Friday, December 7, 2012

"Nurses. Have...BALLS". Says Todd?

Temp Betty-- "Sabrina Santiago"..well there you go-- asking Todd for help with the money!! 

Starr and Michael...hee hee... about the whole thing.  Michael says to Carly "I've been a little busy" YOU THINK?! Carly is such a blabber mouth.

Diane is trying to get AJ out by turning over

Tracy and ROBERT!! yeah!! Love them... "Luke trusts you".... 

FAISON'S FACE!! he's peeling it off...  YOU KNOW he's going to have Anna see DUKE and HE somehow--

NURSE BETTY AND TAWD!  AHAHAHAAA... "Don't call me Shirley"... 
"AIDS IS SO 90's... so HAMMER PANTS" says Todd.  He's too broke to help. 

AJ was  cleared BITCHES! 

AND ANNA SEES FAISON at the end of the show!! WOOT!!!


  1. Sabrina was awesome today. Loved how she stood up to Todd. And I'm so glad Patrck heard it. I just wish he'd overhear Dr. Virus when she starts picking on Sabrina. Time to out her witchiness.

    I had been thinking they'd have Anna see Faison while the nurse was holding real Duke at gunpoint somewhere and she'd see both at the same time. Seeing Faison while Duke is nowhere to be found might still leave some doubts. At least if it were Anna of old.

    I'm also so happy they're not dragging this storyline out. I love the new pace of the show.

    And Michael and Starr should have just ignored Carly at the door. You think she would have grabbed a clue when she saw Starr's state of undress.

    Yea! AJ is free. Good thing the deal was in place before Anna saw Faison. lol

    Is it Monday yet??

  2. Sorry. that's me. I forgot I was signed in to my other mailbox.

  3. Fake Duke and Anna: Fake Duke takes off the mask!!! Dr O is there!!! Whew the mask didn't have the scary eyeballs looking at us! :) Good to see you again Faison! :) He puts his plan into action when Anna knocks on the door. She heard a noise. She breaks the door down, and she sees Faison!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the preview for Monday, she screams!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR MONDAY!!!! :)

    Carly and Todd: Todd is on the phone. He fired his new assistant and threw the coffee at her ROFL! Carly shows up to talk about Michael. Todd says to apologize to him. Hmm Todd is clean shaven! I want to caress his face!!! His face looks so smooth! :)

    Michael's home: They are talking. Damn Starr Michael is just in his underwear! Why aren't you distracted?!!?! Anyway they talk and then start kissing. Michael acts like Starr is a virgin or a 14 year old! Come on Michael really! :) They are about to make love, when his mama shows up! :) Michael goes to his room to change. Starr answers the door and tells Carly, that Michael is changing for the day ROFL! Michael and Carly talk alone. She apologizes, and then when he tells her he wants to work with his father (AJ) at ELQ, she gets really upset!!! He says he isn't 5 years old anymore! YOU TELL HER MICHAEL! :)

    Police station: All charges are dropped with AJ!!!! YAY!!!! :) AJ threw Faison under the bus and then drove over him! :) Tracy isn't happy with that. Awww Tracy why don't you and Diane be BFF's! I mean gee you two have the same hairstyle ROFL! So now Robert can go free!!!! Dante tells Robert that AJ says Faison is alive and is in Switzerland!!! Come on Dante let Robert get out of jail, and then he can go to Switzerland!!!

    The hospital: Patrick is half naked and Sabrina is all distracted and flustered. You see? Now why can't Starr act that way to a half naked Michael?! :) Patrick and Sabrina talk about the nurses ball. She is going to talk to Todd. Meanwhile Bitchy jealous Dr Westnile listens in. Patrick is going with Sabrina to talk to Todd, oh but wait no no he can't because Dr Westnile needs help badly on a case!! Sabrina went alone. The case wasn't that badly in need! So when Patrick says he is going to be with Sabrina at the meeting, Dr Westnile says she doesn't think it's a good idea. Patrick insists and then leaves. Go away Britt!!!

    Todd's office: Todd says nurses have balls? ROFL! She explains about what the nurses ball is and why they have them. Because people who have AIDS. Todd says it's so 90's, and that when people do get them, they just take a cocktail. Say what Todd?! ROFL! What?!?!!? Really?! I enjoyed the Sabrina and Todd scenes today! :) I want more!

    The hospital continued: Sabrina doesn't know who to get to help them. Patrick won't give up. Dr. Westnile overhears. Patrick leaves, and Dr Westnile comforts her like they are BFF's and says she is sorry. UGH! Then she leaves! Sabrina is looking over the photo album and sees a picture of Lucy! She says make she can help! YAY! :)

  4. So now it's The Devil Wears Prada and Todd is Meryl Streep. ;) [I mean honestly, Sabrina is Anne Hathaway.]
    The problem is that we can't invest fully in the whole Sabrina thing. Obviously the show wants us to root for ugly duckling Sabrina to triumph over slutty whatsherface and become the bell of the ball winning handsome prince Patrick. But the problem is that Patrick's beloved wife is still ALIVE and the audience knows this. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, so normally I would root for Sabrina (though she is way too young for Patrick, this isn't The Young and the Restless (or rather the old men and very young women)). But I can't with Robin in the equation. And neither can anyone else.
    Totally with Di about having the real Duke somewhere where Anna can see him.
    I'm really liking Michael right now. Finally standing on his own two feet. And his acting is so much better.
    And can I just say I adore the fact that the new regime clearly adores Jane Elliot? Tracy's back babies!


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