Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Short Sheeted

Anyone remember short-sheeting beds? That's what GH felt like this week... you put your legs in for a nice comfy lie-down and...BOOM Stopped short. 
The  "New Year's Eve" episode came the day after the
"Christmas Eve/Christmas" episode. If the show wasn't interrupted,  there would have been the weekend in between so it shouldn't have seen so jarring. 

Time sped ahead with a "thunk". We didn't even see presents opened!!

Speaking of time...put on your miniskirt scrubbies and join me!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yesterday's GH and New Scoops Sonny Teviah  from Fiddler on the Roof? "We only need your BLESSING PAPA"!!!
I'm THE PAPAAAAAAA!! THE PAPA! Tee hee. I was starting to like Ol' Trey too. Huh.

Starr is knocked out "We were going to publish our sex videos online" LMAO CAWNIE. And she wheels 200 pound Johnny out in a garbage can-- and then puts him in the trunk? Oh come on.

SO MUCH SEXIS TIME!!  I loves it!! 

Todd is in deep with Carly. Too bad because I like them. 

SPOILERS ARE UP: Yep..The car crash will take care of Trey-- Connie hangs from a cliff. Secrets come out and find out what happens to the baby.

Friday, December 28, 2012

So, Do It Yourself Blog Today!

RIP Uncle Moose, lover of Christmas and Disney World1

I've had a death in the family... another one. I'm off today and not sure when I'll be back on.  I hope to do some Sunday Surgery.  We'll see.

Use this to let me know how the show went! Thanks

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's NEW YEARS EVE!! Already!!

Yep, big jump there lol

Ellie is trying to light a cig-- because she and Spin "Broke  Up"--- I so don't care about her. Sorry but I don't.  

Lulu had on SUCH an LA Mini dress. LOL.  and MAXIE got an apartment make-over? Was that blue foil? Did they put that up to make us mad? We hated the other wall paper so they PUT THAT UP instead? OY. 
LESLIE sent cookies to Maxie? Where is she living? Ummm. 
Loved the giggling Lante and Maxie did over that book. 

So, Sonny couldn't come to talk to his daughter--because he's at the GYM FOR A PHOTO shoot. WTF... whatever. How stupid. 
Alexis even wants Krissy to leave. AND BTW, No, She's not leaving..something happens and she doesn't make it. (CRASH)

Christmas Eve was said 11 times in the first 30 min!! LOL and now it's New Year's Eve-- and Michael and Starr were in bed the entire time LMAO 

Johnny is tied up in the Haunted Star... for a WEEK?? He bit Cawnie. That was pretty fun. Why can't Johnny yell all of a sudden when Starr is there?  

BTW, Not having Anna, Robert or Duke on this whole time  is just lazy, imo. That's a huge break and for what? Filler days like today? Um, no.

YOU VOTE: Best/Worst New Character of 2012

A Nurse..
A Bride

So...which NEW characters do you feel was the best/worst of 2012?? Too bad I can't put The Lady in White (Cassandra)  in there, she was LAST year.

Sabrina, the Nurse Betty of the show? 

Felix, her side kick? 

Dr. Obrect? She of spooky accent?? 

Britt? Sex bomb..and possible offspring of said Doc? 

Cawnie? (can we count her?... she is a "NEW" character, yes??) 

You may also pick from OLTL people: Starr, Tea...Todd-- Blair-- John

Trey, even though he's a gonner...

Joe Jr.  Tracy's lovah! 

Ellie...of EllieSpinelli? 

(No recasts ie: NuXtina who would get my vote if possible)

I would nominate the Duke Mask  lol... but that would be cheating! (Scene stealer, he was!!) 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Of Course She Can Walk...IT means She can See Ghosts"!!

Say Max and Milo of the word "Paramour" lol

Alice's sweater was awful! LOL...Liked Maxie's penguin jammies.Ellie's dress was a what we called a "Grandma Maxie" back in the day-but this was a mini. 

Carly gave Michael the ELQ Voting Proxy!! WOW... hmmmm. 

TJ and Molly were absent "volunteering at Angel Soup Kitchen" ...

