Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Of Course She Can Walk...IT means She can See Ghosts"!!

Say Max and Milo of the word "Paramour" lol

Alice's sweater was awful! LOL...Liked Maxie's penguin jammies.Ellie's dress was a what we called a "Grandma Maxie" back in the day-but this was a mini. 

Carly gave Michael the ELQ Voting Proxy!! WOW... hmmmm. 

TJ and Molly were absent "volunteering at Angel Soup Kitchen" ...

Maxie was as selfish as ever, calling Spin for nothing. Ellie's waiting for him. Maxie starts cramping. Spin rushes her to GH.

"Merry SKANKMAS" Carly says to Cawnie...Cawnie says "HO HO HO" ahahha!! Then Connie shows up at Sonny's for the "free booze".

Michael tells Starr he was raped. Then they have sex.

Lucy looked fab as people tried to get her voting shares. She's going to get funding for the ball using this, just wait.

Maxie is PG and Ellie is PO'd. Watch out! 


  1. Yes, that Lucy s no fool. I feel the funding is coming for sure.

    I laughed when they said Morgan went to Paris with a friend's family. He hasn't seen his own in years. Will they even know him when they see him again?

    And thank heavens they gave poor Joss a nice Christmas with her dad and grandmother as an excuse for her absence.

    Carly is such a great mom!

  2. The hospital: Olivia is with Steve. She all of a sudden saw Spinny carrying Maxie asking for help cus something is wrong with Maxie. Ohhh it's one of her psychic things. I thought as soon as they showed Spinny at Sonny's, I thought they were going back to the beginning to show what happened with Maxie. I was wrong. :)

    Manning Enterprises: OH! Joss is in Australia with Jax!!! YAY! :) Todd doesn't want to tell Carly about why he isn't with Starr ROFL!

    Carly: Merry skank Christmas.

    Connie: Ho ho ho!


    Maxie and Ellie's home: Maxie says she won't be alone. That Mac is coming over and that she is going to watch movies. But as soon as Dante, Lulu, and Ellie leave, she calls Spinny!!! Damn Maxie!!!

    Sonny's home: Sonny is having a Christmas party. Spinny talks to Milo and Max. Spinny says they can meet his paramour, which Milo thinks paramour means that Ellie can't walk! Max says no it means Ellie believes in ghosts! ROFL! Kristina makes a decision and tells Trey she is leaving with him! Milo meets Ellie and checks her out!!!! :) I'm going to call them Mellie. :)

    Maxie and Ellie's home: Spinny finds out what is wrong with Maxie. Nothing is wrong with her!! She just feels dread! Really Maxie!!! Stop calling Spinny! Oh oh Maxie feels cramping!

    The hospital: Spinny carries Maxie to the hospital! Steve runs like the place is on fire!! Carolers are singing around! :) At first I thought Maxie was faking it, but she isn't. Well as it turns out, Maxie is PREGNANT!!!!!! :)

    Michael's home: Carly shows up to see Michael. She gave her permission for him to have his shares! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! So Michael tells Starr about how he was raped in jail! and the next thing you know, they have sex! Gee him being raped got them turned on!!! I had a feeling they were gonna have sex. I was hoping they wouldn't! I mean not after he was telling her about the rape!! So let's see, This is the 2nd woman Michael has had sex with. And with Starr, it's the 3rd man she has slept with. :)

    Q home: Lucy breaks in and overhears AJ ask Monica for Lucy's phone number. Lucy is so cute in her outfit!! :) Monica tells Lucy about the 1 percent she has and what percentages Tracy and AJ has. Tracy and AJ suck up to her a lot!!! ROFL!

    Sonny's home: Ellie breaks up with Spinny. :( Poor Ellie! Spinny you should not have to gone to see Maxie! You should have just called her. Hey Ellie, Milo is interested in you! :)

  3. Really not liking Maxie/Spin stuff. Hate that Maxie seems to be back to her selfish ways. Hope that changes because Spin/Ellie have great chem and it's nice to see Bradford Anderson actually get a chance to ACT in different ways than just be Maxie/KS's fall boy.

    Max and Milo are always hilarious. Loved it.

    Hating Sonny more than I thought possible. He and Carly's condescending attitudes when it comes to AJ...I'm going to have to be TeamAJ all the way. So tired of the same old same old in Port Charles when it comes to them.

    Actually didn't mind Starr and Michael. Perhaps it's because I was tired and am coming down with a cold. Hmmm...

    Olivia and her premonitions are getting real old.

    Lucy. Okay. Potential there with the Q's although I'm not really into the writing of this storyline. Seems flat and a bit boring/predictable right now.

    So much change has happened to GH. Some I love and it makes me just want more..some I'm just not into and can't believe what I'm watching. Some things seemed so forced and too quick. Hmmm...

    For instance: Saw a rumor about Patrick and Sabrina. All I could think was HOW RIDICULOUS! The girl is a child and the character of Patrick would never be interested in her romantically. Sabrina belongs in the Spin/Ellie/Maxie realm or not even given airtime. IMO of course. Hope the rumor/spoiler is completely different if it does happen.

  4. Oh I forgot to ask, why was Maxie cramping?

  5. Sonya, I think cramping is sometimes an early sign of pregnancy due to implantation. Also, pretty sure Milo wasn't checking out Ellie--he was looking at her legs because he thinks she's a "paramour". :) But I would have preferred he check her out!

  6. CareyN said...Sonya, I think cramping is sometimes an early sign of pregnancy due to implantation.
    Ohhh okay thanks! :)

    Also, pretty sure Milo wasn't checking out Ellie--he was looking at her legs because he thinks she's a "paramour". :)
    Oh because he thought paramour ment the person can't walk! ROFL!

    But I would have preferred he check her out!
    Me too!

  7. I was disappointed in this Holiday episode. Normally there is some kind of sentimentality with these type of shows, and with this year...Nada.

    It might have something to do with the fact I didn't like a lot of the characters that were on for this eppy. I can't stand Konnie, nuKristina, Tre... and I am only so so on Starr. I also do not like how Maxie is being written, or this story line.

    For me this episode was a let down.


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