Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Save the Animals!

So, I came in late and saw Carly and Sonny drinking in his office,  Ned and Olivia on the couch watching a movie and Ava and Franco talking about taking Sonny down.

Ned is so cute!! And SUCH a nice guy!! did you see the ANIMAL commercial? We always make fun of it on Twitter. Too funny. She calls the ASPCA and is going to adopt a ton of animals to put in the hotel.  AHHAAHA 
 Olivia "I turned into the next Brenda Bot"  GOOD stuff today 

Oh, guess no one got hurt ...and MOLLY AND TJ and Danny went to..SAM'S? WHEN? I mean, I was sitting here, saw the bomb go off...
I'm so confused. 

Oh, Ron told me on twitter that they, LEFT during the COMMERICIAL and got the truck. Seriously. So ok then.  There goes the Lake House!!

Mickey and Jordan. She's got a gun on him and BOOM! Julian walks in and PLUGS HIM! I mean like BOOM! wow... 

MY PLAN: I want Shawn to find out that Jordan is undercover and look at her and go: ME TOO! "I've been close to Corinthos all this time to take him down"!
How cool would that be!? 


  1. I totally thought Shawn will kill Mickey. Oh well, glad a newbie is gone. Now get that heart in Alice.

    BUT...Julian committed murder in front of a cop! I wonder if he now teams up with Jordan and Anna to break up the drug ring? Would be a good way to transform him from mobster to good guy.

    Silas and Nina are both dull as dirt. I'd rather see Courtney and Kiki (till now my all time two least favorite) fold laundry than another minute of Silas or Nina

  2. it would be a good way to transition him. He could Get Fluke OUT

  3. Ava's home: So she has two men to grab BobTodd just so she can ask him to help her with getting the incriminating against her? Hmmm so Carly has a copy? And who do these two men work for? Sonny? It can't be Ava. Ava doesn't have men that works for her. Otherwise she wouldn't be stuck with Sonny. Ava telling BobTodd about Carly and Sonny! More anvils!!!!

    Ava: I'm confident that you will come around my way of thinking.

    Oh sure! He will eventually. As soon as BobTodd sees Carly and Sonny in bed, or kissing.

    Mickey's room: Ah ha! Mickey is NOT a DEA! Jordan points a gun at Mickey and talks talks talks and warns warns warns. Julian, just walks in and shoots him! I LOVE IT! :) Altho my poor Mickey is bleeding!!!! :( Don't die on me Mickey don't die on me!!!

    McSilas's home: Gee why don't Sam just say, oh McSilas! How could you cheat on me with Nina!!!!! And then he could say, huh? What? Where am I? Cus you know he is drugged. :) Oh now Nina is telling him he has been drinking a lot! ROFL! Hey Nina I bet if you tell him that the world is flat he will agree. :)

    Sonny's office: Shaun all whiney. Sonny all sympathetic. Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Ned's room: Oh no!!! The ASPCA commercial! Olivia wins the lines of the day!

    Olivia: And you got me. I'll be her hero. Those dogs need a hero Ned! And I am that hero! Look at all those animals. Beautiful Animals. Kind innocent animals. Loyal creatures. They would never have sex with Ava Jerome!!

    ROFL! That cracked me up!!!! That wins scene of the day! And what do we learn from this boys and girls? DO NOT DRUNK DIAL! Especially at an animal shelter! :)I saw this clip last week! :)

    Alexis's home: Oh no! They had to reshow the murder of the mailbox!!! :'( And not only was it a mailbox murder, but the two canisters died too!!!! I will have to arrange a funeral for the mailbox and the two canisters!!! :( Who is coming to the funerals?! :( And here is Alexis all what? What happened? Who did this?!!?!! Someone stole her brain.

    "Karen says did you see the ANIMAL commercial? We always make fun of it on Twitter."

    You make fun of the ASPCA on twitter? Why?

  4. The Lake House is gone. Oh dear. Now Molly will have to mind Danny on the park bench. It's going to get so crowded.

    I don't see how Shawn can get away with that murder unless she lies and says he was saving her.

    Start CPR Jordan! Alice needs that heart!!

    I really enjoyed the drunk dialing. lol

  5. Sonya, I don't know who is coming to the funeral, but word has it that Monica is fixing the snacks.
    Too bad Molly didn't come with Alexis, and then see her Mom with Julian.
    And Julian shooting Mickey ShineTooth in front of Jordan was something to see. But my two favorite things today were "Brenda-Bot," and Olivia bursting into tears over "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

  6. It was a good episode. I was impressed. Olivia was hilarious. I thought the animal shelter scene was original and funny. :D

  7. Best episode in a long while. Ned and Olivia are fantastic together. My favorite lines "you see that one she only has 3 legs and that one has all that gunk in his eye"

  8. "ishouldreadmore said..."Sonya, I don't know who is coming to the funeral, but word has it that Monica is fixing the snacks.

    ROFL! No no. I mean who here on this blog is going to the funerals? :)I hope Monica goes and brings snacks! :)

  9. OMG, AMAZING EPPIE!! Olivia's scenes were PRICELESS!! ITA w/others--the dog with "the gunk in his eye"; and Olivia's "ugly cry" (although we know Olivia couldn't be ugly if she tried). But, seriously, rarely, if ever, have I seen an actress cry like that on TV I think she should submit it, and get an Emmy! And, I LOVE NED, please come back, Nedly!!

    Jordan's scenes were amazing, and the lake house destruction was extremely dramatic. I also felt the way much of the eppie was shot, that the camera angles were unusual--the episode blew me away, I saved it on the DVR.

  10. Carly and Sonny: Oh I forgot to mention them! Why did Carly have to bring up how BobTodd didn't like to hear what Olivia had to say about Sonny and Carly?! Come on Carly! What was the freakin point?! You know Sonny would just get upset and want to kill BobTodd! Or does Sonny being upset turn you on? :)

  11. Jordan's DEA, not a cop.

    The likeliest outcome is that Jordan will stay undercover, help JJ cover up the murder, and try to get JJ to reveal who Fluke is.

    JJ has no idea that Jordan is undercover. She'll say Mickey tried to rape her.

  12. FYI, those ASPCA commercials raised 30 million dollars, per Sarah McLachlan. Loved Olivia and Ned - she finally had a chance to shine. Julian really loves Alexis and his new family. Silas and Nina so dull and couldn't Sam see Silas could hardly stand up? Who leaves their door unlocked, too?

  13. "LSV422 said...FYI, those ASPCA commercials raised 30 million dollars, per Sarah McLachlan. "

    Oh that is so great!!!! :) I'm glad.

    "and couldn't Sam see Silas could hardly stand up?"

    Yeah Sam! Are you blind?!

    "Who leaves their door unlocked, too?"

    It wasn't unlocked. I heard keys. So Sam unlocked the door.


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