Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Administration and Overhead

While this week didn't leave me too breathless...and I have to say, GH has become so consistently good that I can tune in and just expect to see a decent show. Even when it's having a 'catch up' week it's fun and entertaining.

Frozen over  WUBBERS!!  

I had a few friends on FB tell me they are watching again. Anne in Texas was like "WHAT THE HELL!! It's my old show back!!" She hadn't watched in THREE years and was really surprised that she loved the show so much.  AND knew the characters...(that's what happens when vets are around).

WHO is responsible for this? You know who: Cartini.  the writer and head producer of the show. I really have  to give them credit for turning  this show around  in both story and ratings.   GH is fun and moving pretty fast--and has the cast pretty integrated.  
When I was ragging on Guza and Frons about 'their' show, some people defended their choices by saying 'network' dictates--or budget dictates. Huh...funny how these guys seem to work around all that and make a fantastic show WITH HISTORY attached. AJ, Lucy...Anna, Felicia, Robert--Faison, Helena-- Ghost Alan, Ned, Skye, Monica and who knows who else. Some are recurring, some are cameos. The point is: they are there! ELQ!! And sorry to the OLTL haters, I am so loving this connection, I can't stand it! (squee!!) 
I have my rainbow scrubs on!! Let's go!! 

Lante had sex...that was apparent.  Olivia saw the dog (I'm saying Jackal) in Lulu's carrier. All I can think of is that the baby will wind up being Spinelli's or something. Somehow.  Some way. Although if you get implanted with a zygote that's gotta be hard.  Maxie gets some weird thing--then has a ONS with Spin and they have a kid and OLIVIA has to carry the baby? Hmmm. 
ANYHOO..movin' on...

AJ's out of jail. I can tell by a lot of comments/tweets that people don't like him.'re not supposed to!!  I personally want to seem him redeemed after the Guznation of his character. I am liking Sean; especially with Jane. Great combo. The whole "wooing of Sam" scenes? I don't know-- just forced.  BUT I am grateful for the ELQ stuff and can't wait for more to come. 

Faison's face is free again. No more rubber over his long, luxurious hair. Anna's going to belt one  out when she sees him!!! I wish FEE-WEE-SHA could be there too. We have the Scorpios on the brink of finding Robin! Anna will be hoodwinked  however, Faison is a trickster-- !! See scoops to find out what happens. 

(Love how is accent comes back when his face is off.  LOL. )

I am so enjoying Ian Buchanan's portrayal of "Non-Duke". He deserves an emmy. Just so great to watch.  Pair that with Finola's acting? GOLD baby!! 

Loved this as well... I so hope Frisco comes back for a bit just to put closure on that whole mess. *sigh* So much potential just evaporated under the "dark ages". 

Um...this storyline?? Why, why why??? and when Connie does publish the book under her name (Which we know is coming because of an Amazon link)..everyone will KNOW she stole it. So??? Um?? Weird. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Hell-A-Rob ... just delightful! Helena was fun, whitty and I just loved it. "This ISN'T THE '80's" LOL.  This also proves you can have people pop in now and again, and be relevant. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Nurse Betty's "make over"...which was such a weird, not funny segment, I could have barfed. Seriously? A girl THIS geekie? Of COURSE she gets some make up on--OF COURSE it ends up on her front tooth.:eyeroll: AND it was done by her Gay Friend Felix!!! :eyeroll: 

I DID Like her with Todd, and thought that scene was cute--(probably because RH was so adorable saying his fun lines). She and Pat on the elevator was nice. I just wish she wasn't SO pathetic and stereo-typical Anne Hathaway Princess Ugly Betty.  Those glasses are KILLIN' me. Who picks those? I think they are men's. 

LUCY'S comin'!! We all want that to happen...woot! Can't wait. Although I will be gone both Thurs/Friday next week for personal reasons (No Sunday Surgery either, sorry). I will DVR to watch Monday. GH is really going to feel like the Olden Days! 

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Hope you have a good week! 


  1. "Hell-A-Rob": Love it! Not just those scenes but the name :)

    Totally agree about Sabrina. Stereotypical and predictable. You just KNOW she'll show up full glam at the Nurses' Ball. And she DOES look like a cross between Anne Hathaway's Princess Diaries character and Ugly Betty. LOL This storyline is for the 4 - 7 year-old girl demographic, if such a thing exists.

    Overall, though, great week.

  2. Maybe Maxi and Spinelli will go at it-I'm sure unlikely but you never know anymore lol

  3. LOL Cake, I thought your name said "Cakes,PANTIES and More"!

    and RedSox...yep.. you got it. You KNOW she's going to sing it up at the Nurses' Ball in FULL OUT GLAM!

  4. Buchanan is LOADS better as an actor than he was in the 80s as Duke. He actually is more sinister than Anders Hove, who looks like he needs life support.

  5. I stopped watching for longer than 3 years and am loving it! It is so fun again. I sporadically watched OLTL, even so that I knew who every one was, and I think Todd is just what the show needed. Fun! When I stopped watched GH, I started watching Y&R again, which I've watched off and on since the Brooks were the main family, and it's only taken JFP weeks to make it totally unwatchable! It's soooo bad. She's doing the same thing she did on GH--getting rid of the vets. Big mistake.

  6. I'm putting up with this Connie/Molly mess because it looks like the book may not be fiction and lead to the bigger question: The identity of Sam's father!

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    I'd like to send you something.


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