Monday, March 28, 2016


This Rachel story is SUCH a mess. WHY the freaking hell isn't she Susan at the very least and working with Paul? Why should we care about this Madoff thing? WHY!? Liz wants to call the police..Laura says no because they may investigate her shooting more.
Nik gets mad, leaves to stay at the Metro Court-- "Spencer is on Spring Break" ... like what? did the kid go on his own to Europe? LOL
Liz and Greens RayHay fight. 

Laura visits Scotty about the law books. He didn't circle the letters in there

Sam asks Jason if he wants to PI with her. I swear to the Hearing Gods I can NOT understand half of what was said in that scene. 

I thought they said they were going to the Qs but they go to GH and he visits Tracy.  "Worms, huh"?? Then he talks about the hospital pudding. Tracy says "you got Monica to get cook to make the Q recipe" that's why it's so good. 
Then Tracy thinks Jason is Edward ..her Daddy. 

Finn is totally Dr. House with a bit of spectrum thrown in. He's blunt: You may die from this. He mediates! :eyeroll:
Later, he yells at Dr. O and says he'll sue unless he can be her doctor. He'l call the medical board on GH for cutting into Tracy's brain. 

Paul and Ava.. she is scared. He wants to protect her. She says no. 

END: Hammy Finn injects himself main-line style with some drug. Is it a hormone treatment? heroin? Cassadine shape shifting or immortal drugs? 


  1. That definitely didn't look like the type of needle that an addict would use for injecting drugs. It looked more like something you'd use for a lumbar puncture. And an addict would never use his arm if he's hiding his habit as his arm would be scarred and his habit obvious. (It was a very weird scene.)

  2. I vote for immortal drugs. Calling Caleb or Stephen, sorry PC fan here. Loved how he botched at Dr O. As for that stupid law book, has it occurred to Laura to just write all the letters on a piece of paper and make sentences???? This storyline and Rachel Berlin are two biggest letdowns!

  3. I vote for immortal drugs. Calling Caleb or Stephen, sorry PC fan here. Loved how he botched at Dr O. As for that stupid law book, has it occurred to Laura to just write all the letters on a piece of paper and make sentences???? This storyline and Rachel Berlin are two biggest letdowns!

  4. Hamfinster's hotel room: He is doing yoga!!!! :)Hmmm does he have anxiety and just trying to relax himself? Is GuGu doing yoga too?! So basically,

    HamFinster: OM! OM! OM! OM!

    GuGu: OM OM OM OM!


    Laura and Liz: Oh Liz! Don't bother Laura with all your nonsense!

    Laura: Why do I know that name? Oh my God I remember!!!

    Of course you do Laura! ROFL! I bet everyone in Port Chuckles is going to remember Raymond Berlin!!! While the audience never heard of him!

    Mr. and Mrs Snails: They are still arguing over the Berlin Wall. Her mother's uncle is Bernie Maydoff! Raymond Berlin and Bernie are BFF's and were working together. Oh come on! Just confront him about his hiring someone to shoot you! For crying out loud!

    Liz and RayRay:

    RayRay: You are not going anywhere you brittle bitch!

    WOW!!!! Fight fight fight!!!! :) I was waiting for RayRay to say you need a burger! Then she grabs one and shoves it in Liz's face! ROFL! Come on you two! Enough talk and start punching!!!! :)There ya go Liz!!! Oh oh RayRay is in shock! Geez slap her back!!! Come on!!! Let's get some action instead of the verbal diarrhea!!!

    Liz: I only know this. Nicholas has truly loved one woman. She was generous and kind. Inspired him to be a hero.

    Oh Liz are you talking about Emily?! UGH! Please shut up! Now I am going to throw up.


    Paint and wall with toddler Cheeto: Zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh time to go to Grandma's house!! YAY! Of to grandmother's house we go! :) Oh wait.... Monica is not at home she is at work!

    Scotty and Laura: Looks like Scotty has a zit. Scotty threw out the law books after they broke up back then. :( How sad. :(

    Scotty and Ava: Hmmm. What is going on here?!!?! :)

    The hospital:

    Paint and wall with toddler Cheeto and Monica: Awwww love Cheeto and Monica together! Sweet! Wait. How did Paint and wall know Monica was at work? Did Alice tell them that Monica wasn't home and working?

    Tracy's room: Tracy wins the line of the day!!

    Tracy: And you came right over? Wow! A doctor that responds to his patient's needs.

    ROFL! And the look on her face when she said it hahahaha!

    Tracy: Why didn't you bring me a copy?

    Dillon: I just didn't think it was the right time.

