Wednesday, May 31, 2023

WED: Molasses


OMG that will reading? SUCH a let down. SUCH a let down!! I'll talk about it more during Sunday Surgery but cripes. It should have been EPIC. And also? Hate Laura's apartment. She was so "homey" her entire life.  That mess looks like a waiting room. 


Carly, Michael and Joss still at GH. Joss tells Carly to through Sonny under the bus with the SEC. Carly says no. Joss rolls her eyeballs. They argue. Joss thinks Michael should tell their mom about the whole Dex thing. 

Will reading: Spencer wonders what's in his box. Oh he's not going to open yet though. Anna comes in. Spencer also gets an envelope meant for Nikolas until Nikolas comes back. Don't know what's in there. Victor tells Anna he's going to give her "the truth". She seems bothered. He leaves Laura his admiration for being the last one standing. Spencer's note is property he left Nikolas. It's in Chechnya. 

Alexis left the reading and is in the office. Esme is freaking  out because she made a mistake. Something about sending an email to the wrong people. Greg fixed it. Esme leaves. Alexis wonders why he ghosted her. They talk about the ALS stuff. 

Taggert shows up at GH to get the DNA results with Trina. Curtis shows up with Portia. Marshall and Stella stay home to eat the gumbo. Taggert and Trina talk about how things could change if he's not her bio dad. It took forever but Curtis is Trina's DNA match. Trina says she will move forward but she doesn't need a father, she already has one. 

Sonny goes to The Metro and he and Nina talk about the wedding. Then Anna comes in. 


TJ comes out and says Willow is done with the transplant. Tells them the time for recovery is 2-6 weeks in the hospital. Names off complications that could happen

Anna gets arrested by the WSB 

Spencer's box had the turtle doves inside and a key

Taggert goes into the elevator and cries

Anna's taen out in handcuffs 

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Guess What


I have to get my hair all done today! My roots have roots!! You understand. So, play nice and I hope the show is worth watching. It's one of those "LULL" times though--not much going on.

Monday, May 29, 2023



No new GH today--- It's a Sonya Eddy repeat of her last airdate! Have a wonderful day... 

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Face Lifts


Not a bad week for me! The dialog got better toward the end of the week and we had some characters on that didn't put me to sleep. New faces were all over the place. For various reasons, it is what it is. 

Memorial Day weekend calls for weenies and fries! 

Friday, May 26, 2023



Monday is a repeat for Memorial Day. Sonya Eddy's last airdate will be shown. That's a nice touch. 

WOW LOTS of stuff going on today and some great dialog. 

WILLOW is on. THUD. TJ's going to give her the stuff. Its' weird...people are looking though the window at her. Sasha comes and they talk about dying. Willow says dying soldiers call out for their mothers in their last moments. Should she call out for the one that was a murderer or the one that hated her until she found out she was her mother? AHHAHA WEIRD!!! I thought she was going to ask Sasha to take care of Michael and the kids if she bites it. Everyone watches her and wishes her luck. 

Q House: Drew confronts Ned. Q shennanigans ensue including Drew bringing up Tracy withholding Edwards' medication LOL . Ned wants to know why Brook is going back to Deception. She says she wanted to. Of course, Tracy asked her to but no one says that. Then Ned leaves and he and Olivia fight a bit more. He says he's going to prove it to her. She leaves. 

Carly/Sonny still talk about if she should turn him in. Joss walks in and asks what he's doing there. GOD JOSS..anyway, he leaves. Carly tells Joss that Nina and Sonny are engaged. Joss barks. They talk about Dex. Then go to see Willow. 

Anna asks Robert why Holly left. He tells her it was over and they said their goodbyes for good this time. She asks about Diane. They talk about that relationship. 

Diane goes to see Sonny but he's not there yet. She sees Nina and says congratulations to the jeweler after she sees the ring LOL . Very bizarre convo takes place to get to know 'each other better'... Nina wonders if Diane has anyone special and if not why not. Diane is like NO personal questions..we are NOT FRIENDS. ahahahhaa. OMG Then Sonny walks in and Nina finds out the DOJ wants to offer a deal to Carly if she TURNS IN SONNY. Nina's eyeballs are poppin' out . WHAT IF SHE DOES!!? Sonny says she won't! BUT WHAT IF SHE DOES!! She's freaking out. He says it's fine. She leaves to go to the Metro Court. 
Diane looks like Sonny like he's an idiot. Pfffffft. They talk about who could have turned Carly in. He thinks the FEDS were watching to trap him somehow any how and figured it out. Then he tells Diane to get Robert to tell her who may have done it since he has contacts at the SEC. 