Maxie was as selfish as ever, calling Spin for nothing. Ellie's waiting for him. Maxie starts cramping. Spin rushes her to GH.

"Merry SKANKMAS" Carly says to Cawnie...Cawnie says "HO HO HO" ahahha!! Then Connie shows up at Sonny's for the "free booze".

Michael tells Starr he was raped. Then they have sex.

Lucy looked fab as people tried to get her voting shares. She's going to get funding for the ball using this, just wait.

Maxie is PG and Ellie is PO'd. Watch out! 

Rumor Patrol: Steve Burton to Y&R

It was predicted the moment he announced his leaving GH--especially given the fact his BFF Jill Farren Phelps has gone to The Young and The Restless. Seems the rumor is now rampant on twitter and several soap sites,  and in an article in


While the news, still unconfirmed by CBS, is certainly fantastic it's not exactly out of left field: Burton and Phelps are longtime friends and business associates (they're currently working together on a telenovela project) so it wasn't hard to imagine Burton someday popping up in Genoa City. C'mon, we all expected it! But so soon?

Oh yes, we did expect it. Will Scott Reeves be next? Hmmmm.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Repeat GH Today

Have your Pizza and Rejoice to the new and improved GH for this and next's hoping that it continues!!

Tragedy Hits Close to Home

Too Well Loved to Ever be ForgottenWebster, N.Y. -- Two firefighters have died after being shot at the scene of a fire on Lake Road in Webster early Monday.

Webster's Police chief confirms that another two firefighters were also shot and are being treated for their injuries.

Chief Gerald Pickering says one of the firefighters was able to escape in his private vehicle, while the others remained pinned down for around an hour.

The fire started around 5:30 a.m. at 191 Lake Rd. near Bay Rd. Webster Fire tells 13WHAM News that a gunman opened fire on the fire crews.

Of those first responders, Webster’s Police chief says firefighters Mike Chiapperini and Tomas Kaczowka were shot and died at the scene. Chiapperini was also a member of the Webster Police Department. Kaczowka was a member of the fire department and a 911 dispatcher.

The other two firefighters that were shot are Theodore Scardino and Joseph Hofsetter. They were transported to Strong Memorial Hospital and are listed in guarded condition. Doctors at Strong Hospital say Scardino was shot twice, once in the shoulder and once in the knee. Hofsetter was shot in the pelvis.

A fifth individual, off-duty Greece police officer John Ritter, was injured by shrapnel.

Pickering says that the suspected shooter has been found dead near the property where the fire began, and that there is no longer a threat to the area. No details about the suspect have been released.

He also said that the suspect may have created the fire as a trap for the first responders.

We're told four homes were destroyed as a result of the fire. 33 neighbors in the immediate area were evacuated from their homes.

My friend, Evan Dawson with Channel 13 has been between scenes all day...this on his son's second  Christmas Eve. There are no words-- this has to STOP.  Peace to all families and Webster township. Bless the firefighters that volunteer to go save people's houses and property. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Spoilers are UP!

Great new Scoops are up! Car Chases! Cliff Hangers (literally) Ellie gets an operation-- Spin and Maxie? All sorts of Shenanigans!


REMINDER: Tomorrow's GH is a Thanksgiving Day  repeat  (worth the watch if you missed it the first time) and NO Show on Christmas Day.

Sunday Surgery: Petri Dishes and Propofol

It was a week of...well..hmmm. Monday was pretty snappy because  it was really Friday's show from the week before. I of course, LOVED the Lucy Coe part.  I'm really not into Sabrina the Nursey Betty. But, one must take the good with the bad!! Newbie Felix is shaping up. Britt is becoming a nice soapy beeatch to hate. Paddy saw Robin speak on a DVD and AJ told the truth.

It finally snowed here, so get your boots on, snuggle up!! Ho HO HO... HERE WE GO! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Slayer ...

Lucy names one of her cosmetics  "Slayer" reference to  her Being the Slayer on Port 
Charles. LOL

And WHY DO ACTRESSES NEED SO MUCH freakin' BoTox????? I am NOT MENTIONING NAMES but WTF... that's just WRONG. Age the way you're supposed to. UGH

Lucy broke into the Q mansion by finding the spare key. LOL ..No security system? 

