Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lulu's Having a..DOG?

Olivia sees Lulu carrying a doggie in a baby pouch LMAO...IS IT A JACKAL?? oh lord, no.  So, will Maxie and Spin have a ONS ala Lucy Coe when she was surrogate for Serena? hmmmm. 

Maxie was freaking out in Kelly's with her hormones. LOL She might be a fun nuts PG person.

Robert's sounding all OutBack on us! "Ya kent locks me up"! John knows Faison from his FBI days. No one's believing Robert much. Anna goes to ask Olivia about her vision. 

I think Anna's bewitched. WHOA..come on, girl WAKE UP!!

Stupid Connie why does she want that book? So she can pretend  to write it? Oh whatever. TJ and Molly are going to be interns at the magazine? LOL!! Okaaaaaaaaaaay. 

Starr thinks Johnny killed his grandfather, that's why Connie's blackmailing him.   Ah..well, he's off the hook. I do think his guilt is going to eat him alive though. Todd and he are arguing. 

BTW, Anna will "SEE" Faison in Switzerland..letting  "NONDUKE" off the hook. There. Scoopie for you.

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  1. Spinelli-"hormones" Todd-" you mean like the verb" took me a minute to get it but then i did an actual spit take- funniest line of the year- damn i love todd

  2. I'd say they do the In Vitro, then she sleeps with Spinelli. She will end up pregnant with twins. They won't know if both twins are Lulu's or Maxie's or maybe one of each OLTL style.

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  4. Craig Howard said..Spinelli-"hormones" Todd-" you mean like the verb" took me a minute to get it
    Okay help! What did Todd mean? :)

  5. sonya said...
    Fake Duke's home: No Anna! No! You were awake, now you are burying your head in the sand!!! Come on! Fake Duke is FAISON!!!! Fake Duke has new plans! What are your plans?!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant: Lulu shows up and sees Olivia. Olivia has a vision. She sees Lulu with a puppy!!!!!!!Awwww look at that puppy! So adorable!!! Look at that face! :) Olivia tells Lulu and Lulu is upset that Maxie is going to have a puppy baby ROFL! Thanks to the hormones, Lulu is a ball of tears! Oh Fake Duke and Anna are going to Switzerland!!!! What will Anna find? "Faison" or Robin?!

    Kelly's: Thanks to the hormones, Maxie is a ball of cranky! :)Maxie is alone with Ellie and says that her (Maxie) and Spinny will be together because they are soul mates. DOH! Maxie makes the excuse that it was just hormones! IT IS NOT SHE MENT IT!!! Ellie doesn't tell Spinny what Maxie said! Todd sees Spinny, and Maxie says something that makes Todd confused. Spinny says it's hormones. Todd says isn't that a verb? ROFL! Line of the day goes to Todd! :) Todd leaves and sees Starr. Todd is upset and says today sucks ROFL!

    Manning Enterprises: Molly and TJ interns!!! Hahahaha! TJ doesn't even want to be an intern! It's okay TJ, just go visit your gay brother Felix. :) He can help you like being an intern. :)

    Police station: Oh McBain knows Faison!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows Faison haha! Where is Luke?!!?! I want Luke to help Robert!!! I want a Ruke (Robert and Luke) scene damn it! :)

  6. Moans is the verb tense- "whore moans". About Maxie- Todd gave her a weird look when he said it- subtle but awesome

  7. Craig Howard said...
    Moans is the verb tense- "whore moans". About Maxie- Todd gave her a weird look when he said it- subtle but awesome
    OHHHHHHHHHH! ROFL! Oh Todd!! Hahaha! Yeah that IS awesome. :)

  8. I can't believe it but I really look forward to GH everyday now. Love the cast interaction, I think it is great that McBain and Dante are a team and of course Todd is a riot. Kelly S. and her overacting were the only problem I had yesterday - even Starr doesn't bother me anymore.

  9. I thought that "puppy" looked more like a dingo. The dingo ate Lante's baby! Kidding!


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