Monday, July 7, 2014


Same as it ever was.... it's still the same day as last MONDAY--but who's counting? ahaaha. (ok, I am)

Olivia and Sonny..I KNEW it was a dream thing!! LOL  Delia comes out and sees a pic of Mike and says "ROGER.??? MY HUSBAND"!! LMAO!!  OH I LOVE it. Now get Ron Hale back and have the two of them run Kelly's!! 
Ava wants her mama to go into Sonny's office and find the tape where she incriminates herself. What could POSSIBLY go wrong??  She pretends to hate Ava so she can go get the tape and not be followed.  They argue about Ava's birth and Delia's life at Ryan's. Awww..another Ryan's Hope nod! 

I saw TJ on "Everyone Hates Chris" this morning. I was like TJ!! and...he looks EXACTLY the same.

Molly and Rafe crash:  Rafe collapses. Molly's all bloody. Sam runs over to her in her giant HIGH HEEL boots and it's pretty funny.  They are taken to GH. Starr has to stay with Nina. 

Patrick is all nasty to Rafe..really nasty while Rafe is laying there. GOOD Make up on Rafe!! 

Big Alice is in the hospital. Tracy is pacing up and down. Morgan managed to get a shirt on. Monica is there. Finally... she must have gotten the snacks from the funeral going.  Hey,, Big Alice needs a new heart, and someone's gonna die!! Fancy that.


  1. So Rafe dies, and Alice gets his heart?

  2. Sonny's home: Sonny is looking at a picture of him and Olivia? I'm surprised he isn't looking at a picture of him and Connie! Why aren't you looking at a picture of you and Connie Sonny?! Oh I knew the Sonny and Olivia scene was Sonny's daydream! Delia wins the lines of the day!

    Delia: Holy moly! You know Roger? Roger. My husband Roger. Coleridge. He's in this picture. Are you sure? No that's Roger. That's Roger My husband. Wow! He's a dead ringer for Roger. That's really strange. And if I get caught I'll be sleeping with the whales.

    ROFL! I love Roxie! I mean Delia. And that fake fight between Delia and Ava, well Delia makes a good point. Ava doesn't have swollen ankles and isn't throwing up. :) Hmmm I wonder why! Oh I know! ROFL!

    McSilas's home: Oh Nina doesn't give a rats ass that Rafe is hurt!!! And she has to pretend she likes Starki and is over everything hahahaha!

    Accident: When Molly opened her eyes, it rolled in the back of her head. :( Is Rafe supposed to die? Bye bye Rafe!

    The hospital: Too many people hurt in the hospital. :( Lulu is the only one who isn't hurt.

    Lulu's room: Olivia whining over Sonny! Get over him! Go find yourself someone who is worthy of you!

    Rafe's room: I can understand where Patrick is coming from, but Patrick not now! Oh I love how McSilas was all forceful and upset! That was sexy! Oh is Rafe gonna tell Patrick who told him to run them down?!

    Molly's room: Wake up Molly!!!! Wake up!!!!! :'(

    Alice's room: A heart attack?!!?! WHAT?!!?! :( How old is Alice? Poor Alice!!!! :(

    Sonny's office: The outfit Delia was wearing, ROFL! That cracked me up!!! :) All black!!! Priceless!!!

  3. "AntJoan said...So Rafe dies, and Alice gets his heart?"

    Sounds good to me! :)

  4. Yes, I don't care if Rafe dies as long as Alice and Molly don't. And you just know that he's going to die before he tells them who had him run the car off the road.

    I didn't find the conversation about Roger funny at all. I guess I just didn't get it.

    And I get that Patrick's upset but he's a doctor and Rafe is a very sick patient. He shouldn't have attacked him like that. ( And I agree, Rafe's makeup was great.)

  5. Had to laugh when Delia saw Roger's photo. I didn't watch Ryan's Hope, but I knew who Roger was and Delia, too. But I loved her best as Roxy. The beauty shop, the shoddy hotel with the beaver on the desk, the hilarious malpropisms--Roxy was just a joy.

    Patrick was out of line with an injured patient. As a doctor I expected better of him.

