Tuesday, March 8, 2016

OMG. Such a sloooooow day today. Really Sloooooooow. I'm not just being mean either. 

Paul and Anna, yada yada. 

Hayden/Curtis...talking about nothing. She's like..leave it alone. He's like..you are hurting. She's like never mind.
She leaves. Runs into Sam at the Metro, trying to find out why Baxter was there.

Liz and Nikolas. talking about the house and Hayden. Nikolas wants Sam to call off the Rachel investigation. You know she won't.

I think Spinelli comes to help Sam. Didn't he investigate her already? 

Um..Oh! Lante tried to make love in "the bed" but Lulu couldn't. -____- Didn't we see this before?  Looks like they are going to move into a house.  Lulu wants to go to counseling.

Curtis brings Jordan dinner..in his Indiana Jones hat.  They talk. 


  1. That cat picture is adorable Karen haha!

    The Chandler mansion: Oh the camera is stalking Anna!!! Oh oh the Camera sees the light of a car and hides! Oh it's Paul visiting! Anna talks to Robert on the phone! YAY! Hey Anna's sweater, and Paul's tie matches. :)

    Anna: I had this feeling as if someone was following me.

    Someone IS following you Anna!!! Who is it? Is it Griffin? But why would he be there? Does he want something of yours that has your DNA Anna? Does he want to prove that you are his mama?! Or is it Duke?!!?!?! Is he alive?!!?! :) I just love Paul and Anna's scene. She gets so close to him! Just kiss already! :) So Caaaarbrina was in Toronto, then the Grand Keys, then went to London. Oh I get it!!! So they buried their baby in Toronto, then went to the Grand Keys to mourn, then decided to live in London. :) OH! CAAAAAARLOS CALLED PAUL! YAY!

    Metrocourt restaurant: So GreenHaydRachel is still playing hide and go seek, but then got tired of it and wanted to leave. Oh hi Curtis!!!! :) WOW A woman hangs up on Sam after she brought up Rachel?!!?!!? Very interesting. What the hell did GreenHaydRachel do to this woman?!

    The floating rib: Curtis and GreenHaydRachel scene! YAY! Their scenes are so very scarce!!! Come on you can tell Curtis what is wrong!!! He likes you. He wants to help!


    Liz and Nik: Actually, you should really listen to Liz, Nik!!! She is right! And it seemed like she learned from her mistake! Now Liz go find BobTodd and have more banter! :)

    GreenHaydRachel and Nik: And of course GreenHaydRachel and her big ears had to overhear Liz and Nik chit chatting! And then she peed on herself.

    Nik: Oh I told Sam not to look into your past anymore.

    GreenHaydRachel's thought bubble: Oh whew! Now I will have to change my panties to dry ones.

    Lante home: Yes Dante!!!! You get it!!!! Of course Lulu can't make wuv on the affair bed! And yes you have to move!!! Time to get a house!!! Going to marriage counseling, oh no, I bet those scenes are going to be very BORING! Lulu keeps bringing up the divorce. Can't they just rip it up? Oh wait maybe the lawyers have a copy of the divorce. I guess they will have to get remarried? UGH!

    Jordan's office:

    Indiana Jones: The way things are going between us, I figure this is our last meal together.

    Oh you noticed that too huh? Yes time to end it!!!! Wow she is actually eating!!!! They are showing us that the food isn't fake. Oh goodie gum drops they worked things out. So he asked her out on another date. Does this mean they are officially dating? OH CURTIS YEAHHHHHHHHHH! :) YOU TELL HER! Great scene with Curtis and Jordan!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant part 2:

    GreenHaydRachel decides to come back and play hide and go seek, but then changed her mind and decided to dance with Sam. She even twirled. :) Sam doesn't want to dance.

    The floating rib part 2:

    Oh great Sam and Liz scene! Sam listen to Liz!!!! :)

    The line of the day yesterday: I forgot to mention yesterday who won the line of the day. It was Tracy.

    Tracy: Anybody else you like to invite? Maybe the janitor?



  2. sonya said... I just love Paul and Anna's scene. She gets so close to him! Just kiss already!

    You just made me throw up in my mouth. :(

    I agree. I love Curtis. He has such a pleasant voice. And I like them together.

    Your review was way more interesting than most of the episode. lol If I have to listen to hours of counselling with Lulu and Dante rehashing this stuff over and over again for another few months I'm going to rip my ears off!

    I'll keep the smelling salts handy for tomorrow. lol

  3. "Di said..You just made me throw up in my mouth. :("

    Awwww! I'm sorry. *hands you pepto bismol.

    "Your review was way more interesting than most of the episode. lol"

    Hahaha thanks! :)

    "If I have to listen to hours of counselling with Lulu and Dante rehashing this stuff over and over again for another few months I'm going to rip my ears off!"

    Oh I know!!! It's going to be brutal!!!

    "I'll keep the smelling salts handy for tomorrow. lol"

    Oh thanks! ROFL!

  4. sonya said...
    Hey Anna's sweater, and Paul's tie matches.

    I loved Anna's outfit. Very UKish.

  5. "Bobby Bear said...I loved Anna's outfit. Very UKish."

    Yeah so did I! She looked so cute! :)

  6. Andre bought Jordan dinner, Curtis is Hayden friend

  7. Why can't Dante and Lulu be with other people for a bit. How much more whitewashing is the show going to do on Dante for having feelings for Valerie or does the show think some viewers are stupid. Can Dante and Lulu fix their marriage offscreen.

  8. I haven't watch show yet It's so boring anymore. There was a time when I couldn't wait to watch this show. The writers could write a love story back I the day. Sonny/Brenda, Brenda/Jax, Robin/Stone. It just feels like these writers and the last crew rush through it. When I here the Jasam fans and Liason fans complain about the chemistry I always think it because there's no build up. The last time I felt the romance was between Ned/Olivia. Paul/Ava was just sex. Nik and Hayden bore me. It was fun when she was a nemph but now, who cares. I ff them, along with Jasam and Carson. Franco/Nina were cute but it was like ok will have them seal the deal for New Years and now cause 'baby drama' and Liz friendship.

    Then need to get rid of bloated cast and give us some romance.


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