    Tracy: Are you kidding? I'm your mother!!

    Awwwwwwwwww! :( Yes Dillon she is your mother. She wants to know about your life to matter what!!! :)Sweet scene! Oh oh! The worm is eating Tracy's brain!!!!

    Tracy: Here is the pecking order of your love daddy.

    1. Mother.

    2. Monica.

    3. Emily.

    4. Cook.

    5. That mutt Annabell

    6. Alan

    7. AJ

    8. Then me.

    :'( Poor Tracy!

    Dr. O and HamFinster: WOW! What a scene!!!!! Bravo!!! Love it!!!!! He was ANGRY! :) I want more scenes with them!!!!!

    Paul and Ava: Ava flies in with her cape! So basically,

    Ava: Give me my recording!

    Paul: No!

    Ava: Grrrrr. Then take a hike! Grrrrr. I want nothing to do with you! Grrrrr!

    Recording: I told you! I am with Chris Christie!!!!!

    Nik's hotel room: So basically,

    Nik: No police!!!!! Rachel may or may not love me. She may or may not be trustworthy.

    HamFinster's hotel room part 2: Uh WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!! Hmmmmm. Is it medication? Is he sick? Is he trying not to turn into the incredible hulk? That needle is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE! This character is very intriguing. I likey. I lovey!!! I want to learn more! :) Does GuGu need the needle of medicine too?! Is he giving his blood to GuGu?! So many questions! :)

  5. "Michelle Latta said.. Loved how he botched at Dr O."

    It was glorious!!!! :)

    "As for that stupid law book,has it occurred to Laura to just write all the letters on a piece of paper and make sentences????"

    I thought that too!!! But yeah she did write it all on a piece of paper finally! :)

    1. I agree it was and yes that needle was huge!! Love angry Finn, hot stuff! I didn't see Laura write the letters down, thank you.

  6. LOVED Finn going off on Dr. O. Can Monica become chief of staff again, please? I also loved Liz slapping Hayden/Rachel. No one is more deserving! I don't think Helena would make it so easy for Laura. Ava ... Zzzzzzz.

  7. I loved it too! Wish Monica were still COS as well. Wish Hayden would go away....

  8. "Michelle Latta said... Love angry Finn, hot stuff!"

    I love angry Finn too!!! Yes hot stuff!!!! Does GuGu get angry also? And does she throw her dinner around? :)

    "I didn't see Laura write the letters down, thank you."

    You're welcome! :)

  9. NEW GH PROMO!!!!

    All secrets are deep. Some become dark. This week on #GH.

    Krissy: Would it be so bad if I'm gay?

    Me: Well, are you going to whine and whine and whine about it? If you are, then the answer is yes. :)

  10. WHAT was that shmata that poor Ava was wearing? WHY do they dress her like this?

  11. "Michelle Latta said...


    ROFL! :)

    "AntJoan said... WHAT was that shmata that poor Ava was wearing? WHY do they dress her like this?"

    It was Ava's cape! She is super Ava! :)

  12. Sorry Sam fans, but what the hell is up with those mom jeans they keep dressing her in?? She's been wearing them quite a bit lately and I wasn't really a fan of that oversized black jacket to go along with them today. I also wasn't a fan of that pinkish Z Cavaricci-looking pleated pant mess she wore several weeks back. All I'm saying is that they should be dressing her better.


  13. LiamAZ I agree. They've been saving a lot of money on Sam's wardrobe for a couple years now. Time for something elegant and nice.

  14. Ava's dress looked like she was going to take flight. Good lord. I hate them too. She has a green one just like that red one.

    I think Finn is taking Cassadine immortal or serum drugs .. maybe he is Valetin. Although, come on-- Helena outting him at her will reading would have been glorious

  15. Finn's angry outburst at Dr. O and need to stay calm probably have something to do with the drugs. This is definitely a weird story. ME has nice chem with Dr. O and Carly but he falls flat around Tracy & co. I don't think ME can place serious without being boring. His range is very limited so hopefully the writers keep that in mind or else this is not going to be good.

    I've been absolutely hating Billy Miller in the role of Jason so it was a pleasant surprise how great his scenes were with the Quartermaines yesterday. Played very well with all the family stuff and I thought it was sweet when he expressed concern for Tracy. BM lacks chemistry with Mo(I blame Mo) so doing Stone Cold & the Sason bromance is not the way to go at all. Let Jason, Sam and Danny be brought into the Quartermaine fold.

  16. I don't know who came up with the Rachel story line but it stinks. Greenlee is sucking all the air out of the show. I don't hear half of what Sam and Jason say but I don't care about them either so it's ok


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