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ROBIN SCREAMS...ROBERT HEARS HER! GO GO SCORPIO! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! Oh naoaoaooaoaoaoaaaoooooooooooooo!


Renee was a madam by the way, OLTL reference. 



  1. I am blown away! What an awesome episode. I CANNOT wait until tomorrow! IB, FH, KM, and TR killed it today. LOVED Mac and Patrick...and anytime I get to see little Emma is a good day. GH is back and better than ever!

  2. It was great! It was MustWatchLive. I clapped, I cheered, I Oh Noooed!



    Switzerland: Anna and Robert find the REAL Duke Lavery! YAY!!!! Robert pulls Duke's skin to see if it's not a mask ROFL! Robert hears Robin's screams of help and calling her parents! :) I was yelling, GO ROBERT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIND HER! :) He finds her just as Dr O was about to shoot Robin up with something to kill her! At first I thought the way Dr O was talking, that she was going to kill herself because that is what Faison wanted. But nope. :) Robert and Dr O fight over the needle, and Dr O stabs him with the needle! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Anna and Duke talk about Robin. She says that she died in an explosion and that she did become a doctor. Duke and Anna are crying! :(

    The hospital: Santa Spinny is hot! :) Wow that is one cloudy bottle of Dante's! ROFL! Geez I really didn't need to see Dante's sperm in that bottle ROFL! Olivia is freaking out over seeing the dog again but THIS time the dog is REAL! Awwww adorable puppy! Can someone please keep the puppy! I want to see the puppy again! Spinny is holding on to the puppy! :) Ellie is handed the sperm, and Olivia freaks out ROFL! She wants to hold the puppy and says the puppy has a shifty face ROFL! Olivia is cracking me up!! She is making sure that Maxie doesn't get pregnant by a puppy! ROFL!

    Patrick and Robin's home: Patrick sees Robin. :( Mac and Emma show up. Mac picked her up from school. Emma calls him papa Mac. Awww. :) But wait. Why doesn't she call him uncle Mac? Patrick and Mac have a nice chat about Robin. Great scene!!! He tells Mac he sees her. Mac tells him the other day he went Christmas shopping and bought things for everyone. And as he was leaving he stopped short and was thinking he didn't get anything for Robin. :( He was going to call Patrick, when he remembered that Robin died. :(

    CoeCoe Cosmetics: The name CoeCoe cracks me up! ROFL! Lucy has got to change that name! ROFL! Sabrina and Felix scenes today are cracking me up! They always do! :) She is so excited that they are going to talk to Lucy cus Felix knows her. Uh NO HE DOESN'T!!!! :) He lied!!! :) He does not know her and isn't the top selling of the company! He has read her book. SHE HAS A BOOK?! :) A woman who works there, CEO or whomever she is, Bree Flanders wants to know what they are doing there. Hmm is she related to Ned Flanders from the simpsons? ROFL! She won't let them in, so Sabrina does a sit down out of protest ROFL! They finally change Bree's mind and let them in! LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :) I LOVE YOU LUCY!!!!! Altho what the hell did you do to your hair? :) Anyway where is Sigmund Jr Jr Jr?!!?!! :)

  4. The "Golden Duck" award. Did anyone else catch that?? She must be referring to her precious duck Sigmund!!

  5. YES, totally caught the golden duck reference!

  6. So upset about Robert..I wanted him to stay on GH..They could have paired him with Olivia or Liz or given Tracey another man to spar with...

    The show was great though..Very great epic

  7. Don't be so sure about Scorpio's death! (see below) And even if he did die at least he didn't go out a wuss - he was freaking in the fight for Robin and she knew it. All that "deadbeat dad" crap they wrote about the character in 2006 is officially dead and buried now as he took the needle for his daughter.



    So a guy on Tristan's facebook page posted the following as he is auditioning for a part on GH...This has to do with long term plans for Scorpio, Faison and a another caper coming to PC...