    Hope Michael is catching on to Tracy and her schemes--I want to see the brownstone thing develop so people have places to live and surely more attractive than anyone's current apartment now. Lulu and Dante's place is absurd--dark, cold, cement brick walls, bed right in the living room, no decent kitchen...even a police detective could afford better, I'd think. And Sam's place--too much dark leather left over from Jason. And Silas' place, again all dark, black, grey, ugly. And Maxie's hidious wall paper. Let's get some soft color going, something more fitting with the inhabitants. I can't see Maxie decorating that place like that. Even the Metro Court could use a makeover.

    Hey Sonya, Delia was right about Ava...but if Ava isn't pregnant, would she be so antsy about being killed--well, yes, I guess because she'll show (or not) soon now! She has to escape soon! But losing the incriminating recording won't stop Sonny.

  6. Love the Rogerr eference! Miss Ryan's Hope.

    Why is Ava all concerned about the recording? Sonny is going to kill her, not turn her into the police. Is lack of evidence going to stop the bullet?

  7. The problem I have with the show, above and beyond how unbearably disjointed it is, is that storys are being written for characters I don't give two hoots about.

    I don't care that Sabrina's baby died and I don't care if Sabrina ever comes back.

    I don't care that Rafe is a druggie and may die.

    I don't care that Nina was the one who paid Rafe to runt he car off the road (she did not want anyone having a baby if she can't have hers).

    I don't care about Silas whatsoever.

    I don't care if Ava is pregnant or not.

    I don't care if her mother was married to a guy in a picture frame.

    The only storyline I cared about yesterday was Alice - at least she has been around for a while and has a connection to a core family.

  8. Friscogh - I hear's hard to establish any connections with the characters when there are so many and the editing style for the storyline is all out of whack.

    I do care about Delia, but only because I would watch Ryan's Hope when I was a kid in the summers while eating lunch. It was great and Delia was one of those standout characters who you remember years later.


  9. Poor writing and a cast 50% too large is the problem!

  10. I loved the Roger bit because it brought a Mike remembrance, since he is Sonny's dad. I never saw IK on OLTL - only as Delia, and I think she is doing a great job. However everything is so disjointed. Where is Julian? Is Ric gone until fall just because TG has his vacation/recuperation? Watching Silas and Nina watch fireworks was confirmation that there are no sparks with these two, and they are really dull. We never see Silas actually being a doctor, just showing up at the hospital. I think MW is a really good actress and I don't think they needed MS at all.

  11. All that said, I hope Rafe does not die and they do a compelling and educational teen drug storyline, - and they explore him being a Barrington with close family connection to the Quartermaines. Perhaps Silas can lose custody of him and Monica adopt him.

  12. I love your blog and I hope you keep posting and watching GH for a long time to come. My opinion of the show is different from yours -- on the whole, I love the Carlivati/Valentini era immensely -- but I like your insights and scoops. I've also been reading your content for a long time and it's nice that there are still some veteran insiders who continue to post.

  13. frisco
    My problem is like yours- I just don't care about most of these people at all. As I have said before I wonder if the current regime is able to create characters that anybody can care about. There are way too many unlikable people and almost all of them are boring and annoying. there is absolutely nothing interesting about Levi and I don't care at all what his real agenda is. I assume they are going to put Maxie in another sham marriage. Been there with Matt. Don't need to see it again.
    Coming attractions show nothing I want to see. Loved 2012 . Bored to tears by 2014.

  14. "soaplover said...Had to laugh when Delia saw Roger's photo. I didn't watch Ryan's Hope, but I knew who Roger was and Delia, too."

    Yeah I didn't watch Ryan's hope either but I too knew who they were. :)

    "Hey Sonya, Delia was right about Ava...but if Ava isn't pregnant, would she be so antsy about being killed--well, yes, I guess because she'll show (or not) soon now! She has to escape soon! But losing the incriminating recording won't stop Sonny."

    Hey Soaplover! :)Yes Ava would be antsy and yes she has to escape soon!!! I mean what would be her excuse of her not showing yet? Oh Sonny. When I was pregnant with Kiki I was never big. In fact I didn't look like I was pregnant at all! ROFL!


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