Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fabulous Friday

Before Tuco puts his Roxy-Bunny costume away for the season, he just wanted to say Happy Friday! I'm still not missing the show. I'll have to just put up photos Sunday. No comments. LOL

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Breaking Up with GH

Hey all! I have this week off for spring break and instead of looking forward to my 2pm GH watching/blogging/tweeting I began to dread it. I cancelled yesterday and decided today that I'm taking the week off. 

There are many reasons I'm not into the show right now, main one being that it's so wide and unstructured I just don't care. I'm honestly tired of every story on this show and for the other stuff? Eh, whatever. There are too many characters, too many holes and way too many missed opportunities for me to keep bitching about.  When I see the effort going into an Anna-Sonny connection I know it's time to step back. WAY back. I so wish MB would go on vacation for awhile and Tristan be allowed back for more than a few shows. 

*sigh*... anyway, hope you have a great rest of the week. I will try to update spoilers soon. Not really sure anything is coming that will be noteworthy, but I'll give it a go. 

HOPEFULLY I will be back next week. When I get back to work, I may look forward to it again? We shall see. 


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Taco Tuesday!

I regret to inform you I shall not be watching GH today. Please enjoy this nice photo of Roxy, all ready for Tacos. 

Monday, March 28, 2016


This Rachel story is SUCH a mess. WHY the freaking hell isn't she Susan at the very least and working with Paul? Why should we care about this Madoff thing? WHY!? Liz wants to call the police..Laura says no because they may investigate her shooting more.
Nik gets mad, leaves to stay at the Metro Court-- "Spencer is on Spring Break" ... like what? did the kid go on his own to Europe? LOL
Liz and Greens RayHay fight. 

Laura visits Scotty about the law books. He didn't circle the letters in there

Sam asks Jason if he wants to PI with her. I swear to the Hearing Gods I can NOT understand half of what was said in that scene. 

I thought they said they were going to the Qs but they go to GH and he visits Tracy.  "Worms, huh"?? Then he talks about the hospital pudding. Tracy says "you got Monica to get cook to make the Q recipe" that's why it's so good. 
Then Tracy thinks Jason is Edward ..her Daddy. 

Finn is totally Dr. House with a bit of spectrum thrown in. He's blunt: You may die from this. He mediates! :eyeroll:
Later, he yells at Dr. O and says he'll sue unless he can be her doctor. He'l call the medical board on GH for cutting into Tracy's brain. 

Paul and Ava.. she is scared. He wants to protect her. She says no. 

END: Hammy Finn injects himself main-line style with some drug. Is it a hormone treatment? heroin? Cassadine shape shifting or immortal drugs? 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

One More Easter...

May all YOUR Eggs be Faberge! 

Sunday Surgery: Finn and Berlin

20160324 0826(43)
Best thing on GH right now!?? ROXY! 

This week was a mess...mostly because I skipped 2 days and really didn't want to watch to catch up. 
BUT! There's a whole batch of ladies showing their tah-tahs to get to, and that Rachel business. 
Oh. And a Lizard.
Oh, yes, the Lizard (or chameleon, whatever)

I was going to skip this week all together for a little Spring Break but I decided to get something up. Sorry if it's short.  

Since it's Easter-- I'm going for hot cross buns. 
Um, there's a Nathan joke in there but...disrespectful

Friday, March 25, 2016

Dusty Books

Oh these two were SO CUTE today!! Loved it. Sonny also found out from Griffin that he is Duke's son.  Griffin says that "Forgiveness will set you Free" 

Anna is going to test Griffin's DNA against Duke.

Anna talks to Paul, she's going to go after Carlos. She doesn't care if she goes to jail. Carlos and Paul talk. 

Liz outs Hayden..Nikolas is livid. Hayden is indeed the daughter of investment banker, Raymond Berlin who got billions from people. She had to reinvent herself.  She's RACHEL BERLIN!
But was on Tinder getting Hired by Ric to pose as Jason's fake wife??
SO stupid. 

Parker and Kristina. Such a weird scene. They kissed and then Parker is like NO! We can't.. and it's just so strange. Why did she come see her. It's obvious she likes her.

