Thursday, April 30, 2015

Britt and Brad

I love them. I really do. Such a great friendship. Natural, not forced.  They are eating ice cream! Brad tells her about Spencer's being burned at the birthday party. Dr. O comes to the door. 

Greenlee mentions the PARAPET! How does she know about that? Eh, who cares!!  Spencer walks in! "Hi Lady"!! 

Carly finds Fake Jake, she pays him.  He said Ric did indeed, hire him for the job. He's going back to PC with her. 

Molly says don't propose to Liz yet-- too soon! Ric's like "good advice"! But probably won't take it. 
BTW, look at Molly's nails: HUGE!! 

I'm drinking Banana Rum right now so I'm feeling no pain. GH actually looks ok at the moment heh.

"All my dreams have gone up in smoke along with my face"... Spencer

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Genie's Back

She's coming to Port Charles! 

THAT was the announcement that was supposed to have been made at the Emmy show. But..for some reason didn't.

I guess I should be happy. Strangely, I feel pretty ambivalent. I watched the end of the awards show when She and Tony walked out and he looked as sour as ever to be near her.

So..rejoice all you LnL fans! Let's hope they write well for her! 

Dental Call

Having my teeth cleaned today so no GH. Which, I don't think will be a big deal given the fact its' pretty slow before the big Nurses Show. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nikolas Keeps Vampire Hours!

Happy National Squirrel DAY! 
Sabrina and Michael are a bit weird after she snogged with Carrrrrrrlos, it's gotta be a let down. Ned walks in on them. Ned tells Michael he gave shares to Franco to help Olivia. HE's about to hell Michael about the Julian thing and his phone rings. It's Olivia (see below) 

STUPID SONNY "hides the baby" from Dante. UGHHHHHHH. Where the hell is Silas? Anyway, Dante comes in and wants to search. Sonny says get a warrant. Dante says FINE..I'll just arrest Kiki and Morgan then. HE does, takes them to PCPD.
Sonny wants to call his pilot to get Avery out of the country --but Carly stops him.

Rosie tells Nik that Ned gave his shares to Franco. 
Lulu goes to Nik's. "He keeps Vampire Hours" says Lulu.  She sees Rosie. She's like..hmmm? 

Nina and Silas... just UNBELIEABLE...they have been isolated so long--different set-- same sheeze,

Olivia has pains. Val drives her to GH. Then Dante comes into GH...and Val is there too. Lulu sees Val and Dante hugging lol
It was supposedly Braxton Hicks. 

Ok, I have to write this by itself because it's so stupid: Carly and Sonny go to Michael. They say they have the baby-- and if he drops charges, they'll give her up. 
So, Michael says yep, he'll drop the charges if Sonny drops his suit against the judge, and letting him keep custody.


So, the upshot of Michael getting drugged and the baby being 'kidnapped'? Zero.
Ava was saved but this other crap?
Waster of Time

Monday, April 27, 2015

"Call Me Lesil"

Embedded image permalink

Avery's home. Kiki and Morgan get all giddy over her.  Will they TELL anyone? And they can't for the life of them figure out WHO would have put the baby in the apartment. Um, SILAS' apartment. ?? SILAS MAYBE?

Carly finds out about Morgan...she's not happy!!  She goes over to Morgan and Kiki's  with Sonny. They see Avery. Mom Carly is mad! She thinks they took her too. "I've done some many terrible things to get what I want, but you--you Morgan you crossed the line"!! 
Carly's bitching her head off at Morgan! you go Carly!!
Morgan doesn't want to call the police.
Dante knocks on the door. commercial. 

Nina and Nate--he shows her footage that shes' outside the baby's room right before she went missing. Nina says she was just checking on her.

Franco goes and talks to Dr. O about Nina. Dr. O flirts herself silly around him lol. Franco is mad that she visited Nina. Dr. O shows him the security footage too. 

Lulu and Valerie go to lunch. Talk about Sonny and Dante. Zzzzzz.  Valerie is going to dance with Lulu and the Haunted Starlets at the Nurses Ball. 

