Monday, July 22, 2024

You're Still IN


I REALLY need for today's show to be a good one. Dang it. 

Scotty and Ava talking about the boring custody case.  She says Laura is on her side. He says that's a good "get" but only one. She puts Trina on the list and is going to get John Jagger on it too. Then she thinks Scotty should make Dex testify about the beating and have Kristina as a witness. She also thinks they should call Carly. Have her tell the truth and say she doesn't want Donna to stay over night because of Sonny's instability. "She even thought he wasn't taking his meds"!! Then Ava realizes that Sonny might be their best witness. Ava tells Scotty (because he's her lawyer) that one of Sonny's meds is a placebo. She didn't do it and doesn't know who did but she knows. Scotty figures out if he puts him on the stand he will crack. 

Sonny has Michael over to ask him a favor. Diane is there too. They talk about Ava and Diane brings up the fact she tampered with Morgan's meds and they could say she's not stable to be around Avery. Michael says that they'll mention him getting hit in the head with a bullet meant for Sonny and Carly sending Morgan to military school to get him away from Sonny. Sonny is mad thinking Michael won't help him in the hearing. Diane tries to calm him down. Sonny yells at Michael that he always looks down on him. Michael says the only time he's seen Sonny like this is when he's off his meds. Sonny says he TAKES THEM EVERY DAY and he can CHECK! You saying I'm crazy? Michael tells Diane he can't testify with Sonny, he's not the father he grew up with. Leaves. 

Diane gets into it with Sonny about doing what he did to Michael and if his behavior carries on like it is, he won't win custody of anything! 

Brook, Krissy and Blaze talk at the Q boathouse about their interview with Perez Hilton. Brook says that he didn't agree to only stick to the questions they gave him. Also, he can mention Sonny and Blaze's brother. Blaze freaks out and says to cancel the interview. Then they talk and decide to do it. Brook gives them tips on how to answer the questions. They look ridiculous in fall jackets and blouses btw. 

Laura and Anna. Laura says the FBI is looking for Valentin. She can't figure out what happened. Not ELQ, not WSB..what? Then she says their phones are turned off (no longer in service) and Charlotte even scrubbed her entire social media. She's so upset and all her children are scattered and if Charlotte is missing she can't take it. Anna promises to keep her up to date if she hears anything. (lie). She leaves.

Jason is in Kelly's with Danny getting ready to go on a boat trip. Jagger comes in and says "No you're not". Carly's not happy. Jason tells Danny they have to reschedule and takes Jagger upstairs. Jagger says that Valentin left the country and he's SURE Jason was stalling for him to be able to slip away. Jason says NOPE, NOT ME. Jagger tells Jason that until they find Valentin, he's not done. He's going to Quantico and getting a new assignment and he's leaving TONIGHT. If he doesn't do it, he'll put Carly in Jail. Jason says nope. Then Jagger launches into a tirade against Sonny and tells Jason he has to help him put him away. "you know where the bodies are buried"!! Jason says that Sonny was right, Pikeman was only and excuse for Jagger to go after him. 

Carly stomps into Anna's office demanding to know if Jagger is after Sonny. Tells Anna that he is up in Jason's apartment talking to him right now. She and  Anna talk about what Jagger could be doing. Anna tells her not to do anything and Carly says that she and Jason will take care of things. 

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Pickled Pikeman


Well, this week supposedly brought an "end" to the Pikeman Saga. One that has gone on so long, I no longer can recite it's timeline nor do I care to. I have no idea how this blog is going to go so hold on tight. 

Grab what you go and let's give it a go! 

Friday, July 19, 2024



It's Friday! I missed yesterday and EVERY PERSON told me on Twitter not to bother LOL. So I'm flying blind. I did see Jason gave Cates the phone and LaRue/Sonny are doing a record label with Brook. I though Lois already had one? BUT... what do I know. 

Laura and Lulu. Laura is visiting her. Putting cream on her hand-- Dante walks in. They talk about Ace and hope Lulu. They talk about Lulu's early years with Laura and what a great mama she is/was. I think she's waking up soon. 

At the pool with Joss and Trina. Joss found Trina's turtle dove. Trina's sad. Joss schools her on grief. Trina thinks she should be over it by now and Joss is like NO WAY. Trina says Spencer had his in Paris in his pocket. 

James took a ride share to see Cody LOL. He's mad about Grandpa Mac not letting him ride with Cody anymore. Tracey's like: HOW DID YOU GET HERE? He says he snuck out the window and stole Georgie's phone. Tracey laughs. Anyway, Cody calls Spinelli and Maxie and they come and yell at James. He tells him Mac said he can't rid with Cody and Maxie says that's not his choice, it's hers. 

They go home. Georgie is mad James stole her phone. James knows something is up and weird. He wants to know what's going on. Maxie says it's Mac and Cody's problem. He's still mad he can't ride. 

Cody is sad. He calls Sasha. She comes over. They are sad that Cody can't ride. 

Weird scenes with Tracey and Gio talking about NYC. And talk and Talk

Jason and Carly on the bridge talking about all his manly sacrifices.  They hold hands Good lord. BORING. Now they are talking about Sonny. Cates is "after him".  Jason HAS to get back in with Sonny because he has to help him with Cates! 

Ok, the end: Was nothing. Carly and Jason clinking beers. I thought Lulu would move LOL. NOTHING. This was a boring boring Friday show for sure. 

Thursday, July 18, 2024


I'm out today so please enjoy this special fun blog!! 

Remember the Love Boat from the 70s? Well, I guess you would have to be of a certain age to remember it. It was a campy show on Saturday nights with tons of guest stars every week and the storylines for that week involved the guest stars and the cast. I always liked the idea of guest stars on a show. They add an air of freshness and best of all, they don't wear out their welcome. "One and done" or maybe a two-parter and that's it.

So… what if GH had guest stars? Not for weeks on end, but just for a day or a week? Karen and I came up with a few. Who would YOU like to see as a guest star on GH?

Kimberly McCullough (two weeks) - Returning for a few days to meet her cousin Cody and to bring Emma to PC to attend graduate school at PCU (and have Emma become a cast member.)

Jane Lynch (one day) - Sonny's therapist. This would be a one-off episode that takes place in Jane's office giving Maurice a chance for a tour-de-force stand alone episode. Plus a PSA on manic-depression. (She played a therapist on Two and a Half Men, but that was comedy. Would love to see her on a drama)

Cameryn Manheim (about a week) - She can play a non-nonsense barracuda of a lawyer going up against Alexis or Diane in court. Then, at the bar afterwards, she can display her comedic skills and be crazy and boisterous, sitting on the bar and singing while taking everyone off guard with her lunacy. Maybe 2 people in white coats can come and take her away at the end of the episode.

Alison Arngrim - Let's try to get Alison Arngrim in there. Nellie Olsen? I've seen her in person on her "bitch" tour and she's delightful. She could totally come in with a mystery illness and it turns out to be a twin growth that never severed from her body. 

GUESS WHO?? YEP... a surprise bartender just for 2 weeks at The Savoy. We'd have some great musical guests (NO VIOLINS) and JESSE behind the bar!! 