In the trunk: Scotty's old Law book that Laura bought him when they first got married. She had to pay them off by working at the Disco. Then a corsage falls out. Scotty gave it to her the night of the Law School Formal. THEN-- Laura sees that there are letters circled in the law book. "It's a clue, a code, and I'm going to break it"! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Use that Google

OH NO!! CAM and Aiden got a hold of Roxy-Tuco!! 

Nik is mad at Hayden for going ahead with drafting up ELQ documents with Diane. She tries to smooth it over but he doesn't believe her. 

Laura found out some stuff about the key. Lulu has such an ugly shirt on and Laura is dressed for January?
OMG They go to the creepy Wyndemere Attic. Laura finds a trunk. The key fits. :) I bet it's another clue in there. They will go on and on...

Parker comes to see Kristina. You can tell they have feelings for each other... but don't act on them. Oh! But they do!! They kiss. 

Maxie and Griffin chem test #2. He doesn't want to sit for her mag and won't go to coffee with her (so she can say thanks for the ankle) because she has a boyfriend. What if HE'S CLAUDETTE? LOL he does have a scar.
Who knows.

Felix and Michael decide to look for Sabrina.

Um...what else.. Michael went to Anna to talk about Carlos but she 'doesn't know where he is" zzzzz
Griffin comes in-- they talk about Duke. He asks questions. Anna gets defensive: WHO are you REALLY? she says...

And LIZ Googles Hayden and gets the "You're Rachel Berlin"...WTF? Why did we have weeks of Sam looking.?? LOL 

Daytime Emmys

OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTOR: Tyler Christopher Tony Geary Justin Hartley Christian Leblanc Kristoff St. John


Outstanding Lead Actress Noms: 
Finola Hughes, 
Maura West, 
Mary Beth Evans, 
Kassie DePaiva, 
Tracey Bregman

Supporting Actress:
Lauralee Bell, 
Jessica Collins, 
Linsey Godfrey, 
Peggy McCay, 
Melissa Reeve

Younger Actor: 
Nicolas Bechtel, 
Bryan Craig, 
Max Ehrich, 
Pierson Fode, 
Tequan Richmond

FROM GH: Nominees - 

Actor: Tony Geary, Tyler Christopher
Actress: Finola Hughes, Maura West 
Supporting Actor: Sean Blakemore, Dominic Zamprogna
Younger:  Brooklyn (Emma), Nicholas (Spencer) and Bryan (Morgan), Tequan (TJ)
and GH Got a nod for best soap, but they ALL got one.

**YR Leads the nominations. Variety has said they will NOT be televised this year.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Roxy Gets Wardrobe!!

That's right... Dr.'s his name? Oh yeah, FINN's service chameleon just got fitted for his new wardrobe.
Oh, don't let anyone fool you. In his first ever sit down, former "Tuco from Arizona" makes it perfectly clear that when The Producer came looking for a new cast member, he didn't care what sex the reptile was. 
"He just popped me in his pocket and off he went... didn't even ask me about my gender...guess he was in a hurry"!! 

Feast your eyes on these new duds for our Dude "Roxy"...  

Tuco is not sure he'll be able to wear this dapper outfit... but is hopeful for the Nurses' Ball. 

Inspired by "FINN" ... our friend gets dressed in his sharky-best! 

Roxy (aka Tuco) refuses to speak of this. All he would say is that it was for a scene with Franco. 

Inspired by Dead Duke, Anna made this for Roxy, as a tribute to the Scott. (He hasn't yet mastered the bag-pipes)

These are all the looks so far!! Tuco is also hoping to get a bigger habitat than the plastic transport cage they are using now. "Maybe something in Burbank with a View". 

Break Time!

National Puppy enjoy..

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You're Divorced!

JaSam sign the papers with Alexis. Once they file they are divorced.

Later, Liz shows Jason Jake's book from Helena. He can't read it  :GIGGLE: Ok, kidding aside, he doesn't want Franco to work with Jake. 

OMG, HAMMY a DOPPLEGANGER. Meaning, he LOOKS JUST LIKE SILAS did to all the other they are all "OMG! You look just like a doctor that used to work here"!