End of the show: Michael and Sabby iss 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Congrats to Emmy Winners..and More GH Photos!

Embedded image permalink
Chad Duell Best Supporting Actor 

Tony wins again...Best Actor 

Here's another great pic from Maura West: 

Embedded image permalink
Embedded image permalink
That's Dom with Dapper Na'Vell of Buzzworthy radio! 

Bold and Beautiful got best directing/writing... 
Best Drama Series: TIE Days and YR... yes, a TIE lol 

Daytime Emmy Photos 2015

I am totally stealing these off Twitter, although, you put it up there in public ... It's public!! (@fyeahGH and @TVSouce are who to follow) 

The Stage 

Chad and Kirstin 





Hotel Shot of Genie 

THE Donna Mills



I think you know these two...

Embedded image permalink

Sunday Surgery: Just A Sprain

It was a mobular week, it 'twas! Not that anyone actually DID anything, but we all spent a hell of a lot of time waiting.
Waiting. It seems that all I do with this show. Thank goodness Morgan got caught on Friday or the entire week would have been blown.

20150421 0959(3)
For the Love of.....

Let's have some of Duke's tea he sat and drank for about 10 hours and some bacon. If you're vegan, grab the fruit!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Donna Mills Wins Daytime Emmy

At the Creative Arts and Sciences Emmys last night, Our Donna Mills took home an Emmy for her Guest Appearance on GH. Congrats to her! General Hospital also won a statue for Makeup. My props/set department lost to Days, for which I am very bitter. LOL. NO ONE doe props like OUR SHOW!! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Carlos: A Killer Timeline

And...Duke is still alive. 

Three Days: Here we go: ( to be read in Puss In Boots voice with a nice Spanish soap score playing) 

20150424 0732(41)

It is I....Carlos....ready to keel the Duke...

20150424 0736(8)

Bur first, let me rearrange the table into a wonderful display...

20150424 0733(2)

Now....let me show you my gun. My big gun. It needs to be cleaned. 

20150424 0736(19)

I must aim ze gun...perfectly, careful not to disturb ze serving tray

20150424 0736(25)

I see him in my cross hairs!! Perfect shot!! I'm...

20150424 0742(6)

Oh No..ze phone. Sabrrrrrrrrrrrrina? Is it you? Are you all right my flower? 

20150424 0811(42)

( 15 minutes later) There...there....there he is...what the......

20150424 0800(31)

Rats!!! It's ...the mouthy blonde woman and that squirrel...I must hide! 

20150424 0804(38)


20150424 0811(42)

I'm back! Back in the game!! 

20150424 0811(48)

WHAT? who is this interloper????? 

20150424 0812(32)

I suffer so...I do not have to pee...I do not have to pee....

Now I pause to cry.... oh WHY WHY?? The PAIN!! 

20150424 0806(26)

It is my life...I shall stay here until someone...anyone..dies a thousand deaths!! 

To be continued..... 

Danger On the Docks: High Heels

Jordan trips on her high heels. Bruce gets away. YAWN

Duke's still alive, Hayden walked in. Carlos says he works with Jake. Blah, BlahBlah... Meanwhile, TJ asks Duke to join them for dinner as thanks for giving him tuition money and--Jordan walks in on the balcony! Duke is all @@ what!??????

Carly's talking to Jake about Hayden.  AND....Anna walks In! Welp, that's going to be another week. 

Silas says his friend in NYC "died"..which we know isn't true. But there it is. 

Mike confronts Morgan and Kiki...Morgan plays dumb. Michael pushes Morgan down and PILLS fall out of his jacket!  First he says HE has allergies. Ha hahaaa. Kiki fesses up. Now Michael thinks they took Avery too. 
They leave. He and Sabrina talk about why Morgan is all jealous of Michael. 

Avery is at Silas' apartment and Kiki and Morgan find her. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nurses Ball!