GET THE TIKTOK crowd here!! KEITH LEE--doing a little food review for Port Charles. The highlight?? KELLY's BLTs!! "I got it, let's try it" .... 

We are just going to leave all this here.  Hope you have a great day!!! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Pikeman Plus


I was looking around Google and found this LOL...Look at Becky's hair!! I don't remember that!! Also; Bradford looks like a baby.  TODAY I am going to the dentist at 2:30 so I will just get a bit of the show. Tomorrow, I have meetings from 9-4 .. (WHAT!!) so you'll have a fun filler to enjoy. 

TODAY'S SHOW: (Half of it) 

Jagger goes into Jason's room. The clock is 4:30. Jagger wants to take down Sonny now and Jason is like: NO, I'm here for Pikeman! Jagger says Sonny's trying to take poor Ava's child away from her and she's terrified. Jason says: Um..Ava Jerome? don't believe her. 

Carly and Lois talk at the pool. Carly thinks it's great Lois brought Gio to town. He's such a good kid. Lois says she's going to look out for his bright future. Lois talks about his parents: Camilla and Frank. Both dead. Huge long story. 

Gio talks to Joss, he thinks he over-stayed his welcome in PC. Joss is like no, that's not true. 

Nina and Sonny talk.. Oh, you should watch it. They are so nice to each other and really good dialog. They want each other to be happy. NICE scenes. Really. They talk about Mike and Sonny protecting the mothers of his kids, even Ava. They leave on good terms. 

Maxie comes in and Nina talks to her about Sonny and her life. 

Valentin wants Anna to go with him. He knows she wants to go because she warned him. She says it's  just for Charlotte. If it was up to her, Cates could take him. He's like NO! You love me!! Almost as much as I love you. Anna says she can't leave Robin/Noah/Emma and be a fugitive. She can't go. They kiss a goodbye kiss. She asks why he got involved in all of this and he says for her. 

Ok, I have to fly! See you later. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

It's 4:03pm and you have 2 hours


Well WE had a whopper of a dang storm yesterday! Our immediate area missed the hail but it was bad in areas. There's another big storm today. This is such August weather. 

Anna won't give Jason the phone. He's pissed. She can't take Charlotte's Dad from her when her mother is in a coma and Laura is raising a child. Jason is yelling about his sons. Gets really upset. Anna's crying.. yada yada. She asks him for TWO MORE HOURS. That's it. TWO HOURS.  Then she can warn Valentin and he can take Charlotte and get away. Jason says no because they want Valentin in custody. Anna says no, just his name. She pleads. Jason says ok. She gives him the phone and says 2 hours. He watches the clock. 

Anna runs to Valentin's barges in. Tells him to get the Go Bag and get out. Take Charlotte. NOW. She turned him into the FBI as the head of Pikeman. He's like WHAT DID YOU DO? He calls Charlotte and tells her to come home. Asks Anna to go with him. 

Jagger wants Ava to 'build a case against Sonny'.  Wants to tape her about her time living there. She's like: NOPE. Not gonna do it. Too scared. Then she talks about the Jerome family and how she loved Julian. Wasn't really into the business. Jagger asks why she was at the warehouse the night of the shooting. She said Sonny insisted she went. "Maybe as a human shield... maybe to intimidate Ms. Wu...who knows". She says they were getting along better and she wanted to appease him. She won't make a statement. He leaves. Then he gets a call from his boss and there's a Pikeman shipment coming in. He's on it. 

Natalia knocks on the door. She wants to know why Ava recorded her. What's her end game. Ava says she just accidently recorded her but heard what an awful person she was and had to let the world know. Nat says that Blaze got dropped from her label. Ava's like Oh well, she'll get picked up by someone. Unlike YOU ...I'm sure Sonny hates you. Natalia smiles and says: NO he hates the person that dropped the tape. 

Willow goes to see Sonny> VERY WEIRD SCENE. She says she got done talking to Nina and 'let the anger go'. Then she says she's sorry to hear Sonny and Nina BROKE UP? Wasn't that eons ago??????? WHAT!!? AHAHAHA. Then he gets a call and Diane can't talk (it's her assistant) and he's mad and throws the phone. Tells Willow Ava's trying to take Avery from him. Willow leaves. 

Nina is yelling at Drew. He says he got caught up in the moment and fireworks and it was too much. A beautiful woman was there and BLOOP! Nina says she should tell Willow he's sleeping with her MOTHER. He says it will never happen again. Then Madison says SONNY is there to see her! What? Drew leaves. Sonny tells Nina he wants to get full custody of Avery. Nina thinks that's a great idea. Sonny asks her to bury the hatchet with him like she did with Drew. 

POOL: Joss, Gio and Dex. OMG this is so stupid. Joss tells Gio to "watch the pool" and jump-kisses Dex in the hall corner. They just make out for awhile. 
Lois comes in and tells Gio there's a job in NYC because some guy fell down the stairs and Broadway needs him. He doesn't look thrilled. He says no. She keeps talking it up and saying he can do this and they'll talk to the college. He finally tells her no. He loves PC and living there. 

Jagger smashes on Jason's door. Jason just sits there, listening to the phone that Anna brought. IT's only 4:30. 

Monday, July 15, 2024

Before You Can Kiss A Baby



It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!! 

Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw weeks ago. UGH. Anna finally takes the phone. They kiss at the door. Charlotte walks in!! She says her friends all went to Greece so she flew home to surprise her papa. She says she has to say something to Anna as well. She apologizes and realized traveling in Europe with refugee kids from war torn countries that Uncle Victor was like the war mongers and he was really not a good guy. Cassadines are bad people"  They both forgive each other. Cry, hug. Anna leaves (with the phone)

Anna downloads the phone to her computer. There are a bunch of folders. 

Brennan and Carly. She tells him she got a lawyer. He's more interested in who taped her in the first place. He thinks Carly is SO BRAVE for standing up to the mob and she'd make a GREAT SPECIAL AGENT. .( Um, ok??) He says he thinks he can improve her odds in court to beat the Rico charges. He says she can go public and try it in the court of publicity. OR she can let Jason stay in the FBI and try to destroy the evidence so there's no case. She says she has no idea how to do that. 

Willow goes to see Nina. Says she's done something terrible and she has to talk to someone like a mom or a sister and she has no sister so.. .(she sobs) Tells Nina what happened. She's crying and crying. Nina looks sick/stunned.  Willow says she's gotten close to Drew since he saved her life and it great and she can't stop thinking about that kiss! Sobs. Nina's like, probably not as bad as you thought. Willow says she kissed Drew like she kisses Michael! Talks about Drew saying in an other time/place they could have been something. Nina looks upset. They talk and Nina tries to reassure her that it was probably nothing and since it won't happen again, why worry. Willow says she's going to tell Michael. Nina's like: DON'T TELL HIM!! Willow leaves. 
Nina calls Drew and tells him to get the hell up to her office NOW or his campaign is OVER before you can even kiss a BABY! ahaha. 

