Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Blood Drop

It's daylight savings time.  UGH..I loathe it.  We need to leave Mother Nature alone! I don't know what time you are waking up to, but I'm sure I'm an hour behind!

I almost forgot to write Surgery this week! I usually start it right after Friday's show to get things organized but this Friday was Nancy's funeral so...?? Off my GAME!! I am playing catch up.
Funny thing is, as I sit here now on Saturday night I'm realizing a lot of GH was forgettable this past week. 

We got muffins from Wegmans for breakfast so I'm going to have my lemon Poppy Seed. 

20160307 1404(24)

I feel like the entire week should have been Tracy's brain. Jane Elliot is a marvel and I love her. 

20160307 1404(28)

And thank you that Monica is in on all this as well. YEAH!! She was tough, kind and the relation you need around in a crisis. Let me break down the whole medical drama for you. Ok, so, Dr. Mayes (he's the crabby one) thinks for sure Tracy has cancer. He is doing a biopsy to prove it. On the other side is Dr. Monroe (he's the cute one) thinks it may be something he saw when he was 'on a mission' in Mexico. He knows Tracy went there and tells Dillon (the dull one) what he thinks. 

20160309 1509(24)

Dillon gets some gumption and tells Dr. Mayes to respect him and let Dr. Griffin consult. Dr. Mayes gets all mad. The does the biopsy in 3.4 minutes. A record time. 
This is the single best thing on GH right now. I love the bit of medical mystery. I love having Tracy as the patient. My only wishes? That Epiphany was around and that Alice would come visit. Remember when she was in the hospital? Tracy was always there! Anyway, this is the way to use the hospital! I like that they brought in a "Dr. Mayes" who's not a regular player but a good actor and expands the staff a bit. 

On to the other bits of the show: 

20160307 1456(27)

Oh how I brood. Oh how dire my life is with this Hayden mess. First I hire Sam, now I fire her. What shall I do? 

20160307 1455(46)

Hay-Rachel wrote in Nik's Gatsby first edition. Laura knew what a bad idea that was and told Nik. He doesn't care! He loves Hayden now!

Meanwhile, my old-bitchy Laura got busy calling Hayden a 'weed' heh. "A daisy is nothing but a glorified weed'!!  My reason for living these past soap months is to hear Helena's will. Thanks to Ms. Reagan, I can watch this Monday. (I was in a meeting Friday) I so hope it's as awesome as I'm imagining it!! I know--getting my hopes up rarely works out but hey!! I'm going to be excited anyway. 

Laura also schooled Sam in the art of Curses. Laura knows curses. She should have told Sam to get her carpet bag ready! 

20160307 1457(34)

We're moving! We're getting a bigger house! Rocco no longer needs to sleep in a drawer!!! Horray!

20160307 1447(8)

So, Sam got this guy to come to the Metro to talk investments but really wanted to find out about Rachel. He wasn't telling though and she had to resort to stealing his phone contacts. Hayden watched from the shadows and realized Sam is on to the whole "Rachel" thing. Sam, in usual fashion calls Spinelli for help. Not that I don't want to see Spinelli, but this it so rinse/repeat it's funny.

20160308 1527(45)

It's Dr. Indiana Maddox bringing Jordan some food! Then, he goes to the Metro to talk to Anna about Griffin. She thinks he might know something. He says she doesn't. The one thing that was important is that there were hot undercurrents running along with those two. So, watch out! 

20160309 1507(40)

Carlos talked to Paul. Paul offered Carlos immunity if he'd come back and testify against Julian. Carlos told him to go to hell.  Oh! and Felix showed Michael a photo of Sabrina's baby. No gender yet. (she didn't tell him).  Michael talked to Sonny about Sabrina and Sonny told him she ran off to be with Carlos. Michael's upset. 

20160309 1554

How did Sonny find out Carlos is alive? Why, his new BFF Anna told him!! Yep!! He went over to her house to thank her for warning him about the FBI and the shipment. She left him alone to 'find' the photo of Carlos. Seems that Anna thinks Sonny can help her. Now, that part I don't mind. I did mind her fawning all over him.  Whatever. Sonny is of course 'gonna track down that rat bastard and kill him' so.. deed done. 

20160309 1458(10)20160309 1505(4)
20160309 1609(31)20160309 1609(38)

FACES OF THE WEEK: Will be featured first this time because it was such a big part of the story. Jason and Carly talking about his past. The FACES he made were amazingly hilarious. Caught between bored and IDGAF. Heh. More faces followed when they went to the morgue and Carly told him her version of his relationship with the whole family. Jason wants to move forward and 'start over'.  Carly reminded him that going back to the Qs might not be a good idea.  Gee, thanks Carly. 

20160309 1440(11)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Tracy talking to her family in the Q crypt.  So good. 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Jason's plaque. SO symbolic.  He's keeping it. Sam cut herself on it right before Helena's will reading. Foreshadowing the curse? Me thinks so! 

There were great pains this week to try to explain how Sonny is GOOD Mob and GOOD for the town. I still say he needs a damn vacation. Just go to the island for awhile and let us rest. 

Griffin was about ready to tell Anna the truth and he gets called to GH. OMG--between this and the Rachel "mystery" I want to just tear my hair out. 

This was on twitter as Easton's "new Look"... Um, okay. I guess a hair cut does it. Will YOU recognize him?! Can't wait for character Number FIVE! :eyeroll:  Catch the new GH promo, it's pretty fun. 