Lynn Herring just tweeted this photo from the Nurses Ball!
  Photo Credit: Jim Warren

"My Son was ROOFIED"???

Rosie's name was mentioned today. But she was AWAY from HER desk! Away LMAO
Sonny wants reassurance that Mikey didn't take Avery. 

Carlos is in Hayden/Jake's room. He's got a clear shot of Duke. Yeah, how much he won't take it . 
Duke still talks about Bruce his body guard. Yada Yada... Like we are supposed to know this guy and give a crap. Anyway, Carlos has a clean shot but stops to basically take and clean the gun. Then he moves stuff around the room. LOL OMG!! Then Sabrina CALLS! I am not kidding you!! What hit man leaves his PHONE ON???????
Good God, this is like a 3rd grade show. 
Then, Carly and Spin come in! He hides!
Then, they leave...
But TJ's in the way!! ahahhaa. OMG... 

Carly finds out who fake Jake is. She's so excited. 

Michael and Sonny..blabbering about the baby. "Man to you know where my daughter is"?
Felix finds out that Michael was drugged. Sabrina takes the report to Michael's office. Sonny is all like "Someone roofied my son"? Bahahha. Sonny says he didn't do it. Michael knows it's Kiki and Morgan, who step off the elevator. 
PS. Roofies, last I looked, knocked you the hell out. They didn't manic you all up 

Jordan and Anna talking on the docks about her getting out of the undercover deal. Bruce the bodyguard has a gun on he doesn't...yes he does...he goes back and forth behind the corner. ahahha. Another "gun up/gun down" scene. 

END: I think a trigger was pulled but who the hell knows. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Girl Scout Cookie Day

Yummy Goodness 

They mention Girl Scout cookies a TON today. Oy.

This Jake story is so poorly conceived and written, it's just terrible. Fluke's was in spits/starts and written all over but Jake's is just BORING. Cardinal sin of soaps. BOREDOM!!

Shaun and Jordan-- in bed. Having great sex. Sigh..didn't we see them in bed for like 10 days before? He's all "Glad you aren't working for Anna". Shaun all of a sudden loves her. We haven't seen them for like months, but here they are. LOL. Somethin' must be goin' down. 

Anna is at the Metro, Duke walks in. She's about to warn him and Sloane calls. And she takes the CALL.
Duke sits with his body guard "Bruce"  (who I guess we are supposed to know about??) and they talk about Jordan. Duke sayss she has to "GO"

Patrick does Sam's feet on the couch. Can they MAKE these two more boring? Nope, not possible.  They are meeting up later to have girl scout cookies. Yes, they are. 

Sam goes to see Spinelli..who still gets a vibe from Jake. Spinelli hasn't been able to figure out Jake Barnes isn't real. Spin could hack into anything BUT can't figure out Jake Barnes isn't real?  They find out who fake Jake is in 12 minutes by enlarging his ring and going through year book photos. 

Embedded image permalink

Have you see this???? IT's Winterthorne, a new Web Series coming out in August! HOW Gorge is this this photo???????

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Have you had sex with Jake Yet"?

Valerie is on MY LAST NERVE.....GO HOME. Or Lulu just stab her. Make her go live with Aunt Bobbie. Maybe she can take care of Josslyn. We never see Joss, ergo--we'd never see HER. Dante asked her to stay a little longer. Great. @@
Lulu says no! Go to my 1/2 brother's at Wyndemere-- Dante says no, go to Carly's.. Lulu says that Brad moved in there with Lucas? He did? When? Hey, Brainiacs, both Carly and Olivia own the Metro. Everyone else lives there soo?? 

Spin and Maxie.....dull.  Spin wants Maxie to be on stage with him. 

Lucy is sad Ellie and Spin broke up. Then she thinks that Ellie and Nate should get together. Well, as friends. Then Nate and Ellie figure "HEY! We could make Spin and Maxie JELLY"!! 

I counted 21 characters on GH that could live in the Brownstone. 