Drew tells Michael when he's on the campaign trail, he will be Nina's boss at Crimson. Michael says that's ok. He loves his life and Willow and yada yada. Drew just stares. He and Willow LOVE DREW! HE'S A GREAT GUY! ahahha Drew looks uncomfortable. Michael also says he trusts Drew's judgement LOL . Drew gets that call from Nina "GET UP HERE NOW"~ 

Jason stops by Elizabeth's to drop off the money for Jake's school. She opens the door. He didn't want to stay but she makes him come in and talk to Jake.  He goes in to give him the money. Aw.. it's a nice speech about how he wants to help Jake make good choices and he wishes he was a "different kind of father". Jake accepts. They hug. Liz is all: AWWWWWWWW 


Jason walks into his room and Anna is there. Says she has ALL the evidence they need. Jason wants the phone and she won't give it up. 

Michael is in Drew's chair turned around. Looks just like Drew but before she said anything , he turned around. Willow says she loves him and kisses him. 

Nina slugs Drew in the chin and says "YOU KISSED MY DAUGHTER" 

I think Brennan is headed for a parole hearing? 

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Optics


I'm honestly lighting a candle before diving into this blog today. I was riding a bit high on the soapy Willow/Drew mess and Mac scenes.  Then Friday happened and I. JUST. CAN. NOT.  with this show. I was left angry and just frustrated. 

So, let's get into it!! 

Friday, July 12, 2024



Cody won't stay for dinner and drops off Felicia's phone and leaves. Mac is mad that Maxie and Felicia would do that. Felicia tries to keep the peace when Cody leaves. Maxie says that Mac always forgave her--why not CODY? "Cody is a stranger"

Trina is setting up a special dinner for Portia and Curtis. It's been a year since he was shot. She leaves. Portia comes home and LOVES the idea. They have slow Jazz. Then Portia goes on and on about Laura and Heather. Curtis says: Um, I visited Heather to see for myself and maybe Laura has a point. Portia freaks out. He says don't worry because Heather wants to stay in jail, doesn't want go get out. 

Anna is going into Valentin's to get the satellite phone--'MEMBER THAT? AHAHAHAHA omg. ANYWAY, She doesn't want Jason to keep watch. She's doing this alone. Jason gives her a key to his place at Kelly's and will meet her there. 

Knock Knock: It's Elizabeth. Jake got accepted to Barcelona's drawing and painting classes. Jason is happy. He wants to pay expenses. Liz finally says thank you, yes. 

Anna goes to Valentin's with wine and stays for dinner. He goes to cook, she looks for the phone and Valentin asks her if he can help her find something. He gets dinner ready in 3.4 seconds

Kevin shares and article about Cobalt poisoning with Laura. She thinks it might help people understand the whole thing. Laura says Heather doesn't want it reopened. Then Trina comes to the door. She has a stuffed animal of Ace's from when she babysat. Trina and Laura talk about her mother and the Heather thing. OMG TRINA SEES LAURA'S POINT!!!! whaaaaaat

Michael gets a basket from Sasha to eat with the kids while Willow is WORKING AT DREW'S___ OFFICE. OH! Sasha didn't know Willow isn't working at GH anymore. She HAS to tell Cody about the kiss she saw.  He's like: You sure? She says yes. He says to forget it because it probably meant nothing. 

END:  Anna and Valentin make out on the couch.  Trina thinks Heather deserves Justice. HOLY CRAP. WOW.. Okay then! 
TOMMORROW: Jake is on with Jason-- Carly goes to Visit BRENNAN AGAIN


Thursday, July 11, 2024

Mayor Concerns


Felicia tells Cody not to leave and Mac will come around. She says he was excited to have a biological child and then found out Cody wasn't and was crushed. He's just reacting to all that. She tells Cody he's like Mac; kind, patient and good with kids. She says he has to stay in PC because of James too. 

Maxie tries to talk Mac into forgiving Cody. She says she did bad stuff and he always forgave her. Why not him? Mac says Cody must have another reason for telling him the truth now. 

Felicia goes to Maxie's. They have this plot thing where she left her phone at Cody's and they are trying to get Cody and Mac together. 

Laura goes to see Heather, brings a pic of Ace. Heather doesn't want Laura to look into her case. She says she needs to be locked up. She's not sure she wouldn't do the things again. At least in jail things seem "Real". She feels better after the hip operation but isn't sure WHY she did what she did. Heather tells Laura not to try to get her out, she's where she belongs. She needs to pay for her crimes. Laura says she will drop it if that's what Heather wants. Heather only wants Laura to take care of Ace and visit once and awhile. 

Portia goes to Jordan, wants to start a petition to get Laura recalled as Mayor and have Jordan be in that position. Jordan is like: UM Laura is fair and is only looking at the transcripts. Portia says the community boards are really mad at The Mayor.  She also says Jordan is sounding like a politician. Jordan says that the evidence has changed. Portia talks about fairness and the people that were hurt/killed. 

Kristina and Brook talk about the whole situation with Blaze and her Mom. Brook wants Blaze to denounce her mother's words. Kristina says it's still her mother. Then says: ANYWAY IT'S ALL AVA'S FAULT, she should pay for this!! Ava was mad she didn't get invited to the wedding so she did this. More crap about hating Ava.  BOO AVA. Then Blaze walks in and Brook wants her to do an interview but Kristina should be there too. She has some contacts and they agree to do it. 

Chase comes in with blackberries. They talk about Violet settling in at the Qs. She's doing better, keeping busy. His leave ends tomorrow but he's going to ask to only work 3 days a week for Violet's sake. 

Sonny is at Ava's hotel room. Jagger walks by. Ava wants Sonny to leave.  She says Sonny taped her. Sonny says he deleted it. Jagger tells him to go and stop yelling at a mother of one of his children. Sonny says he fights for his kids, unlike Jagger "Where's YOUR SON"???? He leaves. Ava asks Jagger to stay for a drink. She says Sonny's unpredictable and she mentions Karen. She wants Jagger to give a statement that Sonny's not a good dad to her lawyer, Scotty. 

Sonny goes to Alexis' house and tells her Ava wants to sue for custody of Avery. He says NO WAY.. will she support him? He wants to counter sue. Asks Alexis to testify for him in court that he's a good father. She says she will but they'd better not ask about his 'work' because she doesn't approve of that. Kristina comes in and tells them about the interview. They think it's a good idea. 


Cody brings the phone to Maxie's. Mac stares at him. 

Portia leaves Jordan's...slams the door.

Jagger tells Ava that Sonny may be in jail soon. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Tail END?


Kate and Amanda on IG 

Hair day today!! Given our HUMIDITY LATELY, I need it short!! I might be back to watch the end of the show, but I'm not sure.'s a FILLER DAY for you!!

Some questions: 

Do you see chemistry between Willow and Drew? I get zip. 

Gio, Trina and Joss--is it just me or do they need a young dialog writer? Because... come on. Plus, they need 2 other college kids if this is going to work, imo. I wouldn't mind if Adam came back. 

Isn't BLQ Blaze's record label now? Sharon pointed this out on Twitter and- isn't she? Linc dropped her before?? SOoooo. who dropped her? 

Do you think they should recast Monica or just leave her upstairs and "not feeling well....or mending"? 

