Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scott Reeves Leaving GH

Scott Reeves  (Steven LARS) tweeted he's leaving GH in February. Details to come! 


  1. I am totally ok with this - the guy's acting never clicked for me and they just weren't doing anything with the character. I wonder how this will impact Heather ever coming back though as I really enjoy her and he a a major character motivator for her.

  2. He is also Liz's brother, which leaves her without much family left--however, they didn't have that many sibling scenes between them anyway.

    I think he could have been more interesting, but Guza was obvilously never interested in writing for him.

    I didn't really mind him, but never paid him much attention, either...

  3. Need to ask a question:
    Is anyone else having difficulty getting on the GH Media Domain commentary spot? I've gone there to post and read for years now, and suddenly I can't get it to open and my browser says the site is not responding. I've tried it with both Foxfire and Safari and it won't open.

    I have to way to contact the site to ask what is wrong. Can anyone help? The wub and Media Domain are the only two GH places I go for news and comment...

  4. Fin and Tris were so great today - it was VINTAGE Anna/Scorpio sleuthing! Loved their dialogue when they were trying to figure out what had happened. It took me back to the glory days of scenes just like that and I half expected Sean Donnelly or Frisco to walk into the room. AWESOME

  5. I just hope they don't kill SLW off.

  6. AbsoluteLunatic..just remember if they kill him off they can always 20 years from now bring him back from the dead after being held prisoner by Heather in a dungeon

  7. Scott Reeves started to slide as an actor when he became HR Puff-N-Huff. When he was doing doctorly stuff he was fine as chief of staff.

    Another example of poor writing resulting in poor acting (see Burton, Steve; Benard, Maurice; both Kristinas; Monaco, Kelly; Locicero, Lisa; Wright, Laura; the majority of villains since 2005, etc.).

  8. I used to love Scott Reeves on Young and the Restless. Back in his younger years he was so darn handsome I couldn't get enough of him, so I was excited when he came to GH. But I have to admit, whether it was his acting or just the writing and lack of storylines, he has been very lackluster at GH.

    If this move it to make more room for any of my favorite vets, or to give Tristan or Lynn a contract, I say it's a good move!

  9. Karen, I know you have a lot to deal with this week and you were waiting until your Sunday Surgery article to say much about GH, but I just want to say to everyone checking in here, my prayers, love, and blessings are with you all. Whether or not you were personally effected by the horrific shootings in Connecticut is irrelevant. We are all, as members of the human race, effected by this. We have all been scared, and scarred, and made witness to this unbearably heinous act. We have all been shot in the heart by this. We have all had our young, innocent lives taken by this.

    What wouldn't any of us give now to have the "daytime dramas" we so often complain and argue about?

    Karen, if you don't write your article on Sunday, we will all understand. But if you do, I'm sure we will appreciate your wisdom, insight, and perspective on reality vs. fiction.

    In the meantime, I, personally, want to thank you for opening a safe and sacred place for people to come and share their thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes, and lives. You're providing a service....a sacred and beautifully safe place for people to reach out to one another regarding a common interest. You're a healer....and that's no small task.

    Who is there to heal the healer when she is weak?

    I'm sorry for such a public display if people are
    only truly here to talk about soaps. I'm not on FB, or twitter, or things like that. This is one of two places I ever post publicly. But it is one of two places I feel the most comfortable among like-minds. So, Karen, thank you again, for holding that comfortable space. If I had a more personal way of reaching you, I would say one thousand times more things to you regarding your servant's heart.

    To all my other loved ones here, please hold yourselves and family close to you. Everyday is a gift. Drink your "good" wine now because LIFE itself is a special occasion. And keep your "I love you's" up to date.

    Lov, Peace, and Namaste.

  10. Dear Carey, That was so beautifully said, thank you. I also do not participate in social media, and post only here, on this site, due to my longtime love for GH.

    You said everything that needed to be said, and again I thank you.

  11. Casey, I am right with AntJoan on this one. I am not on any other social media, either but I do enjoy this blog and the people who post. Thanks for putting that out there so eloquently.

  12. I am on social media but even so I agree wholeheartedly with CareyN. I also know that you're going through your own family's grief. Be safe on your journey and thoughts with you.

  13. I for one hugged my kids a little harder and longer these last couple of days. There's people out there that cannot do that right now. One of my kids is the same age as the victims of this horrific tragedy. It's too difficult to wrap your head around what has happened. Connecticut is grieving, America is grieving and the world is grieving. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone involved in this whether directly or indirectly. So often, we take life for granted and just how precious it is and how in just a moment it can be taken from you. Gone are the days of simple fire drills, now we also have lockdown drills....


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