Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Second Hand Smoke

 CATV 8 20121127 1358(17)

I can't decide whether or not I'm accepting Faison smoking --because he knows better. Maybe I'll chalk it up to desperation. Still... you go to ALL the trouble of faking Robin's death, kill a bunch of people-- get an expensive rubber mask and speech lessons --all to blow it on a cigarillo? Then again, maybe he's so obsessed and deranged he HAS to smoke to keep his edge off. 
Well, Ol' Robert found it--made his "Columbo" face and we're off!

Put on a filter mask and scrub that nictotine off your fingers-- it's time for the Surgery! 

 This week we found out: 
What Tracy got from the Will ,  all she got was Pick-a-Lila
Alexis could still have sex, and it trended on twitter
Molly is a "writer", and Todd loves Young Adult romance
TJ hasn't moved back to where he came from, he still haunts Kelly's
Sonny still likes to tie people up to get his way, he's smelled too many coffee beans
Trey and Xtina are still insignificant, put me to sleep
Alkazar aka Tomas?  just might be a triplet or the same person, we hope no rubber mask 
Lante wants Maxie's uterus to be their incubation pad, and Maxie accepts
Ellie needs serious vocal rest, therapy, and manners (sex on roomie's couch)
Mac and Robert are still hot, and Mac can still rock a suit
Diane and Tracy have the same hair stylist, and maybe they shop at the same  store
If baby Danny gets any bigger Sam is going to have to hire someone to carry him for her,  because if she doesn't, she may fall over. 

CATV 8 20121127 1356(6)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Yep..I'm picking the Pick-A-Lila and the hotdogs. With two of my fave characters chowing down. LOVED it. 

CATV 8 20121128 1320(35)

BEST FACE: Molly, afraid to open her mouth to Todd. 


NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Although you have to give it up for KS and MB--I HATED the fact she was tied up in the warehouse. Just hated it. There were other ways to get those emotional scenes done without this. 
WEIRDEST TRANSITION: Kate goes straight from being tied up in a warehouse for god only knows how long, to hanging out in Todd's office, chowing on a sandwich, reading Molly's manuscript.

Not sure why but these two just aren't doing it for me. I guess the character of Ellie just hasn't endeared herself to me in any way. You know I don't like the "delivery" at. all.  I DO like how Spinelli has "evolved" but-- I don't see Chem between these two. Bradford's scenes when he was kneeing were touching though and I'm glad the character is moving forward. 

All in all this week was fun. I could have lived without the Nurse Betty stuff, but like Liz's spirit!  The Reading Of the Will was good-- and Jane Elliot continues to knock it out of the park. Ned, Skye YES MORE PLEASE! I'm sort of intrigued by the Alkazar/Tomas thing-- and you know it's going to lead back to the Irene Manning shenanigans with the Tawd's.  Helena's in there too-which we saw on Friday..woot and a hoot! 
 WHAT MORE can a girl ask for?!


  1. Hi, Karen, I'm up early, too, on Sundays. I have a seminar at 10:30, then am working from 2-8, so this is my chance to comment.

    ITA w/your scenes of the week, Todd's comments while watching Skye and Carly go at it were priceless!! (Or maybe it's his delivery, as he always seems to have funny lines. . . .)

    WHY didn't Molly copyright her novel???? And HOW could Alcazar possibly be Tomas???? No one is answering me, wouldn't Tea know her own brother? How does this make sense?

  2. AntJoan
    I think they are setting it up that she hadn't seen him in so many years that Tea is clueless. Not sure since I didn't watch OLTL but there was something she said about his going off to be a musician or something and not coming back for many years. I don't think it pays to analyze this stuff too closely. The show is so much better than it was that I'm willing to just suspend disbelief for the more ridiculous aspects of this.
    Although unlike lots of people I never could stand Skye and really wish she'd go away.

  3. Ant: All creative works have de facto copyrights, and the fact that TJ, Starr, and Todd know of the ms. means that the idea of Connie stealing it and claiming it her own are ridiculous.

    Totally disagree on Ellie and Spin: the writers BLEW it with Spin and the wacky FBI agent gal a few years ago, but this time they got it right. I mean, Ellies's smarter, prettier, and nicer than Maxi, and, really, if Maxi's vouice doesn't annoy you, why would Ellie's?