Ok, that's all. Hope the weather where you are is decent. We are actually getting outter bands of BERYL! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

More Fireworks


So, the fireworks went off last night--which here happens MAYBE as early as 9:15pm. Ergo, I can't wait to see who shows up TONIGHT .. LOL. You know me, I love to mess with GH's "Timelines" 

Fireworks still going on.

Portia lays into Laura about Heather. Porita basically says they can't be sure Heather has changed and what if she DID go after Trina. Would Laura be all : WHOOPS!  Portia says Laura is uncomfortable with a family member in jail. She says Laura is doing it out of guilt. Liz walks in, looking for Aidan. Portia says: "OH! Here's your ally, right on time"!! Liz doesn't know what's happening. Portia still yells about Heather. Laura tries to calm her. After Portia leaves, Elizabeth says that she sees why people are mad, just like they were with Franco even after his tumor was taken out. She's proud of Laura. Hugs her. 

Cody tells Mac 'you are my father"... explains the necklace and Toliver thing with Greenland. Mac is like: YOU'VE LIED OVER A YEAR FOR GREED? Cody says yep, I did. Mac says he's so disappointed and he lied to Felicia, Maxie, Georgie and James. He's not sure if Cody is lying now or telling the truth about being sorry. He leaves.
Maxie runs in looking for James' gloves. Cody tells her the truth. She's like: lied?  She's not happy. BUT she's a good 'sister" (he says they aren't related and she's like so what, we are kinda). Also says that James will be happy. 

Mac is in the Q living room. Felicia finds him. He tells her that Cody is his son. She says: NO I did my own DNA test. Mac says he must have doctored it somehow because he IS his son. Says that he's a grifter and probably has an agenda. 

Sasha sees the kiss and leaves. Willow just dumbly looks at Drew. She's so sorry she kissed him. She loves Michael. He says in another life they could have had something. (oh brother). They will NEVER DO IT AGAIN!! Michael finally walks in. They look all guilty. Then they talk about all working together, no more secrets yada yada. 
|Portia comes in and tells Curtis she has to go home. Tells Drew for her vote, he'd better stop Laura from trying to get Heather a new trial. They get home and Portia says Laura is the enemy and anyone that helps her is the enemy. 

Michael and Willow go back to the Gatehouse. Drew and Nina just look at each other. 

Joss and Trina talk about the Q household and who does what. Trina finds out that Michael is AJ's son and a 'true' Quartermaine. Gio comes over. He was at the concert. He grabs a beer (he's 21? Okay) and says that he wonders where Sonny is. Then they talk about Gio's mom who was Italian and became a citizen. He loves The USA. They talk about the soft-serve ice cream truck downtown and then the Country Club Fireworks are starting. They are after the City Fireworks. 


Sasha sees Willow and Michael kiss, has a flashback

Drew and Nina kiss 

Maxie makes Cody promise not to leave town. 

Monday, July 8, 2024

It's The 4th


No idea why I'm here--I just saw the whole preview for this week and... yeah. Not my jam. ESPECIALLY the whole "running for office". I get enough of that in real life, 

Sure enough, we kick off the show with a live stream of the congress guy endorsing Drew for office. People at the Q house watch on line and Cody listens in the barn with James. Tracey finds out Drew changed his name to Quartermaine. 

Ned, Olivia, Portia, Sasha, Felicia, Mac.. Laura, Millow, Sam, Dante--Jordan Laura, Congress Guy, Drew, Tracey--a ton of people are there talking about Drew. Drew walks in with the congress guy and thanks everyone. Nina walks in and Tracey says "what the hell are you doing here"? Nina gets upset and leaves. Willow runs out to talk to her. 

Sam congratulates Drew and Drew tells her Scout is so happy to change her name to "Quartermaine". Sam's glad he's reclaimed his name.  Tracey's glad too and Alan would be proud as well. 

Willow tells Nina not everyone hates her. They talk about Drew. yada yada. 

Willow then goes to watch the kids and Drew comes into the room. They sit and talk, Close...on the couch. Willow thinks Drew is SO COOL AND SO WONDERFUL. He says he'll miss her when he's in DC. She says she'll call. They giggle...give each other eyeballs. 

Mac says hello to Laura and Jordan. He's sorry about Spencer. Laura says it's "unreal still" Ned brings up the "Heather Webber situation" and Mac is like: WHAT? Laura says, she may not be responsible for her crimes after all. She tells him allll about the Cobalt poison and stuff and he thinks she's crazy. Portia is mad and walks out. Curtis tries to calm her. 

Later, Portia and Laura talk. Portia wants a promise that Heather won't bet let out of jail anytime soon. 

Nina tells Sasha that she's hooking up with Drew. Sasha thinks that's just great. They say "What a body" Squee. :eyeroll: Sasha is glad Nina's happy. 

Meanwhile in the barn, James asks Cody to be his brother and Cody says yes. They spit on their hands to seal the deal. Sam and Dante think its neat-o. Mac has some time alone with Cody and says he loves how good he is with James. He wants to go to the Outback. He missed camping and did it when he was away. Cody asks why he was away and Mac says to honor something he said long ago. 

Tracey and congressman go upstairs to see Monica. She says Monica has had a tough year. He tells her he has stage 4 cancer. She invites him and his wife over for dinner sometime. At least they mentioned Monica. 


Cody blurts our he's Mac's son 

Willow and Drew kiss. Like a lot--Sasha sees it 

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Sunday Surgery: No One Cancels Love


After watching all of last week's GH shows, I'm just .. blah, which shouldn't be the case AT ALL. Pivoting from Spy/Mob/Pikeman to Against-Will Outting/Gay-Bashing just makes everything trivial. A very important topic was used to destroy one character and further the mental downfall of another. It should have been about the bigoty and online harassment. I just didn't like how all of this was rolled out. I'm skipping my traditional blog today and just giving some observations:

1. Eva LaRue wouldn't be my first, second or third choice for this role. Most actors could disappear into the character but I'm just not feeling it.  She's also been very public with her feelings about the part and that just makes it all the more of a downer.  Facial expressions, inflection and delivery of her dialog just made me want to not watch. Then the writers didn't seem to help matters much. Having her talk to Sonny about HER feelings in the aftermath? NO ONE CARES HOW YOU FEEL!! 

2.  Ava the patsy. I would have had the tape leaked (origin unknown) and in a flashback it's shown that Linc (Brook Lyn's old manager) recorded it on the sly in some restaurant and sent it to The Invader.  Now I'm seeing it more about Ava than about the central story.  Because GH has to beat up on some woman and she's next at bat.  Yes, what she did was terrible but damn it, why did it have to be done THIS way with THIS character? Ava has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and has really gained depth. I feel like these past weeks have just trashed all of that. 

3. Sonny the... ?? I don't even know what to say about this so I'll keep my mouth shut.  If they don't focus on the medication switch soon, it won't matter. We all know it's going to be Ava that tips the balance with his mental health because Scotty planted the idea in her head with a 'public nervous breakdown'. Then everyone will find out she didn't tell him about the medication dosage and they can hate her instead of Valentin (the one that actually ORDERED said dosage). *sigh* 

4. The use of social media and the way trolls act-- nice touch and very topical. I liked how they showed comments in 'real time' and the consequences of posting anything on the net. I DO wish it had been more of the focus however and not just a sideline. 

