Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yesterday's GH and New Scoops Sonny Teviah  from Fiddler on the Roof? "We only need your BLESSING PAPA"!!!
I'm THE PAPAAAAAAA!! THE PAPA! Tee hee. I was starting to like Ol' Trey too. Huh.

Starr is knocked out "We were going to publish our sex videos online" LMAO CAWNIE. And she wheels 200 pound Johnny out in a garbage can-- and then puts him in the trunk? Oh come on.

SO MUCH SEXIS TIME!!  I loves it!! 

Todd is in deep with Carly. Too bad because I like them. 

SPOILERS ARE UP: Yep..The car crash will take care of Trey-- Connie hangs from a cliff. Secrets come out and find out what happens to the baby.


  1. Karen: I know folks on other boards claim to know people on the set, etc., but where do you get your spoilers from?

  2. I am telling you!! Connie must have had 30 red bulls!!! One strong Connie! :)


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