Thursday, March 10, 2016

"The Heart Has a Long Memory"

Sonny telling Michael Sabrina is with Carlos. Michael's upset and tries to figure out if she left any clues. 

Anna and Griffin at her house. He's going to tell her the truth and...HE'S CALLED TO GH! Welp!

Nik and Laura getting ready for the Will Reading. Sam comes in.
Laura and Hayden snipe at each other... Laura tells Nik how stupid it was for Hayden to write in the first edition. Laura tells her later that "Daisy was such a COMMON flower, like a glorified WEED" LOL! I love this Laura.
Sam and Laura talk about the curse . Laura says she didn't believe in curses until Helena. 

Dillon at the hospital.  Dr. Griff and Mayes yell about how to treat Tracy. Dillon tells Dr. Mayes he's a Quartermaine and to DO HIS JOB!  Tray's biopsy takes literally 1.2 minutes! Geesh! She's wheeled away when Griff and Dillon start to talk, and Brad comes out and goes: She's done! 

Maddox and Anna at the metro she wants to know if he knows why Griffin is following her.  She feels like she met him long ago. 

Jason and Monica in the crypt. She  tells Morgan he is kind. And that she loves him.  He remembers Lila talking to him. Then he takes his 'death plaque' with him. 

Later, Jason and Sam meet up at the Metro Court. 
Sam calls Spinelli to help with the Hayden thing. 
Jason goes off to see his new apartment. Sam stays because of the reading of the will. She cuts herself on the plaque Jason left and bleeds.

TOMORROW'S GH interrupted for Nancy Reagan's Funeral. SO, Will reading on Monday. Good for me because I had a meeting at 2pm tomorrow!! 


  1. Why does Jason have a new apartment? Why doesn't he move into the penthouse with Sam and Danny? This is weird. Bet he has Johnny's old place.

  2. It's amazing how everyone just gets immediate apartments and houses in PC without lawyers, real estate agents, etc. And the places are perfectly furnished! And no one has to fix up the place, paint, etc. (except for the brownstone, which NO ONE lives in). And, no one ever cleans their houses either, or does laundry, or anything! Wow, no wonder why soaps are so popular, this is the ultimate fantasy!!

    1. It's a soap lol...we're trying to escape reality that's why we watch haha!!

  3. Except Liz's house. I have seen her do laundry a lot and talk about fixing dinner and they leave toys all over her floor so we remember she has kids.

  4. AntJoan--you're so right. My best friend's hubby recently got in a little legal trouble and she called me to vent. I told her I was sorry I couldn't help, but everything I knew about the law I learned from soaps. Then I asked if her husband could fake a multiple personality? It was my only advice. haha.

    Also--when half the town lives in a hotel or in a castle, I guess they have housekeepers!

  5. I was hoping for more with the Lila-Jason memory. A real time flashback would've been nice, I mean if it really happened cause we know Jason has a new face so they could have played it. Would've been nice to see Anna Lee. :)

  6. lol AntJoan. The ultimate fantasy also includes the fact that young people never have to work in PC either. And if they do need a job they get a family member to give them one that they pretend to work at.

    Great advice, CareyN. PMSL

    I laughed out loud at the look on Tracey's face today when Monica kissed her. It was priceless!

  7. "The Heart Has a Long Memory"

    I was thinking of putting that as my theme! We think alike!!!! :)

    The Q Crypt: A fake audio flashback! Horrible!!! So disrespectful of Lila! I hated it. Why couldn't they use the real audio flashback!? The Monica and Jason scene was great! I loved it! :)

    Chandler Mansion: Griffin admits to Anna that he has been following her, but wants to go inside her house to talk?! ROFL! What?!!?!?! :) Anna wins the line of the day.

    Anna: Okay what the hell was that?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Indeed Anna! Griffin was acting so strange and goofy!!!! He was basically all,

    Griffin: Uh I uh I uh. I have been following you. Can we talk inside? Oh no of course not I understand. Can we talk somewhere in public? Uh I oh I got a phone call. Oh I gotta go.


    The hospital:

    Tracy's room: Wow did you look at Tracy's lips?! So pale!!! Great makeup!

    Tracy: That is one unpleasant man.

    Well DUH! :) Oh!!!! MaysGriff scene! SQUEEEEEE!

    Dr. House: Is Dillon Quartermaine the patient?

    Dr. Griffy: No.

    Dr. House: Who is?

    Dr. Griffy: His mother.

    Dr. House: Are you her doctor?

    Dr. Griffy: No.

    Dr. House: Well, who IS her doctor?