5. Anyone remember when Dante was helping Anna with the Pikeman thing? Yeah, BEFORE SBu got back. What does he do now? Counsels Sam about Jason and listens to his Dad. :eyeroll: 

5.  Maximista is back--- that's it. Love it. Love her look, her dialog and her strength. 

6.  How freaking long does it take to move INTO AN APARTMENT? They are finally in by Friday!!  You all know what a set person I am--I liked their dorm room and think this apt is bland and boring. Trina finding Spencer's present made me feel all the feels and made up for it a tad. Gio however, did not. 

Sneak Peek Picture from the 4th 

I do think most of the actors have done a remarkable job with the material (see NLG, Maura, Cynthia, Kirsten  and others). Not sure where things go from here ... how you walk anything back that Ava has done (including not telling Sonny about the meds) but there it is. That's all!! Hope you had a great 4th. I think Port Charles will have it's celebration on Monday. 

Thank YOU
to my faithful readers for putting up with me all these years!! Even those that never comment, I do see you and your numbers. Here's hoping your summer is going well and you are all happy. Cheers! 

Friday, July 5, 2024

Olive Later


Martini Friday! Not sure if I'll be back --not sure I WANT to be back for the show today! So comment here! Hope you had a good 4th 

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Day OFF !


I'm enjoying my family pool and eating hot dogs--my fave picnic go to food. Hope you all have a great day. No new GH today. Tomorrow I'm sure we'll take back up with the "Ava is a rat-fink traitor" story. My only joy in the last few days was seeing Maxie looking great and acting like a boss. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Lucky Bets


Today is Filler Day. Karen is off to spend the day with family (well deserved time off!) so there is no blog or recap today. Instead, talk about today's show in the comments below. Also, we ask for your input in today's comments as well. We all know that Jonathan is returning as Lucky. Here are 2 questions for you to answer in the comments. 

1) Where has he been? 

2) What are your thoughts for a storyline for him. 

Below are a few examples. 

Karen's Thoughts:

This will be a tough one for sure. He's already been back a few times (twice with a new face) and now he's been gone long enough to merit the REALLY "DEAD BEAT DAD" title. I'm going with the idea he's been WSB and it will tie into the Pikeman story. That's one of the reasons Mac left "to help a friend". He and Frisco have been doing some uber-spy stuff in Europe and he has to return home because he knows Port Charles is about to become ground zero in a world wide mob fight. 

I also think Aidan's height is going to be hilarious when you put him next to Lucky and Liz-- I know Luke was tall but...eesh lol 

Dave's Thoughts:

I want him to have met someone (let's call her Lauren) and for the past several years he engaged in a relationship with this woman. Then, someone from his past has caught up to him and threatened him (actually maybe from his dad's past) and he left Lauren for her protection. Like he did when he walked into Ruby's diner in 1983, (flashback) he winds up on Bobbies' doorstep to hopefully take shelter and refuge. Lauren follows him to Port Charles and finds him. He tells her she isn't safe and needs to leave and all she can muster to say is "But I'm pregnant".  

Tuesday, July 2, 2024



I'm actually going out on a boat today so I won't see the end of the show-- being on the Finger Lakes should take some of my edge off!! 


Maxie yells about the audio tape that's going all over the net. They listen and Blaze yells at her mom. Everyone is shocked. Maxie tells everyone what to do. Get PR..shut down comments on social media, Scott guard the door because Tracey will be on the warpath. Oh, Natalia has NO IDEA when she said all that or who would have taped her. :eyeroll: Blaze reads her UP and down. Good stuff. Natalia's like: Well, we will just put out a statement. Blaze yells again. Leaves. 

Ava sees social media's reaction, which is partly against Blaze being a lesbian and she's upset. She calls Adrian to come to her hotel room. He gets there and Ava makes him PROMISE not to let anyone know his source. EVER!! It's really a dumb set of scenes. She tells him to leave. 

STUPID IDIOT goes to the METRO POOL..Alexis finds him there. His assistant told her where he was. He's celebrating. She says she's going to sue him and The Invader. 

Diane is in Sonny's office (redecorated) and tells her he want full custody. She's like Well, Ava hasn't done anything worse lately so...not a great chance. He doesn't care. Then Diane sees the Social Media post. She calls Alexis. Then Sonny asks if Alexis published it. She says no because she quit that morning. Sonny is gunning for whoever published it and taped it. Sonny reads on his phone that people are calling for Kristina to step down from the LGBTQIA center because she didn't talk about HER being gay and Blaze. Sonny throws phone. 

Alexis and Krissy are still talking about the baby. Alexis gets a call from Diane. She tells her to look at the Invader's website. Kristina is just worried about Blaze at this point. Alexis goes to confront Adrian. Blaze comes home. Krissy is reading instagram and says they are cancelled. 

OK, TO SUM UP: Blaze is cancelled because she didn't come out and was lying about being straight. Gay community is going to be angry. Alexis tells Adrian that he used a recording of a private citizen (not a public figure) and is open to being sued. She tells him she won't sue if he tells her who gave him the recording. 

I think Eva LaRue figure out who recorded her ...

I have to get on that boat. 

Monday, July 1, 2024

Jordan's Pink Dress


What a day. I just want to forget life and watch something that will make me forget!! I believe the whole "Natalia is a raging homophobe" is going to happen this week. 

Trina drops off stuff to Ava's place. Ava asks her to tell her "Everything Joss has ever said about Sonny".  She basically begs Trina to help her with custody by telling her what Dex/Joss say about Sonny. Trina says Joss doesn't talk about Sonny much and she doesn't know anything. She can only help her by working in The Gallery. Then Ava lets Adrian the gossip guy in and they listen to Natalia's voice tape. He's so happy and wonders if it's AI. Ava's like: NOPE! She wonders how Alexis is going to feel about the story. He says: She quit! It's going to run today. 

Sonny's at the pool with Avery. Talks to Gio. Finds out that Joss and Trina are moving into the garage apartment. Sonny asks Joss to keep her opinion about his to herself because Gio is 'family' and 'special'. Joss says she's not saying anything and learned from the Kristina thing. Sonny will probably mess it up anyway. LOL  Trina comes in and tells Joss how uncomfortable Ava made her feel and the custody battle coming. Joss said she actually THINKS AVERY IS BETTER OFF WITH HER FATHER. WTF. UGH 
Ava comes down to the pool Gio takes Avery to get ice cream. Sonny tells Ava he threw her out and doesn't want to see her face at the pool or anywhere else. Ava tells him to be very careful because she will come at him HARD in a custody case. Sonny asks if she's threatening him. She says it's a promise. Doesn't he know who she is? That's her daughter and he'd better watch his step. 