SO: we can expect:
Kiki to see him, and be all "DADDY"??? 

Ava to see him and try to get him into bed.
Nina to see him and go into Freak out mode
Franco to see him his improv sheeze..

THIS is unacceptable. OMG. Dr. O comes in to interrupt him while he's talking to Tracy and says: Half the staff thinks the ghost of Silas Clay is roaming the halls. 

Having a doppleganger is so tired. So stupid. So everything. 

I don't even know what to say. It may not bother some people but it sure bothers me. 

Tracy has worms in her brain. Yep. Monsters Inside Me. 

Franco finds Nina in the OBGYN room and tells her he wants no kids. 

Ok that's it for today. I'm not watching tomorrow, Might Not on Thursday, not sure. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

So... Today on GH ....

photo credit: @GHFan1982

AND! There you have it! Boobs and a Chameleon !!! 

It's Hamilton Finn Day!

IT's Hamilton Finn DAY! That's right..ME Is back and since I am calling him Hammy Finn, I have a few HAMS with FINNS to show you! 

SO rejoice if you are a Michael Easton fan because he's his FIFTH role on GH to date!!! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Where There's a Will....

20160314 1416(13)
COME my WUBS....listen closely..

It felt like a bit of a mish-mash this week, especially circling back to theWill Reading, Parker and Breast Feeding stories. I was thinking they could kill 3 birds there because NLG had to come in for all of them. Then, since she was there, throw in Julian with Ava and Crimson! Alexis was the lynch-pin this week! 

See, there is a method to the madness!! (money lol)

So, here we go. In honor of Crimson's "Assemble Yourself" issue, let's assemble our own brunch. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Notes

My Gus is very sick. He has a 105 temp and a bad abscess in his ear that's infected. I just got home from the hospital with him-- they will have to keep him if his temp goes up or he doesn't drink enough liquids. SO, keep him in your thoughts!

I'm watching GH on DVR right now. 

I saw Olivia and Alexis... Diane and Mayor Lo-Lo. 
Diane: "They are beating their breasts in a shameful bid for attention". 

I still think Sonny is going to try to make Ava think she's in danger so she'll leave Avery with he and Carly. 

Ok I will watch later!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's DAY!

WHO REMEMBERS OYRISH? welp..Alberta does! HELLO on St. Paddy's Day-- I've had a few Guinness. SO. sorry. 

Sonny finally acts like a parent to Krissy and says he's going to tell her Mom about "what she's hiding". She thinks it's the gay thing,  but he just says she got kicked outta school. Great scenes. Krissy breaks down, tells them what she really did.  You have to watch.. it's good. They still think the professor is a guy. :giggle:
Best part? Molly telling Sonny to STFU Yaaaaassssss!! 

Dr. O telling Franco he'd be good with kids. She gives him Leo to watch-- and he's adorable with him of course.  THEN he takes a phone call and leaves him in a laundry cart and walks away.
GUESS what happens? GUESS.

yes, he's gone. 
OH a nurse took him to the nursery so Olivia found him. 

Black Tshirts talking in the Garage Apartments. Sam wants a divorce.  Thinks it would be best if they 'moved forward and got to know each other" Jason says ok.

Crimson.. Julian deflects the whole printer thing. Nina decides to run a contest for "real women" To build a Crimson (TOLD YA!!) and they are giving $1000 to first 5 to put it together first.
Ok then!

Black roses for Kiki. I think Sonny sent them to intimidate Ava

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Build it Yourself Crimson

Sonny wants Carlos alive so he can roll on Julian. He tells Max to make it happen. Kristina comes in to have coffee. She thanks him for saving her life. Sonny grills her about her project and Parker. 

Jason is in a garage fixing his bike and Sam comes by with his "death plaque". He's moving into what looks like a garage, but I guess it's an apartment?  

Piph is on today. She kids Liz about her Franco "Relationship". Nina is mad because Franco went to Philly and didn't tell her about it.. Later, Liz and Epiphany listen at the door while Franco tells Nina he and Liz are ONLY FRIENDS and he saw Jake as a kid that needed help,t that's it!
Guess they have to use that shower/locke room set they built! geesh

Oh, Liz left Helena's book in the LOCKER ROOM so Franco finds it. He tells her she should find out what the secret is. 

