Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scoops are UP!

THERE'S THE BUBBLE!! ewwwwwwwwwwww LOVED it. Nice face melt!! Anyway, new scoops are up on the WUBS NET.  I shall be away until Sunday. Please LOOK FOR THE SURGERY in the blog on Sunday however,  as it will be the Annual GH WUB Awards!!

Have a good one, you can use this for comments today and tomorrow, I will read later to see what happened. xxoo


  1. Rebecca Herbst tweeted that Scott Reeves has been let go from GH and she will miss him.

  2. Kelly's: Maxie and Mac are having lunch or is it dinner? They talk about Felicia. Felicia has rubella! HUH?!!?! RUBELLA?!?!! WHAT THE HELL?! Anyway Olivia shows up excited! Is she high? ROFL! Then she sees another vision of the puppy dog! I WANT THAT DOG! Look at that face! :) The puppy talked to Olivia. :) She had to tell Maxie about her vision. Maxie thinks she is going to have a baby puppy who talks! ROFL! The look on Mac's face! ROFL! Maxie is worried that the hospital is going to make a mistake and give her a dog embryo and put it inside her! ROFL! That is so funny! :) But then I started thinking. Could that really happen? Life IS stranger than fiction. :) Hmmmmm.

    The hospital: Sabrina and Patrick talking about Lucy Coe. Sabrina is so excited to meet her. Felix is listening in and looks worried. Hmmm what's the matta Felix? You can't really get in to see Lucy? Meanwhile Dante has to fill in a cup with sperm. :) There are movies and magazines to read! Lulu won't let him! She doesn't want him to do that! Well geez Lulu how the hell is he going to give a deposit?!!? Unless you help him! Uh hello! Why are you leaving the room?!!?! Lulu is dumb sometimes. Dante pulls down his pants and Olivia walks in OOOPS! Yeah that isn't going to help Dante any! He texts Lulu that he needs her. Well it's about time damn! Felix sees a mistle toe under Patrick and Sabrina and wants them to kiss. But then Dr Westnile swoops in and kisses Patrick. Felix tells Sabrina that Dr Westnile is a bitch. He even says Dr WestBitch! Damn I love Felix!!! :) Boy Dr WestBitch is so desperate to try to get Patrick's attention! UGH!

    Switzerland: Anna feels so dumb about what Faison did! She is figuring out who that guy was that was tied up, that maybe he is Duke. Meanwhile Dr O gives Robin food! Wow! Dr O is pmsing! Oh wait!!! No she isn't! She is just upset that Faison was caught! She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with Faison!!! She wants to kill Robin. She leaves the room to get a needle. Anna and Robert show up and Anna wants to find the REAL Duke. Dr O won't tell her anything. Anna wants to go room to room. She opens one door and sees something!!!!

  3. Yesterday Mac gets the line of the day.

    Mac: Stop! You are not going to get pregnant by a dog!


  4. There was no GH today because of the Elementary school shooting in Connecticut. :'(


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