Can I keep going? Those people either live somewhere weird, no where or the Metro. I threw Bobbie in there to run the place

Nikolas gives a tale to Sam about the ring. Helena gave it to him, he was going to give it to her but forgot about it when the fire happened. Sam buys it. But she's sad to see the ring.

Why did Liz and Ric go to the Metro? They both hate Carly??

HAYDEN and NIK are having sex on the rug at Wyndemere. A LOT of sex.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sorry, Not Sorry

Hectic Day here!! Haven't watched the show yet...

Wish I was at the Rainforest Cafe! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Surgery: The Green Monster

Here we are again, my faithful readers! Another week under our belts and I'm sitting here struggling to remember most of it.  There was about 25 minutes in total over the entire week that interested me. What were they? Well, I'll save them for the "scenes of the week"... because it's all I got. 
20150418 0937(9)
Sam's Muffins 

This blog WILL contain a few spoilers, especially about the Ava's situation. Ergo, if you don't want to know, just skip this and finish your bagel. I am a pumpernickel bagel eater myself--with olive cream cheese. (just in case you want to get me one too!)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Bank Hacker

Seen on Facebook: Stupid Nathan travels to NYC to question Silas..instead of you know, CALLING HIM. That will have to be in the Sunday Surgery. 

Don't want to blog today, I wanna nap.  It's gray and ugly here. 

Olivia and Ned were all cute and lovey. WHY DID WALLY KURTH get away? He and Olivia could have gotten married, lived at the Q's. Olivia could get in cook 2's face about cooking. Tracy and Olivia? YES! And 2 families would be brought together.
BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO, Let Kurth get away and get a contract over at Days??
Nedly is rubbing Olivia's Belly!! 

Anyone wonder why idiot Jake isn't asking Hayden a zillion questions about his life? DO I have a DOG? Who were my parents? Do I have siblings? Who's taking care of the house? Did they pay taxes on the 15th? 

Hayden googled Nikolas and got his phone number in 2 seconds. She's going to Wyndemere for sex, basically. They start having it on the desk-- and Alexis walks in. She couldn't call Nikolas? NOPE. 

Nina and Franco sitting in their hotel room, looking at the stocks. They've done really well for themselves after Shadybrook or what!? 

Oh, Spin looked up Hayden. She has no social media...and no news items but he did hack into her checking account and find out she recently got a lot of money. Did he google Jake? 
This is SO STUPID I HATE THIS STORY########!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayden goes home. Fake Jake tries to get money out of her. Spinelli gets a photo of the 2 of them on his phone.

Meanwhile, Jake comes to Sam's...and sees a photo of Robin. Do I know her? Pat says No, you can't. Sam says you probably saw her in Liz' apt in a photo.

ENDING: Nik opens his safe and realizes Jason's ring is gone JUST as Jake drops his car keys and sees......the wedding ring. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Found Monica...

At the Cunninghams!! 4:01mark!! 

Thx to Dave for this.....

There's a SPOILER IN HERE at own RISK

Reason to watch the show today: Dr. O and Nina. Dr. O is crushing on Nina. Nina figures out Victor probably isn't Nathan's father. Yeah, that "Storyline" is still out there. I have NO care who's Nate's pappy is. NONE. Don't care. 

Micheal's dodging and weavin' at the Metro Bar. Kiki's crying. Michael freaks out. Just like the other day. Why does he go to the Metro where his mother is? He hates her! 

It's almost Duke's last day...and they are letting SLOANE Stay. Which is so so wrong, yet consistent for GH lately.
Duke has a history in PC. Duke is kinda fun with Lucy...Duke is running Sonny's coffee crap. DUKE and Anna's undercurrent of lust/love with her FBI thing could be so delicious. BUT NO..KEEP SLOANE.

He tells her that Duke's on a hit list. So he can use HER SHOWER. Yep. Her shower.  He's so tan he's almost politically incorrect. 