Molly brings her Mama flowers -- for good luck on the breast feeding hearing. 

Maxie and Dillon. Sorry..not sure, I fell asleep. Oh, the magazine came and only had the COVERS insides.  Maxie thinks it's sabotage. 

END: Sonny goes to Alexis' tells Kristina to fess up because he knows she didn't cash the check. 
Sam tells Jason the photos he got for his new apartment were ones that first were in his PH. He found them at an old thrift store. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I'm His Son

Morgan is not happy to see Sonny. At all.

Val is going to graduate. Who cares. Not me!! LOL. Dante tells her about Lulu and him being back together. 

Laura and the KEY.  She thinks even if she throws it away, it will come back to haunt her.

Curtis calls Hayden to 'talk' he wants her to co-sign a loan. She does.

Anna shows Griff a pic of Duke "this is why you're following me, right"??  They chat. She mentions the Fitzhugh name, he says he's Duke's son. He never knew Duke. Duke never knew he had a kid.
HEY! Just like Julian! and Griffin and Lucas went to med school together. Fancy that!

Anna reads the letter that his mother left him when she died. 

Kiki says "Morgan"... she wakes up when he's on the phone. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Reading of the WILL

Griffin's middle name is Fitzhugh. When Anna saw it she got all happy and was happy with it. She told Andre that she was happy. Jordan saw them holding hands..or his hand on her's. Anna tells Jordan that Andre is her therapist and 'not to get the wrong idea'. She then goes to Dr. Griffin and tells him "I think I know who you are"?

Dante and Nate: whatever.  Oh, Claudette was Nate's wife. Why would that matter? I mean? People DO get married more than once! 

Maxie and Dr. Monroe CHEM TEST. He was shirtless, she was looking for Epiphany...yada yada

FREAKING HELL. Sam and Alexis for some damn reason are at the METRO. I planned this whole day for a Helena' extravaganza. I did a Periscope with my old Fan Mail stuff I did for her website. And Sam and Alexis SIT AT THE METRO? COME ON! I have a meeting tomorrow and I can't be here at 2!!

OMG THEY CAME IN!! Scotty turns on the video. Helena looks resplendent!! She's all in ruby red and Diamonds!!
She leaves Sam a CENT to split between she and Molly and Krissy because that's all "Alexis' kids are worth"!! Scotty gives her the penny in a nice jewel box.

Alexis got a "legacy from Mekkos, her mother and Helena". Helena leaves her a music box with her mom singing opera, a program from her Mama's last performance and THE DAGGER SHE SLIT HER THROAT WITH!!!!!
She give Nikolas a portrait of her drinking tea. He poisoned her with tea-- ;) get it? 

She gave Lulu an empty envelope but says she can fill it when SHE feels "empty" and Lulu gave her the most of all. I'm thinking it has to do with the embryo she took. (Lulu and Stavvy's)

TO Laura, she left a key to "all that she has loved and LOST" just like she took away from her. Maybe it's Luke's body. 

Liz got a book from Jake...or looks like a kid made it. IT's about him going to the woods, finding an old woman to keep him safe. The end says something like "Here's a secret Jake..and NEVER EVER TELL". 

OH IT WAS SO GOOD!! Squee!! Loved the show today. My heart is going pound pound. I need a cig!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Blood Drop

It's daylight savings time.  UGH..I loathe it.  We need to leave Mother Nature alone! I don't know what time you are waking up to, but I'm sure I'm an hour behind!

I almost forgot to write Surgery this week! I usually start it right after Friday's show to get things organized but this Friday was Nancy's funeral so...?? Off my GAME!! I am playing catch up.
Funny thing is, as I sit here now on Saturday night I'm realizing a lot of GH was forgettable this past week. 

We got muffins from Wegmans for breakfast so I'm going to have my lemon Poppy Seed. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Becky Herbst Staying on At GH!

News we've been waiting on!  Michael Logan sat down with Becky: Full Story Here. 

Nurse Webber Reporting for DUTY!! 