Meeting at Deception about Blaze's contract. Lois, Lucy, Scott, Maxie and then Mama La Rue show up. Blaze gets there. Lois is saying how people think shes' Blaze's mother. Mama La Rue isn't happy about that. They talk about how well everything is going and they hope this latest contract is acceptable to Natalia. And NOPE! Mama says it's terrible!! Maxie gets a ton of alerts on her phone about Deception being in the news. She doesn't check it. They argue about video interviews with Blaze. More alerts come in.

Alexis tells Nina she's quitting. Says they don't have a contract so goodbye! Drew is happy she got her law license back. Nina leaves to go make Adrian the editor in chief. Alexis leaves and Jordan comes in. She heard he's running for office when she was in DC at a Mayor's thing she went to with Laura. She wants him to get busy because some lady is running who's horrible. He needs to beat her. Then Jordan leaves and Nina walks back in. *sigh*-- She finds out Drew is changing his name to Quartermaine. She wants to manage the camp!! She wants to help him win! 

Alexis goes to Kristina's house and says she quit her job. Krissy goes to get OJ and Alexis sees the resumes for the manager for the LBGTQIA Center. OH! The Center is opening in August! Then Kristina complains she's carried a child for 9 months and will give birth, then have to give it up. OMG. UGH She cries.. "it's not even MY DUE DATE"! It's THEIR DUE DATE! Sobbing. I'm eyerolling. Alexis tells her how great she is and has a big heart. 

END: Maxie is looking at her phone and sees all of the headlines about Blaze and what her mother has said. 


Sunday, June 30, 2024

Sunday Surgery: FINNale


My last full week of work for the summer is over!! It doesn't feel much like summer to me on GH but I'm sure more pool scenes and kids will change that real soon. 

Let's get going... Maybe you'll need Puff's Plus? 

Friday, June 28, 2024


We have one of those days going on here in Rochester that happens maybe 10 times a year if we are lucky! Mid 70's, Blue BLUE Skies and no humidity. Ahhhhhh. such bliss. I'm really trying to soak it in. 

Ok, so Sonny and Mama LaRue are drinking at The Metro Court Pool and they have scotch. He tells her Ava moved out. They dog on Ava. Dog on Nina.. giggle, Drink Scotch. Still talk about Ava and Sonny tells her how the world betrayed him. Natalia talks about ghosts keeping people up at night and to being friends. 

Ava called Laura to come over. Laura arrives in a cape that one would wear in the middle of January. She thinks it's about Nikolas but Ava says nope. Ava says that Sonny fought with her for no reason and she had to leave. He's so "unbalanced"-- this is so weird. I guess Ava's trying to get Laura to think Sonny''s out of control. She tells Laura Sonny beat a man almost to death at the wedding. Laura is SHOCKED! SHOCKED I TEL YOU. Ava says she's not sure who it is (lie) but Kristina saw it. Laura is again SHOCKED! Ava tells her she's afraid Sonny is so paranoid and unhinged he's going for full custody of Avery.  She wants Laura to be a character witness for her in court. Laura says ok.

Jason goes over to Carly's and she tells him "She Knows". He wants to know how. Carly says no. Then 2.2 seconds later she gives up Sam and Spinelli. Wants to know why Jason chose her over his freedom and family. He says he couldn't turn her in..she says it was up to her to know because it's about HER. Jason says no he did it and doesn't regret it. Carly wonders how he knows that Cates will let him out of the deal. Jason loses it when she tells him she talked to Diane. He yells that everything will be for nothing if she goes to jail. He says that she'll go away for 20 years and can't leave Donna. (ironical, no?) --he couldn't live with himself if she went to jail. BACK OFF! Carly says ok, but what is she can't live with it? Then they FIGHT EVEN mor and stupid Carly is just stupid. 

Blaze and Krissy talk about how Kristina is going to give up management of the LGBTQAI house (I guess it opened?) . She says she isn't going back and then ending up taking MATERNITY LEAVE. Blaze is like: WHAT?  You mean like, 6 weeks. Krissy says No, the whole leave. Then she launches into a screetching match about TJ and Molly and they may break up and TJ can petition for custody and she should file for custody too. LORD. "Do you want to co parent with me"?? Blaze says no, her career is just getting going. Kristina says she has to sue for custody so if TJ goes for it, she can help Molly? Huh? 

Brook and Chase are discussing moving into the Q house.. which I thought they DID ALREADY but what do I know??? They love each other..and talk about that A LOT.  Gio comes in and says Violet heard him tuning his violin and he put her back to bed. He's going outside to practice. They decide to move into the Qs for the summer. Which they already did but.. 


Ava drinks to "new beginnings"

Carly changes her mind and wants to go to the FBI and turn herself in

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Bye, Daddy


Thursday!! ... and FINN's LAST DAY

Carly has Diane over to talk about her legal situation with the RICO crap. Carly explains it and tells Di she was heading Sonny's organization because of the DRUG THING and had to...someone wore a wire. Diane is like: that was dumb. Carly says they are blackmailing Jason and the FBI probably won't honor the agreement so she should just turn herself in NOW. What are my odds? she asks. Diane asks about what she did while she was 'acting head'. Nothing illegal but if the FBI has that original file and with her association with Sonny over the years, they'd have a good case. She then says Carly COULD say she was trying to protect her family and went into that meeting and was BRAVE.. and yada yada. She'll have maybe a 30% chance of getting off the charges. She doesn't like those odds.

Dex visits Joss at her new apartment. Trina is taking care of a "sick" Stella. Oh brother. They eat and talk about his stupid Cop classes. Yawn. HE wants to get back to where they were before she knew he'd kill for Sonny. Joss wants to forgive him. 

Sam asks Dante where Danny is..he's like: UM, Jason picked him up?? She's like WHAT. Then she tells him about the Carly/Spinelli RICO findings. He's says OMG that's a FEDERAL CRIME! Who knows? She says Spinelli, Carly and him. He's like I'm an ACCESSORY! Tells her she could be taken away from her kids for this. She's like they'll never know! Dante says if they see any weird activity on Jagger's ID, he's going to know who did it. He says she'd better hope NO ONE says anything about this. 

Jason has Danny, looking at HIS MOTORCYCLE ahahaahaha. um, ok? Danny asks if his father taught him how to do maintence on the bike and he says "No Alan, fixed people". Tells him it was after the accident. Jason tells him about his car crash and his TBI and losing his memory. Danny is fascinated by the motorcycle (ut oh). He wants to learn how to ride. Jason says they have to ask his mom. 

Finn says goodbye to Violet. It's really done well. You should watch it. He tells her he has to go away because he's sick in the head and heart and started drinking after Grandpa died. She said she'll help him stop. He cries, she cries. Sad. She keeps trying to get him not to go and he has to go. Brook and Chase are just sobbing. JL is SUCH a good little actress. She tries to give Finn her bracelet to wear and it's too small so he puts it by his heart. :SOBBING: 

Chase drives Finn to the rehab. Finn thanks him for letting him say goodbye to Violet. They talk and Finn is forever grateful. Violet and Brook talk about the type of hospital Finn is going to. Then they talk about what Violet can do this summer at the Qs. She's glad they are family. 

Diane is going to get a defense together for Carly but not using it until she needs it. 

Chase watches Finn walk into the rehab center. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Revolving Door!


