Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Petri Dishes and Propofol

It was a week of...well..hmmm. Monday was pretty snappy because  it was really Friday's show from the week before. I of course, LOVED the Lucy Coe part.  I'm really not into Sabrina the Nursey Betty. But, one must take the good with the bad!! Newbie Felix is shaping up. Britt is becoming a nice soapy beeatch to hate. Paddy saw Robin speak on a DVD and AJ told the truth.

It finally snowed here, so get your boots on, snuggle up!! Ho HO HO... HERE WE GO! 

Lucy Coe. Of Coe-Coe Cosmetics. Ah, so much history there...and funny "Pyramid" mentions. (If you don't know the set of GH had a pyramid type scheme going on for years...under  the "health guise"). Her office was a hoot, although they did use Kate's old place as part of the set.  Meridith Viera was a great fun actress and mentioned RENEE from OLTL. 

Maxie and the implantation... um. Unrealistic? You bet.  However it did provide great scenes between KS and BA. 

 The Tawd and Cawnie show was hilarious...From  the faking of the heart attack  to Connie talking over a knocked out Johnny. There's a lot coming with this including a car accident  involving two of my not so fave characters. I think the whole trio  wind up arrested, but you know--this is Port  Charles.

THE BEST part of the week was PROPOFOL... and Poor Robert. The Real Duke and Robin with Jerry. I wish there was more of that-- I could watch a show just on that story, thank you. I was surprised with Jerry Jacks--just because I had counted him out (in my head) as not being relevant anymore.  So, for me...good one. Do I WISH it was David Hayward? Um, yeah... but a girl can't always get what she wants!!

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Going with Brandon Barash's excellent performance when he was sweating it out,  trying to tell Starr. Yes, it was frustrating but he just plays that panicked mood so perfectly. Every pore screens "help"!! 

 RUNNER UP: Lucy tries to talk  Alice into some "Slayer" creme! 

UGLY OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Diane, know better.

TROOPER OF THE WEEK: Lisa LoCicero. I haven't mentioned much about her "visions" but even with her ridiculous dialog, she's having a blast. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: I couldn't find a photo but stupid ELLIE WALKING around with those zygotes with her bare hands -- you know I hate that kind of misstep! LOL This is a hospital show, damn it! Although if you watched OLTL, you know it can get worse (Bag O' Blood).

All in all a good week, can't complain too much. I was bored a bit Friday but that was actually not a Friday show. In time, we'll catch back up to how the order goes.

GH next week: Rerun Monday (Thanksgiving eppy) and none on Tuesday. 


  1. Hi, Karen, it's always good to see you early Sunday morning, when almost no one else is up! (I work Sundays, Sat. is my only day off.)

    Gee, no GH for Mon., Tues.--hadn't thought of that, boo!! Maybe I have to give in and go see a movie, although I do spend Christmas with the Christian part of my family.

    Diane's dress wasn't that bad . . . I noticed it, but thought that it showed her figure to good advantage, and it really is the style--if you look at the clothes in the fashion mags lately, they are so fugly--all loud, clashing patterns--that I guess only the very young/skinny/trendy will wear them. I thought that Diane's version made sense for her figure/age, although I will stick to my simple shapes and neutrals, thank you.

    No one has answered me--is KM ever coming back to the show, or will this Robin thing continue to be a tease? I really find it painful to watch, bec. of her being kept away from her family, it's horrible. If Patrick is going to be w/Nurse Betty (post makeover, or course), does that mean Robin will stay in limbo? How is she surviving without her HIV "cocktail," or are her captors giving it to her? I thought she needed to take it every day. . . .

    On another note, have you, or anyone else, seen Cloud Atlas? I watched it yesterday with my hubby, thought it was pretty amazing. . . .