    Of the three new females- Ellie, Britt, Sabrina- Ellie's has been BY FAR the most interesting and successfully woven into the fabric. I hope they do not reunite Spin and Maxi.

    I've read spoilers that Robert's mystery call last week was to Tomas. I doubt it, but if so, it'll be a nice tie-in.

    Also read spoilers that AJ and Snny have a boxing match and Sonny pulverizes AJ. That had to be MB's doing, cuz in the mid-90s they had a tale where AJ tried life as a boxer and he pounded Sonny. It's funny because Sean Kanan towers over MB by 3-4 " and has a good 60-80 lb. weight advantage.

    Ant: as for Tomas, he grew up with Tea but spent 25 years away from her, supposedly as a pianist and painter in Europe. The GH Alcazar years were those when Tomas was MIA in Llanview, so they could be the same. The real q is how did Jason the perfect killer flub a hit that Skye was in on?

    a) either the CIA stopped him and revealed Alcazar as Tomas, a CIA agent, and threatened Jason, or b) Alcazar and/or Tomas were two people and one is impersonating the other- perhaps Luis and Lorenzo had a third brother/triplet?

    So, in short, when Tomas turned up in Llanview, Tea just assumed the man who said he was Tomas was the long lost brother.

    I do sense that Robert will use Helena to ensnare Faison, and that this will lead to a tie in between Helena and Ferncliff with Irene Manning and the rogue CIA'sters, who will likely battle Robert and may also be in league with the remnants of the DVX (GH's version of the KGB) as well as tying in with Project Orpheus and David Hayward from AMC- Anna's other ex-husband, and father of her 'other' daughter, Leora.

  4. I think Lorenzo is Tomas who was under cover as Luis' supposed return brother because thy looked alike and then he was extracted. But idc. I love it all. And if what you suggest is true and this also involves my Todd I will probably die because then everything I've ever hoped for (sans Lexi as Krissy and Ric back as Lansing) will happen on GH!

  5. Wait Karen! Faison hasn't been smoking. :( He takes the ciggy out, but doesn't smoke it. Love all the pics you have put up this week! Hell I love ALL the pics you have been putting up every Sunday! :)

  6. YES, Faison doesn't SMOKE ON CAMERA Disney/ABC doesn't allow it!!

    Ok: TOMAS.. is TEA's brother who for whatever reason looked enough like Luis Alkazar to assume identity as his twin-- when he died.
    That's all I got LOL

  7. Finally watching Tuesday's show -- 2 things I'm loving: Robert and Mac had more scenes in this one episode than they had in any of Robert's other returns under Guza (not counting Night Shift) and the whole set up for a good fight over ELQ! Scorpios and Quartermaines -- YEAH BABY!

  8. I thought Robert called Oivia for help since his next scene was walking into the Haunted Star with her and trying to see if she had another reaction to "Duke". I don't mind Ellie but I think KS has been doing a fabulous job and while I don't necessarily want Maxie back with Spinelli, Ellie is better suited for him. Maxie and Matt were a cute couple before Jen L. came aboard.

  9. Tristan had mentioned in an interview what a withering stare that Connie Towers had and that he had a scene with her. Guess the Friday episode is leading up to it...
    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but this is the first scene that Scorpio has had with Helena since the early 80's, yes? (As played by Elizabeth Taylor then) SWEET!

    And Scorpio and Duke/Fiason squaring off too...In the same show? TOO MUCH GOODNESS!

    And Duke/Fiason meeting Sonny too??? "I know some of your old associates." YES YES YES

    Love the Anna, Mac, and Maxie scenes. Finola was looking hawt right there, let me tell you!

    Skye and Blair cat fighting LOLOLOL


  10. Found a old youtube clip of Scorpio and Helena cat and mousing it!

    You know, I am pretty sure that Robert had some dealings with the Cassadines before he hit Port Charles and that he and Helena have some kind of backstory. Wonder if they will address it this time around?


  11. Thanks for all the feedback and answers.

  12. Oldschool: interesting clip in that Helena says she and Mikkos had no kids of their own, and later we got Stavros and Stefan.

    Doubt they'll explore any Cassadine backstories.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Damned if they do and if they don't.

    David, numerous GH watchers complain whatever tptb do. If they explain too much the complainers say they are shoving it in their faces. If they don't explain then they are 'indecent,' according to you. Maybe just WATCH the tale unfold and fill in the blanks.



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