Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Lavery Back In His Cage?

ROBERT AND JOHN arrive!! Anna sees NON-Duke..eeeeeeeeeee and he takes her phone battery. Dr. O is snowing John and Robert.  They catch her on the phone. And Anna goes into his arms thinking he's DUKE!! 
robert and john ROLL ON IN... 

NOT ENOUGH of this on the show..too much FLUFF! 

DO I care about the rest of  the show? NO...LOL. Only note how Liz grills AJ before helping him. heh. AJ tells Liz about how Jason was "before" his accident. 
Jr. Jr.Mints skulking around in TODD's office..*sigh* Todd to  Molly about Connie "Oh, honey, most people are so much worse" LOL  Todd's publisher wants to publish Molly's manuscript but we all know it's in Connie's name. 


  1. Even though I knew it would be John and Robert at the door, I liked how they had the room service that Faisonasduke had just mentioned.

    Lots of fluff, yes, but still way better with Cartini than Snuza.

  2. I'm ticked!!! I pvr GH everyday and just went to watch and Ellen was recorded in its place! It said GH....has this happened to any of you guys?

  3. I really liked the Liz & AJ scene. :-)

  4. The gym: Oh so AJ went to the hospital, and Sonny tells Shawn that AJ goated him. Oh please Sonny!! We all have choices! You CHOSE to beat the crap out of him!!! AJ gave you an olive branch, and you CHOSE to ignore it! So shut up!! Connie shows up, because she was thinking while she was in her co-office, what Sonny said to her, about being with a real man! ROFL! She makes an excuse of why she is there. She says she needs a boxer for her model for a model shoot. She says SHE is a model, and that she wants him to be the boxer. Connie and Sonny where hot today! :) Sonny says she bought the gym so now he owns it! Of course he bought it hahaha! Starr is going around being a PI figuring things out about AJ and Michael's message to Sonny. Starr come on now. You don't have any proof that AJ looked at that message.

    Manning Enterprises: Molly and TJ are sneaking around trying to find her manuscript ROFL! Todd was funny with them. :) He lets them look for it, but they can't find it. Connie shows up and Molly confronts her! Todd gets a phone call from his publisher, about Molly's manuscript! His publisher has it!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!

    Switzerland: Robert and McBain are there to confront Dr O! Robert and McBain play good cop bad cop! ROFL! McBain says that Robert is off his meds ROFL! Dr O thinks she showed them, but when she is on the phone with Fake Duke, McBain grabs her phone! :) Dr O SO loves Faison!!!! :) Meanwhile Anna and Fake Duke talk. She goes to her room to change and now when she comes back she looks sexy. They start to make out I think they are gonna have sex, when Robert and McBain show up!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)YAY! Damn too bad Luke isn't there. LUKE WHERE ARE YOU?!

    Michael and Dante: Michael wants Dante to arrest Sonny cus he beat up his daddy! Dante doesn't want to do it. Aww Dante, protecting your daddy again eh? Dante got Michael to change his mind. Rats!

    The hospital: Liz sees AJ!!! Liz patches AJ up. Nice scene! Liz softened to him. :) Starr sees Michael, and is about to spill the beans on AJ, when AJ shows up and Michael agrees to work with AJ at ELQ! :) Gee Starr. I thought you wanted Michael to give AJ a chance.. Hmmm. :)

  5. Oh no Avalonn! Well don't worry. You can watch GH on youtube. :)

  6. Sonya, where are you watching on YouTube? The gal's channel I usually watch is "taking a break" and I can't find any same-day episode channels. I've been relegated to watching *the next day* on Hulu. Gasp!! It's so hard because it means I don't come here as often to read all the comments....

  7. CareyN,
    Try here, they seem to be posting daily for now anyway:

    Loved today's filler! And yeah, it was filler but it is so damn fun. Scorpio and McBain are awesome together and the Star/Aj/Liz interaction was pretty good too. And any scene with Todd in it is automatically fun.