  2. My understanding is that KM comes back every now and then to "give a little back" to the show, but for the most part she is off trying to land directing gigs (she has one to direct one of Disney Channel's sitcoms I think for an episode or two lined up).
    I think with Jerry's appearance, this is the last you will see of her for a long while as the storyline has come to a natural stopping place (Patrick moving on with his life, Fiason in jail, the real Duke back for storylines with Anna, Robert will be back but will probably forget (due to the nature of the drug) that he saw her alive. There are possible spoilers out there of a Fiason family member coming to PC for a storyline this Spring into Summer (maybe into Fall too) involving diamonds, but there is no reason why it should involve KM as far as I can see.
    I thought about the HIV drugs too and the only explanation is that they are giving them to her every day as well as getting her up to go to the restroom (or maybe bedpans?)

  3. OK, OSGHF, thanks so much for the info.

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  5. Karen: you SERIOUSLY didn't see the Jerry twist coming? I knew it wd be him or Helena.

    I wish it were Grant Putnam, although Hayward's a strong #2.

    Felix is better than his godawful first appearance, and the actor has potential. They need to stop him from being just the black, gay Amy Vining, though.

  6. I know Joan, her dress was all over stein mart when I went UGH!! I hated the way the belt was right under her boobs LOL

    Yes, KM will be back to close it out. I don't think she'll be back for good. I think she'll come back, close the story and leave. Maybe taking JT with her?

  7. maybe it was too "simple"..meaning, we JUST saw him, I didn't think they'd use him again and Sebastian Roche is famous for blabbing he's on the show. I slipped on that one.
    Think of it..I got the rubber mask twist but not that? *sigh* slipping lol

  8. This is stupid:

    Someone leaking Prospect Park's renewed interest in rebooting All My Children and One Life to Live to the mainstream entertainment media has apparently worked in the production company's favor. I'm hearing that ABC has in fact granted Prospect Park an extension on their license agreement. Whereas PP originally had to get production of AMC and OLTL off the ground by the end of January 2013, they reportedly now have until the end of February.

    The question is, if PP is successful in relaunching specifically OLTL, what would that mean for the characters of Todd Manning (Roger Howarth), John McBain (Michael Easton) and Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson), all currently part of the General Hospital cast of characters?

    "Prospect Park has the option to give General Hospital notice to cease using those characters," explains an insider.

    Say what? Say huh? Would ABC really allow a production company that hasn't proven successful in relaunching two defunct daytime dramas on the web, to stop their remaining daytime soap from continuing to benefit from the ratings boon the OLTL characters have helped bring about at GH?

    "ABC doesn't really make any money on [All My Children and One Life to Live] unless Prospect Park goes into production with them, and eventually airs them," says a network mole. "They benefit if Prospect Park is successful, because that's when the healthy licensing fees would kick in."

    Sounds like Mickey Mouse wants to cut off his cartoon nose to spite his face. It would be insane for ABC to even consider letting Prospect Park have the characters of Todd, McBain and Starr back. First off, the actors—who are under contract with ABC—likely wouldn't want to leave their cushy gigs on GH for an untested project.

    Howarth specifically has become integral to GH's success. The actor and his character test through the roof with focus groups! Here's hoping Vicki Dummer continues to prove she's much smarter than Brian Frons by not letting this madness happen.

    Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops!

  9. I have an idea, KM can come back, take JT with her when she goes..but Robin/Patrick leave Emma with Mac...isn't that how everyone else in the family does it? *grin*

    Please, on the PP thing: It'd suck if they took Todd, John and Starr back. Starr even grew on me. *sighs* Such high hopes for the continuation of GH...

  10. I'm still hoping that KM comes back, I so want a happy ending!! And, as I don't want Patrick to leave (he's a REALLY great actor), then she has to come back to stay!! (And bring Brenda with her. . . )

  11. Oh I told you I hate all the Prospect Park shit--all of it. They say one thing, do another. I do know they own all the characters and could pull them back. Probably don't like that GH/Cartini is doing well. Idiots.

  12. I think it is possible to still have JT on canvas AND end the Robin capture storyline. I think they will do a Luke and Laura and Robin will need to seek medical treatment from the shock therapy that she was given during the storyline.


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