Friday, December 21, 2012

Slayer ...

Lucy names one of her cosmetics  "Slayer" reference to  her Being the Slayer on Port 
Charles. LOL

And WHY DO ACTRESSES NEED SO MUCH freakin' BoTox????? I am NOT MENTIONING NAMES but WTF... that's just WRONG. Age the way you're supposed to. UGH

Lucy broke into the Q mansion by finding the spare key. LOL ..No security system? 

Tracy has on a Santa Hat!

Not in the mood to blog today much, sorry. 

Oh and PS...too bad the NRA guys couldn't blame Marilyn Mason this time.  Guess I'd better get my Kevlar  ready when I go back to work in January  @@


  1. Totally off topic from today's show, but I gotta tell ya'll... I've been under the weather this week so I've been taking some crazy meds and watching a lot of shows. I watched the OLTL Christina Comes Home for Christmas/Baby Hope's Funeral episodes on YouTube, GH Night Shift Season 2 (where Robin is preggers and Robert drops out of the sky), and the current week of GH. OMGosh is my brain confused! Who's alive? Who's dead? Who's on which show? Where am I?!?! ;-P

  2. I haaaate when actors/actresses over-do the botox/surgery to the point of distraction. I have hard concentrating on the dialogue :(

  3. I agree. And then some of them wonder why they aren't getting jobs anymore or when their air time is reduced. What's wrong with aging gracefully.

  4. Is Robert still laying on the floor? It's been 3 days. And by the looks of Monday's previews, will be an entire weekend and through Xmas. Poor guy.

    Also, how much will it cost to put together a Nurse's Ball in a relatively small town like Port Charles? Its like community theatre isnt it? Rent a hall. You already have the actors. Rent costumes. Get Judy and Mickey. Then put on a show. They are making it sound like it is going to cost $100M to fund this thing.

    PS Lucy Rocks.

  5. Agree about the botox. Not going to mention any names either, but yikes! It really makes you appreciate the ones forgo the botox and live with a few wrinkles. They don't take away as much from a person's looks as some people in Hollywood think.

  6. lol CareyN, I completely understand how you feel. I'm going back and forth between current shows and full episodes from 1988 on YouTube. It's disorienting!

    I'm glad I'm not the only annoyed by Robert's lack of air time in spite of his perilous condition. I honestly don't even like having the show jump between characters from day to day, but these huge gaps in time are driving me crazy and honestly making me dislike storylines more than I would if the show was more balanced.

  7. Q home: LUCY YAY!!! Love her outfit!!! :)

    Alice: Well I am not really a make up kind of person.

    Lucy: Eww.

    ROFL! Alice kicks her out of the house, but Lucy knows where the key is hiding, so she opens the door and sneaks around! ROFL! Oh Lucy! You haven't changed a bit! I love you!!!!! :) Oh oh she gets busted by Alice!! Oh a Monica and Lucy scene! DELICIOUS!!!

    Sam's home: Sam is holding baby Cheeto awwww! So let me see. 9 percent to AJ and 9 percent to Tracy! So instead of 41 pecent tie, Now they will be 50 percent tie. Guess who has the 1 percent to break the tie? LUCY COE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PERFECT! :)

    Johnny's home: Oops Connie didn't mean to hit Johnny out cold!!!! She lays on his arm and talks to him ROFL! It felt like they were ouside looking at the clouds. :) Carly shows up and Connie says the Connie sutra. Hahaha!

    Manning Enterprises: So Todd faked the heart attack, but he says he has very bad heart burn from the food he ate! ROFL! His ribs hurt because of the CPR Starr did, so he grabbed duct tape, and started taping his ribs ROFL! I thought at first that he was using the duct tape to keep Starr there so she wouldn't leave ROFL! I was wrong. Todd takes some antacids in water cus of his heart burn ROFL!

    The hospital: Felix gave Dr Westnile Bitch another nickname!!! Britch!!!! I love it! :) Oh oh Felix how could you lie like that?!!?! Oh there is Lucy!!! Oh I guess she is going to pay for the nurses ball!!!! :) Love the Monica and Liz scene! I think Monica wants AJ and Liz to be together! ROFL!

    Karen when you were talking about Botox, did you mean Monica? :)

  8. Fun episode today! I'm loving Lucy!

    I agree with you that the botox is out of control. It's been obvious for sometime now that a certain someone has under gone a lot of plastic surgery. I guess the lips and cheeks were just done recently though.

  9. Not being a OLTL viewer, I have a couple of questions.

    1. Baby Hope's funeral. Huh? Did Cole have a baby previously and she was also named Hope?

    2. What is Christina Comes Home for Christmas? I tried to read about it, but I don't really understand it. Did they show this each year on OLTL?