Tracy has on a Santa Hat!

Not in the mood to blog today much, sorry. 

Oh and PS...too bad the NRA guys couldn't blame Marilyn Mason this time.  Guess I'd better get my Kevlar  ready when I go back to work in January  @@

Post-Mayan Check IN!

Wubbers, Twubbers, check in on this lovely winter solstice day!! Did the world stop where you are? I knew once our Aussie and NZ readers were safe, so were we!! Let me know you're ok, and what you're doing today to celebrate the shortest day o' the year!!

IT'S LUCY COE back in Port Chuck day...since she's a slayer, coincidence? I think NOT!! Day's not over yet in North America.. hopefully I'll see you at 2:30ish!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"I KNOW What a Breast Is, Todd"...

Says Cawnie. LOL. Todd says "I'm"  :) I want Cawnie Tawd sex because they are just so dang fun together!! What the heck.
OMG TODD interrupts Starr and Johnny..JUST YOU WAIT!! aahaahhahahaa. Johnny was THISCLOSE to telling Starr too!!  Todd was so fun today.  Starr is so stupid "How DID I MISS you"?!! DUH! 

Brandon Barash was amazing today. He plays "desperation" so well! I saw him sluggin' the Johnny Walker Black!!

Ellie is hatching a PLAAAAAAAAAAN. You can't be handling them zygotes like that, walking around with her hands on the jar in the hall. Good gravy. SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE GLOVES ON!! There's  WAY more to this story that's coming, btw. Hang on.
Alexis and Mac had a cute talk today. Her boobies were out! LOL

Sonny runs to Carly ..w.ah wah AND AJ TELLS Michael the TRUTH!! Michael of course, yells at him. Hello..SONNY COULD  HAVE IGNORED AJ!! ugh..
Carly 'Sonny, you know he's (michael) is your son"... make up your mind, Carly--first he was Jason's now  Sonny's?! If Tony was around he'd be his too. lol

LOVE THE FLOWERS in the Q foyer!! LUCY COE on tomorrow!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

GH Christmas Party...

I'm sure more photos will be coming in but here's the first!!

Prospect Park Rears It's Head Again

I'm not going to even pretend I know what the hell is happening with this..or what it means..or ANYTHING. A lot of posts are popping up and I'm sure we'll hear more soon. This is the link to ATV Today with some of the scoops. 
It's also unclear what this means for the OLTL characters on GH-- not sure if they were "rented" from PP or "bought".
Crazy Biz that Hollywood!

The abandonment of the planned continuations was the end of the story for many with fans mourning the passing of One Life to Live and All My Children. In true soap opera style though it appears there’s a twist in the story and that the end may not have come for either serial after all. Deadline reports that a new deal has reportedly been agreed by Prospect Park and several Unions.
Although there is no official word from Prospect Park regarding the rumoured deals talks are said to be underway between the company and actors from both soaps. A number of OLTL actors did sign up to continue their roles – far more actors than for AMC – before the deal fell through. Of course several OLTL actors have since cropped up on ABC’s last remaining soap General Hospital playing the same characters.

"Connie Sexed Up My Book"!!

Alexis thinks Molly wrote all sorts of naughty stuff in the book and that TJ 'taught' her that!! Tee heee.

Shaun is Sonny's Jason now. LOL...and btw, Sonny you lost control.  Many times.And I'm getting tired of the AJ/Sonny hate. Sonny's trying to drive AJ to drink. HE's all threatening.  Michael wants to ask AJ about the "set up".

Connie and TAWD! Gunning for Johnny!! Poor Johnny..hope you read the spoilers!! Connie figured out Todd switched the babies. Giggle-- and she YELLED it in time for Alexis to hear!  Todd says "Connie dresses up like a Jungle Hero" LMAO

Starr is trying to tell Michael she thinks AJ set Sonny up. Michael took ALL SHOW TO GET IT.

