Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Anna, Robert, John... Robert is all "I KNOW He's alive" and ANNA'S ALL "I know" LMAO... I so hope she's Faking. It should have been Luke with Robert though. They CALL BACK HIS PHONE!! Whoops. John turns the heat up...Duke's not sweating. 
"That's NOT YOUR FACE" lol....
Anna trips up Faison with a "snowy night" ..he got it wrong. Then Robert pours fondue over his face.  His face melts off.
Ian Buchanan was FANTASTIC  again today. So was Anders  Hove and I so felt for him  a little 'Love me just a little Anna"....

Josslyn runs to Johnny! Carly says "you don't GET to miss me"!! Brandon Barash looked so sad. Then TODD interrupts his confession... of COURSE. 

Publisher calls about Molly's book, that is--CONNIE's BOOK. WHO cares! Not me. That's for sure. Todd won't stop the printing of it. Cause he's mean like that lol.
Johnny and  Connie "Johnny clean my panties"!!! he yells at her. Then he says he's going to confess to everything and leaves the room.

Maxie is allergic to the hormones! EEK! Looks like me after scotch and garlic  combos (seriously). Maxie was just allergic to FOOD..not the hormones. Lulu's mad she didn't read the label.

AWWW DAVIS girlies decorating. SAM IS SUCH A DEBBIE DOWNER! GOD!! geesh!! Trey has the tree. He tells Xtina he's leaving. Yep..bye Trey. He's going to work on a DAVID VICKER's FILM! 
Danny in the Santa suit was adorable!!



  1. yaay for Robin!! I reall don't want a Sam/AJ pairing...I'll take McBam though. :)

  2. No AJ Sam combo please!
    AJ and Elizabeth!!!
    They didn't let her have Jason at least give her AJ.
    I like KeMo but tired of all men having to be paired with Sam!
    I agree Sam and John! Liz and AJ!
    Give my girl a S/L Please!!!!!!!
    One better than following nurse Betty around.
    She deserves better.

  3. That waas soapy goodness today when that mask was oozing off his face.

  4. Loved todays show..Loved that it was over the top!! Thank GOd that we have the Nurse's Ball next because how does one follow up such a great story as Faison..Glad that Faison is still alive..Someday perhaps we will see him again.

  5. I loved the mask melting off his face today. What a great scene!

    And is anyone else praying Trey takes Kristina with him?

    I'm loving the new pace of the show and can't wait to see Robin tomorrow.

  6. I agree! New Kristina needs to go! Please take her Trey!

    I LOVED Faison's mask melting off! John and Robert were great! A+++!

    I could live without the Maxie/Lulu surrogacy, though. It does nothing for me.

  7. Fake Duke's room: OH GREAT SCENES!!!!! LOVE IT! McBain ate Fake Duke's and Anna's lunch! So did Robert! Mcbain hated the lunch hahaha! Robert says the fondu is hot! :) Come on guys! Hit fake Duke on the face!! Then you will see the mask halfway off hahaha! McBain did something better and so did Robert! McBain turned up the theramstat in the room so the room is hot!! Everyone is sweating except fake Duke! ROFL! Hmm I wonder why hahaha! Then Robert threw the HOT fondu at fake Duke's face!!! His face is MELTING!!!! He is melting!!!!!!!!! Anna wanted to help, but the face melted and there sat FAISON!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! Anna is in shock! Faison just wants her love!!! :) Faison was put in handcuffs and taken away! :) Aww come on Anna! Faison just wants your love!!!! :)

    Hospital: Oh oh Maxie is in the hospital because she has food allergies. Was it blackburries or blueberries she said she was allergect to?

    Jasam home: Sam has no Christmas decorations or a tree at home. Bah humbug Sam!!! Alexis and Kristina showed up to give it to her. Sam did not want them, but Alexis says this is Danny's first Christmas so she is going to do that for him awww! Tree is here! And guess what? Joe Jr Jr Jr brought it! :) Joe Jr Jr Jr wants to talk to Krissy alone and have something to drink with her. Alexis brings down baby Cheeto and he is wearing a Santa suit! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Picture time people!!! No? :( Baby Cheeto Santa so adorable!!!! :)

    Manning Enterprises: Molly wants her book back!!! Sounds like Molly has a cold. Too late Molly! The book is being published, but not with YOUR name! Connie's!!! Molly is so angry! TJ isn't happy, and Todd isn't going to help because as he has said, he isn't a nice guy ROFL!

