Thursday, April 11, 2024

Thursday/Friday Interruptus

So, here's my situation. I have to be off for Thursday and Friday for work then personal reasons. ERGO, as you know--I won't blog unless a miracle happens. I WILL watch the shows to be able to spout off on Sunday Surgery so don't you worry about that!

I feel like the show is trying REALLY hard to be 'different' with so many of the characters and stories it's just teeww much. I did love it last week and was so excited and this week felt like some middle-schooler wrote most of the scenes like a horny teenager. Yep. 

I also think that Ava would have had her own stash of sleeping pills  or something like it. Why wouldn't she have Googled the medication? You don't rando go into someone's drawer and start taking stuff. It it has said "Xanax" (or generic) yeah, I can see it. But if you look at what she did take it's not even his bipolar meds. It's a made up muscle relaxant because of how it ends. ANYWAY-- that's my 2 cents. 

See you soon. 

Play nice! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Spontaneous Combustion


Sonny and Jason argue in the warehouse. Sonny says Jason was gone 2 years, he can't have 1/2 the business back. Sonny says he can't trust Jason and if he doesn't go away, he'll have to TAKE HIM OUT. :eyeroll: Sonny tells Jason he HAS to tell him everything about when he  was gone. Jason says the FBI wanted him to go after someone but not Sonny and he can't say who. It would negate the deal. Sonny asked how many times Jason tried to kill him. Jason is like "NONE or you'd be dead".  Then he tells Sonny that PC is his home and he's there for good and at the Warehouse too. Sonny says he needs protection from Jason. Then Jason asks if he's taking his meds. Sonny says he is like "clockwork" and he's not having a breakdown. Also tells Jason to take the warehouse and 'rot in it". Threatens to END HIM if he doublecrosses him again. 

Ava can't sleep..she gets up. She goes through Sonny's bathroom to try to find something to help her sleep. She sees his Rx for bipolar meds. WEIRD. She takes 2 because they make you "drowsy". Then she lays in bed and is like: HUH.. these are doing nothing for me. Why do you take them? 

Krissy and Blaze are watching a movie on the couch in PJs and eating popcorn. They talk about Blaze being the face and her mother not wanting her private life to get out. Yada yada, gay.. yada. Krissy is worried because Ava's living with her Dad. She says Ava is a Jerome and craves power. She thinks she's slithering into Sonny's life. 

Drew and Nina after glow. She asks him "why did you do that? Did you plan it"? (after she asked him to... he says he really wants her to lose everything (even her LOOKS).. and it's stupid. She says he HAS to put her on the board of Aurora now and he says "You think 45 minutes on my carpet is going to do that"? Then says "rug burns" or something and I threw up.  UGH. It's just sad writing. He figures out Nina's still hung up on Sonny. He mentions that Sonny never even thinks of her. "He has a new roomie". She says Ava's only staying there for protection. He's like: You're so dumb. 

Carly bitches that the ice machine on Jagger's floor is broken because if SHE WAS STILL IN CHARGE no way would it not work. Oh brother. She wants to stay there because he might have a concussion and he won't go to GH. She says she knows he was tracking Jason. He says no, it was actually Diane. Then they flirt. He's going to buy her a glass of wine. He falls asleep.

Laura put Ace down to bed. She tries to talk to Kevin who's just reading his iPad and not paying attention. She is sad Ace won't have siblings and such. Kevin is reading about chemical abnormal behavior with Heather's cobalt poisoning. Maybe they can reopen her case? UGH. They talk about raising Ace and being in love. 

Curtis walked up the stairs and he and Curtis sit on the bed and talk. She tells him about Laura and Kevin at GH and making getting Heather out of jail. They are going to make ze wub. He also says they should take a honeymoon because they never got one. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2024



Well, we had clouds yesterday but watching it get pitch dark was amazing!! Today it's 78 degrees and fabulous of course. It was nice Sunday too. Mother nature hates Rochester!! LOL 

Jason takes Diane to his new office at the Coffee Warehouse --it used to be Sonny's. He still owns 50% of the company and after paperwork is done, he'll still own it. He asks about his estate-- and Diane says it's still in probate. Jason asks why Carly is running Bobbie's and such and Diane says: NINA. Then goes on to tell Jason in a very ONE SIDED way the story and makes Carly look like sad little match girl that Nina bulldozed over. Cripes. 

Millow are out to The Metro for their anniversary and Nina sees them. She sends over Champagne and they aren't happy. Willow says she though they could go to The Metro and eat and NOT HAVE TO SEE NINA. UGH. Nina snatches up the champagne. I hate Millow. Michael gives her a bracelet. Then Willow whines about being SO BUSY and never seeing the kids (? ?HUH???) and she's missing them growing up. Michael says HEY! You could do charity work like Lila did instead. 

Drew calls Carly to have her tell Jason that the FBI visited him. He tells her to be careful around Jason. Olivia storms in and tells Carly MEAN NINA fired Pierre without asking her first and that Nina is THE WORST. Then NINA painted all the bathrooms a color Olivia didn't approve of. That MONSTER! She leaves. Some lady comes in to deliver documents to Diane who is supposed to be meeting with Jason there but Carly says she'll take them to the Coffee Warehouse. 

Carly takes the papers but sees Jagger getting beat in an alley and honks the car horn. Thugs run. She hops out and he's beaten.  She takes him to her car. Then she takes him to The Metro to help him recover. He won't go to GH. 

Kristina goes to see Sonny and Ava answers the door. Says she can't--he's resting. THEN SONNY WALKS OUT! ahahahaha. Pffffffft. Ava gets Kristina water and then hands Sonny a giant drink. Kristina's eyes pop out. Kristina talks about Blaze and then Nina being back at Crimson. Sonny's like WHY would Drew hire HER back?! Ava looks suspicious. Krissy leaves. Sonny asks Ava if she knew about Crimson. Ava says no. They almost kiss. Diane comes in and tells him that Jason is taking his 50% of the company and then Sonny storms out. 

Sonny tells Jason to get out of the warehouse. 

Nina goes up and CRIES TO DREW (DREW..yep) about Michael being mean to her. She begs him to help her. She wants to be on the board of Aurora and then 'Michael will have to deal with her" and it would drive Carly crazy. They fight. Yell, then DREW'S SHIRT LIKE FLIES OPEN!! ahahhaa then HE TAKES IT OFF AND THROWS IT AT NINA! AHAHAHAHA. The worst dialog in the world happens and they have sex on the desk. 

Monday, April 8, 2024



No new GH today. For our Canadian Friends, there's an encore presentation. So, enjoy the day wherever you are! I'll be out in my front yard and HOPEFULLY the clouds will be FEW! 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Share a Cup


Stella and Tracey are all ready for Sunday Surgery--are you!!? 