Johnny calls Diane to "confess" -- She's stunned he's the one that shot out Anthony's tires. Johnny should have just killed Connie. Even Todd would have backed that ticket. Diane tells Johnny it's Murder One for what he did. Diane is working with both Todd and Johnny. whoops

Johnny shows up at Starr's and ..end scene. 

WHERE'S JOHNNY??????? says TODD just like Jack in The Shining... 

New Spoilers are Up and a Fun Poll !!

Someone naughty got Carly this sweater last year!

So, scoops are up..Johnny's days may be numbered!!! Vote on Carly's Christmas gift,  or add your own!!  WUBS NET

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"I thought I'd bring her to you"!

 Lucy was trying to figure out who could pay for the ball besides her.  Sonny, Q's.... Todd Manning. LOL ..Looks like  Lucy might be broke!! She is broke. She said she's running a pyramid scheme. THOSE OF YOU that know Monavie and GH history have to be DYING right now!!

Maxie is scared about becoming PG!! Awwwww. Talking to Spinelli. Ellie heard that Spinelli would have chosen Maxie--and left. He sees a future with Ellie..not Maxie.

Britt asking Liz out--  Liz hates her! Yeah!! I do too..and I love bitchy Liz.  She's so much more interesting this way! !

ROBERT...that better be Propofol and NOT A KILLER drug dang it!! wahhh!!He almost tells Anna that  Robin is alive and PROPOFOL! I was right!! :) Ron and I are mind melded lol.

Robin on the DVD to Patrick!! Awwww. snifffff!! So sad. HISTORY of her thinking her HIV came back, remember that story? She tells him  to "move on" Oh I HOPE IT'S NOT WITH STUPID BRITT! AND YEP, he calls her..ughhhhhhhhhhhhh She steals Liz' movie "Christina comes home for Christmas" and takes it to Patrick's  house. That movie was made on One Life To Live btw, as a segway story-- with Natalie. 

Didn't think it was the person it turned out to be!! NICE JOB!

Monday, December 17, 2012






ROBIN SCREAMS...ROBERT HEARS HER! GO GO SCORPIO! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! Oh naoaoaooaoaoaoaaaoooooooooooooo!


Renee was a madam by the way, OLTL reference. 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 WUB AWARDS --General Hospital

 Here we are again!! Another year gone by-and what a year it's been WHEW!! The entire show flipped upside down and management just changed like new boxer shorts. This year has been trans formative in so many, many ways. We've gotten Q's back, OLTL characters, people who were "Dead" and gone all popping up again. The Nurses' Ball is coming!! I honestly never thought I'd see Lynn Herring back on this show.  Makes me a little teary-eyed. Wolf wrote until the end of Feb. It took awhile to tie it all up but this fall GH has just rocketed UP up AND UP! 

So, see if you agree!! here we go:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

From The Heart

Photo: My cousin, such a light! Xxoo
Emile Jean Trimble and Dana Carvey
Today I said goodbye to my beautiful cousin Emile. At her core, she was a light and an incredible joy to be around. She was an actress, songstress and  theater actress. She will be so missed.  Emile put on shows at Busch Gardens and loved little children. As the priest said today, perhaps she was there to greet the little souls that were entering at this moment.

I was driving to Williamsburg all day Friday and only learned of the Newton tragedy on my phone through twitter. By the time we got to our hotel, the news was horrific and made an already difficult day/weekend all the more sad and terrible.

I wrestled with the idea of not publishing my WUB awards tomorrow but have decided to do so because we all need a bit of a distraction and as Emile would say "the show must go on'. So I will put the blog up in the morning.

As someone that worked in public schools for 10 years and continues to work with 4 and 5 year olds on a daily basis, this sort of crisis is just unimaginable. Yet, it happened. Makes me wonder about so many things.

See you in the morning.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scott Reeves Leaving GH

Scott Reeves  (Steven LARS) tweeted he's leaving GH in February. Details to come! 

Scoops are UP!

THERE'S THE BUBBLE!! ewwwwwwwwwwww LOVED it. Nice face melt!! Anyway, new scoops are up on the WUBS NET.  I shall be away until Sunday. Please LOOK FOR THE SURGERY in the blog on Sunday however,  as it will be the Annual GH WUB Awards!!