Willow gets her transfusion

Thursday, May 25, 2023


 Jordan is about to tell Portia about the kiss and Curtis walks in. So, no she doesn't say anything. Curtis and Portia go to talk. OMG he wants to move back home! LOL I guess that kiss with Jordan meant ZERO!! ahahaha. 

Anna comes to talk to Jordan. They talk about Curtis. Jordan tells her they kissed. Not sure what that means (we do). 

Molly goes to her Mom's and cries. Gaw, that new recast has a HELL of an emotional story to jump right into. WOW... and she's TALL! wowza. She looks like Haley--and her voice is identical. They talk about her endometriosis. Kristina says it can be fixed, rattles off ways Molly can get PG. Alexis tries to tell her to cut it out. Krissy doesn't and Molly gets mad and leaves. 
Sam apologizes to Kristina. Krissy realizes she did the same thing to Molly about not listening and just offering solutions. 

Alexis and Molly talk on the porch. Molly says she's a failure. Alexis says you're not and to stop with that talk. 

Aunt Stella comes over to see TJ. He tells her they are trying to get pregnant but can't. Stella offers tea and wisdom. Then they talk about her leaving before the wedding, the secret and Trina being kidnapped. 

Carly and Sonny. Talking about his engagement. Moss listens. Sonny tells Carly to turn state's evidence against him to get out of  it and he can get out of it all. (TRUE) She WON'T DO IT ! BUT She does say "I could turn Drew in" LOL OF COURSE SHE DOES 

Ava and Nina. Nina doubles down on Carly going to jail. Ava's like "you're supposed to come clean to Sonny"!! LOL Nina: NOPE. She wants to make Drew think Carly is turning on HIM so he'll turn on HER first. 




PASSED!! I liked her. Very "Kristina" 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Another Day


And I have to bow out. Because I'm a therapist, I have to make up time when I'm sick so I have to do double days. (I hope I last LOL)

Yesterday's show was so funny ...and not because it was supposed to be. I mean... Dex/Spencer. They didn't even show the fight! 

Anyway, be good. I'm sure it will be a Nina Sonny "Afterglow" engagement day. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2023


 I'm drinking massive amounts of Gatorade..but I'm here. 

Sonny's proposing to Nina. She says NO.. HAHAHAA. She says he didn't even think about it and it's in the office. He says he was thinking about it a long time. She doesn't believe it. He pulls out a WHOPPER OF A RING. After a LONG and winded speech, she finally says yes. 

Olivia and Carly. Carly's mad a Ned for turning her in. Carly wants to know if Olivia threw him out of the house over it. Olivia's no. She tells Carly she's not into Ned's business practices and leaves. 

Ned and Brook talk about the SEC thing. Tracy!! Walks in and they start to think about who would want to hurt Drew or Carly. Or either one individually. Brook finds out Tracy talked to Chase. 

Dex and Spencer yell at each other in the boxing gym. Trina walks in. Spencer lays into Dex, he hates him. Dex goes to take a shower. Trina says stop it. Spencer says Dex cheated with Joss on Cameron. Joss walks into the gym. Trina and she talk about the fight she had with Michael. Oh Joss says Willow's marrow transfer is TOMORROW! OMG's been FOREVER. 

GET THIS: In the spa room, Dex thinks about... Joss coming in because someone is at the door. He imagines kissing her.. the towel drops. BUT it's a DAYDREAM and Spencer walks in instead! ahahahahaaha. WHAT!!?? Geesh that was some weird ish. Anyway, Spencer tells Dex to watch it around Joss because he's known her forever. Dex says he knew her as a child, he knows her as an adult. They get into a fight. Dex actually punches Spencer. Then Trina yells at him. *sigh* 

Finn and Chase. Chase is whining about Brook, what else is new. Chase decides to "fix it" and wants Finn to come with him. Chase goes to the Q mansion, Finn holds the boom box and he sings Brook's song to her. Aww, Tracey is even smiling. Glad they are together.