  8. Thanks Oldschool!!! Going to watch right now.

  9. Oh! Oldschoolghfan to save the day!!! :)

  10. I know not everyone on here watched (or liked) OLTL, but the writers were GREAT about having cliffhangers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and it seems like they are continuing that trend at GH...loved Robert pushing that room service cart. :D

    I loved that Todd was good with the Jr Jr Mints. He's always liked kids and behaves mostly decently with them. Also love that Starr is so smart on this show!!

  11. Molly and Todd remind me of a long ago Starr and Asa. Or young Emily and Edward.
    I was liking Michael until today. Then I was with Dante, shut up I have more important things to do. Guess, they're proving that being annoying and whiney is genetic because both Carly and AJ can certainly do both.
    Really wish that was Robert and Luke running around, though admittedly they'd have had to have done the Swiss clinic differently so maybe not. It doesn't matter, Robert makes everything better!
    I just want to know how the hell Faison was going to explain the mask line on his neck if he'd gotten Anna in the bedroom.

  12. All was not lost, for some weird reason Ellen was the first half and then in cuts GH, weird. A glitch at the station maybe. So, I caught the last half and I did YouTube the first half. LoriJo and Jsms99 are the two current Carey. SimplyGH has been MIA, that was my backup. Thanks Old School!
    Absolute, I too enjoyed the AJ/Liz interaction.....been waiting for that since Sean K. appeared as AJ. Before they appeared onscreen I thought an AJ/Liz pairing would be good if the chemistry was there and although it may be a little too soon to tell, the chemistry might in fact be there....I'm just praying that they don't send AJ on down that pathetic road he was once on. To make him the bad guy and glorify Sonny yet again. I want new and improved AJ but, not a goody two shoes either. Today's show was very enjoyable, I thought. And for a moment I was thinking crap I have to wait until Monday to find out if they catch Fuke!!! But, nope a Friday cliffhanger on a Tuesday was sweet! It's nice to have our show back :)

  13. I cheered when Fuke opens the door expecting room service--and there it is! Pushed in by Robert and John. I nearly fell off my chair applaudiing!

    AJ didn't actually see that message from Michael, did he? I thought he got up and went away as the phone began to ring or text or whatever, and so he didn't know Michael had texted. I may be remembering wrong. I do like that Starr is suspicious and smart. I just can't quite like this AJ. Drat--wish they had brought back Billy--THAT AJ I had some feeling for. Sean has always struck me as a smarmy, conniving AJ and he still seems that way, however they intend to write him.
    Anna keeps kissing those rubber lips--girl, wake up!

  14. Soaplover...AJ did see it and set the whole thing up so Sonny was throttling him upon Michael's arrival.

  15. I don't think Anna was totally fooled by fake Duke. She was probably going to the bedroom with him to confirm her suspicions since there is no way he could fool her there.Loved seing McBain and Robert work together. Liz and AJ finally having a scene together was great. The cast interaction now is amazing.

  16. Soaplover: BW's AJ was far more smarmy than SK's.

    AJ did set up Sonny, but only AFTER Sonny basically dissed his sincere attempt to reconcile.

  17. I'm another fan of a possible AJ/Liz pairing. I really believe AJ is trying to turn over a new leaf and be a good man, which is what Liz needs. (Plus, I'm sorry, but I think SK is HOT!!!) And Liz would be really great at keeping AJ on task, since she is no stranger to being manipulative herself. There could be some interesting dynamics there, especially when you throw in the fact that Sam would hate it, Carly would have more ammo against Liz that she couldn't use (hello, Joss/Jake kidney swap), and the Emily history of course! I'd love to see AJ be really interested and invested in Liz's boys, and then have Michael see what a good dad AJ could have been if given the chance and then start to -really- turn against Sonny and Carly. Ah well, I have a feeling TPTB may be trying to force a Sam/AJ pair, at least for a while.

    Oh, and speaking of natural chemistry, HELLO to Robert and Olivia!!! I know it was mentioned here before, but come on! They've only had about 3 scenes together and I'm WAY more interested in them than Steve/Olivia or even Robert/Anna. Then Robert could be Dante's step-dad. :D

    OK thanks to Oldschool and Avalonn, who helped me find some good youtube links.



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