    Dr. Griffy: You are.

    Dr. House: My God you're right! I am her doctor. Not you. Which begs the question who the hell do you think you are?

    HAHAHAHAHA! Love the dialog!!!! Fun fun fun! I want more MaysGriff scenes!!!

    Dr. House and Dillon:

    Dr. House: You have two doctors in front of you. Pick one.

    Pick Dr. House!!!! So that Griffy can go back to Anna so he could talk to her. :)

    Dr. House: That is correct son.

    Dillon: You can address me as Mr. Quartermaine. Now my mother is waiting in the OR for you to perform a brain biopsy and while you are doing that,I am going to have a conversation with Dr. Monroe. I am assuming youa re okay with that, and if you are not okay with that, I don't give a damn! Because I am a Quartermaine and I don't take orders from you or anyone where my mother's health is concerned.


    Brad and Dr. Griffy: Oh Brad!!!! You are being naughty!!!!! :) Bad Brad bad! :)

    Tracy's room part 2: Wow that surgery was lightening speed!!! Dr. House is a fast surgeon!!!

    Wyndemere: Oh! The WILL is finally going to be read? Geez it's about time!

    Nik and Laura: I notice they are showing Spencer's picture, but it's fuzzy!

    Laura and GreenHaydRachel: Oh wow!!!!! Laura just called her a glorified weed!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    GreenHaydRachel and Sam: GreenHaydRachel peed on herself again and Sam is still wearing those shoes!!! Throw them away Sam!!!

    Laura and Sam: Awww that is nice that Laura apologized! :) Glad Sam forgave her. Uh Sam you idiot, the curse has already started on you! Didn't you falling down the stairs and almost died from an explosion, make you realize that you have that curse? I guess not!

    Sam and Nik: Sam forget what Nik is saying! Listen to Liz!!!!

    Sam on the phone: YAY! She isn't giving up! And she got Spinny to help! YAY!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Dr. Maddox and Anna:

    Anna: You ARE my friend. Who is dating my other friend Jordan. And I am your patient. Aren't I?

    Maddox: Well you haven't officially fired me so technically yes you are.

    Anna: Alright then. What else is there?

    Oh no ICK! The writers are starting with them! There is going to be a love triangle with Jordan, Maddox, and Anna isn't there? UGH!

    Wall and paint: Whispering and chit chatting. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh Wall is moving! Where is he going to move to?! Brownstone? (I wish!!!!) Lante's? A new set!?!!?! :) Oops Paint cut herself! WAKE UP SAM! IT'S THE CURSE!!!! DUH!

    The floating rib: Poor Michael! He misses and still loves Sabrina! :( Oh forget it Michael she won't call you back! She threw her phone away!!!!!

  8. AntJoan, also, there are no bathrooms in PC. Not since Brenda nearly got shot in the shower. The only showers now are in the doctor's locker room.

  9. Yes, I remember sooo well that scene with Brender, it was AMAZING, I loved Brenda and Sonny soooo much . . .

    Karen, is it true that there will be no GH tomorrow at all anywhere due to the funeral?

  10. "AntJoan one ever cleans their houses either, or does laundry,"

    So you want to watch someone do laundry? :) Hey a guy on the show can do laundry shirtless! I would LOVE to watch that. :)

  11. Sonya, Not that I particularly want to watch anyone do laundry, but people CAN speak to each other while doing household chores, Liz does it, I think she is the only one :)

  12. Not only are there no bathrooms but there are no kitchens. I think Anna and Dr. Maddox are really cute together. Watch out Jordan. Had to ffwd. Sonny and Michael-sorry AntJoan but I can't stand to see him everyday. Monica and Tracy are priceless. We did get to hear Jason with Lila, but he had the new voice. If he had his old voice he would have been recognized as Jason when he returned from the dead.

  13. "AntJoan said...Sonya, Not that I particularly want to watch anyone do laundry, but people CAN speak to each other while doing household chores, Liz does it, I think she is the only one :)"

    YES! She does do that, which makes me very happy! It's the little things they do that makes it realistic that I love! :)

  14. Teresa Castillo posted a tweet on her twitter account that said the baby picture that Felix had of Sabrina's baby, is her real life baby!!!!! :)

    Awwwwww! :)

  15. I'd love to see Maddox and Anna hook up. Jordan treats him like an afterthought. She's "too busy" to go out with him..To busy running the most incompetent police force ever. No wonder Sonny's enemies want his territory!
    If I ever need a biopsy I want Dr. Mays to do it. Yea he's an arrogant prick but the dude is FAST!


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