Carly finds out Nina and Sonny are engaged. 

Brook and Chase kiss 

Monday, May 22, 2023

Monday: VIRUS


I have something bad going on in my stomach!! UGH--haven't been this sick with something like this in a long time. 

Can't watch, that's for sure! Don't think a lot is happening anyway? Let me know. 

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Lab Work


You know it was a slow week when you do the entire Friday Blog and forget to publish it!! I think I was so tired after the show, I just blanked!! LOL Yes, it was THAT boring. Are we in our "spinning out everything we can because the writer's strike is looming" phase? Because.. ouch.  Monday was the only show that really made me happy. 

Grab what ya got--this shouldn't take very long!! 

Photo Credits: @Here4Sprina 

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Slowest Friday Ever


Joss and Sonny.  She says he told her one time he'd do anyting for her. She wants to make good on that offer. She wants him to fire Dex. 

Gladys and Dex wait to talk to Sonny in the restaurant. Gladys sees the guard hand Dex a giant envelope of cash. 

Dex finds out Joss asked Sonny to fire him. He gets mad. They "argue" outside the restaurant. It's SO BAD--I'm sorry but that scene was terrible. His kissing her at the end? It wasn't even set up right...ugh. SO BAD.

Gladys tries to pitch an investment to Sonny--he says no. 

Portia and Taggert talking about Trina/Spencer. He tells her then to tell Curtis she loves him before it's too late (um, it's too late).  They just talk about a bunch of stuff. 

Curtis and Jordan make out HEAVY at The Savoy. They leave to go somewhere 'more comfortable' IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Jordan stops it saying she can't. She WANTS to but she can't. They talk. She basically says no. She still loves him and thinks he's on the rebound. 

Michael is waiting for Willow. Dante walks up. They talk about Nina, Michael tells him to mind his own business. Then they talk about Sonny and Michael flashesback to their convo. This is POINTLESS. 

Scotty and Cody walk into Kelly's and Dr O is there with some kid. Has to be James I guess. Yes, she introduces James to Cody. She went to his moving up ceremony. Um, shouldn'd she be getting ready for surgery? OR? Anyway, then they talk about summer camp for James and horses. Weird. ALERT: James is afraid of bats and canoes. Scotty brings over cupcakes. Then James and Cody go to the counter and Scott and Dr O talk. Scotty tells Dr O he has a surprise fyor her (it's the necklace thing with Cody)

Nina and Sasha talk in the Crimson office. Nina thinks she did a good job on the Home and Heart show. They are waiting for Maxie to arrive. They talk. Sasha notices that Nina is distracted. Nina says it's because of Willow. Sasha says she wishes they were related. They hug.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

The LAB Swabs

 Spencer gets his invite from Victor to the reading of the will. Trina thinks he should go because Victor is probably trying to mess with him. 

Taggert walks in, sees Curtis and Portia. Taggert assures Trina he'll always be her father. 

Jordan calls TJ but he's at #GH with Molly. They are waiting for test results. Oh they are not good. Severe endometriosis...fertility tests were not good either. She sobs. She can't get pregnant. Cries. Very heartbreaking. 

Robert wants to know why Holly is conspiring with Selina Wu. Nneka comes in asks who let them in. Robert says it's official business. Holly suggests they leave. They go to the foggy docks to talk about Ethan and getting his debts paid. Holly tells Robert she loves him. She says she doesn't want to compromise his job. He says he will help her and they'll do things together. The whole thing comes down to they love each other but can't be together yada yada. 

Esme is getting shown around the office by Alexis. Sam is there and is wondering what's going on. Esme recognizes her from Sam questioning her at Shadybrook. She leaves to go talk to HR. Sam and Alexis both get an invitation to the reading of the Will. 

Alexis talks a bit about Gregory. Flashback to him telling her about his diagnosis. That was like a month ago lol 

Esme runs into Spencer when she goes to GH to get drug tested for her job. Spencer: WHO would hire YOU? LOL Esme says "YOUR AUNT ALEXIS" He's not happy. Trina talks to him and he calms down. 

Curtis goes back to the Savoy. Jordan walks in. She wonders what's wrong. He's not sure he should have taken the DNA tests. He wants to be Trina's father so badly it hurts. 