Have a good one, you can use this for comments today and tomorrow, I will read later to see what happened. xxoo

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Anna, Robert, John... Robert is all "I KNOW He's alive" and ANNA'S ALL "I know" LMAO... I so hope she's Faking. It should have been Luke with Robert though. They CALL BACK HIS PHONE!! Whoops. John turns the heat up...Duke's not sweating. 
"That's NOT YOUR FACE" lol....
Anna trips up Faison with a "snowy night" ..he got it wrong. Then Robert pours fondue over his face.  His face melts off.
Ian Buchanan was FANTASTIC  again today. So was Anders  Hove and I so felt for him  a little 'Love me just a little Anna"....

Josslyn runs to Johnny! Carly says "you don't GET to miss me"!! Brandon Barash looked so sad. Then TODD interrupts his confession... of COURSE. 

Publisher calls about Molly's book, that is--CONNIE's BOOK. WHO cares! Not me. That's for sure. Todd won't stop the printing of it. Cause he's mean like that lol.
Johnny and  Connie "Johnny clean my panties"!!! he yells at her. Then he says he's going to confess to everything and leaves the room.

Maxie is allergic to the hormones! EEK! Looks like me after scotch and garlic  combos (seriously). Maxie was just allergic to FOOD..not the hormones. Lulu's mad she didn't read the label.

AWWW DAVIS girlies decorating. SAM IS SUCH A DEBBIE DOWNER! GOD!! geesh!! Trey has the tree. He tells Xtina he's leaving. Yep..bye Trey. He's going to work on a DAVID VICKER's FILM! 
Danny in the Santa suit was adorable!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Lavery Back In His Cage?

ROBERT AND JOHN arrive!! Anna sees NON-Duke..eeeeeeeeeee and he takes her phone battery. Dr. O is snowing John and Robert.  They catch her on the phone. And Anna goes into his arms thinking he's DUKE!! 
robert and john ROLL ON IN... 

NOT ENOUGH of this on the show..too much FLUFF! 

DO I care about the rest of  the show? NO...LOL. Only note how Liz grills AJ before helping him. heh. AJ tells Liz about how Jason was "before" his accident. 
Jr. Jr.Mints skulking around in TODD's office..*sigh* Todd to  Molly about Connie "Oh, honey, most people are so much worse" LOL  Todd's publisher wants to publish Molly's manuscript but we all know it's in Connie's name. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

An UnKnown Week..

I feel like Tony Geary...having to bow for "personal reasons"...I am going to try to keep up but have to attend a funeral in VA later in the week and am finishing up quite a bit of things here. On Sunday, we'll have a little treat so stop by to participate, ok? 

I feel more guilty about this end of my life than the "real work" I do! LOL... scary. 

I can stay for the first half, as GUS needs his stitches out today!

Betty and Liz..Liz gave her the background on Lucy Coe. 

Nancy Lee Grahn was adorable today!! WOOT! Val from DWTS was on in all his ab glory. AJ walks into the gym... taunts Sonny. Sonny taunts AJ

Alexis and  how they are mixing the cast up! 

ANNA WAS FANTASTIC ON her Faison reaction. And Duke coming in...nice. Such a great actress. What a scene. WOW. I wish that was the whole show.  Just those three, in a room!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Administration and Overhead

While this week didn't leave me too breathless...and I have to say, GH has become so consistently good that I can tune in and just expect to see a decent show. Even when it's having a 'catch up' week it's fun and entertaining.

Frozen over  WUBBERS!!  

I had a few friends on FB tell me they are watching again. Anne in Texas was like "WHAT THE HELL!! It's my old show back!!" She hadn't watched in THREE years and was really surprised that she loved the show so much.  AND knew the characters...(that's what happens when vets are around).