    Take it for what it is worth:
    "On my way to New York,.. Scripted in as Scorpio's second lead agent in the IDSO (International Diamond Security Organization) for calendar 2013 as Cabron Blevins on GH. The story line expands to international smuggling in the New Year with the surprise son of now imprisoned Cesar Faison bringing his lucrative "Stone Zone" empire of retail shops to Port Charles... and what "Tumble" (the son's code name) brings with him is far more than just an innocent chain of jewelry stores!"


  8. "Tumble"? Like the "Tumble Dry" operation Duke was involved in when he was laundering money when he first arrived in Port Charles? This also reminds me of Anna's time as a fence in New York. I wonder if these memories are being intentionally triggered.


    Today's show really was wonderful! I am about to watch it a second time with my mother. I honestly do not believe that Robert will die. I can't see TPTB being that stupid. If anything they may set this up to make Anna question her feelings for him or blame herself. I'm thinking that the lovely Dr. Obrecht took Robin before Anna got to that room and obviously Robert is in no condition to explain that she was there, so this is going to ride on for awhile yet still. I hope I am not wrong about Robert.

    Lucy looks great!

    Olivia and the dog were entertaining, if slightly unwelcome simply because they were actually in Port Charles instead of New York or Switzerland. I have no clue where they're going with that story~

  9. Oldschoolghfan says he story line expands to international smuggling in the New Year with the surprise son of now imprisoned Cesar Faison
    If this is true, Faison has a son?!!?! :) Awesome! Delicious! :)

  10. GH didn't tape today, and I MUST SEE IT!! Was it just in my area? Did anyone else have this problem?

  11. AntJoan, I don't know what you use to tape the show but I live in an area that was not affected by the time change when Katie Couric was added to the line up. After reading this blog I dashed out to catch the show live and found myself watching the last couple minutes of the show and some talk show I'd never seen in the usual time slot. I'm not sure if this is going to continue or not. If you are taping based on air time then perhaps something similar happened for you.

    I had to watch the show on youtube myself. There are several people who upload the show there but I recommend looking for LoriJoGH - just make sure you look at the times so you watch the full episode and not just her character clips!

    I hope you figure out what happened so you can avoid it in the future and are able to find and enjoy the show online! ^-^

  12. what's going on with the spoiler site? it seems to be down.

  13. Great show today! Had to watch tonight on Soap Net because of dvr fail but it was worth the wait, especially the Anna/Robert/Real Duke/Robin scenes.

    Loved Meredith Vieira as Lucy Coe's assistant. That was fun!

    Santa Spinelli was a hoot! Poor Olivia and her dog

    So, will Anna really see Robin and save her and Robert from Creepy Swiss Doctor Lady or is this another tease?

  14. Ooooh!!! I bet Dr. O and Faison have a child together!!! Just by the way she was acting today....
    LOVED the show, watched it twice :) Duke is back! Lucy is back!

  15. Adora's likely rt- Robin and Dr. O got away.

    That Duke did not tell Anna of Robin means it was Faison as Duke in that first scene where we saw Duke over Robin's bed a few mos. ago.

    I doubt they'll kill off Robert.

  16. Oh, thanks for the feedback re my DVR not taping, I guess what happened was it saw it as a repeat, since it wasn't aired Friday, and didn't tape. Now I can't find it, as Karen's spoiler site is down, and that is my usual Hulu link. I'll try to find it after work tonight.

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  18. Golden Duck! Oh what a great nod to GH lovers of the past! SIGMUND!

  19. Avalonn said...Ooooh!!! I bet Dr. O and Faison have a child together!!! Just by the way she was acting today....
    OH!! That would be soapy delicious!!! :)

    Cosmoetica said...That Duke did not tell Anna of Robin means it was Faison as Duke in that first scene where we saw Duke over Robin's bed a few mos. ago.
    Yup!! Cus the REAL Duke had no idea that Robin died and became a doctor! :)

  20. I was wondering if anyone else caught the duck references.

    And I'm excited about the international smuggling storyline. I imagine Luke will have his nose in there somewhere too. memories of the good old days again!

  21. Hmmm...Faison and Dr. O may have a fiendish love-child? Could it be Dr. Skank-Britt?


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