Although the week was inconsistent, I actually enjoyed tuning in and watching--even if there wasn't a lot going on "excitement" wise. I haven't said that in a long time. The movement and dialog really intertwined and because characters are starting to morph, I never really knew what was going to come out of their mouths! (that's a good thing)!!

Grab what ya got and let's go go!

Friday, April 5, 2024

Donut Delights


I didn't watch yesterday's show--just some clips. I really liked Portia reading Laura about Heather. I mean, COME ON. 

Dante is home . Rocco and Scout come in but Danny isn't with them. DUN DUN DUN Oh, he was getting donuts to celebrate. Dante and Sam talk about Danny not seeing Jason. He thinks he should but will back up Sam on whatever she wants. The family then all eats donuts. 

ANNA visits Brennen at Pentonville. They talk about the past and he's surprised Anna's police commmish. She mentions Pikeman. She wonders how he could be the head of the WSB AND Pikeman. He says she must think he's good. Anna is talking about the weapons going through the WSB and it makes sense he did it. He says he's being framed. She wants a name. He says he doesn't have one. 

Jordan goes to see Drew at Aurora about 'promoting the city of Port Charles"  She's happy he's doing it and she feels good about their partnership. Jagger BARGES in to ask Drew questions about Jason Morgan. He says that Drew can't associate with Jason because he's also a felon or something. 

Molly is in Bobbie's. Carly and she talk about the trial. Carly's ok that Molly was ADA on the case because Dante cleared Jason so all is good. Molly and Krissy sit down. Kristina says she got her ultrasound and Molly says she's sorry TJ And her COULDN'T BE THERE???????? HUH? 

Joss comes in to talk to Carly and says Hi to Molly but not Kristina. Joss tells Carly Dex wants to be a cop but Sonny will kill him if he is--and says Sonny needs to be put away forever. Kristina gets up and tells her to shut up about her father "he's done a lot for you". Joss says she was just his step daughter and he's a thug. She tells Molly to show Krissy the files on Cyrus and how Sonny beat him up and how many people he's had killed. Kristina gets upset. Molly tells Joss that Krissy is pregnant and don't be so mean. LOL 

Carly tells Joss she's too rage-filled and she made her choices. Joss says she still loves Dex and is afraid he'll get hurt being a cop. 

Brook tells Lois she's afraid she won't have a dress for the wedding. The seamstress says the fabric is too old and is falling apart, can't work with it. Lois is going to try to come up with a solution to use part of the dress. Then they both have to leave for appointments. 

Sonny is at the Metro Bar and Eva LaRue shows up. Chem test. like HUGE. He tells her about Dante and that he's better. He asks about Blaze. They talk about their daughters being gay AGAIN. 

I guess both Brook and Lois had appointments at the Metro because they see Sonny and Eva talking together at the bar.  
Sonny and Lois talk about Natalia and she says she can tell she's a stage mother. 

Eva/Natalia is mad that Brook was late and wonders if her wedding is going to interfere with her being Blaze's manager. Then she wants her to play bigger venues but Brook Lyn says that Blaze wants smaller venues. Mom is also afraid her private life will come out. 

Thursday, April 4, 2024

It's My Vacation Day!

I'm only gone ONE day this week even though it's Spring Break!! So No GH today. I really enjoyed the show yesterday --such good character movement! It all made sense --GH to Tracey and Stella having coffee. The weak part? Hayseed Cody and Sasha LOL 

Detective Bennett 

Anyway, here's some questions for you to answer!! 

1. What set is your favorite and why? 

2. What set would you just burn down if you could? 

3. Which character do you think is a secret online gambler? (you can't pick Cody LOL)

4. What animal do you think the Qs should add to the Horse House? 

5. What DATE do you think ChaLyn will finally marry? (we'll see who wins!!) 


Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Two Ladies Having Coffee


NO GH Monday due to eclipse coverage. Which is ok, because I'm in the TOTALITY PATH-- and will be having a little party with Half-Moon cookies and other delights. We will be on our deck grilling and then in the driveway gazing! 

Dante is still up and around, walking. Brook and Chase are talking to him. Chase asks him to be his groomsman. Then Sam comes in and they leave. She tells Dante how mad Jason made her about asking Danny not to tell her about his boathouse stuff. Shes' not sure she's changed or she'd just seeing him clearly for the first time. Kristina comes in, they see she's getting a bigger belly. Then Stella comes in and says Dante can go home. 
Dante and Sam talk about the fact Ava is still living with Sonny. He and Kristina both think it's weird. 

Sasha goes to the Horse house where Cody is mucking out the stalls. She is going to "find her purpose" by helping him. Dear GOD :Eyeroll: and she has on NEW bright RED overalls. They talk about horses. It's riveting. She says he should tell Mac and he's like no, he only likes horses or something. 

Tracey sees Greg at GH . She's there for her wellness check up, he's seeing a doctor for a follow up.

Liz does Greg's initial check in. He asks her in the future not to because he wants privacy and wants to keep things separate. The doctor says he's declining but with meds and such should be ok for the wedding in a month. Tracey sees him back in the hall. She says Alexis wouldn't be at the wedding if he didn't invite her. He has more tests to do. She flirts a lot with him. Then she goes to the coffee corner and sits with Stella to have coffee. Cute scene about the new Face of Deception and being older lol. 
Tracey talks about her mother having a lot of friends and she doesn't and Stella says " I take it you're more like your father" LOL! Tracey says the one friend she does have is "going through a lot" ...(Gregory) 

Liz goes to talk to Finn and says his dad still wants to do things for himself. He says he called his neuro buddy in the Ukraine and misses Doctors without Borders. She tells him about the JakeJason meeting. She ALSO says she doesn't know what she ever saw in Jason and why she thought he was enough. She's so happy she found Finn. Brook and Chase come in and say NOW they want to have a big wedding because Dante is better and can they manage? Liz and Finn say they will help them. 

Kristina goes in to see Nina and says what Nina did to Carly and Drew was messed up but she thinks it got out of control. She also knows how happy Nina made Sonny. She says she thinks he misses her because why else would Ava and Avery be there? Nina notices that Krissy is pregnant and she tells her she's having the baby for TJ and Molly. Then Blaze comes in with Maxie and Maxie tells Nina that Blaze is the new face of Deception. Krissy is PISSED. I guess because Blaze didn't tell her. 
Maxie and Nina talk. Nina wants to send Sonny a note of congratulations about the baby and Maxie says that's too desperate. Nina says she has a 'secret weapon". Maxie is like: AVA? you think she's going to help you and do something nice? Besides Maxie didn't like Nina as Mrs. Corinthos, she lost herself. 


Greg tells Chase never to call his doctor again

Brook and Chase talk about going to Palm Beach for their honeymoon

Tracey and Stella make a date to play Backgammon! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024


 It's Tuesday--- and here I am because I'M NOT ON VACATION!! lol I will be out Thursday to visit my brother. 