  10. To Love4Dogs:
    1. Originally Starr and Cole thought their baby died. Short short story: Jessica (who had DID) had given birth and her baby died. Jessica's husband had died while she was pregnant so one of her alters switched her dead baby with cousin Starr's live one to spare Jess more pain. So poor Starr has lost her baby twice.
    2. I honestly only remember Christina Comes Home for Christmas being mentioned on Christmas on OLTL & only was reminded of it when it was brought up. This was back in 2008 & they did a whole episode over it being a Christmas movie that everyone in town watched & the episode basically had everyone watching it as if it had been a Christmas tradition all along.
    I was out battling crowds today so I didn't watch. I see I didn't miss anything. And I know who you're talking about, I can't look directly at her these days, totally overdone it.

  11. C'mon, it's much more than Botox, which I think doesn't really change your face. It's like when Dolly Parton was being interviewed, and she said, "I'm being honest, I get Botox when I need it!" That's supposed to be honest? She's had G-d knows how many surgeries, face lifts, eyes and lips done,lipo, probably a rib removed --and she wants to cop to Botox? All Botox does, I believe, is relax the facial muscles.

    That said, I think that younger people don't understand how upsetting it can be to "age naturally." Especially for an actress, who is damned if they do, damned it they don't. I know that, in the soaps, we all love the actors and expect them to age in real time, as we do. That's one of the wonderful thing about soaps. However, there is so much pressure on all of us, and especially actors, to remain "forever young," that I don't blame anyone for trying. Some choose to age naturally, some don't, I respect their choices.

  12. Maybe I need my eyes checked, but I'm not sure what the big deal is with A Certain Someone's face. Has this face had "some work?" Yes, i'm sure. But it's far from distracting to me, and it's hardly grotesque like certain others. I think this certain someone actually looks pretty damn good and can do whatever the hell they want to their face, as long as they're "on the canvas."

  13. I think Robert is done for now, But he will be back later.There saying fo the nurses ball.

  14. I haven't watched the show yet but, I GOT to see who this "someone is"! Is out head nurse back? Are we talking our newest lady blast from the past? Are we speaking of our Chief of Staff? Is something bad going to happen if we spell the lady's name out?

  15. Oh my...say no more. Botox, and fillers :( a little isn't bad but, too much looks other worldly. The cheeks aren't moving at all and one eye looks almost lazy.

  16. It's funny how you can tell the sex of the posters by what they talk about.

    All the negativity re: poor Monica (Leslie Charleson)has got to be the female brigade, because the guys would be talking about Kelly Monaco's heaving bosom or the tight way the dress wrapped around Kelly Sullivan's buttocks.

  17. Diva..thanks for the backstory of OLTL. I always thought it was awful they killed Starr's daughter. Now I think it's doubly awful!

  18. So happy to have the fabulous Lucy Coe back and with dialogue so very Lucy. About the Botox, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Women who show aging have a hard time getting work as actors where as men usually don't. Tony G. has obviously been Botoxing but Tristan looks very natural. Blair Brown on Fringe looks lovely but has all the wrinkles showing. Tough business to be in.

  19. Tony Geary uses botox? He looks pretty bad, one way or the other.

  20. LSV says Tony G. has obviously been Botoxing.
    He uses something! :) I noticed. :)

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Sonya: enlighten me.

    Is it his eyes, forehead, where?

    Monica is closing in on Joan Rivers, but TG looks normal, if prematurely haggard.

  23. Cosmoetica said...Sonya: enlighten me.Is it his eyes, forehead, where?
    It's his forehead. It looks different. Like he is refreshed or something. I noticed it the day he came back after Luke ran away from that place that would help him stop drinking. Then he showed up and started sculking around watching his kids. :) It's his forehead.

  24. I think Leslie has had something done recently. She looked very puffy where she didn't in the last episodes she was in. What I notice is the eyes...very Bette Midler if it's difficult to see.

    Kelly Ripa says she loves Botox and uses it every chance she gets.

  25. I MENTIONED Monica's WORK because it was VERY noticeable. I hardly EVER mention "work"... but I'm pissed. She's a gorgeous woman and I for one am tired of actresses thinking they have to do that. She looked unnatural. Period. I LOVE LC and she doesn't need to do whatever to her face for us to want her on the damn show.

  26. What's up with the sudden appearance of the gumball machine at the nurse's station?

  27. you know, it's funny, because i didn't even notice that Monica had had any work done, but my mom did and she made sure that she commented on it. Personally, I don't think she looks that bad. It wasn't as obvious as all the work Jackie Zeman had done even before she was stuffed in the storage closet. I did think that Lucy has had some work done. Her face was definitely tight. My grandmother looked at her and said, "her face must hurt." lol


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