WHO is responsible for this? You know who: Cartini.  the writer and head producer of the show. I really have  to give them credit for turning  this show around  in both story and ratings.   GH is fun and moving pretty fast--and has the cast pretty integrated.  
When I was ragging on Guza and Frons about 'their' show, some people defended their choices by saying 'network' dictates--or budget dictates. Huh...funny how these guys seem to work around all that and make a fantastic show WITH HISTORY attached. AJ, Lucy...Anna, Felicia, Robert--Faison, Helena-- Ghost Alan, Ned, Skye, Monica and who knows who else. Some are recurring, some are cameos. The point is: they are there! ELQ!! And sorry to the OLTL haters, I am so loving this connection, I can't stand it! (squee!!) 
I have my rainbow scrubs on!! Let's go!! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

RC Responds to Felix: To Fey to Play Gay?

On the  Towelroad Blog, there is a post you should read regarding the newest gay character "Felix" on's what Ron has to say about it:

To Andy Towle and the readers of this blog: My name is Ron Carlivati and I am the Head Writer of General Hospital. I am also an openly gay man. I created the character of Felix Dubois, the "lipstick-wielding gay male nurse," and I am frankly appalled by the intolerance and internalized homophobia expressed in this post and in the majority of its comments. During my career, I have brought no fewer than six gay characters to daytime television: male, female, Black, White, Hispanic...all shapes and sizes. I have written coming out stories, gay bashing stories, gay marriage stories, gay parenting stories and gay love stories. I wrote the first love scene between two gay men that ever aired on daytime TV. I won a GLADD award for these stories. What exactly is it about this character that is causing such righteous indignation? The fact that he carries a tube of lipstick in his scrubs? SPOILER ALERT: Felix sells cosmetics to put himself through nursing school. This will be revealed on Monday's show. Not because I think gay men love lipstick, and certainly not to "establish" himself as gay. But even if that were the reason, so what? Does this make him too queeny? Not straight-acting enough? Is that the only type of gay character allowed on TV now? As far as I'm concerned, to be offended by this character is what is offensive. And just FYI, the majority of women (our core audience) I have heard from thus far about Felix have expressed to me how much they like him. The only people who seem to have a problem with him are certain gay men who are apparently afraid of a gay character who might be portrayed as a little bit effeminate. Well, I say shame on you, and shame on Andy Towle, too. Oy, indeed.

Posted by: Ron Carlivati | Dec 8, 2012 12:08:10 AM

Interesting. Many of the same things were debated on Twitter about ol' Felix. I still have no opinion since I haven't seen him, I just caught the end of the lipstick scene.  

Friday, December 7, 2012

"Nurses. Have...BALLS". Says Todd?

Temp Betty-- "Sabrina Santiago"..well there you go-- asking Todd for help with the money!! 

Starr and Michael...hee hee... about the whole thing.  Michael says to Carly "I've been a little busy" YOU THINK?! Carly is such a blabber mouth.

Diane is trying to get AJ out by turning over

Tracy and ROBERT!! yeah!! Love them... "Luke trusts you".... 

FAISON'S FACE!! he's peeling it off...  YOU KNOW he's going to have Anna see DUKE and HE somehow--

NURSE BETTY AND TAWD!  AHAHAHAAA... "Don't call me Shirley"... 
"AIDS IS SO 90's... so HAMMER PANTS" says Todd.  He's too broke to help. 

AJ was  cleared BITCHES! 

AND ANNA SEES FAISON at the end of the show!! WOOT!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lulu's Having a..DOG?

Olivia sees Lulu carrying a doggie in a baby pouch LMAO...IS IT A JACKAL?? oh lord, no.  So, will Maxie and Spin have a ONS ala Lucy Coe when she was surrogate for Serena? hmmmm. 

Maxie was freaking out in Kelly's with her hormones. LOL She might be a fun nuts PG person.

Robert's sounding all OutBack on us! "Ya kent locks me up"! John knows Faison from his FBI days. No one's believing Robert much. Anna goes to ask Olivia about her vision. 

I think Anna's bewitched. WHOA..come on, girl WAKE UP!!

Stupid Connie why does she want that book? So she can pretend  to write it? Oh whatever. TJ and Molly are going to be interns at the magazine? LOL!! Okaaaaaaaaaaay. 

Starr thinks Johnny killed his grandfather, that's why Connie's blackmailing him.   Ah..well, he's off the hook. I do think his guilt is going to eat him alive though. Todd and he are arguing. 

