Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Tracy was in the crypt talking to the dead. Dillon comes in, she totally forgets who Alice is!! She seizes again! 

Meanwhile, Dr. Griffin thinks something else might be wrong with her, but he needs to see the MRIs to make sure. Monica will let him see them.

Tracy is taken to GH. Dr. Mayes tells Dillon (in the hallway) she has cancer. HE's like CANCER? I think Griffin realizes it's not cancer but not sure yet. He yells at Dr. Mayes in the hallway about it. He thinks it may be due to her travels to Mexico. 

Sonny goes to Anna's house. Anna (and local law enforcement) is SO grateful to him for everything he did at Julian's wedding!!! SO SO Grateful.
He sees a photo of Carlos that Robert faxed to her. He's like:  is Carlos alive?  Then he says he's going to kill the Son of a Bitch. 

Oh well, good move Anna. Telling a mobular guy all that.  She wants Sonny's help to bring in Carlos so that Jules will pay for Carlos' death. 

Paul tells Carlos on the phone he's not safe anymore and to come home.  He'll give him immunity if he does what he says.  He wants him to testify against Julian. Carlos says he's never coming back. 

Jason and Carly talk about Jason not working for Sonny anymore. He wants his own place. Will he get Lante's??  He asks about she and AJ She says it was a good thing Jason helped her take Michael away from the Quartermaines. Well, all except Lila, who she likes. 
Carly tells Jason he might not be working with Sonny but that doesn't mean she has to go back to the Qs. 

Felix and Dr. Griffin were cute, kinda weird scene but cute.  Later Felix shows Michael a pic of Sabrina's baby. She wrote Fe a letter but didn't tell him if it's a girl or boy. 

END: Griffin is at Anna's he's going to "tell her the truth" 

**ALERT: Little Jake has been recast. Thank you. 


  1. Maybe Anna wants Sonny to off Carlos so that she can be all like "I didn't do! Sonny did! Arrest him!"

  2. Little Jake has been recast? Maybe they want someone shorter than his older brother. lol

    I mentioned a few days ago that I thought the trip to Mexico might have led to a parasitic infection that could cause those symptoms. That much better than another cancer story.

    I can't wait to see what reason Griffin has for following Anna.

  3. Glad they are recasting little Jake, the kid is good, but a little creepy.. hopefully they will let him be more like a little kid and not so creepy. I too hope its something other than Cancer for Tracey. Loved the scenes between her and Monica.

  4. SaveOurSuds - that would be pretty sweet. Anna leveraging the criminal to do the dirty work!
    However, I am afraid that GH is writing her as sincere towards Sonny and once again Anna Devane affirms a "bad boy." How many is that now? Duke the mobster, David Heyward the evil doc on AMC, she was fascinated with pyscho Faison for awhile when he first came on, she and "player" Noah Drake (either that or his alter rock star persona...I can't remember) had a summer fling, she and Luke...And of course Robert, the spy who isn't above going rogue. I know she has some double-dealings in her own past and maybe that's the kind of guy she is naturally drawn to as well, but for once can she take a hard line and clearly rebuke them...PLEASE???!!! Hell, she's even passed the trait down to Robin who gets all mushy over "bad boys" as well. It's really tiresome after awhile. Anna should be better than that at her age!


    1. We've all had our bad boy phase, I know I did....

  5. Does anyone share this memory? I thought that when Sabrina's baby was born, someone said it was a girl. I do not think that picture is of the "actual baby." I think they sent a pic of a baby with dark hair and eyes to throw Michael off.
    Although I am not generally impressed with the actor playing Dillon's acting, I thought he was pretty good at the shock that the doc telling him his mother had cancer. It was totally out of left field, and Dillon looked properly stunned.

  6. ishouldreadmore said... I think they sent a pic of a baby with dark hair and eyes to throw Michael off.

    I think you could be right. Remember when they both looked shocked when the baby was born and I said at the time that maybe he was blond? lol I still think that would be a great plotline.

  7. FYI Karen--it's Dr. Munroe. (Dr. Maddox is Andre.) I was all...why is a shrink conferring on a brain lesion? huh? tee hee. Hey, once McBain is on as a doctor we'll have a fully staffed hospital!

  8. They should have him come on as a specialist in emergency medicine. That way he has a reason to be in on most cases that come through the door. And they don't have to limit the injuries to head trauma, for example, because the main doctor was a neurosurgeon.

  9. OH, NO, little Jake recast? I was SOOO happy when the actor returned, meaning Liz got her child back, it was very cathartic. AND he looks like (the real) Jason. I also love continuity, and seeing the same actor several years later made me happy. I think the kid is a good actor, I hope they rethink this, but it's probably too late.

    1. Me too! I'm so disappointed they recast, he was such an adorable 3 yr old then they killed him and brought him back alive with the same actor, only to recast!! Bummed!!

      LOL @ Karen, "barf" :)

  10. Metrcourt hotel:

    Carson Table: Nice family gathering, and then Carson table, turns into Carsason table! :) So basically,


    Jason looks so excited seeing Carly too! ROFL!

    Jason I heard about Michael.

    Sonny: Yeah he is at this place called the Freedman clinic. He is getting the help he needs.