Trina says she's going to make sure Spencer stays away from Trina

Holly says goodbye to Robert and leaves


Wednesday, May 17, 2023


 Alexis goes to visit Laura and brings Ace a gift. Laura says they are having trouble with Esme. Esme goes to leave with Ace. "Aunt Alexis is here" (Ace waves...doh!) Esme wants her trust fund money. Alexis says it's not that easy. A lot of talk and then, Alexis offers her a job at the paper as a receptionist. Esme is like Um, I'm not doing that!! Then she thinks about it and takes the job.

Trina is waiting for DNA results at GH ...Spencer is there. She's impatient. They talk about Esme.  Trina feels sorry for her! Oh geesh

Robert is seeking a warrant for RICCO charges at THE SAVOY! OH LORDY! He flashes back to Wu and Holly shaking hands yesterday. 

Curtis is at the Savoy, gets a text from the WSB guy to take the job. Wu comes in and says she sees he's a hero and might have a 'new daughter' too. She tells Curtis she knows people at the lab at GH and can make the DNA test results say anything he wants!! OOOOOH!! She thinks that he wants to go into the WSB -- it's a very confusing conversation. Curtis tells her not to change anything. She smiles. 

Felicia and Mac in The Metro talking about Robert. Diane gets off the elevator. They want her to join them. Diane won't talk about Robert. Tells Mac to ask him. Felicia says the same.  Dante calls Mac about Robert being cranky. 

Holly goes to Anna's....she needs a job. She wants to get back into the WSB. Anna thinks that's not fair to Robert. Holly needs money for Ethan's debt. Anna says there's a new director but she'll try calling around. 


Mac tells Robert he's been keeping an eye on Wu and that his warrant will mess it up. 

Anna, Ava and Laura are all invited to the reading of Victor's will 

Robert goes to as Ms Wu why she's in cahoots with Holly and Holly walks in 

Haley Pullos Gets DUI


It's all over Twitter and FB so I thought I'd share the news here. We at first thought a "temp recast" for Molly was due to a car accident Haley was involved with. While that's true, there is way more to the story. Please go to Daytime Confidential for all the details. I don't think she'll be back to GH any time soon (if ever). 

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

No Shirt

 Carly and Nina. Carly called her over to talk. Nina apologizes (a pretty good one) and Carly is like: Is that all? She says Nina only wants something from Willow not FOR her. :eyeroll: Nina then tells Carly she's HAPPY CARLY was there for Willow as a mother when she couldn't be. Carly says she'll help. Then Nina goes way overboard about setting up a phone call, meeting. Carly is like NO..not that much. Nina gets mad... "I knew you wouldn't help"

Robert and Anna...he isn't sure which woman to pick LOL Anna says he's always liked Holly but he says there's another woman. He talks about Holly being like "home" but Diane challenges him. 

The Savoy: Alexis and Diane ..Diane sees Holly who sits with Felicia. 
Holly says she'll stay in PC "if she's wanted""! 

OMG HOLLY goes over to Alexis and Diane's table!!! Felicia comes with her!! Diane and Holly talk. Diane says let's lay our cards on the table. Holly says she and Robert have a 30 year history. Holly is ok with Diane staying friends with Robert LOL. 

Felica and Alexis talk about life and the Invader. Felicia is looking for a new direction in life. Alexis says that the paper isn't going in the direction she'd hoped. She's doing too much admin work. 

Ms Wu takes Gladys aside to tell her how she can make up for the money she's lost. Gladys says she can't get Sasha's money without causing concern. Wu says there's another way. She wants info on Sonny!! Gladys is like I CAN"T! Wu says, welp, then pay up by noon tomorrow or I'll tell Sasha. 

Sasha's ear piece still has the baby crying in it. CODY comes in and tells the producer to cut the sound or he'll streak naked and starts stripping! AHAHHA... He says "It's HUGE" (the FCC fine LOL). The sound is cut. Sasha does a great job!! PS. The Jr. Producer girl is Genie's real life daughter!! She's a good actress! 

Lucy, Brook and Sasha go to The Savoy to celebrate. Sasha decides she wants to get into Deception full time again. She's ready. 

Monday, May 15, 2023

Deception Day


Michael and Sonny in Sonny's office. Michael wants to make things better between them for Willows' sake.  Sonny's wary. They talk and agree. They are not going to interfere with the Nina/Willow situation. Nice shots of Badger Bob today. 