Curtis stands up in his living room. Stella sees him and asks how long he's been able to do that. He says a little while but wants to surprise everyone. He doesn't want anyone to see him struggle, he just wants to walk and then tell them. Stella gives him a pep talk. Porita walks in. Stella leaves quick. Portia tells Curtis Dante is awake. 

Dex interviews with Detective Bennett about the PCPD Job. Bennett doesn't like him very much. Asks about the military and his private work. Wonders why Corinthos Coffee wasn't on the list. He tells him he didn't like Sonny's mob business and he got out and then went to Anna. Dex keeps harping on helping others and having purpose. 

Joss and Donna are making lasagna with Carly. Carly's happy because her BFF is back. Donna says "Jason"? They talk a bit then Michael and Wiley come over. The kids and Joss play a video game and Carly asks Michael if Jason was with him when he was on the lamb. Michael finds out Jason was a mob informant. He's stunned. Then Willow comes in and Michael goes to see Wiley. Carly thanks Willow for helping Jason. They talk about how great Jason is and Willow says she knows Drew broke up with Carly. Carly's like: Meh, no biggie LOL 

Jason visits Anna. She says he's still in trouble but off for murder charges. She says they have mutual goals now. She wants to know all about Pikeman. HE says he can't say. She says, because of John Cates? And she calls Cates into the office. Cates lays into Jason for telling Anna they are working together. Jason lays into him for not telling him they knew each other in HS and that he knows his mother. Jagger says he doesn't CARE HOW JASON FEELS, just get the job done. It goes on and Jagger wants Jason to be in PC as bait for Pikeman. Jason says no and Jagger says "want me to press charges on CARLY CORINTHOS for RICO violations"?? Anna's all @@! Jason says he'll do it but leave Carly OUT. Anna says she's on this case too. Jagger says Anna could be a suspect because she worked with Brennan in the '80s. She says "you think I put him in Pentonville to take over"? He says they have to figure out how to take Pikeman down and Jason will have to do it. And Jagger leaves. Anna says it all makes sense that Jason is an informant "to save Carly". He says she can never know. Anna asks why--and he just leaves. 

Drew visits Nina. Her new assistant, Madison lets him in (she's cute). I have no idea why they are bothering with this scene. It's a rehash and ..just pointless. I guess chem-testing? HE wants to WORK WITH HER ON THE FALL ISSUE ??? WHAT? Huh. Um...what. They keep yapping at each other. He brings up Nixon falls, the SEC...she brings up losing her daughters and Wiley and Sonny and she has nothing but Crimson. Then she gets an article to read and Drew wants it sent to him and he thinks they can work together. VERY weird scenes. EESH


Curtis stands and walks a bit to Portia

Carly and family eat and she's thankful for Dante getting well and Jason being home. 

Monday, April 1, 2024

2 Faces


It's GHTime after a wild ass'd Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hope you saw my announcement below. What a great casting choice -- 


Jason sees Jake and Jake is like "Why are you here"? Wonders why he never called them or emailed. Jason said he would have if he could have. Jake lays into him about coming back and just "dropping in" ..."Playing Dad". Also doesn't know how long he'll be around. Tells him to leave. Liz walks him out. She says Jake isn't wrong but she's glad Jason is alive. 

Jake and Liz talk on the couch. She says not to be so angry with Jason. He says she's too nice. He wishes that his Dad didn't come back just to commit crime and not care about his family. 

Dante and Sonny talk about Jason and having the charges dropped. Sonny tells Dante Jason was working with the feds. Sonny says Jason is "dead to him" . Dante says maybe there's a reason. Sonny says he's not talking to Jason. That things after Nixon Falls and Jarly--and Sonny being involved with 'another woman' changed things forever. 

Jason visits Dante. Dante thanks him. He talks about the other guy and Jason tells him he's dead. Dante wonders if he's an FBI informant too. Jason says he never informed on Sonny and Sonny is safe. 

Alexis and Diane talking about getting her license back. Diane thinks she found a way. Neil's brother was on the board deciding about Alexis keeping her law license. Could be bias. Then Alexis gets cold feet and says The Invader is way easier work and she's afraid she'll drink again if she gets back into law. Then Adrian comes back in and bugs Alexis. She screams at him to get out and turns to Diane and is like: LET'S DO THIS. 

Anna talks to Det Bennett about Dex going to the Academy and sitting the written exam. Says he's ex-military and also worked for Sonny. He thinks she's crazy. She says it's an excellent opportunity for someone to work for them that was on the inside. 

Then Sonny visits Anna. She tries to brush him off by saying she's busy. He wants to know when they are charging Jason for just being on the roof that night. 

Deception: Blaze is going to sign the contract to be the New Face and Brook is happy, says it will help her music career. THEN Mama Eva LaRue comes in and looks over the contract and is like: HOLD UP. Starts going through it tooth/comb. Maxie and Lucy are like UT OH. Basically, Blaze doesn't want to do meet/greets or Home and Heart. She thinks there could be "2 faces". One for that part, one for print media. 


Anna LAYS INTO SONNY! OMG watch it. She says she's not arresting Jason but she MIGHT arrest Sonny for beating Cyrus! 

Eva tells the Deception team she doesn't want anything printed on Blaze's personal life (probably the gay thing) and Maxie senses something is up with that. 

Monica's Recast Announced


Meredith Baxter

This morning it was announced that television icon Meredith Baxter will be taking over the role of Monica Quartermaine. The show said that Leslie C. will formally announce her retirement in mid-April, then Meredith's first airing will be in early May.

Meredith has over 102 acting credits to her name. Most notably the TV shows Family, Family Ties, and The Betty Broderick Story.

There was no mention of storyline or what lies ahead for Meredith. What do you think about this casting? Comment below.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Sunday Surgery: What Just Happened!?


WELP! I was so happily shocked by the Friday show I don't even know where to go from all of it!! They could just have kept building on that for a month and I'd be happy!!  So much came together this week it was a sight to behold. 

I almost wish I had written it myself. 


Friday, March 29, 2024



Valentine talks to Jack Brennan in the prison van. GET THIS. I think Valentin is THE HEAD OF PIKEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! and wants to bring Sonny down! OMG this is ... I need a moment to process this. He says he is messing with Sonny's meds with the provider and SONNY will do himself in and they don't have to do anything!!!! Val gives Brennan some money. 

Sam calls Olivia to tell her Dante is alive. They are all going to the hospital. They get there and Danny and Rocco go to his bedside. Danny wants to know if Jason shot him but Dante gets really tired and they have to leave. 
Dante wakes up enough to say that Jason saved his life. He tells Anna

Liz talks to Danny a little bit. 