    Oh yes. The Freedman clinic! That has 22 clinics all across the United States, Mexico, and Canada! Where they can let kids be kids! :) It's awesomeballs!!! Then all of a sudden, Michael and Sonny had to leave! Hahahahaha. So basically,

    Carly: Oh I am so glad that you don't work for Sonny! I wouldn't want you to! It's way too violent!! Guns are bad! That's why I threw most of the guns in the harbor.

    Paul: Paul on the phone with Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos. NO CAAAAAAAARLOS DON'T LISTEN TO PAUL! :(

    The floating rib:

    Griff and Waitress: Hey the waitress likes my Griffy. :)

    Waitress: And how does your woman handle that?

    Griff: There is no woman.

    I was waiting for him to say he is gay! ROFL!

    Griff: There is a woman I am interested in, but not the way you mean.

    *turns around and looks at Anna*

    Griff's thought bubble: Mama! *sigh*

    Michael and Felix: My first thought about the baby picture, was that it's Felix's baby picture! WAIT!!!!! It's Carrrrrrbrina's baby?!!?! THE BABY IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Wait who sends someone a baby picture and not tell them if the baby is a boy or a girl? That is dumb! Come on writers! Why is the sex of the baby such a secret? Do you writers not know yet what you want the sex of the baby is? You should have really thought about that! Even when Paul was talking to Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos, about the baby! Still a secret.

    Paul and Anna: More talk about my baby Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! :) Oh Paul is touching Anna!!!! Kiss already! Sorry Di. :) *hands Di pepto bismol again* :)

    Griff and Felix: Boy Griff is in such a hurry to try to catch Anna!!! Oops she lost her thanks to Felix hahaha. Hmmmmm? Is Felix interested in Griff? Hey Felix are you and that reporter guy still seeing each other?

    Q Crypt: Tracy's scene talking to her family is so sad. :( She does win the line of the day.

    Tracy: Do not think that you all can drag me down with you. Not you mother. You obviously made it upstairs. But the rest of you are you so bored with the afterlife that you need me to entertain you.

    ROFL! Oh Tracy! :) She hears a noise.

    Tracy: Alan?

    :( Oh Tracy! :( Dillon and Tracy scene was so hard to watch with her seizure!!!! Please no more seizures!!!! :(

    Carly and Jason:

    Carly: The Quartermaines tried to take my baby away from me, because I was a no good trailer trash.

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!?! She just admitted it!?!?!?!!?! HOLY COW!!!! :0 Well you are no longer that Carly! You have changed. :) Wait a second. Shouldn't they get Monica's permission to get that Jason Morgan plaque out?

    The hospital:

    Dr. House and Dr. Griff: Great scene!!!! :)

    Dillon and Tracy: Dillon said twice that he think he should call Ned! YES! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Sonny and Anna: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! She wants Sonny's help?! She is so desperate to get Julian that she wants Sonny's help, Damn! And that picture of Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos, geez it's obvious it's Sabrina with him! :)

    Griff and Anna: Will he tell her the truth, or will he lie? I wonder.

    1. When Tracy asked Monica if she was gonna die, I lost it, then she was talking with Dillon, I think he did well even though not a big fan. Looking forward to Ned coming back. Pretty sure I'll lose it in their scenes.

  11. I was hoping you'd put up a picture of Jason when Carly was talking to him at the Metro Court and he had his face smushed into his hand. He looked like he was getting his teeth drilled. Why does Billy Miller often look so bored??

    I didn't like Carly being the one to talk to Jason about the Q's, since she is the person who broke their hearts by taking Michael away and allowing Sonny to hang AJ on a meat hook until he signed away his parental rights. It's not her place to tell Jason he doesn't have to go back to the Q's. I was hoping this Jason reboot woukd bring him closer to them. There need to be stronger family relationships on GH besides the mob families of Corinthoses and Jeromes. Finola Hughes and Jane Elliot great as usual.

  12. Little Jake is being recast? Really? That's good but I wonder why?! To be less creepy? :)

  13. Panda..there are MEMES all over FACEBOOK with that Jake picture. Someone even took a video of it! LOL!!!

    Sonya, I think that little Jake was struggling with the acting.

    and OMG Maddox, Monroe and Mayes. I CAN'T KEEP THEM STRAIGHT! JESSZZZZZZZZZE sorry Thanks for the catch.

  14. "kdmask said...Sonya, I think that little Jake was struggling with the acting."

    WOW! Karen the queen of Wub is talking to me! YAY! ROFL! Um yeah it looked like he was struggling.

    "and OMG Maddox, Monroe and Mayes. I CAN'T KEEP THEM STRAIGHT! JESSZZZZZZZZZE sorry Thanks for the catch."

    Hahahahahaha! Potato potatoe. Tomato tomatoe! :) And when all three are together in a scene, we can call them MadMonMayes. :)

  15. Thanks Karen, I have to find those memes. I think his expressions must encapsulate how he feels about being on GH!

  16. Whoever does it, Anna, Sonny, Micheal, Paul..... Even Laura Spencer it doesn't matter, just someone kill Carlos and get it over with. He's such a d-bag


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