Anna's home! Hears someone in her house. It's Val, making dinner. They kiss. ROBERT comes over. Valentin isn't happy. They banter. Fun scenes. 

Jex 'saying goodbye" ...Dex wants to leave. He tells Josslyn Michael isn't turning in the video. She's pissed. She's GOING WITH HIM. "No you're not" ..and then the worst dialog I've heard since like 1977 comes up. "All I have is my skill set, you have your entire family".. "We'll leave and you'll wake up one day --a waitress named Trixie and blame me".. AHAHAHAHA omg. Joss agrees he should leave without her but..they are HURTING SO BADLY. :eyeroll: Anyway he's going to stay and keep working for Sonny. 

Gladys lost a lot of money at poker and she thinks Cody cheated. Selina Wu says NO ...and I want the money you borrowed! Gladys owes 85K!! She says she's not stealing from Sasha again. Wu says you'd better do something! She has an idea how she can pay off the debt. 

Cody talks to Scotty about representing him in the theft of the necklace trial. 

Mac and Felicia come into the Savoy too. Look really good. They are going to celebrate Holly coming back. Scott goes to sit with them. Asks why Holly is still running around after chloroforming people. They tell him what happened. He asks where the Ice Princess necklace is now. Mac says it sank with the Haunted Star. Scotty gets an idea. 

Scotty wants Cody to get the necklace and then he will represent him. LOL SCUBA DIVE. OH Damn no!! He wants to sue the WSB for losing the necklace. Cody will have to sign an affidavit that he's Taub's son (Cody looks over to Mac). Cody finds out from Felicia that Sasha might be in trouble on the show, he runs out. 

Sasha is on set at Home and Heart again (where she had that freak out) and Morgan Fairchild is back!! She said she won't work with a crazy person LOL. Brook Lyn comes in and Sasha wonders why if she doesn't work for Deception anymore. Brook says she does. Lucy comes in too. 
Then Haven (Morgan Fairchild) talks to the producer who tells her that the last time Sasha went loony their ratings went through the roof. She gets an idea. They put out on social media that Sasha's on and might "lose it again". Luna comes out-she's the one that had the baby products the first time. They figure out the show is trying to get Sasha to flip out. Sasha wants to continue an show everyone she's ok. They start doing the show. Haven tries to rattle her but it's all ok. BUT!! They pipe baby crying noises in her earpiece!! OH man. 

Nina and Drew talk in GH about nothing really. She wants to "go back in time". Cody says she has to own up to all her mistakes and maybe people will forgive her. Damn, she going to tell about the SEC thing? 

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Remembering Our Bobbie


Today's blog is going to be a bit different than most Sundays. I missed quite a bit of the week and although I did catch up, it really wasn't all that much to report. 

What I would like to focus on is the loss of one great actress; someone that started on GH around the time I really started to watch. She was the one you wanted to hate, especially when she started in on Laura. What a soapy rivalry that was!! Both vying for Scotty and Bobbie eventually losing to the more 'innocent' Laura. Classic goodie/baddie set up. 

I will be talking quite a bit about her and her character on a future podcast with Daytime Confidential. I would like to say that one day I was literally watching One Life to Live and Jackie was playing Lana McClain.  She was only on a year but her story was a whopper. Brad ended up killing her character after she became pregnant with his child. Gloria Monty saw the performance and scooped Jackie up. I think she went from one set to the other in the span of a week! 

Jackie's costars have had an outpouring of love and memories all over social media. Kin Shriner has a great video up on Twitter. I do know that her death was a shock to most of the entire GH family. She taped so close to her death and I don't think many if any, knew of her condition. I know they had a tribute to "Bobbie" at the Nurses Ball this year but I honestly don't think it was all connected. She was actually do to have a private dinner appearance for fans with Lynne and Kin in the fall. 

I shipped Bobbie and Jerry Jacks (number one)...their "thing" was red licorice and he gave her a giant jar full once at the nurses station. 

So many stories that I loved on GH had Bobbie at the center. From Ruby to Luke to Jake and the Brownstone. Jerry Jacks and even the Stefan years when she was matron of Wyndemere. Her performance during BJ's death is iconic.  Even in later years when her character became less seen, she always showed up and never phoned in a performance. 

She will be so missed and I'm thinking about her family. She really relished being a mother and grandmother. 