Carly and Sonny argue then Jason comes in!!!!!!!!!! WHAT! With Ava too!
OOOO! Sonny says to Carly "HOW do I know you're not working with Jason too"??????? Then Jason tells them he's a FBI informant and Sonny says: What do they have over you? Who are you protecting and Jason says "Himself" which is false. Then Sonny says he can't trust either of them and Carly is like: WHO ARE YOU"? and she and Jason leave. 

AVA makes Sonny a drink and Olivia texts to say Dante is awake and AVA HIDES HIS PHONE!!!  She then tells him that Dante woke up but he can't see anyone and convinces Sonny NOT TO CALL OLIVIA. WOW. He sits, drinks and Ava sits next to him. 

Carly and Jason go to Bobbie's and talk. He hopes Dante exonerates him. They talk about what he's going to do and where he's going to live. She remembers the room over Kelly's ! SO old school I love it. He's going to stay there. 


Anna calls Carly to tell her that Dante said Jason saved his life

AVA AND SONNY KISS then he says "Goodnight" and leaves!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, March 28, 2024



So people are at the courthouse. 
Joss talks to Kristina about Jason and says he's not guilty. Kristina says: YAH he is! They keep arguing until Liz steps up and tells them to knock it off. Wow, everyone is dressed to the Nines for court! 

Carly is crying about not seeing Jason yesterday. Michael says it's going to be ok. Diane comes in as well. Then Olivia yells at Carly and Carly says Jason's not guilty and.. ugh. 

Everyone eventually sits down. Oh, Nina's there too (no idea why). She and Carly snipe at each other. Jason is led in. He sees Carly, she sees him and they stare at each other.  Danny sneaks into the back row.

Jason pleads not guilty. Bail is set at 5 million. Then Jason asks for a minute and touches Carly's hand and hugs her. 

Sonny gets home and Ava wonders why he's not at the courthouse. He says he thinks Jason did it. She says maybe not. He says he did. RINSE REPEAT. He talks about how great Dante is. He's glad Ava is there and "who would have thought". She says sometimes people aren't what you think they are. They keep talking about Avery and Dante being a good big brother. 

Sam is reading to Dante. Portia comes in. Sam says she's heard that they want to move Dante to some coma place like Turning Woods. She yells at Portia and says she's sure Portia wouldn't have put CURTIS there when HE WAS SHOT. Portia leaves to check it out. They'd send him there because there's better care. Stella comes in as the patient advocate and says Sam should have never been blind-sided like that. Stella ends up convincing Sam it could be a good place for him. Sam is afraid of what it will do to Rocco because Lulu's in a long term care place too. Stella says she'll be happy to talk to Rocco. Sam is going to talk to Sonny and Olivia about it--(She must be his health proxy)

Carly bursts into Sonny's place, yelling at him for not being at the courthouse. He says he was with Dante. She says JASON DIDN'T DO IT! 

Jason is bailed out



I think Valentin maybe talking to that Brennan guy? 

Liz talks to Danny

Dante wakes up 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024



Sam's NOT HAPPY today! She's the latest to visit Jason in his own personal reception room at the PCPD. She asks him if he shot Dante. He says no. She says she believes him. He says "there's something's about Danny". He tells her Danny helped him and he asked him not to tell her about it. She's pissed. She lays into him for being gone and then telling Danny to lie to his own mother. She's raised him on her own mostly and he just falls out of the sky and pulls him into this. HE could be UP FOR FEDERAL CHARGES! She says that he had no right and to stay the hell away from Danny. Leaves.

Diane comes in. Basically says they are up sh*t's creek without a paddle. Jason won't say anything because he'll incriminate the people that helped him. Leaves

Then BROOK comes in and gives him a letter from Monica. 

Molly is in the courthouse getting ready for Jason's thing. Krissy is there to support her but also gets in her face about liking Jason too much and not leaving her feelings at the door. It's a weird scene and Krissy's outfit is killin' me.  They continue to argue and Molly points out that Jason saved Krissy from Shiloh. Kristina isn't sure he's the same guy. This is just a STRANGE convo. 

Joss and Trina are waiting in the hallway. Trina wants to support Joss. They laugh and Trina says she's sorry for being a "B" yesterday. She said she's angry Jason is back and Spencer is dead. (Well, wait 2 minutes). They talk about getting through things together. Trina talks about Pairs and the fun they had. Then DEX shows up. Trina leaves. Dex tells Joss he might have a reason to stay in PC. 

Jake sees Danny going into the boat house and wants to know why.  Jake says it's because it's Jason's court thing. Jake thinks he's guilty and Danny does not. They yell and talk about Rocco too and Danny ends up punching Jake. Aidan comes out and is like : GULP! They fight. Jake has a split lip and punches Danny to the ground. He leaves and Aidan runs after him. 

Sam comes and finds Danny. She says she's angry because he didn't tell her about Jason and that he could be facing charges. She says Jason broke all trust doing that. They are done. 

Anna and Dex. There's no change on Dante. Dex says he'll do whatever to put Sonny away. Anna says: even lose your life? They talk and she wants him to come work at the PCPD. He says he worked for the mob and why would they want him? Anna considers it a bonus. He leaves. then Robert shows up and says he's a coward. He doesn't want to do Jason's arraignment because Robin could get mad at him. LOL Anna gets it and she wishes she didn't have to do it either. 

Sam says she'll keep Danny safe and he never has to see Jason again. WOW. WHAT.

Monica's note says: "I believe in you"

Tuesday, March 26, 2024



I got here 20 min late!! whoops

Laura and Curtis.. Curtis is ALWAYS in PT . He tells Laura the theory that Wu said about Sonny knowing Jason is alive and maybe Sonny had him shot. She's like: WTF you talking about? 

OMG Jason tells Anna EVERYTHING!!!!!!! WOW! First she has to tell him that Britt was murdered. He pauses and gets teary. Then continues and says he got out and 2 FBI agents picked him up. He went to Quantico. Jagger got him to spy on Pikeman because they can't have the WSB know the FBI is working on it so they can't use their own agents. He has been doing it the whole time. OMG THEN he says that CATES KNEW he was being sent to off Sonny and Cates didn't stop it! Anna's like: HE KNEW THERE WAS A HIT out when WE WERE ALL IN THE WAREHOUSE???!! Jason says yes. He tells her he made sure the sniper missed and then Dante found them. Sniper shoots Dante and he called 911. Anna says but why didn't you stay with him? Jason says he would have been arrested and blown everything. He needed a place to hide and heal.  

Carly's at Kelly's and wants to go see Jason. Jagger stops her. She pleads and tells him how WONDERFUL JASON IS AND WHAT A great person he is and she HAS to get there. Jagger talks about Karen and how he couldn't believe Jason was Sonny's hit man. She tells him to get his food somewhere else and leaves. 