GH vet Rebecca Herbst has signed a new contract to continue playing Liz. "There was a lot of speculation that I was unhappy at GH, which was never the case. I love my job,” the actress tells TV Guide’s Michael Logan. "I love the people I work with. By not saying something, I was kind of making it worse. It was so hard keeping quiet.”

Thursday, March 10, 2016

"The Heart Has a Long Memory"

Sonny telling Michael Sabrina is with Carlos. Michael's upset and tries to figure out if she left any clues. 

Anna and Griffin at her house. He's going to tell her the truth and...HE'S CALLED TO GH! Welp!

Nik and Laura getting ready for the Will Reading. Sam comes in.
Laura and Hayden snipe at each other... Laura tells Nik how stupid it was for Hayden to write in the first edition. Laura tells her later that "Daisy was such a COMMON flower, like a glorified WEED" LOL! I love this Laura.
Sam and Laura talk about the curse . Laura says she didn't believe in curses until Helena. 

Dillon at the hospital.  Dr. Griff and Mayes yell about how to treat Tracy. Dillon tells Dr. Mayes he's a Quartermaine and to DO HIS JOB!  Tray's biopsy takes literally 1.2 minutes! Geesh! She's wheeled away when Griff and Dillon start to talk, and Brad comes out and goes: She's done! 

Maddox and Anna at the metro she wants to know if he knows why Griffin is following her.  She feels like she met him long ago. 

Jason and Monica in the crypt. She  tells Morgan he is kind. And that she loves him.  He remembers Lila talking to him. Then he takes his 'death plaque' with him. 

Later, Jason and Sam meet up at the Metro Court. 
Sam calls Spinelli to help with the Hayden thing. 
Jason goes off to see his new apartment. Sam stays because of the reading of the will. She cuts herself on the plaque Jason left and bleeds.

TOMORROW'S GH interrupted for Nancy Reagan's Funeral. SO, Will reading on Monday. Good for me because I had a meeting at 2pm tomorrow!! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Tracy was in the crypt talking to the dead. Dillon comes in, she totally forgets who Alice is!! She seizes again! 

Meanwhile, Dr. Griffin thinks something else might be wrong with her, but he needs to see the MRIs to make sure. Monica will let him see them.

Tracy is taken to GH. Dr. Mayes tells Dillon (in the hallway) she has cancer. HE's like CANCER? I think Griffin realizes it's not cancer but not sure yet. He yells at Dr. Mayes in the hallway about it. He thinks it may be due to her travels to Mexico. 

Sonny goes to Anna's house. Anna (and local law enforcement) is SO grateful to him for everything he did at Julian's wedding!!! SO SO Grateful.
He sees a photo of Carlos that Robert faxed to her. He's like:  is Carlos alive?  Then he says he's going to kill the Son of a Bitch. 

Oh well, good move Anna. Telling a mobular guy all that.  She wants Sonny's help to bring in Carlos so that Jules will pay for Carlos' death. 

Paul tells Carlos on the phone he's not safe anymore and to come home.  He'll give him immunity if he does what he says.  He wants him to testify against Julian. Carlos says he's never coming back. 

Jason and Carly talk about Jason not working for Sonny anymore. He wants his own place. Will he get Lante's??  He asks about she and AJ She says it was a good thing Jason helped her take Michael away from the Quartermaines. Well, all except Lila, who she likes. 
Carly tells Jason he might not be working with Sonny but that doesn't mean she has to go back to the Qs. 

Felix and Dr. Griffin were cute, kinda weird scene but cute.  Later Felix shows Michael a pic of Sabrina's baby. She wrote Fe a letter but didn't tell him if it's a girl or boy. 

END: Griffin is at Anna's he's going to "tell her the truth" 

**ALERT: Little Jake has been recast. Thank you. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Randolph Mantooth Discusses his General Hospital Stint

Randolph Mantooth talks about his days on GH.. 1992-93. Oh Lordy!! Those were the Wendy Riche years. Head writers appear to be changing like the guard then. but it looks like he's talking about Bill Levinson. (that's the bathroom encounter lol). 