  1. Well, GM, Karen, I am first again!! Thanks for the great Sun Surgery, happy DST!!

  2. I so agree.....especially that Sonny needs a long vacation. The only thing I agree with him about is my hope is he does get rid of Carlos forever!

    1. Yeh I think almost all of us would agree that Sonny needs a vacation or at least we need a vacay from him. I'd be so happy to never see him again.

  3. I found most of this week rather boring, in fact I fell asleep watching!!I think the Tracy scenes were the best, JE is such a great actress. Now that Sam and Jason are getting closer, something is going to keep them apart?Is that why she pricked her finger on the plaque? Sonny does need to go to the island for a vacation!!Take Carly,Michael,Morgan and Baby Avery!!
    I am hoping the reason Jake is being recast is because he is really Lucky's and not Jason's!!!If they are SORAS"him,they need to do the same for Cam!!!

  4. Naw, Cam will forever be 11. LOL They'll de-age him every time! LOL

  5. lol I actually heard they're S0RAing all three - to teenagers. I hope that's just a rumor. Aiden should not be aged that much. Maybe Cameron will be Aiden now. PMSL.

    Thanks for the great surgery. Those Jake faces say it all about his character. lol

    And ME's haircut looks like a kid got at it while he slept. I guess they just wanted to take a few inches off the unstylish mess so that it would be back to "normal" in a few weeks.

    And i loved the Monica/Tracy scenes this week too.

    Thanks for another great surgery.

  6. I tuned back in for the Tracy scenes. Loved them! Still too far and few in between. Definitely need more of the hospital staff like Piph and Liz involved as well.

    Really hope they get something going for the Jason storyline because Billy Miller looks miserable right now. He had such a different energy and liveliness about him when he was with Becky/Liz. Now he's just so blah. I'd like to have him explore his Q roots and leave the mob BS in the dust but these writers worship at the shrine of Saint Sonny sooooooo....ugh.

    Any guesses on where Jason's new place will be? Sonny's old penthouse perhaps? Also hope he buys Patrick and Robin's old place for Liz and the boys but maybe that's where they'll put Lante.

    Looking forward to the will reading!

    Great blog Karen! Happy DST! I think I'm the only one who likes DST! LOL!

  7. Hate this talk that Jake is really Lucky's. Maybe Danny is really Franco's. Jasam fans need to stop the hate they won. Now move on.

    1. Exactly. I'll never stop my love for liason but I hope it's not true that they are going to make Jake Luckys. I did also love Jason more with Liz. I'm sorry but 0 chemistry with Kelly, but with Becky, so much more.

  8. People: They are going to make Jake Lucky's!
    Me: I don't even care.

    LOL not ONE BIT. the Liason people will freak the hell out nah whatever.

  9. I'll recognize ME, been waiting a long time :) I hate DST too. Billy M has 2 expressions bored and really bored. If they make all of the kids older how can Emma come back to visit?? :(

  10. Truly? I think I will actually stop watching. I hate when they change history.

  11. nance24 said... If they make all of the kids older how can Emma come back to visit??

    Who knows. As is they've aged Joss so much that she's now around the age Morgan should be which means she can't be Jax's kid any more. Carly wasn't with Jax 13 years ago. But the hell with history.

  12. "Ok, so, Dr. Mayes (he's the crabby one"

    Hehehe. Dr. House! :)

    "On the other side is Dr. Monroe (he's the cute one)"

    UH HUH! :)

    "Dillon (the dull one)"

    Hahahha. He wasn't dull the other day! He told Dr. House out really well! :)

    "This was on twitter as Easton's "new Look"... Um, okay. I guess a hair cut does it. Will YOU recognize him?! Can't wait for character Number FIVE! :eyeroll: Catch the new GH promo, it's pretty fun."

    Oh I was going to share the promo with everyone! :) Yeah the promo is fun!!!! :)

  13. Karen, if you ever have the time, you have to do a character list where you include (the _______ one) for each person. OMG those made me laugh, and I can just picture you doing an entire blog of that. Please???!!!?!

  14. Can Dante and Lulu go in the happy couple closet. Why is this show so boring right now. I wish the show would keep Dante and Lulu divorced. I agree about Sonny going to the island.

  15. Karen Indiana Jones hat was gift from Jordan about a month ago.

  16. I guess I am old fashioned, but All the men on GH need to shave, including Michael Easton. Love the clean shaven look and short hair for the men.

  17. I'm with you Mandy. They're bringing ME back and the only difference in looks is a few inches off the hair- not even restyled. It will be back to his old look in a matter of weeks. They should have done a complete makeover. It's ridiculous. Give him a buzz cut, a shave and a change of hair color to at least make him look like a new character. but nooooo...He wouldn't look like a cute vampire then, gazing off into the abyss every time he's talking to a woman.

    And Dante and some of the other actors are now not shaving. Why would a young man with dark hair want a grey beard coming in? They obviously don't want to shave every day and the sloppy look is easier.

    1. ME is sexy and his hair is a part of that. I would shudder if they made him get a buzz cut! I like a clean look but some men are sexy unshaven also.

  18. Michelle I agree with you about ME's hair. To me the only thing less attractive than a buzz cut is a completely shaved head. ME has beautiul hair - I am thankful they didn't make him cut it any shorter. They could all lose the facial hair - don't care for that look.


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