Sonny is yelling at Michael..he's so mad. Thinks Michael betrayed him. Ava says maybe Jason shot Dante by mistake. Sonny gets deeply angry. Tells Michael it's God who forgives. Tells Michael to get out and then reaches for the scotch. Ava watches him--damn. I can't figure out if she's smirking or WHAT. THEN Ava has a drink with him and basically says that Jason was a person he couldn't trust since Nixon Falls and he was marrying Carly. "That was really fast, wasn't it"?? Then she TOUCHES HIS FACE and says: there is someone you can trust... They almost kiss. Then they say it's getting late. Sonny is glad Ava is there. She's glad she's there too. She goes off to bed. He stays and stares out the window. 

Greg is struggling with breathing and Finn says they should move up the wedding date. Brook agrees but asks how they can with Dante in a coma. Chase says it's ok and they decide to downsize and get the wedding going. 


Carly watches Jason talk to Anna through the window. 

Monday, March 25, 2024

Jason in Blue


Jason is at the PCPD and will talk to Jagger without Diane. Chase isn't happy. Jagger asks Jason why he turned himself in. Jason says he has to set the record straight that he didn't shoot Dante. He tells Jagger he did "like instructed" and then Dante found them and his partner shot him. The extraction team must have taken the dead body out. Jagger wonders why Jason didn't call him or "come in" (I assume to the FBI). Jagger says he didn't follow protocol. Asks where he's been. Jason doesn't answer.  Jagger then says they placed Jason in "the organization 2 years ago" and if his cover is blown, the FBI will have to use the evidence against him they have. 
It's just a confusing mess.

Elizabeth is stressed out about Jason's return. Willow comes along and they talk. Michael texts and says the boathouse is empty. Liz talks about Jake being moody and angry and is reading all sorts of things online about Jason. 

Liz goes home. Jake and Aidan are arguing. Jake calls Jason "his psycho dad".  Liz explains he turned himself in. Jake thinks that means he's guilty and hopes he gets life in prison and he can pretend he's still dead. 

Chase has to leave the PCPD, he's had it. Wants to visit Dante. They go to GH and talk in the hall. Willow and Liz overhear that Jason turned himself in. 
Liz and Willow talk about whether they think Jason is guilty. Liz has to get home to talk to Jake before he sees it online. 

Chase is worried about Dante. 

Trina goes to Kelly's and is meeting someone. Doesn't want to talk to Joss (who's working). Trina is pissed because Joss and Jason's relationship and she thinks he could have shot Curtis.  She's not happy. Joss says No way because Jason wouldn't shoot at Sonny who was really the target. Michael comes in. Trina leaves to meet Stella. 

Stella and Trina talk about grief and how hard it is to process. Trina feels like she's walking through a fog. She lashes out at Stella... this is so different from what we've seen. Stella tells her maybe Trina needs to have a funeral for Spencer that's more meaningful than the memorial they had. Trina goes to Spencer's grave and gives a speech about water and hoping he made it to shore ok. It's a couple of good scenes. ABOUT TIME, btw

Stella talks to Joss about being a friend to Trina and to hang in there. Trina will come around but needs time to walk through her grief at her pace. 

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Of Gods and Mobsters


Elizabeth's Face Says It All!! 

So, this week went ok for me for the most part! I actually liked some shows and was laughing. That means promise and hope, people!! How did you feel about it? I almost think they've hired different dialog writers as well. Some days I am really into it and others....stink-a-roo! 

It's winter again here. We were so spoiled and now--brrrrrrr. I'm having hot cocoa! 

Let's give it a go!! 

Friday, March 22, 2024

Friday: Turning In Day


So first we got the princess Catherine update with the stomach cancer diagnosis. Now I guess we give privacy. 


I GOT THIS FROM THE CANADIANS who POST! Donna's touring the PCPD. 

Olivia brought Cody some food at his Horse House because she needed to do something. He invites her to dinner. They talk a lot about Dante. 

Sasha quits Deception. Lucy tries to talk her back into it but she doesn't want to be a model anymore. Lucy says if she quits, she'll lose her shares and her position on the board too.  Maxie is so mad at Lucy and tells her she's a terrible partner and to LEAVE HER OFFICE. 

Brook talks to Chase and says she is about done at Deception too because she hates Lucy. 

Diane and Robert are talking about Alexis and getting her law license back. 

Jason won't let Michael get him a jet to get out of the country. Jason says it's too risky. He calls Diane.  Well, hell, he turns himself in . Chase, Brook Lyn and the cops in the station are all open-mouthed LOL. Chase arrests him. He's very angry. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Hair! Wardrobe!


I TOOK yesterday off for the dentist (great report BTW)...and I didn't even want to watch the show so I haven't. I did read some on twitter but that's about it. 

Laura is waiting with Heather before her hip surgery. They are like BFFs now :eyeroll:  Heather talks about getting older --about dying. Lots of stuff about the past and people they've lost. Heather is going to surgery and she is wondering what's going to happen to her after because she's supposedly going to San Quentin. She's taken out. Kevin walks in. Laura's all sad. Laura wonders if the poisoning will wear off. Kevin doesn't think so. Laura also wonders if Heather's REALLY responsible for her actions if the cobalt did it. 

Deanna tells Liz meds are missing (Willow looks guilty). Liz says it's not a big deal yet. Pharmacy might have messed up. Willow texts someone and then 'takes her break' right there. Goes to see Michael and freaks out. I MEAN SHE FREAKS OUT! Then Michael goes into how Jason helped him in Jail when he was beaten and "other things" and he has to help him now. He calls Spinelli to hack into the hospital computer. Spinelli starts hacking.

Drew comes in Nina's office at the Intruder looking all punk-ass'd. OH! He wants to offer her her job back at Crimson! LOL She figures out that Carly is messing up. Drew says NO, I fired her! She says OH! You broke up! Nina also gets Drew coffee and donuts LOL . He says he's not sure if he wants her back but he doesn't want the magazine to fail either. This is a turn of events. Lordy.

Spinelli passes out security measures for Deception to Maxie, Cody, Brook and Tracey. MAXIE LOOKS FANTASTIC!! WOW. Spin tells them about changing the passwords daily. 

Sasha's doing a photo shoot. Tracey wants her to look mean in her photos. The client thinks Sasha is too wholesome and nice looking and he cancels the shoot. 

Then, Sasha and Lucy walk into the Deception meeting with everyone else. Everyone is bummed that the photo shoot didn't go well and Sasha was "too wholesome" for it. Lucy says they want a "kate moss' type. Tracey says "HEROIN CHIC"?? ahahaha. Tracey gets called to a board meeting at GH. Lucy thinks they need a 'second' face to go along with Sasha. She insults Cody "the stable boy" and he quits! She tells him he can't quit, he has a contract and he says "SO SUE ME".  Then Sasha threatens to quit too. 