People IN!! People OUT!! So much going on. We knew ME was leaving but now it's official. JJ will be back and I'm happy about that. His last return was not my fave but we live in hope, right? 

NOW it's on Twitter that Easton's last airdate is TOMORROW!! GEESH! 


Trina goes over to Sonny's to pick up Ava's Day Planner. Sonny's like, yeah, I threw her out. Trina tries to give him Ava's suite number at The Metro and he's like: Don't care. He also tells Trina to tell Ava that he's going to custody since Avery can't be in a hotel, even temporarily. 

Trina goes to Ava's suite. (it's nice) Ava's already having a martini. She asks about Sonny. Trina tells her that he's getting a lawyer. Ava says he's going to take her daughter away from her.  She starts yelling about Sonny and how he's vindictive and mean and yada yada. Trina leaves. Ava calls Scotty to help her with custody of Avery. 

Finn is walking up the path in the park. Sees Chase sitting on their Dad's bench. Wants to talk. Chase doesn't say much. Finn is all mad he's not called him back. Chase tells him Violet is confused and worried. Says Finn is still her hero --and his. Finn talks about Violet finding him and how awful that was. He says something is broken in him. He calls the treatment center and he's checking in that night. He wants to say goodbye to Violet. 

At the Q's.. Brook talks to Tracy about Violet being at the house. Tracy says it might be longer than they think. She wants Violet and ChaLyn to move into the Qs when Finn goes to rehab. (Which I thought they decided already:??) Tracey says it might be long term and custody might be too. They talk about family and Tracey is proud of Brook Lyn. They hug. 

Chase comes in and tells Tracey and Brook about Finn going to rehab but he wants to say goodbye to Violet. He brought him in the car to say goodbye. Here and now. 

Joss is cleaning the new apartment, Gio walks in. She says Trina must be with Ava. She tells Gio she doesn't like Ava but is glad she made Avery and gave him a gig with his violin. She asks how much Ava's paying him! (WHAT?) He says $100 and she's like: An hour, right? He says no, the night. Joss bitches about it. Weird. Then Trina comes in all shaken --she tells them about the Ava interaction and that she's mad at Sonny. Joss is like: that's nothing new. Trina says Ava was furious. Gio worries about "Uncle Sonny".. Joss says: OH please. Trina says they should be because Ava was really upset/mad. 

In the BARN, Sasha and Cody try to figure out what's going on with Violet and why Chase and Brook Lyn have moved in. They talk about fathers and then MAC COMES IN! He wants to thank Cody for helping Maxie's family out, especially James. 

Alexis is home and Krissy goes in and scares her while she's on the computer. She says she's filing a petition saying that if Molly and TJ break up "They" get to raise the baby. Alexis says she's staying out of it. Then Sonny comes in! He tells Krissy she was right about Ava and he threw her out. He tells Alexis he didn't know Ava turned her into the board. They all hate Ava.  Alexis can't wait any longer and tells them she's a lawyer again. Sonny is happy, so is Krissy. She says she's going into biz with Diane. Sonny mentions he's going to need Diane because he's going to be in an "epic battle" soon. 


Finn goes in to say goodbye to Violet (that will be tomorrow)

Scotty agrees to become Ava's lawyer

Michael Easton OUT at GH!


Michael Fairman announced that Michael Easton is out of GH and then ME put up his own Instagram story thanking fans. I'm hearing that his exit will be soon. I thought he was going for a few weeks but that doesn't look like it's the case.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Jonathan Jackson is BACK ON GH!

 Um, DEALINE:  Jonathan JACKSON IS BACK AT GH! He won FIVE Emmys as Lucky Spencer 

Liason and Scotty too!


I keep thinking it's Wednesday!! Not sure what's happening. I mean, the "School" year for me is over tomorrow with my last kid --maybe that's it? Hmm, not sure. 

Oh, I experienced Costco for the first time. WHAT. Did I tell you Sunday we just left and said: HELL NO. Went back today at 11pm and it was 1/2 as full but still--frenzy of humanity. BJs is so much more gentle on my soul. LOL 


Sonny tells Ava she's moving out. He says he's done with her and she's going TODAY. He'll keep Avery there and she needs to go to the Metro or wherever. She's like, um, we share custody of Avery and she likes us together. He doesn't care, he wants her out. Talks about her revenge against Alexis. Oh he brings up her killing Connie and Olivia blowing up Morgan. She says to stop lecturing her on morality. His whole family hates him now. QUEEN AVA!

Diane goes to Finn's apartment. She gives him the temp custody papers and the restraining order. He's not happy. He yells. She says the judge had enough proof to pass both. If he comes within 500 feet of Violet he will be arrested. She leaves. Finn calls someone. Oh, it's Scotty. Scott asks what happens and wonders why Tracey would turn on him. Finn says that she's Brook's grandmother and she and Chase always had their eyes on Violet (OMG!!) Scott says he needs people to vouch for him, maybe from work? Finn says he quit. WHOOPS. He begs Scott to help him. Scott's like: NOPE. You need to fix yourself. WOW, if Scotty tells you that, you must be messed up LOL. 

Jason has Maxie call Anna to check on her (it's the next morning). Maxie does and Anna's in BED with VALENTIN and says she's ok. Valentin hangs up the phone and they kiss. He's going to make her breakfast. Anna texts Jason and tells him to leave because Valentin is up and he might spot him. I guess he was outside the house in his car? 

Jason goes to see Elizabeth at GH To check on her. She says Finn is worse. He wonders how she's doing. She says ok. Jake is getting along with her better and seems not to be angry with Jason. HE asks if he can see Jake again. Liz says he doesn't need her permission, Jake is his own person. He's going to ask him to a baseball game. Aww, great scenes. 

Then Scott talks to Liz. He wonders why she didn't tell him about Finn. She says she didn't want to blab it all over. He tells her he called him and wants Violet back and wants to sue the hospital. He says Finn has to hit rock bottom first and he won't help him. 
Back in Finn's house he orders 2 things of vodka from Uber Eats. 

At Valetin's, Anna finds a giant satellite phone in the bookcase. Val makes her breakfast. They talk about their relationship. She can't be with him after shooting Charlotte. He says they could move out of Port Charles and it would be better. She's like well, Charlotte wouldn't like it. He gets her to say she'll think about it. Anna leaves. He watches her walk away. 

Anna and Jason meet outside for coffee. She tells him she found a satellite phone at Valentin's and he didn't need to watch the house all night. 

Carly is visiting Brennan. She wants his expertise and can she trust him? He says probably not. She tells him all about the FBI tape and her RICO thing. God, she's so stupid. He says, well you DID break the law. She wonders if the FBI would honor the agreement with Jason. Brennan says Not a chance. They'll use Jason all they can or until he dies and STILL put her in jail. 


Ava leaves, Sonny slams the door in her face

Valentin calls someone and says that all he has to do is push Sonny over the edge

Finn DOES NOT drink the vodka! He smashes it against the wall and leaves! 


Monday, June 24, 2024

Brian Craig Back for ONE DAY on GH


SO, I guess the "comeback character" Frank was discussing was Morgan. According to multiple sources he'll be back for a day on GH. Hardly a 'comeback but hey. Morgan Corinthos 'died' in 2016 when Craig decided to leave the show. 



