Friday, March 4, 2016

Forgotten Meds?

Laura and Maurice did a great job with the material about Morgan today.

Morgan told Maddox about not being able to have sex. He wants out of the hospital NOW!
Carly and Sonny come over later. Morgan is all manic again (meds must be crappy).  Diane says Morgan has to be committed and PAUL will drop the charges. Sonny realizes he has to do that. Morgan is freaking out. Oh this is good. He's pleading and crying--asks Diane for help. She tells him no, she's seen him grow up, wants what is best for him.
VERY Powerful scenes. WOW..great.
They did transition way too quickly I thought, getting him out of bed and in to see Kiki but them's the breaks. 

Nathan and Dante eating lunch at the apartment. Dante has finalized divorce papers. Later, he tells Dante about lying to Maxie. Dante says: tell her. 

Maxie and Lulu (not eating) at the Rib...Lulu is opening mail LMAO she sees the divorce decree. Cries, takes off her rings. 

Ava and Julian talking about kids, guns...mob yada yada 

When Maxie gets home he doesn't tell her ... they hug
Lulu goes to the apartment to see Dante. (just stands at the door) 

END: Morgan is talking to Kiki. He leaves and THEN she wakes up and says "Morgan" to an empty room. 



  1. SOD gave GH the thumbs down this week because of them trying to force Morgan and Kiki as a supercouple. LOL He brings her back? That would be epicly romantic if I cared about the pairing.

  2. kd said... Morgan is all manic again (meds must be crappy).

    That's the one part of the Morgan scenes that I found totally unbelievable. Were they giving him placebos? he should have been much calmer after a few days on meds, or at least sedated.

    His crying scene at the end of the scene with Carly, Sonny, Diane, and the doc was really good.

    P.S. Oh damn! Kiki woke up.

    1. I was pretty bummed too, I was hoping she wouldn't make it this far!! Maybe she'll relapse, sike!

  3. Actually it takes more than a few days for any psychoactive drugs to take effect. Besides the side effects the other common reason for non-compliance is that people give up on them because they don't work quickly.

  4. The hospital:

    Carson home: Come on Sonny! Listen to Carly! Morgan needs to go to a special hospital!!!!!!!

    Morgan's room: Oh man! This was hard watching! Great scene! Great acting all around! I'm glad Sonny FINALLY realizes that Morgan HAS to go to the special hospital! When Diane was leaving, It looked like she was going to cry! Morgan made me cry!!!! :'( BRAVO to everyone!!!

    Outside Kiwi's room: More of Ava and Julian's inappropriate chemistry. :) They always talk so close together, that it looks like they are about to kiss! Julian wins the line of the day!

    Julian: Oh hell no you cannot see my niece.


    Kiwi's room: Great scene with Ava and her daughter. And then with Morgan, basically,

    Morgan: You gotta wake up Kiki! I will love you forever!

    Morgan Jr: Yeah you gotta wake up! So we could do you!

    Wow! Morgan has got magical hands! He woke Kiwi up!!!

    Kiwi: Morgan?

    Me: Shut up!!!! Go back to sleeeeeeep. Shhhhhh.

    The floating rib: Oh no! More whining from Lulu and more rehashing! Enough already! Oh divorce papers. Great! Oh no! Now Lulu is crying all over the place! Maxie has grown so much I love it!!! :)

    Naxie's home: I'm confused. Is this the next day or the same day? Cus if it's the next day, how come Nathan isn't at work? Oh wait must be the same day just later. Nathan and Dante must be having dinner. Oh Maxie shows up! So basically,

    Maxie: Oh forget Claudette! I forgive you! Your past is your past and you don't need to tell me!

    Oh crap! Now we won't know about Claudette probably for months!!!! UGH!

    1. Wouldn't it be nice if they could tell a few stories with quick arcs? Instead of lasting a year two?

    2. Thank you! I'm so glad someone else noticed that creepy incestuous moment when Ava had her hand on back of Julian's head. I legit said "OMG... ARE THEY GOING TO KISS??!"

  5. RH and ME video! :)

    RH: Are you going to do your John McBain impersonation?

    ROFL! I love these guys!!!!!

  6. Where's all drama at. No one's mad at anyone. I just find this show as boring as can be. I don't even have a couple to care about anymore. I don't even care about a couple I used to care about anymore. I can't wait till Valerie's back on my screen.

  7. "emily said...Thank you! I'm so glad someone else noticed that creepy incestuous moment when Ava had her hand on back of Julian's head. I legit said "OMG... ARE THEY GOING TO KISS??!"

    Hahahaha! They are always like that! :) I wonder if the script tells them to get close, or they want to be that way. :)


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