Kevin is going to see if anyone ever got off stuff from heavy metal toxins

Nina's considering taking back Crimson. 

PS. Did they hire all new wardrobe/hair/make up people? Because everyone looks better! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

My Three Sons

Lately, the show has been spotlighting/mentioning Elizabeth's 3 sons. We are quite sure that most of you, being longtime fans, know who belongs to which father and the history and backstory. For those who don't we are going to talk about it today. Fun Fact: ALL WERE KIDNAPPED at least once! 

Cameron Webber (father: Zander Smith (deceased))

B: May 11, 2004

Who's his biological father? ZANDER! One of Karen's fave characters over the years. Of course, Cameron never got to know his father who was shot by police and died.  Did you know that although Ric Lansing agreed to raise the baby, Liz named him Cameron in honor of Zander's father?  Cameron liked to play with matches, tried pot and various other adventurous things over his young life. He was kidnapped by Shiloh and almost had Drew Cain's memories implanted in his head but Franco saved him. He lost his virginity to Josslyn and was also a victim of revenge porn launched by Esme Prince. Cameron is now in California where he attends college. 

Jake Webber (father: Jason Morgan)

B: May 4, 2007

Oh, POOR JAKE.... this kid has been through it all. Hit and "killed" by Luke Spencer in some of the most dramatic soap scenes ever, he was then resurrected via Helena Cassadine who had him the entire time. Who knows what body they had. (he was actually the "kidney donor" for Josslyn before it was changed to Nelle.) How did he come to be? One nighter with Jason Morgan when Lucky was addicted to pills. Jason did learn the truth but said he'd keep quiet for everyone's sake and let Lucky raise him as his own. Lucky of course found out who he was and the rest is history. Oh! Jake has been kidnapped 3x.  First by a grieving mother who lost her own son in a house fire. Next up the Russian mob!! Third by Helena. Helena programmed Jake and he almost let loose a deadly virus "Chimera" during the Nurses Ball.  For NOW, Jake appears to be a normal teenage boy who has a crush on Charlotte Cassadine. How do you think that will work out? 

Aiden Spencer (father: Lucky Spencer)

B: July 19,2010

It's a bit ironic that Liz' first love fathered her last child. Aiden was born ! Did you know his name was originally Aiden Alexi Nikolosovich Cassadine when he was born? It was changed to Aiden Nikolas Spencer on June 21, 2011 when he was found to be Lucky's ...not Nikolas' child. Aidan was kidnapped by Franco (played by James Franco) and given to his mother, Betsy to raise. He was obviously recovered and through twisty turns was then kidnapped by Nikolas!! Lord that kid has been through a lot. Maybe that's why he bakes? To soothe is infant PTSD? Recently, Aiden came out as gay to his mother and has a crush on a guy named Tobias. Let's home no one kidnaps him anymore. 

Note: Interesting that all 3 of Elizabeth's children were "Who's the Daddy" stories. First with Ric Lansing, then with Lucky and again with Lucky. So many DNA tests were done on Jake and Aiden, you head could spin! Also, Lucky was basically the only father that Cam and Jake knew yet their last name is still Webber. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2024



Sonny's at Charlie's having coffee, talking to Krissy who's bartending. They talk about funny Dante stories. Kristina loves  him and he's an awesome dad. Then Eva LaRue walks in to talk to Krissy. She needs her help. Sonny gets introduced to her. 

Carly hugs Joss who tells her that she has broken up with Dex FOR GOOD this time. She says Nina told her about Cyrus and he was an old man and Sonny made him do it BUT Dex was going to kill him in cold blood. Carly's like: Yeah, SO? Joss just DOESN'T KNOW HIM. Cripes. THEN Joss asks if Jason ever killed for Sonny. UM. WHAT???????? DERP.

Liz and Willow talk at the nurses station. Jagger tells Liz that he has to talk to her about Jason. Willow's all paranoid. Jagger asks Liz if she's seen Jason --she says no. Then he says if she's harboring him, she'll be an accessory. Willow basically runs outta the station LOL 

Aiden comes in with cookies for Liz to try. Then he says Jake is mad at him and Jake thinks Jason tried to kill Dante. Jake doesn't want to talk to Liz because he thinks she's going to defend Jason. Liz says that they DID talk about it when "they found out Jason was alive" (this was off camera). Then Chase walks up and Aidan asks him if he thinks Jason shot Dante. 

Jason is wandering around the boathouse, can barely stand. Danny comes in. They bond over stories of Danny's misdeeds. Jason was just like him, yada yada. Willow stomps in, tells Danny to leave. She dresses Jason's wounds and she's angry he involved Danny. She says Cates is looking for him. 

Dex goes in to see Anna and tells her he tried to kill Cyrus ON SONNY'S ORDERS! what! Why put that part in LOL!! WELP! He tells her about Michael hiring him, then Carly too and about the PIKEMAN SHIPMENT of arms Sonny took! OMG! Whaaaaaaaaat is he doing!!!! He just spills it all. LOL  Anna basically says it would go no where if they tried to proscecute and it would be Sonny's word against his-and to FORGET HE EVER SAID ANYTHING TO HER! LOL! SHe's like You'll be killed, get out. He says if she needs help taking down Sonny, he's there for it. 

Agent Cates goes into the Q kitchen to question Danny? Um, NO ONE IS THERE? Danny says that he hardly knows Jason and stuff. Then Brook comes in and stops that line of questioning. Thank GOODNESS.


Sonny talks to Eva LaRue about accepting her gay daughter.

Anna goes to Jagger's Metro Room with a bottle of wine. 

Joss thinks she made the right choice breaking up with Dex 


Monday, March 18, 2024


Joss is shocked that Dex almost killed Cyrus. Nina leaves. Dex explains he did try to talk Sonny out of it but Sonny was insistent. He went to do the job but Sonny stopped him.  Joss asked if he would have killed him if Sonny hadn't showed up. HE says yes. She's like WHO ARE YOU?! 

Olivia and Tracey talk. Tracey is being nice to her. Then, LOIS comes out with coffee because Tracey left. They talk about Dante's early life and how he stood up to bullies. 

Sonny tells Dante to hang in there and be strong. Tracey comes in to visit. She's reminded of Luke in the hospital. 

Trina is talking to Ava about missing out on Paris and working at the Gallery. Nina walks in. Trina goes into the backroom. Nina cries to Ava about Not seeing SONNY. Ava's going to take her to see him I think. She tells Trina to take all delivers that might show up. THEN Joss comes in all crying. Trina hugs her. 

Diane is trying to figure out how to get Alexis back her license. A LOT of lawyer speak. Diane is going to try to get her reinstated asap. 