BTW, Anna will "SEE" Faison in Switzerland..letting  "NONDUKE" off the hook. There. Scoopie for you.

Follow Ian Buchanan (Duke) on Twitter! @KilttripUSA

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

in at 2:37 today..

I've been SO late every dang day this week! Today it starting SNOWING-- and yesterday it was freekin' 68 out!!  What. 

What did you think of Felix? I didn't see him yesterday...

Ah, geeze, I liked Carly today.. Laura Wright was great in her scenes with Maurice. 

POOR MOLLY...her book is gone!! I'm hearing there's a "REAL BOOK"due out in "Connie Falconeri" she steals Molly's book. heh. (look on Amazon to pre-order, it's there) 

AJ remembered Faison in the clinic-- NICE...tying him in. Although there's only ONE  hospital in all the world and  ALL the PC people were there? AJ is going to turn in Faison to get out of his charges.  AJ got a photo on his iPhone of Faison ahahhaa. 

Anna arrests Robert...geeze. Hold up there. Poor Guy..where did she get so stupid because she would totally KNOW THAT WAS FAISON!!!!!!!!! ;/ Just the smell alone. But ok. I'll go along because Finola is such a good actress. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


For the second half of the show!! Loving how IB is acting all "Faison Like"!! He even holds the coat strangely. 

HOW was Dr. WestNile? Felix does a 'make over' on Nurse Betty and she gets lipstick all over her teeth. GOOD GRAVY.


Sam and AJ are bonding over some Q food. 

Britt tries to explain the whole medical procedure in an "Authoritative" voice. I could have used a pamphlet instead. How can GH have stellar actors then...just not. oh boy. They SAY Maxie's heart transplant shouldn't be a problem.
I disagree.

Anna catches Robert in NonDuke's apartment.  Whoops. "THIS IS FAISON" says Robert...and then scene. Nice.. 

Late On Arrival

 CATV 8 20121203 1313(19)

I'll be late on the blog today-- much to do..sooooooooo DO IT YOURSELF if you wish. I'm  DVR'ing it and will comment here later.
Let me know if I should bother.

Although lately, the show is kickin' it soooooooooooooo.....You know I will!!  

news is out: Maurice re-signed his contract. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

"The Wrench Murderer'??

No, the Manslaughterer...heh... and a shirtless Dante. Hmmmmmmmm. Is it unusual for actors to have a lot of ink like that or not? I know some do--but wouldn't it limit your parts some? I mean  HE HAS A LOT. I guess that's where make up comes in if need be. We found out they have a memory foam bed. STUPID LULU says "She can live with us"! yeah...right. You live in a postage stamp. LOL

Helena and Robert..yeah! She had on my fave pink suit. She's feigning ignorance. And sounded pretty funny repeating Robert's story-- is this a reality show?? "The Real Cassadines of Spoon Island"??!! 
Helena is fun under RON!! "You did freeze the world"--no THAT WAS Mekkos-- and THAT WAS THE 80's!! She was PRICELESS today! 
AND SHE KNEW...played it perfectly.

Anna and Non-Duke--blah blah. I keep trying to see Faison and him.  

Maxie and Spinelli--heh, she was really mean to him. Heh. He's not happy about the bay-bay!! 

CIA guy comes in, 'Tomas' is not around. Big surprise. Not sure if/when Ted King is tapped to come back.  Carly says: Who IS he? Alkazar or Tomas? Huh? HuH? 


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Second Hand Smoke

 CATV 8 20121127 1358(17)

I can't decide whether or not I'm accepting Faison smoking --because he knows better. Maybe I'll chalk it up to desperation. Still... you go to ALL the trouble of faking Robin's death, kill a bunch of people-- get an expensive rubber mask and speech lessons --all to blow it on a cigarillo? Then again, maybe he's so obsessed and deranged he HAS to smoke to keep his edge off. 
Well, Ol' Robert found it--made his "Columbo" face and we're off!

Put on a filter mask and scrub that nictotine off your fingers-- it's time for the Surgery! 

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

  I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FO...