Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"I thought I'd bring her to you"!

 Lucy was trying to figure out who could pay for the ball besides her.  Sonny, Q's.... Todd Manning. LOL ..Looks like  Lucy might be broke!! She is broke. She said she's running a pyramid scheme. THOSE OF YOU that know Monavie and GH history have to be DYING right now!!

Maxie is scared about becoming PG!! Awwwww. Talking to Spinelli. Ellie heard that Spinelli would have chosen Maxie--and left. He sees a future with Ellie..not Maxie.

Britt asking Liz out--  Liz hates her! Yeah!! I do too..and I love bitchy Liz.  She's so much more interesting this way! !

ROBERT...that better be Propofol and NOT A KILLER drug dang it!! wahhh!!He almost tells Anna that  Robin is alive and he...got PROPOFOL! I was right!! :) Ron and I are mind melded lol.

Robin on the DVD to Patrick!! Awwww. snifffff!! So sad. HISTORY of her thinking her HIV came back, remember that story? She tells him  to "move on" Oh I HOPE IT'S NOT WITH STUPID BRITT! AND YEP, he calls her..ughhhhhhhhhhhhh She steals Liz' movie "Christina comes home for Christmas" and takes it to Patrick's  house. That movie was made on One Life To Live btw, as a segway story-- with Natalie. 

Didn't think it was the person it turned out to be!! NICE JOB!


  1. Great show today! I must say that Lynn Herring looks fabulous!! She has barely aged and looks natural...I love it!

    Robert better live!

  2. Awww Karen! I assumed/thought the name of the blog today was going to be Christina comes home for Christmas! ROFL!

    CoeCoe Cosmetics: CoeCoe! ROFL! Lucy looks fantastic!!!! I do wish her hair was a lighter color, but oh well I'll get used to it. :) Lucy is broke! ROFL! The CIA, FBI, and other people have her money frozen! No Karen Lucy is being ACCUSED of running a pyramid scheme. She didn't say she is running one. :) She says she is going to clear her name. :) She is being called the Bernie Madoff of makeup. ROFL! Lucy brings up Todd Manning. She says Meenie Moe Manning ROFL! She couldn't remember his name hahaha! Hey she has a picture of Kevin Collins on her desk!!!! I guess that means they are still together! :) Later when Sabrina and Felix are gone, Lucy remembers the past nurses ball. There are flashbacks! :) YAY!

    The hospital: Dr. WestNileBitch (Thank you Felix for the name) is whining to Liz about Sabrina and Patrick. She is also wondering why Liz is giving her the cold shoulder ROFL! Liz tells her off! YAY! :) Liz says Patrick didn't call you tonight did he? Oh but Patrick calls her. Dr. WestNileBitch is all smug now. Meanwhile Maxie is all sniff sniff to Spinny AGAIN. Ellie overhears but didn't overhear all of it and leaves. Awww Ellie. :(

    Patrick and Robin's home: Patrick is watching Robin's cd she made for him last year on Christmas Eve. That was the time she thought she was going to die of AIDS. She wants him to have someone again. After watching, he calls Dr. WestNileBitch UGH! She is there and she stole one of Liz's movies to watch with Patrick. Christina comes home for Christmas is the movie. I LOVE that movie!! ROFL! On OLTL they showed people watching the movie. :)

    Switzerland: Robert was just about to tell Anna about Robin, when he passes out!!!!!!!!!! Soapy goodness!!! So propofal was in the needle!! That is what Michael Jackson had when HE died!! Dr O gave Robert a full dose!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anna is so upset! Hmm is she still in love with him? :) It looks like Duke is thinking that too.

    Robin: Dr O has her! In some room. It looks like Faison's room when he pretended to be Duke. Someone comes in. I thought it was Helena, but the the person talked! I recognize that voice! It's Jerry Jax! I WAS RIGHT!! YAY! My baby is back! :)

  3. Lynn does look fantastic. I really hope we get much much more of Lucy.

    I kept wanting Anna to shut up so Robert could say Robin's name...lol but it was not to be.

    I chuckled when Jerry was back! muyhaha

    And how evil is Dr. Biatch...to steal a movie Liz is planning to watch with her children. I'm not a violent person but I'd love to see her get runover by a bus - one with an advert for that Christmas movie on its side so that it's the last thing she sees as she slides under the wheels.

    ok. Maybe I shouldn't post when I'm in such a mood. Will come back later.

  4. Could Dr. Britt be in on the kidnapping of Robin? I've just started getting back into the show and can't believe how fantastic it is and how quickly it's turned around! I wondered today about Britt and thought she had a weird look on her face when Liz said something to her about Robin being dead. Is she the daughter of Doctor Evil and Faison? Or a plant from Jerry? She really is a twisted beyotch.

  5. I was hoping it would be Helena who had Robin! I hope she's involved somehow!

  6. I think Jerry is just the beginning? Although the "looping" of him was great.

  7. I realize it is Soapland, but was anyone else amazed that Robert is drugged up and near death, Duke runs for help, and gets just ONE dr., who seems BORED with a dying patient there?

    Then they ask him to do something, and he shrugs his shoulders and says, basically, 'It's not my section,' then 'it seems hopeless,' then sort of yawns, and says, 'Well, maybe,' before doing a damned thing?

    I mean, no nurses, EMTs? Just Dr. Boredlove?

  8. Yes, Cosmo, I agree, very strange. The only thought that came to me at the time was that, as this was the "special section" where evil villains hold innocent captives forever, other doctors might have been told "hands off."

    Speaking of evil villains, now we have the trifecta of Helena, Jerry Jax and Faison? Whey would they all be connected?


  9. Dr Boredlove! ROFL! Yes Cosmoetica that scene was very strange. It's like come on!!! You got to do something!! You are a doctor for crying out loud! Altho AntJoan does have a good point. Maybe the doctor was told hands off. AntJoan maybe it IS where evil villains hold innocent captives forever!

  10. Well, clearly Jerry, Faison, and Helena are in cahoots. Heather is rumored to be involved with Helena- although how- ?

    Yes, supervillains galore. If Grant Putnam, Mikkos Cassadine, Manny Ruiz, Mitch Laurence, Carlo Hesser, and Michael Cambias show up we'll know we've gone over the rainbow!

  11. Would have been cool if Boredlove had said they had to wait so he could go to Kelly's for a BLT!

  12. Cosmoetica said...Yes, supervillains galore. If Grant Putnam, Mikkos Cassadine, Manny Ruiz, Mitch Laurence, Carlo Hesser, and Michael Cambias show up we'll know we've gone over the rainbow!
    Hahahah delicious!!!! :)

    Cosmoetica said...Would have been cool if Boredlove had said they had to wait so he could go to Kelly's for a BLT!
    Hahahaha too funny. :) And I love the nickname you have for that doctor! :)



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