If you would like to read about the show this week (brief summary) and other news, click on the jump. 

Friday, May 12, 2023



Karen is on a well-deserved vacation for a few days.
Instead of doing filler, I am just going to post a pic or two
in order to open the blog so that all of you have a place to post. 

This is your blog for Friday

Thursday, May 11, 2023



March 6, 1953 - May 10, 2023

I'm shocked and speechless. Jackie was such a great actress. Her character connected with so many people on the show. Her greatest scenes were during BJ's death. She shined brighter than any star during that time. But she also was powerful when Caroline came to town. What an incredible performer and what a devastating loss.

I realize this blog is for todays show, but I hope you give your memories of Jacklyn. 


Karen is on a well-deserved vacation for a few days.
Instead of doing filler, I am just going to post a pic or two
in order to open the blog so that all of you have a place to post. 

This is your blog for Thursday

Wednesday, May 10, 2023


Karen is on a well-deserved vacation for a few days.
Instead of doing filler, I am just going to post a pic or two
in order to open the blog so that all of you have a place to post. 

This is your blog for Wednesday

Weddings of old!! Who was your fave? My fave older wedding was Tiffany and Sean of course. Celia and Grant look nice up there. Wait, was that Grant Andrews or Putnam?!! LOL 

Tuesday, May 9, 2023


 Nina grovels to Carly and asks for forgiveness and help with Willow. Before Carly can answer, Drew and Dr O walk off the elevator. Dr O sings Drew's praises and then goes to talk with Nina. Carly tries to tell Drew about the SEC and the guys walk off the elevator to grab him. 

Drew goes with the SEC guys. Dr O scolds them for taking a hero away :EYEROLL: 

Deanna tells Willow she has to have a strong chemo then be in isolation until she can get the marrow. Michael and her talk about how much they'll miss each other. Then Deanna comes to take her. Michael is sad. Nina and Dr O run in to see Willow and she's gone. They panic. Michael explains where she is. Thanks Liesl for helping. 

JEX is still on, on the couch. OH! Dex wants to cook with her. He uses the computer to help! They need all fresh foods and have to go to the Farmer's Market! They decide since Sonny is ok with their relationship, they can be in the open. BUT! Oh Michael calls Joss. 

Diane goes to see Robert. He apologizes and thanks her for helping with the WSB. He wonders if they can agree to go out together. They agree. He gets out champagne.. They drink but Diane's phone goes off. She has to help Drew.  Then, Robert is going to put the champagne away and Holly walks in. She wants to drink with him and tell him about the Greenland adventure. 

Diane goes to the PCPD, tells the SEC guys to lay off and get a subpoena. They leave. Drew wonders who turned him in. 

Olivia and Brook corner Ned while he's leaving to find out if he turned Carly and Drew in...He's like NO I didn't. Tracy hopes he did. DENY DENY DENY LOL... Olivia says Ned is turning into Edward. They argue more. Then Dex and Joss walk in?????/Oh they are taking the kids to the hospital. 


Kids go to the hospital 

Diane sees Holly and Robert kiss 

Drew decks Ned

The kids wave to Willow 

Monday, May 8, 2023

Body Bag

 GH: Nina runs into Sam, wants to know about her daughter's wedding. Sam's nice, explains. Then mentions the SEC incident. Nina flashes back to calling them. 

Millow: Same old : They are so happy, so in love. It's a miracle. Willow wants Michael to delete Sonny's video thing and not send it to the FBI. She says Sonny will be in jail and Carly might go because of the SEC. (SEC, SEC, SEC) 

Carly and Dante talk about the SEC. Yada yada. Nothing big. She is glad that Sonny helped her. 

Sonny's Office; Diane and Sonny talka out the SEC--Sonny wants to help Carly. Diane can't tell him details. She thinks he might be happy because he could be getting sole custody of Donna. Anyway, she says if it goes to trial, Carly will probably lose. He says it can't go to trial then. 

Greenland: Can't find Spencer. Valentin says Anna is in England talking to diplomats about what happened. Curtis is being debriefed then will take them home. Geesh, Val looks dapper for almost being dead! Ace still has no coat on. They are in a locker room somewhere waiting? Trina says she won't leave without Spencer. Guard comes in and says they found a body. They walk to the body and he unzips the bag: It's Victor (nice dead make up job). Trina goes back to the room and talks to Ace about Spencer. Flashback City of Sprina. 

