One of my best friends was in a car accident several years ago, and she met with the same fate as Rafe, only she first lingered in a coma for weeks. It was beyond horrible, and I found it very cathartic to cry for Rafe.

    I have been through several losses in my life, and, after one major loss while I was in my twenties, lost my ability to cry. I have cried again for other losses, but can't cry anymore just for regular sadness, frustration, etc. After the major loss, I had to make myself stop crying in order to return to work, and that was it, something inside me shut down.

    But, I always can cry for GH, and it gives me an opportunity to feel and express feelings--as I said, it is very cathartic. I think that soaps are unique in that we can spend decades with them, watch the characters age in real time, and so the stories become another dimension of our lives.

    This is one reason why I love, and am so dedicated to, GH. I cried for years almost ever time I watched Sonny & Brenda, something about them together I found extremely moving. I guess the stories give me a safe place to feel the feelings that I still have, but cannot get to in my actual life.

  13. I LOVED Joss yesterday... She is such a good little Carly

  14. Soaplover, what I meant to say was that between his vacations and now his recuperation he is part time at best. That being said his retirement wouldn't really be so bad.



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