Kevin explains bias in early psychiatric studies and how that mistake could have been made. A lot of information and also Marshall discusses his experience about society and institutions. Stella then starts talking about racism and bias in the medical field and how she still sees it to this day. She gets angry. Curtis says she's a social justice warrior. 
Curtis and Marshall talk in the PT room and Marshall says he has to forgive that doctor or it will make him as hateful as he was. 

DEX calls the non-emergency PCPD hotline. I think he's turning himself in tomorrow? 

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Tattoo You


Well, it HAPPENED The NUWriters were finally in the credits on Friday. So, going forward, let's hope GH is all rainbows an happiness that everyone expects!! I do have to say that given the Jason return was 'rewritten and reimagined' by them I am not hopeful. What a sloggy week this was. 

Let's give it a go! I'll be listening to Tattoo You by the Stones. A lot of you are probably too young for that reference! 

Friday, March 15, 2024

NEW HW are on deck today


So I watched yesterday's show and...well. I'm trying folks. Ava's taking Avery to SCHOOL in the middle o the night! LOL. Sam hates Jason all of a sudden or something--whatever. The Molly/Anna talk? Meh. Michael asks Jason about his tattoo and Jason never answers it? 

SUPPOSEDLY today is the FIRST DAY of the "NEW" HW stuff. I beg to differ but who am I to say? 

"Heather's not going anywhere" says Portia to Robert, Diane, Kevin, Laura and Finn. Her hip replacement is poisoning her-- "colbolt poisoning" -- and it can change BEHAVIOR. Will this be her "Franco Tumor"!!????? hahahaa.  She has metalosis. AHAHAHA. I'm dead. Ok, so Laura thinks the poison turned her into a serial killer and THAT'S WHY SHE'S CHANGED. YEP.  Laura also finds out she's Heather's health proxy. 
They go in to talk to Heather. She can't make a decision and asks Laura to help. Laura says she should do it. Heather signs the papers. 

Nina is pissed that Alexis wrote a follow up story on the docks that was a 'smear piece on Sonny'. ALexis tells her to quit. Then Nina yells at Greg-- tells him he made too many mistakes or something and Greg quits. 

Diane goes in to complain to Alexis about the article in the paper that says she's "Shaking up with the DA". Alexis says she doesn't know anything about it. It's the gossip guy. Alexis hates working at the paper and would do the law for FREE ! Diane has an idea. She wants Alexis to come and work with her and she'll try to get Alexis' law degree back. 

They are trying to find Marshall's doctor in Baltimore but can't right now. Curtis goes to PT. Marshall tells him the pills they gave him long ago made things worse. Then they wanted him to do shock treatments. 

We watch Curtis doing PT!  WOW! 

Stella asks Kevin if he knew Dr. Braddock. He says yes, and it's not good. Then she goes down to tell Marshall and Curtis that Dr Braddock died right before Christmas but Kevin has the answers they need. They go talk to him. Kevin says Braddock was infamous and probably misdiagnosed Marshall because he was young, poor, angry and black. 

DEX is packing to leave PC --AGAIN. He and Joss make love. He's still going to leave because he doesn't like what he is becoming around Sonny. They talk and then NINA comes over. ? Okay? She wants Dex to tell Sonny she didn't have anything to do with the article in the Invader. Then she notices he's leaving and she's afraid he's going somewhere because Sonny is leaving too. Nina then tells Joss that she saw Dex going into Cyrus' room as an orderly LOL . 

That's that! No Jason today. 

Thursday, March 14, 2024

My Day Off


Dave and I are working on a nice fun filler blog for you but it's not quite there yet. So, today, please enjoy these photos from my archives that star Alberta. She hasn't been to an event lately but I hope to change that in June! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2024


 Savoy: Curtis found the doctor that misdiagnosed Hat Daddy. He's retired outside of Baltimore. Marshall wants to go talk to him and find closure. Selina Wu walks in and Curtis doesn't want to talk to her. She says she has info on the shooter. She says that it was Jason and she thinks that Sonny knew he was alive and hired him to annex new territory. 

Sonny and Anna talk at the PCPD. He wants to know if there's evidence that Jason shot Dante. She goes through the timeline. Jagger sees her talking to Sonny and is pissed. 

Drew leaves Carly because he doesn't want to be second to Jason. Carly's sad. Drew says the minute Jason got home, they were done because he knows Carly loves him. He tells her he's going to let her go from Crimson (I thought she quit?). Leaves. 

Carly goes to GH to see Dante/Sam. Sam's upset that Carly didn't find out if Jason shot Dante or not. If he did shoot Dante "She'll never forgive him". 

Drew is boxing at the gym. Jordan comes in. She's mad she can't go after Jason because she's deputy mayor. He says he hopes they catch Jason.

Michael comes home and then Danny knocks on the door and needs a favor. He wants Michael to come with him. 

Jason is still in the boathouse, changing his wound bandages. HE HAS A GIANT SLEEVE TATTOO. I guess he got it after leaving GH. Pfffffffft. whatever. Michael and Danny come in and then Jason wants Michael to take Danny back to the Q house. NOPE Michael takes him to the Gatehouse to get Willow and leaves him there to watch the kids. Willow stiches him up. Jason tells Michael that he and Hamish were on the roof and then Dante chased them. Hamish shot Dante and then shot Jason. Jason killed him. 

Danny goes back up to the big house and Willow goes back to the Gatehouse. Jason is drinking water. 


Sam tells Carly if she sees Jason, call the police. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Happy Birthday Dave!!


That's right, it's our own 2nd in command's birthday! Here's hoping it's filled with joy and a lot of whatever you like to eat. 


Jason is in the boathouse, bleeding and sweaty. Danny finds him. I bet he was going to vape lol. Danny is angry he 'shot Dante'. Jason said he did not. Then Danny goes to get a first aid kit. 

Heather is in GH and Finn comes in with news. She has cardiomyopothy and maybe something else. She wonders why a disease expert is seeing her. He says they may have to run more tests. Heather pleads to see Ace. Finn says he'll see what he can do. 

Sam is visiting with Dante, talks to Laura about her world being 'in pieces' because Jason might have shot Dante. Very weird dialog. She also tells Laura that Scout is staying home from school and Danny READ ABOUT JASON IN THE INVADER okay? Michael comes around to talk. I fell asleep.

Laura then goes to yell at Heather. She tells her she's going to be sent to San Quentin LOL. Heather pleads with Laura. Laura tells her they are adopting Ace. Heather is angry. 

Blaze, Krissy and Molly are in GH. They are going to get Sam breakfast. They seem to know about Jason too. Blaze and Kristina talk. zzzzzzzzz they call each other "girlfriend". Blaze is going to see her mother for breakfast. Then, Molly comes back and Kristina tells her all about Blaze's mom finding them in bed. 