Valentin has a goodbye monologue with his Dad. Says he's glad he didn't raise him.

Then it's time to go but Trina refuses. GEESH POOR ACE. 

Dex's Apartment: Joss and Dex hug "They can't find Spencer " Joss says. I guess if you want to find out what they are feeling, give it a watch. The most boring time filler ever. 


Dante and Sam make out in the GH hallway

Nina and Carly run into each other at the elevator. 

Deanna says Dr O and Drew landed ...time to get prepped. 

All of a sudden Laura pops up, they are all walking to the plane and Spencer walks out of the mist. Trina and he embrace and kiss. 


Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sunday Surgery: EX-Germination


photo credit: @TheSoapySoaps 

WHAT A WEEK!! I think I know why the editing was so crazy the past 2 was to get us to the "finale" on Friday. 

SO many thoughts about this. So many feelings about how it all played out. I hope you can follow my reasoning and emotions!! 

We need some Hot Totties after all that ice. 

Friday, May 5, 2023



Laura thinks there may be another weather machine. She tells Curtis about the 1981 one. They see the program run. Laura says Mekkos was going to freeze Port Charles and it looks like it's still going to happen. She remembers she memorized the formula they need to stop it because she memorized it back in the day (flashback to Robert). She punches in the formula and stops the weather machine. They hug. 

Victor tells Holly if she shoots, he'll drop the pathogen and they will all die. She tells him she saved Ethan AND that she's the one that made him impotent. Then he goes to shoot her but Drew saves the day. Liesl gets knocked out too--- she's bleeding.  Drew is so dumb, he doesn't notice Victor waking up and running away.Victor goes to the Haunted Star. 

Liesl wakes up and says she has to save Valentin. Drew notices that Victor is gone. AHAHHA He's SO STUPID. Navy Seal? AHAHAHAHHAA. Liesl wakes up and says she hid the antidote so if Victor uses the pathogen, he'll end up killing himself. 

Trina and Spencer crouch behind a rock...they see Victor leaving. Spencer wants to go find him. He gives Trina the baby--Spencer goes after Victor. 

Valentin sees Anna. Thinks he's hallucinating. HE says he loves her. She says she loves him. He won't let her open the door because he's infectious. She says he can have a hazmat suit. He says too late. He tells Anna he loves her again, tells her to tell Charlotte she was the best thing in his life. He passes out. 

Trina calls Jordan (Stupid). Jordan and Felicia tell them drones with bombs are coming and they have to get on the plane. They are like BUT! BUT! um.. Grandmother--Curtis... Um.. They FINALLY decide to leave. 

Michael and Willow: Ugh. You know. She's dying. 

Nina, Sonny and now Sasha wait in the hall. Carly and Joss walk around giving them dirty looks.

OH !! Willow says she'll see Nina.  Nina goes in, Carly leaves. Willow has one thing to ask Nina: LEAVE CARLY ALONE. Stop the vendetta. Oh brother. WEAK ..ugh. 

Portia is cryin' in her office. Liz comes in. They talk... Portia cries. Jordan comes in and says they heard from Trina. IT STARTS TO SNOW!! SNOWING!! 


Robert gets the drone strike called off

Spencer goes on the Haunted Star to stop Victor

Holly comes in with the antidote

The Haunted Star is bombed-- Laura, Trina and Curtis watch it blow up

Liesl talks to Willow and tells her she's alive 

Thursday, May 4, 2023

STILL trying to deal with the Kristina recast (see post below)

TJ has bad news about Willow. She's not clotting and her body is breaking down. Michael has to decide if she should go home to die or do it in the hospital. He goes to her bedside. She wakes up. Michael tells her she has to stay in GH and not go home because when Liesl is found she has to be there. 

Robert is being hauled off by the WSB guy. He pleads with him to stop. Then Diane and Jordan come off the elevator and say he can't take him. Felicia is there too. Diane cites some law and the WSB guy lets him go. 

Sonny tells Nina he's been trying to find out who turned Drew and Carly into the SEC. He says that they might arrest Carly without Drew. Then Nina says she really wants to go to the island like Sonny asked her to the other day. LOL  

Dex and Joss managed to get dressed and watch the computer but she's too worried. STUPID stuff. Sonny calls him and wants to get a jet to Paradise. (with Nina) . Dex comes to Kelly's and tells Nina and Sonny the plane is ready but Willow's in GH. 