Ava wants to die. Silas is like, Nate interrupts. He questions Silas and then leaves.
Ava's death party is continuing.  He injects her. Spoiler alert: He's gonna transfer Avery's marrow into her when she's out. So..there's that. Wonder when we'll see them again. 

Franco is blackmailing Nedly for the shares. HE alllllllmost tells Alexis but she leaves to do damage control with Michael. 

THEN THERE'S THIS:::::::::::::::::

SQUEEEEEEEEE!! I loved loved LOVED the first Star Wars movie. It was magic. MAGIC I tell you. It was the first movie that just thrilled me. You have no idea how it was to watch the first one with that new technology. WOW.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LukeSon Day!

Sonny and Luke. Older, Grayer... and finally they sit and talk.  They talk about abuse.  Then Sonny asks why Luke turned on him. Which I'd like to know. 
OH! Let's see. Luke tells Sonny he's secretly envied him all these years. He really DID want Frank Smith's territory. He saw Sonny as "the prince of the city" and really wanted that life.
There you go. That's why Fluke went after Sonny.
Okay then. 

As a good friend pointed out on Twitter: LAURA LEFT the show in 2002. Fluke/Luke had all the time in the WORLD to take over Sonny's mob. But waits until now.
This is why rewrites suck folks! 

Olivia and Julian...sigh. Blab blab..this is going to go on FOREVER with the baby stuff. 

Ned wants Michael to step down from ELQ.  Mike says NO way and tears up agreement. Says "come at me".  Drinks. Says he has a driver and leaves.

Ava's curled up on the bed. Silas shows her the photo of Avery.  Silas so took Avery, it's all over his face. 

Nate tells Dr. O the cameras were turned off in the hospital. She thinks Silas took the baby. Good guess. 

OMG...Nate makes it to NYC in 2.2 minutes!! 

Franco and Nina blah blah..blah. Franco tells her that Ned gave him ELQ shares. 

Tweeting Tony Geary

Yes, I was actually tweeting "him" yesterday during the Fluke scenes as if he's on Twitter and was going to read my comments. Just another example of a delusional soap fan; one of which he appears to disdain so much. I'm not going to sit here and pretend this op ed will do anything but make me feel better. I'm also not going to pretend that we don't all know that Geary has had a heavy hand in writing this Fluke "saga". 
Therein lies the rub... 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fish Belly

Why is Fluke Back? GET out. Go away. See ya. Bye. :waving: Please GO! 
Fluke: "You Raped Laura...and then sold it as the greatest love story ever told"...
 and Luke then says: 
"No,  I Didn't sell it like that, the rest of the world did" 
Yet another lovely swipe at the audience. Screw that. WHY do they keep letting us know the "rape story" should never have become the LnL story. I GOT IT!! Sorry I enjoyed it and how magical Francis and Geary were. How they made me fall for them and forgive Luke. Sorry. SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 
I'm someone that even likes Tracy and Luke as an evolution of his character. But enough is enough. Shut up. 

THE BABY IS GONE! MISSSING!!! WHERE IS SHE???? Nina you have her? No I don't! Michael, you have her? No I don't (repeat for about 20 minutes)
Someone could have checked the damn security cam in the hallway to see who took her and saved about 3 days worth of crap. 

Carly and Sonny are talking to MoKi. Carly is saying Michael flipped out and they shouldn't judge him because it wasn't "really him". 

Bobbie is on Today but they couldn't show the damn sentencing with Tracy and Diane???? Of course not.  Instead we get everyone standing around looking for the baby. 

Ellie Fish is back. The dialog is weird. Didn't they break up? Oh they did. She wants him back, but he's with Maxie now.
OMG. This is just like the Nate convo but with ELLIE!! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Today's SHOW. Tattoo You

I can not stand the actress that plays Valerie. Don't like her facial expressions or her delivery. And I can have that opinion. 
You see where this is going?
Valerie and Dante.
YEP. OMG UGHHHHHHH, why her??? 

Why is she on this show and NOT ROSIE? 

