Wednesday, December 5, 2012

in at 2:37 today..

I've been SO late every dang day this week! Today it starting SNOWING-- and yesterday it was freekin' 68 out!!  What. 

What did you think of Felix? I didn't see him yesterday...

Ah, geeze, I liked Carly today.. Laura Wright was great in her scenes with Maurice. 

POOR MOLLY...her book is gone!! I'm hearing there's a "REAL BOOK"due out in "Connie Falconeri" she steals Molly's book. heh. (look on Amazon to pre-order, it's there) 

AJ remembered Faison in the clinic-- NICE...tying him in. Although there's only ONE  hospital in all the world and  ALL the PC people were there? AJ is going to turn in Faison to get out of his charges.  AJ got a photo on his iPhone of Faison ahahhaa. 

Anna arrests Robert...geeze. Hold up there. Poor Guy..where did she get so stupid because she would totally KNOW THAT WAS FAISON!!!!!!!!! ;/ Just the smell alone. But ok. I'll go along because Finola is such a good actress. 


  1. I think if you take a job at the PCPD, it automatically dumbs you down a little...

  2. does anyone know when tony geary is back- this would be so much more awesome if luke and scorpio were working together( but i still think its awesome)

  3. Craig I would think by mid December-- he's been gone awhile?? Not sure though No spoilers for him yet

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  5. The Q's home: Diane shows up and wants to throw someone who is badder than AJ under the bus, so that AJ is free of all charges. I thought Diane was going to bring up Sonny, but she doesn't! AJ has someone!! I thought it was going to be Sonny, but it isn't! It's FAISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delicious!!!!

    Fake Duke's home: Come on Anna!!!! Listen to Robert!! WAKE UP!!!!! Anna arrests Robert for breaking and entering!!! DOH! Fake Duke hugs Anna, and then says my Anna. Anna JUST WOKE UP! :)

    TJ and Molly: TJ and Felix could be brothers. :) They look alike! Anyway Molly is freaking out because her manuscript is GONE! And she downloaded something else and replaced it by accident! TJ's copy is GONE too!!! Very convenient! Quick get Spinny!!!

    Todd's office: Starr is just like her father hahaha! I love how he says that's my girl! :) Go Starr tell off Connie! :)

    Johnny and Connie's home: She is working on the manuscript!!!! She is upset that Johnny wasn't worried about her. ROFL! He hates her! ROFL! Starr shows up and confronts Connie about the manuscript. Connie pretends she doesn't know what she is talking about and hides the manuscript in her jacket and leaves. Johnny tells Starr that Connie has been blackmailing him. She wants to know what he did. Tell her Johnny! Tell her! :)

    The metrocourt: Carly whines that they lost Michael, and she doesn't know what to do now that Jason is gone. Sonny sees Connie and says he is sorry for what Joe Jr did to her when she was a teenager, and she says she is writing a manuscript, and then Sonny brings up that Johnny isn't giving her what she wants. And that Johnny is a boy and Sonny is a man who can satisfy her needs. ROFL! Connie is affected hahaha! He gives her his phone number. ROFL! That scene was so funny!! :)

  6. I just read the spoilers.. The name of Lucy's cosmetics company, is so funny! ROFL!

  7. That scene with Anna/Scorpio/"Duke" was ridiculous. There were SO many ways she could have tested, then and there. if he is Faison, such as looking at ANY part of his body.

    As for Sabrina, isn't she Juan's cousin?

  8. The only thing I can think of is that Anna wants to believe so badly that this is Duke that she's willing to believe anything. We've seen what losing Robin did to Robert and Patrick. Anna first was willing to believe Heather about Robin being alive (Heather was right, but Anna doesn't know that.) So I think in her grief stricken mind, she's weakened and willing to believe.
    This Faison/AJ connection would work if it didn't point to the fatal flaws in the whole SORAs system (which let's face it always leads to them). Photo of Faison was clearly dated in 2006. So they're still maintaining that AJ "died" in 2005. But if Michael is 19 or even older, he would have been a young teen then and SIGH. And he's probably at least 20-21 as Kristina has to be at least 18 (she got married in Vegas without parental consent).
    Anyway with Lucy, are we happily forgetting Lucy Coe Vampire Slayer, etc? Oh please. (Though they better damn well have her give John and/or Sam a double take!)
    I'm not even going there with the Molly book thing. It's too ridiculous for words.

  9. Oops I should have said I read your spoilers you put up Karen. :) Thanks for putting it up. :)

  10. Karen: Big Gay Felix was a RIDICULOUS stereotype- way over the top flamer who carries lipstick to work,

    On the last thread I bemoaned GH's biggest flaw in the 30+ yrs I've watched it- it is the WORST of the ABC soaps re: minorities. There has never been a black lead actor nor top villain. The gays are either stereotypes- recall Richard Simmons?- or Big Gay Felix, as I dub him, or they are banished to the Island of Misfit Boys- Lucas Jones? The Asian Quarter came and went in the 80s and all the Latinos are scumbags.

    AMC had Jesse and Angie and Bianca had several lesbian lovers. OLTL had a black villain and black regular characters. The closest to a normal 'lead' black character was Simone Hardy.

  11. I agree about the minority issue. Simone Hardy was a main character but the actress was really bad. Loved the actress who played the shrink - she was gorgeous and could act (can't remember her name but she was from Knot's Landing) and is now gone along with Dr. Lee. Nice to see a gay character but to show up out of nowhere to prop another unnecessary newbie (Ugly Betty) is too contrived. At least we have Epiphany. I'm starting to think a good scenario would be Faison switching with the real Duke and maybe holding the threat of killing Robin over his head, since his identity is in jeopardy.

  12. Yes, Lainie. The Wards had potential- the first Justus was good. Taggart had real potential- the first Taggart. What other blacks? Brian and Claudia- the Oreos?

    They blew it with Tom and Simone- the actress was not great but not terrible. Epiphany is a stereotype (sassy, fat black woman), too, but they blew her potential when they killed off her son Stan, who worked for Sonny.

    What made Angie and Jesse on AMC good was that they were characters who were black not BLACK characters first. They had trials and tribulations but it did not center on race. On GH, all minorities play to the racial or sexual stereotype, or are just so bland, at the risk of offending someone.

    Are there no blacks with psychoses apart from race, like Jerry Jacks or Manny Ruiz? How about a black chief of staff or police chief? How about Anna or Maxie or someone other than little Molly getting Jungle Fever? Ok, Shawn did Alexis, but she's like 20 years older than him- no sparkle.

    Shawn and Carly would have been better.

  13. Oh yeah, and on GH Night Shift they had Billy Dee Williams as a janitor- WHAT?

  14. No wonder Billy Dee didn't hang around! The character of Shawn is so sporadic it is almost a non-entity. As much as I would like see Alexis with a love life, she had much more chemistry with Ned, Rick and Jerry Jacks. Sometimes I wonder is soap scribes ever interact with real people, LOL.

  15. Yeah- let's see, between Sidney Poitier and Wesley Snipes/Denzel Washington, you had exactly one non-Blaxploitation film Hollywood black leading man for about 30 years. That was Billy Dee, and you cast him as a janitor?

    Must've needed the money. Sometimes I think the GH producers still think it's 1972, not 2012.

    GH is my top soap ever, but this is its BIGGEST flaw, by a WIDE margin.

  16. Wonder where the Faison mask tale came from, and how AJ knows Faison?

    GREAT post and Youtube video:

    Karen, you'll love this.


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