    Kelly's: Carly and Joss are there. Joss sees Johnny and is so happy! She misses Johnny! Sounds like Joss has a cold. Todd shows up, and hangs on to Carly ROFL! Todd is alone with Carly and says Johnny wet his bed now he has to lie in it ROFL! Meanwhile Joe Jr Jr Jr, tells Krissy that he is leaving. :( Awww! I really enjoyed saying his name! Don't go! Well, if you have to go, take Krissy with you!!

    Connie and Johnny: Johnny doesn't want to be married to Connie anymore!!! He is sick of hearing her threaten him like for example, Johnny, wash my panties or you will got to jail ROFL! Come on Johnny slap her!!!! :) Damn he doesn't. :(

  8. I still say David Vicker's is Sam's biological dad (he did say he had a child in his teens)

  9. Who the heck is David Vickers?

  10. I am glad Joe Jr Jr Jr brought up David Vickers!!! Love David Vickers! The man AND the dog. :) So Joe Jr Jr Jr is going to work with David Vickers eh? Well maybe Joe Jr Jr Jr can make THIS movie not a flop! :)

  11. David Vickers is a character from OLTL. The actor, Tuc Watkins also played Pierce Dorman on GH.

  12. gmjl and others, rejoice: latest spoilers have Xina leaving w Trey!

    Also, Steve Webber is out- Scott Reeves was fired! Olivia rumored to go next!

    Karen: a post that some Wubbers may enjoy:

    An essay in response to an online Feminist essay on the rapes or non-rapes of Sam McCall and Connie Falconeri, and how that affects the perceptions of General Hospitals three resident rapists: Luke Spencer, Todd Manning, and, yes, Sonny Corinthos....

    Enjoy and comments welcome.

  13. Thanks Cosmo. I hope that spoiler is true! Bye bye NOT-Kristina.

    If not, hopefully she'll just keep getting pushed to the fringe where she belongs!

  14. Thanks gmjl. I hope we're not getting any more OLTL characters.

    I'll also be happy if Steve and Olivia leave. I find them to be very weak characters. ( They can take Dr. West Nile with them too.)

    I'd rather they were focussing more on people like Liz and Epiphany in the hospital. They've been all but pushed out since the new trio arrived too. I don't know why they needed three new female characters in the hospital when they weren't using the ones we had.

  15. Scorpio and McBain are great! They are like a homage to the Karl Malden/Michael Douglas partnership in the old Streets of San Francisco show with the veteran cop and the younger cop dynamic. GH really ought to consider keeping Scorpio around and teaming him up with McBain more often.
    Loved Tristan's grin when Finola decked Fiason too. He looked like he was really having a ball with that scene!

  16. Connie is such a bitch!! So cruel to everyone. I hope she reaches the end of her line one of these days. Yesterday was like the GH of old - those two cute guys are doing an amazing job. The face melt was classic and the storyline ended well and with some lingering effects. Great news about Xtina possibly leaving with Trey. Steve B. will be pissed that his best friend was fired. I don't really want Olivia to leave though.

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  18. Really off topic, but I stumbled upon this
    Seems that the OLTL/GH crossover happened way earlier than any of us thought...
    Major easter egg @ 4:45

  19. David Vickers the man. Not the Dog ;-)

    I rarely pay attention to Trey/Kristina scenes, but when he mentioned Vicker Man, I had a good laugh.

    I loved the scenes where all of Faison's alibi's were stripped away including his face. Didn't you love the evil grin on Robert when Anna punched out the man who deceived her?

    After all that soapy goodness, I hate to bring this up BUT....on OLTL Cartini used a psychic named Madame Defina as a toot to explain away the most ridiculous of plot twists. (Like that whole Rex going back in time crap. Whatever.) I'm just concerned that they have turned Olivia into the same kind of novelty. I want better for that character.

  20. Oldschool: great call on Scorpio-McBain and Malden-Douglas. That takes me back- Streets, Kojak, Columbo, and- of course- Hawaii 5-0! 70s cop shows kicked the asses of today's crap.

    LindaV.- the writing on the wall for OLivia was when they broke her up with Johnny. Hell, that was the end of Johnny, too. Barash is a good actor- Reeves and LoCicero, not so much- both were major eye candy mostly.

    Bigdoodah- OLTL and GH crossovers go back to the late 60s. Steve Hardy performed some surgeries on OLTL character in the first couple of years that show went on air.


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