Lulu's going crazy in the hospital room. I'm sick of Luke in the bed already. He's seeing a tattoo on his arm. 

Why did I think Spinelli was also living in the loft? Did he move right back into Maxie's in one day?

Oh, Nate wants Maxie back, btw. OMG, Spin overhears him telling Maxie he wants her back. Then Spin says the same speech Nate gave Maxie when SPIN came back. I'm serious.!! "Are you sure you want to be with me? Now that you know he wants you back"?? OMG


Baby Avery is gone. Who has her? Is it Nina? Michael? Silas? Heather? Scared you with the Heather thing, no?
Silas I think is taking her to NYC to cure Ava.  That's my guess. She's on her way to give Ava the marrow! 

Felix is back! For like a day. Helping Sabby put together the pill mystery.  And...he's gone. 

Scotty and Franco. Talking about Nina. Where is she? Where could she be? Oh, there she is! 

Luke's trial happened OFF CAMERA. He's supposedly going to Pentonville. Supposedly, Diane was there too. You know DIANE. 

END Of show: Spinelli says: Hi Ellie when he opens the door. She's on tomorrow. Because you know GH has to have MORE characters on for a day. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Blurry Vision

I'm going to try my very best to write this week's surgery without swearing too much or being such a witch about the show you won't want to read this.  

Here, look upon the face of angel baby, the one great wonder of this whole week: 

20150411 1148(20)
Show Saver 

Make yourself a nice hearty breakfast and don't forget your allergy pills, Michael tells us it's a "bad year" for them! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

OH MY GOD...zzzzzzzzz

The Better Call Saul shoutout made my episode. That was about it. 


Nina is out looking for Silas, runs into him at GH. She says she's sorry. He's sorry too. He got some DNA samples or something from the lab.

The Q house..CPS is going to take the baby. First to the hospital to get her checked out, then giving her to Kiki.  

Lucas and Nate talk about Maxie (since when do they know each other?) In case you missed it, you can hear all about it today. 

And for GOD SAKES instead of Spinelli just SAYING THE SAME shit over and over to Maxie, just have him GOOGLE HAYDEN Barnes. Please for the love of GOD. Even IF Ric planted some web stuff, Spinelli should be able to find out the truth about this stupid caper in like 10 minutes. BUT NO, instead he's groveling after Maxie. 

Ned and Todd were good. Funny at least. I'll FF to their scenes later tonight.

Julian and Olivia. Whatever. 

I even stopped tweeting it was such a bore.

Takin' a nap. I'll catch the rest later before I tear into Sunday Surgery. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tyra Hosting Daytime Emmys

Tyra Banks is hosting The Daytime Emmys on POP TV. Check Soaps In Depths Site. 

EVERYONE is watching TV

EVEN at the Bar at the Metro!! LMAO...Ava has one in her sick hospital room (iPad). Yada yada.

Everyone sees Michael drunk and tipping over Avery.. Franco thinks it's hilarious. Ned's pissed and goes to find Alexis. Alexis is in her robe with Julian.

Ummmm, Sonny yells at Morgan about what how only and ass would set up Michael.  I'm sure Morgan will be dead to him once he finds out that he did this. Carly's mad she wasn't around for all of this. You know, not center stage.  She feels sorry for Michael. 

So, Nina and Franco moved from being isolated in Shadybrook to isolation in the Metro. Good Lord.

So much thought didn't go INTO ANY of these stories lately. WTF. Between them, Silas and Ava we could be watching seperate shows.  Cancer story is a bore. Ava wants Silas to go see that Avery is ok. Then come kill her. Silas says "OK". 

AHAHAHHA..wait. So, Sabrina sees Michael's allergy pills on the TABLE. She figures out someone could have tampered with them.
Now, these allergy pills have their own SAG card. Good GOD!! Couldn't you think of anything more imaginative??????? I swear this kind of stuff is written for 12 year olds. 

CPS is called. yep. But Sonny can't get Avery. So? who does? 


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...