He played Richard Halifax.  I wasn't really watching GH much from 87-92ish and just started up again when Genie and Tony came back on the show in 1993. I don't remember his character.
Thx to Frank for finding this tidbit for me! 

OMG. Such a sloooooow day today. Really Sloooooooow. I'm not just being mean either. 

Paul and Anna, yada yada. 

Hayden/Curtis...talking about nothing. She's like..leave it alone. He's are hurting. She's like never mind.
She leaves. Runs into Sam at the Metro, trying to find out why Baxter was there.

Liz and Nikolas. talking about the house and Hayden. Nikolas wants Sam to call off the Rachel investigation. You know she won't.

I think Spinelli comes to help Sam. Didn't he investigate her already? 

Um..Oh! Lante tried to make love in "the bed" but Lulu couldn't. -____- Didn't we see this before?  Looks like they are going to move into a house.  Lulu wants to go to counseling.

Curtis brings Jordan his Indiana Jones hat.  They talk. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kiss and Tell

Michelle and Kirsten were on The Fab Life today-- it's in syndication so look for it on your line-up! Probably be on youtube soon! 

Tracy tries to escape out of the hospital but Monica comes in. They found multiple tumors and now they have to do a biopsy to see if it's cancerous. Can I hope THE ACTOR doesn't return to do a cameo with this story? NO THANKS.
Monica goes in to see her when she's dressed and Tracy runs her out and is mean.  Typical Monica/Tracy thing.  Monica says she's put up with her for 35 year and isn't quitting now. 

Dr. Griffin is going to consult with Monica but not Dr. Crabby .

Carly and Sonny..blah blah.. rehashing...Sonny's basically saying it's the mob life. Love it or lump it. Carly says she loves him, won't leave him "What's the point, we'll just end up together anyway" and she said she'd crawl through broken glass for him.  They actually talk about how he's a GOOD mobster as opposed to say, Ava and the other meanies. Carly thinks he could "talk more, use guns less" LOL
They kiss.. 

Hayden is mad that the entire town is moving into Wyndemere. Nikolas is hiring extra staff AND a Nanny if Liz or Lulu needs one. Geesh. Hayden tells Nikolas a story about her father having a heartattack when she was little. He survived though.. but now he's gone. Hayden gets Nikolas a pressie... Great Gatsby ..first edition. 

Sam meeting with Baxter at the Metro Court (why go there???) He says he never saw Rachel in Vegas.  Later she hacks into his phone. When Hayden leaves Wyndemere, she sees them at the Metro and hides behind the wall looking all scared. 

Lante. Lulu comes in to talk to him. He has to leave to do cop stuff. Olivia tells Lulu to give him another chance. When Dante gets home, Lulu attacks him with a passionate kiss.  They decide to get back together. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Hospitals FOR CHILDREN

If you don't know this should. 

I watched the show out of order--I didn't see Monday and Tuesday until Saturday.  It certainly is a different experience watching on DVR than live!! 

AND lets just SAY--- I'm glad the Shriner's HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN arc is over. I get it's a big charity push but LAWDY. 

I'm having quiche for the protein factor! 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sean Blakemore to Lifetime's Devious Maids !

Sean Blakemore. of  GH Fame will be appearing on the next season of Devious Maids on Lifetime TV!  Watch for the new episodes this summer. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Forgotten Meds?

Laura and Maurice did a great job with the material about Morgan today.

Morgan told Maddox about not being able to have sex. He wants out of the hospital NOW!
Carly and Sonny come over later. Morgan is all manic again (meds must be crappy).  Diane says Morgan has to be committed and PAUL will drop the charges. Sonny realizes he has to do that. Morgan is freaking out. Oh this is good. He's pleading and crying--asks Diane for help. She tells him no, she's seen him grow up, wants what is best for him.
VERY Powerful scenes. WOW..great.
They did transition way too quickly I thought, getting him out of bed and in to see Kiki but them's the breaks. 

Nathan and Dante eating lunch at the apartment. Dante has finalized divorce papers. Later, he tells Dante about lying to Maxie. Dante says: tell her. 

Maxie and Lulu (not eating) at the Rib...Lulu is opening mail LMAO she sees the divorce decree. Cries, takes off her rings. 

