Monday, March 7, 2016

Kiss and Tell

Michelle and Kirsten were on The Fab Life today-- it's in syndication so look for it on your line-up! Probably be on youtube soon! 

Tracy tries to escape out of the hospital but Monica comes in. They found multiple tumors and now they have to do a biopsy to see if it's cancerous. Can I hope THE ACTOR doesn't return to do a cameo with this story? NO THANKS.
Monica goes in to see her when she's dressed and Tracy runs her out and is mean.  Typical Monica/Tracy thing.  Monica says she's put up with her for 35 year and isn't quitting now. 

Dr. Griffin is going to consult with Monica but not Dr. Crabby .

Carly and Sonny..blah blah.. rehashing...Sonny's basically saying it's the mob life. Love it or lump it. Carly says she loves him, won't leave him "What's the point, we'll just end up together anyway" and she said she'd crawl through broken glass for him.  They actually talk about how he's a GOOD mobster as opposed to say, Ava and the other meanies. Carly thinks he could "talk more, use guns less" LOL
They kiss.. 

Hayden is mad that the entire town is moving into Wyndemere. Nikolas is hiring extra staff AND a Nanny if Liz or Lulu needs one. Geesh. Hayden tells Nikolas a story about her father having a heartattack when she was little. He survived though.. but now he's gone. Hayden gets Nikolas a pressie... Great Gatsby ..first edition. 

Sam meeting with Baxter at the Metro Court (why go there???) He says he never saw Rachel in Vegas.  Later she hacks into his phone. When Hayden leaves Wyndemere, she sees them at the Metro and hides behind the wall looking all scared. 

Lante. Lulu comes in to talk to him. He has to leave to do cop stuff. Olivia tells Lulu to give him another chance. When Dante gets home, Lulu attacks him with a passionate kiss.  They decide to get back together. 


  1. That Carly/Sonny talk was such a waste of time. We all know they're not going to break up again. What's the point? His "enemies" all know who his kids are whether Carly's with him or not.

    And Carly asks him to use less guns. Sure Carly. He'll just beat his enemies to death now. Or tie them up and throw them in the harbor. That's so much less violent.*insert sarcastic eye roll.*

    I wonder if poor Tracy picked up a parasite in Mexico? They can cause lesions and those symptoms. And they did make a point of mentioning Mexico today. Hopefully Doctor Hottie will figure it out. ( And maybe we'll see more of Monica too.)

    And does Olivia ever have a point on this show other than as an interrupting element in people's lives? I want her to have some more visions. PLEASE.

  2. Karen,
    Tony is not a mere actor. He is a master thespian!

    Is there really a rumor that he is coming back for Tracy's story? I think almost everyone was sick to death of him by the time he finally left. Just your mention of him made my skin crawl. Please no - no cameo.

  3. Carson home: Man Laura Wright is an awesome actress! :) I've loved her since the soap Loving! :)

    Carly: You're powerful and the alpha male!

    Ohhh so basically he is a powerful dog. :)

    Carly: I'm not leaving you. What would be the point?

    Hahahaha. Yeah good question. What would be the point? :)She would just go right back to him again someday. And I read that she was going to leave him. I guess those were rumors or something.

    Carly: You try to handle the situation without guns.

    Oh sure Carly. He could go to his enemies and wag his finger and say, No! Shame on you! Don't you dare do it! Or I will put you in the corner and you stay there until you know what you did! 0-0

    The hospital: Welcome to Port Charles N.Y. hospital. Did you know it has 22 hospitals across the United states, Mexico, and Canada? And it has a playroom and lets kids be kids? :)

    Tracy's room: Oh no! Tumors!!!! :( Is it cancerous?!!? Dr. House you gotta find out soon!!!! And then you can operate on her, and then she can have that maxie pad on the side of her head! Will the side of her head be shaved? Or will they operate on the back of her neck? Love the Tracy and Monica scene!!! :)

    The hallway: Tracy and Monica talking, while Griffin is looking at them the same way he looks at Anna!!!! Hmmmmmm. Is Anna his mama, and is his father a Q?!!?!?!?! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

    Wyndemere: GreenHaydRachel is complaining about how many people are in Wyndemere?!!?!? Uh the house is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!! There is room!!!! Oh the great Gatsby the first edition. Yeah it sure does look like it's the first edition! It looks old and antiquey.

    Metrocourt restaurant: Oh hello Baxter Corbin. Are you related to Mike Corbin? Is he your father? If he is, then you have a brother! :) Oh look! GreenHaydRachel wants to play hide and go seek. :)

    Lante home:

    Lulu: Oh I see you got your divorce decree.

    Dante: Yeah. I see you got it too.

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh hi Olivia! No Olivia don't go! Stay! If you leave, they will get boring again!!!

    Lulu: Dante!

    *grabs him and they kiss*

    Lulu: I want you back!

    Zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh I wonder if they are going to make love in the affair bed. Or the affair couch. Either they buy a new bed and couch, or move!!!

  4. sonya said..... And I read that she was going to leave him. I guess those were rumors or something.

    Some sites call rumors and speculation spoilers. A spoiler is supposed to be something true,that someone has found out, not a guess or speculation. Celeb dirty laundry does this all the time. Their big reveal titles are all speculation.

  5. "Di said...Celeb dirty laundry does this all the time."

    Yeah they sure do!

    "Their big reveal titles are all speculation."

    Yeah. Too bad.

    1. Yeh CDL is almost never right.. if they are at all....

  6. I would love for Dante and Lulu to go offscreen.

    1. I'd rather watch paint dry (Lante) than watch take a breath before you start another sentence (Sonny)

  7. OK, I like Lante a lot, and want them happily ever after, I guess I'm in a REALLY small minority here.

    1. I like them also but I guess some people don't and think that watching them is like watching paint dry and I can't stand Sonny to save my life and the way he talks and runs out of breath, nails on a chalkboard is how it is.

  8. Shame, shame to the crew for filming Nik drinking from such an obviously empty cup, especially since he poured coffee for Hayden. Sorry but had to ffwd. all of Sonny and Carly. They dragged the ratings down for years and I would hate to see them do it again. Of course Hayden would see Sam and Corbin together.

  9. "AntJoan said...OK, I like Lante a lot, and want them happily ever after, I guess I'm in a REALLY small minority here."

    I used to love them together, but then they had to recast Lulu (which is fine, but Emme Rylan is all wrong for the part IMO) and now they are boring. The only time when they are not boring, is when they argue. :)

  10. I don't mind Lante either, although Emme R.'s mouth mannerisms annoy me.

  11. Sonny's whispering drives me crazy.

    I'm so over Sonny and Carly. I, too, FF their scenes. Same-o, same-o, over and over again.

    Thankfully, Valerie and Kiki haven't been on in a while (well, Kiki was on, but not talking, so that was great). Is Robert still running around Canada looking for Carlos? Is Mac with him? Bring them back!

  12. I'm with you Karen, a 1000 times no to THE ACTOR popping in. Why have Carly smarten up for just a minute??? have they ever said what "mob business" Sonny is in? If they did I missed it and I've been watching since the Jessie/Steve days. I mean he doesn't do guns, says no to drugs....if it's gambling what are they shipping??


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