Eva LaRue and Blaze have breakfast at Bobbie's. She thinks Blaze is experimenting because of the trauma she went through with Linc. 

Drew knocks on Carly's door. She says he didn't have to knock but he wasn't sure because 'of his brother'. He's angry Carly didn't call him to tell him about Jason being in the house. HE also says OF COURSE Carly believes Jason didn't shoot Dante. "You'll always be first in each other's lives' Or something like that. 

I Guess SPixie are still stuck in the woods? This show is on my LAST DAMN NERVE lol 


Sam is crying at Dante's bedside

Laura tells Heather she'll never see Ace again

Drew basically tells Carly Jason is her "person" not him, not Sonny and not Jax

Danny gives Jason the first aid kit and Jason tells him not to tell his mother

Monday, March 11, 2024

Still the Same Day!


It's still the same/day and night as LAST FRIDAY a week ago --- and Scout's Birthday LOL 

Carly tells Jaggar and Anna to wait outside until Diane gets there to look at the warrant. Jason skulks. Anna says forget it they are going in. They don't find anything. Leave. Carly's worried SICK. 

Finn and Jake at Liz' house. Finn finds part of the vape pen (I think?). Oh part of it. Finn asks about it. Jake says it's a friends. Finn says that Jake needs to tell his friend that Vaping is NOT GOOD. PSA on Vaping. Liz gets home. Liz believes Jake and is happy he is tolerant and will take advice from Finn. "our families are melding" she says. Aidan also told Finn about Tobias and Liz is so happy he told someone else. 

Liz is trying to get home from the hospital but she sees Danny wandering the halls. Takes him to see Sam. Sam's like WHY YOU SNEAK OUT AGAIN? He wants to stay there with Dante. Alexis says he can stay with her and then go to her house when they are done. 

Sam and Sonny talk. He doesn't mention Jason.

Carly texts Sonny to meet him on the roof. Carly tells him Jason was at her house. He says Jason was trying to murder him. Carly says no way. Sonny says he thinks so! They argue about what Jason is up to. 

TJ and Jordan are talking in the GH Lounge. TJ realizes that his child will be tied to SONNY for it's whole life AHAHAHAHAHA DUHHHHHHH. yeah, kid--um, like A LOT. 

Sasha and Cody talking about Dante too. She was SO worried. WEIRD. They talk about being friends. AWWW. They were just thrown into the episode for sure. They are in a hallway far from everyone. 

Maxie and Spin are going to try to find Jason but her car won't start. They are looking for a safe house that Jason might be in. They talk about why Jason would be in town. 


Anna and Jagger find Jason on the bridge and he jumps. 

Jason is in the Q boathouse and falls over.  Tomorrow, he's talking to someone in there

Sonny told Sam Jason is alive

Also tomorrow: Heather is finally on

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Bleeding OUT


I do realize I've seen six or seven too many "back from the dead" stories on soaps, so perhaps you'll forgive my old crony cynisism when it comes to Jason's return. After an absolutely A+ Monday show, GH moved into the messy, sloppy editing hell it always seems to lumber towards. Friday? Meh. Sorry... SO HOLLOW for me. If you don't want to read bitter words, please save yourself. 

I'm eating hash today because all of this is just--rehash. 

Friday, March 8, 2024

Two Days in ONE


So I watched yesterday's show and.. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I guess that the writers changed guards and like it was a few weeks ago--ALL JUMBLED THE FK UP. Everything... the timeline, characters, time of day. Whatever. The fact they said Leo was off with Ned in Australia and at the beginning of the party he was leading a tour of the barn with Cody-?? 

 HEATHER WEBBER! Freaking attacks Cyrus and falls on the ground Monday and then.... what.? Laura goes out in the lobby Thursday NO mention of anything. ANY-THING. 

Carly being at the Qs..? Whatever..I guess she went to Scout's birthday or something and there she is. And POOR DREW had to watch both boys LOL I think the beginning of Scout's birthday was filmed way before the 2nd part. I mean.. Olivia popped up, Tracey disappeared. Leo was with the horses... now in Oz. Rocco wasn't there with the VAPE-- now he is and Jake is gone.

Carly giving Danny the history of St. Jaysus ahahahaaha. OMG they can't make me dislike that woman anymore than they have--that's for damn sure. GEESH.

I guess they are pushing Ava and Sonny big time, huh?


Carly goes home.. Jason is in the dark and says "Carly"....They are crying and hug a lot. She's going to get a bandage for his boo boo. She tells him Bobbie is dead. 

Sonny and Ava almost  kiss but just end up hugging. Then Olivia comes in to tell Sonny Dante is out of surgery and doing ok. Nina is there too--Sonny doesn't even look at her and leaves. She stays to talk to Ava. Wants to know why she was there and ... she was in danger and everything. Nina says she loves Sonny. Then she thinks Ava might have more feelings for Sonny. 

Sonny and Olivia go in to see Dante. Then Krissy talks to him . Then Sam sits and holds his hand. 

Jagger shows Anna Jason's photo. She can't believe Jason would go after Sonny. Jagger wonders where to look for him. They go to Carly's. 

Dante is stable. Sam sees Alexis and Krissy at the hospital. They talk about Dante. Sam and Krissy leave. Diane comes in and she and Alexis talk. Alexis misses being in court. 

Michael and Willow worry in the Gate House. Oh joy. Then Dex and Joss come over to tell them about the shooting and someone helping Dante. It's the most boring bore in the bore of bore. 


Ava says she's going to help Nina save her marriage. 

Carly says you can't search the house and Jagger says: We have a warrant. Jason looks concerned. 

Anna and Jagger go to Carly's. She acts all innocent. Anna tells her Jason is alive. Carly acts surprised. They show her his photo. They want to search the house. 

Ads In My Blog

Ok, so somehow Google decided to "Optimize" my ads and put them IN the blog. I did NOT do this. I don't like it and I hate POP UPS (which I've never had).

I have to figure out a way to go back to the old way--because even though I'd make a bit more "money" (HA HA) I know it's ANNOYING 

So bear with me, ok? 

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Subbing for 2-3 Year Olds


TODAY I sub for a class of little ones and I can tell you by 2:30 I will be SPENT!! So, you'll have to watch Thursday's show without me. I have a feeling Jason probably doesn't show up until the end of the show today or on Friday so....? 

There's going to be a new soap on CBS!! It's called "The Gates" and is going to be written by Michele Val Jean who's a wonderful writer and used to pen #GH at one time. MORE daytime TV? WOW.

Do like Sonny did yesterday, and say a little something for me to endure the germs and chaos of today!! 

Thursday/Friday Interruptus

So, here's my situation. I have to be off for Thursday and Friday for work then personal reasons. ERGO, as you know--I won't blog un...