Ava and Julian talking about kids, guns...mob yada yada 

When Maxie gets home he doesn't tell her ... they hug
Lulu goes to the apartment to see Dante. (just stands at the door) 

END: Morgan is talking to Kiki. He leaves and THEN she wakes up and says "Morgan" to an empty room. 


Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Bike

TODAY "GIFparty" was trending on Twitter so I put up some of my fave Soap gifs ..this is one of the best: 

Aren't they adorable!!?? 

Anyway, I have to get my butt in gear and watch Mon/Tuesday GH's but today I am dealing with a massive headache that may turn into a migraine so there's no way. 

Nina ordered a kid and Franco didn't know. I so wish they'd stop with baby storyline with these two. There's so much more that they could do!!
Maxie and Nina talk. Maxie says they can be friends. Nina says she has no female Friends, and her only friend was a horse and her mother killed it. LOL 

Maxie says she should find out if Nina can really have a baby or not because Britt could have totally lied to her before. So, Nina is going to get tested again. 

Morgan thinks he was on the roof to...'get some air" AHAHA. He doesn't realize how bad things were. He and Michael gab.

Stupid Delusional Sonny thinks he's keeping Avery forever now. Carly's like UM WHAT ABOUT MORGAN, remember him??  I think Sonny doesn't want to think about Morgan.
Diane comes in. Carly actually says Morgan is INNOCENT on the whole Docks mess. Diane says well, Paul needs  a scapegoate. NOPE, Morgan PLANNED that ambush and he's guilty as hell!! Why just not admit that? WHY?

Diane says they WILL have to admit his guilt if they want Morgan saved from jail time. Carly thinks they can't take care of Morgan (commit him?)
-- Sonny is SO MAD. 

Diane then goes to talk to Morgan.  He says he's cool with whatever she wants to do

Franco and Jake Skype and Jake says he's afraid to ride a bike. Franco says: don't be afraid!! Just get up and try!
He says to Liz she seems a bit grumpy for a kid going home. 

Sam and Jason are making out on the couch and Liz walks in. NOT Happy.

Later they all meet up at the hospital... Jason insults Franco. (who's adorable). Liz sticks up for him.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why did I pick today!?

New Music opening I see. Boring Music!! I like the old one??!

Tracy has several "Lesions" on her brain, they are not sure what they are. Dillon gets Paul. Monica's in the OR assisting. Of course she is, she can't be on 2 days in 3 weeks! 
Tracy tells Dillon and Paul that she went off her antidepressants too soon and that's why she had these episodes. 

Paul isn't giving Ava the zip drive. Sonny comes along and bitches at her later. I hate him lately. He's just such a redundant nothing character right now. 

Sam and Jason Lowtalking. About themselves. I fell asleep. 

Sonny prays to his Mobular God. 
Sonny isn't GONNA APOLOGIZE TO NO ONE FOR NOTHIN!! He says to Dante. *sigh*. Dante Leaves.
 He and Ava talk about Kiki. He says she's strong, happy she tried to help Morgan. Then, Avery comes in with the baby sitter.  Sonny wants to take car of her. Ava says until Kiki gets better!! 

Nate says his SECOND dog's name was Colette. Not Mittens. That's what Nina said- "Mittens". 
So he's lying. 
Dr O supposedly knows who Claudette is.
It's kinda hysterical they are doing this now. After his whole "NEVER LIE" things to Maxie. I guess he's so boring they have to invent a past girl for him. 

OMG So while we are waiting to find out who the hell Rachel is..we can start this Claudette crap. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wally Kurth!! To General Hospital!

According to that great mag, SOAPS IN DEPTH...our fearless NEDLY is returning to GH! Yes! Wally Kurth is back on the show beginning the end of March. Probably to do with Tracy's health. BUT! WHO Cares!! NED'S back!! 

Dental Day

SO, I haven't watched yesterday's show yet but I hear Jane was outstanding!!
I have the DENTIST today!

I'm not abandoning you!! LOL just busy. 

Pic thanks to @Daytime_Spoiler on Twitter--they have the BEST Screen Caps..DAILY!! 

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

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