Carly and Jagger having champagne. He says she's his only friend in PC. They kinda dance around the fact he is ready to put her in jail. He leaves. Carly whispers: Bastard as he walks down the hall. Then she remembers her convo with Sonny about Jason and cries. Spinelli walks in. She talks about how horrible Jagger is for hanging that over Sonny's head. (She also says she doesn't care how Sam feels about anything). They yap some more and Carly says she can't take it and has to fix it. She says she'll turn herself into Cates. Spinelli says: Stop right there, I can't let you do that. It goes ON AND ON but they talk about how much Jason loves Carly and Carly loves Jason and he sacrificed for her and if she turns herself in, it will mean nothing. 

Kristina (IS HUGE) and goes to Sonny's office with a gift for him. It's garlic. Then Blaze and her mom walk in and Sonny invites everyone for dinner. He's going to cook. They all say yeah! They sit and have a cozy dinner and laugh it up talking about young Alison. ha ha.. all cute and then AVA walks in! LOL HELLO, this is cozy! She says she's hungry and is going to sit down. Kristina says: stabbed my mother in the back. Yells at Ava. Sonny asks what's going on. Kristina asks Ava if she wants to tell him. Ava says: you knock yourself out, she'll tell Sonny the real story at home. 

Kristina launches into the whole Ava/ Alexis Law license story. Sonny is proud Kristina stood up for her mother. 

TJ is waiting at home for Molly-- he apologizes for being such an ass. He says, oh he was anxious and he really thinks Kristina will be a GOOD surrogate and they chose together. THEN MOLLY starts Crying and says she's afraid Kristina won't give the baby up when it's born!! WHAAAAT ??  TJ says well that's a fear with any surrogate. Molly says, yeah, and Kristina doesn't even want to be a mom. 

Tracey is at Finn's and is on the phone to Brook to make sure they are at the Qs. Finn comes out: WHERE'S MY DAUGHTER? She shows him the photos she took of him passed out and Violet called her because she thought he was dead! He's like: WELP, sorry, this is my wake up call. I'll get shower and dressed and get Violet. Tracey says: NO. Until you can take care of you, you can't take care of her. Finn says forget it..Tracey says she booked him into a ritzy rehab for 90 days minimum. He's like NOPE...and it dawns on him that Violet is at the Q house. He says he's going and if he can't have her, he's calling the cops.  She says go ahead. Also tells him unless he goes she's going to use her resources to have ChaLyn get temp custody. Finn asks: Why are you doing this to me? Tracey says: IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! IT'S ABOUT VIOLET!! And leaves. 

Violet goes to the Qs. Lois greets them all happy for a sleepover Chase tells Yuri to check the gate and keep a watch out for his brother. Violet says her tummy hurts and Brook takes her to the bathroom. Chase and Lois talk. She says they are doing the right thing. Violet comes back out and is upset about not seeing her Dad. She thinks he'll think she doesn't love him. Chase called Diane to come over because they need legal help with Finn. She hears the story and says she'll do whatever. Tracey comes home and says they'll have to get a restraining order against Finn. Diane says they can put one in motion tomorrow. 

Finn looks at Violet's photo on his phone. 

Carly agrees she shouldn't turn herself in but is going to stop the FBI (somehow..:EYEROLL) 

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Salt-Burn


Well, this week woke me right up and I didn't even need smelling salts!  I had the best time with seeing JJY come back and Friday's show flew by (in a good way). 

Quite a bit to talk about so let's get going. 

Note: All photos credit to Flutterby on Twitter. THANK YOU!! 

Friday, June 21, 2024

WATCH THE SHOW TODAY! is still not working and it has a lot to do with technical things I have no idea how to do. SO if you're here! YEAH!! I'm hoping more people will get the message about the 'back door URL"!

Ok, at Finn's apartment he wakes up, has the phone playing music. He's still drunk. Chugs more. Sees there's blood on the table. Goes to look and sees his hand has glass in it. He pulls it out and then pours vodka on it and chugs. He shudders and falls to the floor. Violet comes in (Kyle the elevator guy walked her up) She sees Finn and grabs the phone. There's a missed call from Tracey right on the front screen so she calls her. "I think my Dad is dead"!! Tracey runs over. She is concerned. The paramedics come in-- they are like: Ma'm he's DRUNK. Tracey says that Violet didn't know that. Violet thinks it's her fault because she left. Tracey takes her out. 

They go to Chase and Brooks' apartment. Chase is surprised but takes Violet in. Brook and Vi go to hang up her wet swimsuit. Tracey has to tell Chase about Finn. IT'S SO GOOD, you have to watch it. Oh my goodness. Jane Elliot is amazing. Anyway, she tells Chase to take Violet to the Qs so Finn can't find her when he wakes up. She's also going to tell Finn a few things that Chase won't be able to say to him. 

Chase and Brook talk to Violet. She says she needs to learn how to cook so she can make her Dad something healthy so he won't be sick! :SOB: Chase says "it's not your..."And Brook shoots him a look and guides him to say: we'll go to the Qs and then I'll show you how to make French toast. GREAT SCENE. 

TRACEY goes to Finn's. He's sprawled in a chair. She can't wake him. She starts taking photos to show him later. She's crying. 

Valentin and Anna have dinner. He goes to get wine. Anna searches. He comes back and asks her if she found what she was looking for. She says: Oh just your book titles. He seems to buy it. Then she tells him she saw Jack Brennan at GH and he stabbed himself just to talk to Carly. He's like I don't want to talk about HIM, let's go on the patio. They come back in after dinner. He pours a port wine. They talk about ELQ and work. Anna says she has to go, he says don't. He says he loves her, it's in his DNA. He can't trust her and she can't trust him but he loves her. 

SAM PLAYS THE RECORDING FOR CARLY! Carly's like Um, that was 3 years did you even get it. Sam says that they got Cates ID and downloaded the voice recording. Carly's says "POOR JASON he did this to protect me". Sam's like JASON IS NOT THE VICTIM!! He let his kids think he was dead!! They argue. Carly says to blame Agent Cates. Sam says Carly never pays for anything!! stomps out. 

Sam goes to see Spinelli. She says Carly didn't know why Jason was gone for 2 years. Spinlli is like I hope Carly isn't charged. Sam says SHUT UP! lol

Jagger goes to see Jason and says he'd better have the evidence against Valentin. He's not going back to Quantico empty handed and he'll take Carly with him! 

Jagger goes to Carly's office with champagne--tells her he's thanking her for helping him when he was beat up. Plus, he's almost done with his case. He won't miss Port Charles but he will miss her. Carly asks about the bad guys. He says bad people. She asks if it's a woman. 


Tracey uses smelling salts to wake up Finn. He asks what happened and where is Violet --she says gone and not coming back. 

Valentin and Anna dance around love and such and I thought he was going to kill her!! They make out on the couch and Jason watches through the window. 

You're Still IN

  I REALLY need for today's show to be a good one. Dang it.  Scotty and Ava talking about the boring custody case.  She says Laura is on...