Thursday, March 24, 2016

Use that Google

OH NO!! CAM and Aiden got a hold of Roxy-Tuco!! 

Nik is mad at Hayden for going ahead with drafting up ELQ documents with Diane. She tries to smooth it over but he doesn't believe her. 

Laura found out some stuff about the key. Lulu has such an ugly shirt on and Laura is dressed for January?
OMG They go to the creepy Wyndemere Attic. Laura finds a trunk. The key fits. :) I bet it's another clue in there. They will go on and on...

Parker comes to see Kristina. You can tell they have feelings for each other... but don't act on them. Oh! But they do!! They kiss. 

Maxie and Griffin chem test #2. He doesn't want to sit for her mag and won't go to coffee with her (so she can say thanks for the ankle) because she has a boyfriend. What if HE'S CLAUDETTE? LOL he does have a scar.
Who knows.

Felix and Michael decide to look for Sabrina.

Um...what else.. Michael went to Anna to talk about Carlos but she 'doesn't know where he is" zzzzz
Griffin comes in-- they talk about Duke. He asks questions. Anna gets defensive: WHO are you REALLY? she says...

And LIZ Googles Hayden and gets the "You're Rachel Berlin"...WTF? Why did we have weeks of Sam looking.?? LOL 


  1. Snooze.... Nik is so stupid, thinking with little Nik.

  2. Karen, I think you're confused about why Liz was googling Hayden because you didn't see yesterday's episode where she heard Hayden say the name Naomi Dreyfus. Hayden was googling the name to see what people would be able to find out. Liz and Hayden then exchanged barbs and when Hayden left, Liz opened up the computer Hayden was on and Naomi's name was there.

  3. I really don't care about this Rachel story at all. Not really sure what the point was if they aren't making her a Q or anything.

  4. Oooo, got it. Thank you Ginny. I couldn't figure out why Liz could GOOGLE and Sam couldn't!!

    PS> Note that I forgot I didn't watch yesterday's show and don't even care LOL!! OY!!

  5. I have said it before - Sam is a lousy PI. Sabrina and Liz are much better - Sam should find a new profession.

    Laura should really stay away from finding out secrets hidden in attics!

  6. "OH NO!! CAM and Aiden got a hold of Roxy-Tuco!!"


    Today's theme: All talk and not much action.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Michael: I was really distracted by the cookies and how skinny Chad Duell is! I hope he is okay! Anna give him a cookie! But wait why do you have cookies Anna? Oh she has someone coming over. I was thinking it was Emma!

    Michael and Munro: Maybe they an become BFF's The new bromance!

    Anna and Munro: Oh yes Munro. Do you want tea and cookies little boy? :)

    Munro: Real peace comes from forgiveness. I've come to see that forgiveness is the greatest gift a person can allow themselves to receive. It's a gift from God.

    Wow Griffy is so wise. :) Oh oh Anna is getting mad!!!! Run Griffy run!!!

    Naxie home:

    Dream, dream, dream, dream
    Dream, dream, dream, dream
    When I want you in my arms
    When I want you and all your charms
    Whenever I want you
    All I have to do is dream
    Dream, dream, dream

    The hospital:

    Maxie and Munroe: Come on Maxie! He said no!!! Go find the new doc DocFinny! You can take a picture of him and GuGu! :)

    Nathan and Maxie:

    Maxie: I'm not dumping you for Mr. Gorgeous.

    Not yet. Not until you find out about his wife/former wife Claudette!

    Michael and Felix: Oh Michael! Let Sabrina go! :(

    Wyndemere: Talk talk talk talk talk. Blah blah blah blah. Hmmm does Lulu still have the empty envelope? Lulu wins the line of the day!

    Lulu: We'll leave a trail of bread crumbs.


    Wyndemere attic: Now we are getting somewhere. Yes time to search!!!

    Trunk: Over here!!! Come see me!!!!

    Laura: Do you hear something?

    Lulu: It's the trunk!

    Trunk: Yes! Open me!!!

    Laura: Okay.

    Diane's hotel room: Oh boy. Diane is angry, and Mr. and Mrs. Snails are arguing. And Mrs. Snails thinks she got through to him! HA!

    Julexis's home:

    Oh come on Karker!!! KISS ALREADY!

    Chant: Kiss kiss kiss kiss!

    YESSSSSSSSSS THEY DO! I have been waiting for this! :) It's so obvious that Parker has feelings for Krissy!

    My thought bubble: Where is DocFin and Gugu?!

  7. I didn't finish today's show yet, but, to me, Parker looks like a woman, and Krissy looks like a child, it does not seem right for them to be romantically involved. I don't know how old Krissy is supposed to be, but she looks very young to me.

  8. It was sooo nice to see Diane, Piffy, Dr. O, Laura, Felix lately, let's have more ensemble cast and less screen-hogging. Glad it seems that Scotty will be on again, now we just need more Mac, Felicia, Bobbie--and bring back Lucy and all the other vets!!

  9. Wonder if Griffen is also a priest?

  10. OpenID a4571a2e-f219-11e5-ace0-cbf1d62e324b said...
    Wonder if Griffen is also a priest?

    I was also wondering if Griffin had at least spent some time in a seminary.

    AntJoan said...
    I didn't finish today's show yet, but, to me, Parker looks like a woman, and Krissy looks like a child, it does not seem right for them to be romantically involved. I don't know how old Krissy is supposed to be, but she looks very young to me.

    And I was thinking the same thing about Krissy and Parker, AntJoan. I didn't get a good vibe at all. I wish they'd drop that story line. if they want Krissy to be gay or bi let them find someone her age.

  11. "AntJoan says . I don't know how old Krissy is supposed to be, but she looks very young to me."

    I think she is 19 or 20.

  12. Krissy looks way too young next to Parker. Lexie is 23 and Krissy should be around 21. Hayden looked dreadful in Diane's suite. I don't know why she treats Liz like she is mentally challenged - awful writing. Can't wait until she gets outed.

  13. Yeh I wanna say Kristina is about 21. As for HayRach, can't stand her or the way she talks to Liz! I can't wait either, and if Nik sticks by her and not Liz, I'm gonna smack him upside his heas, one last thing, I wish Hayden would brush her damn gnarly hair! Is it just me?

  14. I've been thinking that Parker was her last name lol

  15. Been watching gh for many years. So disappointed with this 'forced upon the rest of us' and their obvious sick gay agenda! !

  16. Are we supposed to know who Rachel Berlin is? I can't find anything about the cahracter online.


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