Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Randolph Mantooth Discusses his General Hospital Stint

Randolph Mantooth talks about his days on GH.. 1992-93. Oh Lordy!! Those were the Wendy Riche years. Head writers appear to be changing like the guard then. but it looks like he's talking about Bill Levinson. (that's the bathroom encounter lol). 

He played Richard Halifax.  I wasn't really watching GH much from 87-92ish and just started up again when Genie and Tony came back on the show in 1993. I don't remember his character.
Thx to Frank for finding this tidbit for me! 


  1. If I remember correctly his character was involved in that awful Holly/Sabrina storyline with Bill Eckert.

  2. Good actor! Will always remember him as Johnny on the old Emergecy! show...Watched it all the time in the 70's as a kid and he was my hero.

  3. Did you do your homework regarding EP & HW or did you know that from memory? Took me a hot minute to figure out you were right on the money.

  4. There is a comment in SOD from April 1993 where Riche asks Mantooth knows that the ambulance in the old opening was from 1972. He made an off-hand remark that it was about time that they changed it.

  5. I remember him from Emergency too, Anon. Loved that show.


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