Joss gets the call that Willow is dying. She goes to GH. Carly's all upset that Drew hasn't called 

Spencer, Trina are ready to leave the HS. Curtis is going in to get the others. Trina doesn't want him to go, hugs him. Finally Spencer agrees to go and take the plane and Trina takes the satellite phone with her. Curtis leaves. OMG Trina goes back to get another blanket. Then Nanny finds Spencer and Ace. Says they aren't going anywhere. Trina smacks her in the head with a bottle. Down goes Nanny. 

Laura holds the pathogen and says it might be worth killing herself to get rid of Victor. He calls her bluff, Liesl tries to say something but it silenced. Laura DROPS THE VIAL !! (on purpose). OH it won't work without UV light. Guards grab everyone. Then Drew is on his knees about to be shot. Alarms going off..bomb..smoke It's ANNA FKING DEVANE!! More fighting. Anna gets punched hard. 

Valentin is still deteriorating. Helena tells him to come with her. He's bleeding. Boy they really edit badly because his blood is a trickle..then a lot..then a trickle.. it's not consistent at all LOL 


Laura is grazed by a bullet..notices the computer doing strange things

Victor leaves with Liesl and the pathogen. Holly stops them. 

Anna finds Valetin. 

Kristina Recast ON GH


Lexi Ainsworth is out. It is not known to me if she's out because she wanted to be or??? I'm hoping this is her choice and this recast means Krissy will be on more. This is Kate Mansi from  Days (I don't watch that show so I have no clue how she is as an actress). 

So, here we go! 

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

New Dawn


Haunted Star: Curtis is fighting the guy. Flips him over the bar. Trina is beside Spencer trying to wake him up. Curtis wants to leave but Trina won't leave Spencer. Finally, Spencer gets up and they go get the baby. Spencer takes him and he and Trina run out. Curtis just stands there with the nanny. 

Lab: Valentin is bleeding. Dr O wants to give him the antidote...he says wait. Val won't talk but he's getting worse. "IT BURNS" says Valentin. HELENA SHOWS UP as Valentin is losing it. She tells him she's going to drag him down to hell with her. Heh. 

Laura and Drew make it in. He knocks out a guard and they go in an d see the empty lab. Victor then walks in and confronts them. Dr O is there and a bunch of guards. Drew fights and Laura steals the pathogen? GEESH!! MAN! Anyway, they watch Valentin on the monitor, he's having seizures. 

Hospital: Liz and TJ talk about the wedding and Carly being hauled away 

Robert is being held by the WSB and Felicia calls someone about the whole thing..Anna maybe?She tries to get in to see Anna. Robert yells to her to call Frisco. "TELL Him to CALL OFF THE PROTCOL"!  Felcia then tells Robert that Frisco got fired for calling off the bombing of the island. The new head of the WSB said to level it. 

Kelly's: Carly is there trying to eat pie, her card is declined. Another one is declined AHAHAHAHA.. Nina: I can pay for that.  Carly won't let her. Nina asks about the wedding and Carly gives her crap about Nelle?? UGH Carly. IT's just stupid. Ava then comes in and sits with Nina. They talk about the Greenland situation. 

Michael cries at the Gatehouse about Willow when Tracy and Brook show up. "is this my fault"? (YES IT IS) He leaves with Willow. Tracy and Brook stay with the kids and worry. Wiley comes down, asks where mom is. 

Then TJ is working on Willow. Michael calls his mother. She goes to GH 


Laura holds up the vial to threaten Victor. "you drop it, you die" he says 

Curtis tells Trina and Spencer to get to the sea plane with baby Ace. He also tells him everyone that is on the island with him. 

NOTE: Ok, Brook and Tracy were talking and I THINK Tracy got Chase his job back??? I don't even know. It was a weird conversation. YES, I guess she said something to Brook last week? THIS IS so Brook and Chase can get back together and he'll find out about it and>.. ugh. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Can You Buy Me Some Time?


Valentin is brought up for Test Subject Number One. Victor asks who is companions are. Val says NO ONE. Victor doesn't believe him. Victor gets Valenin in a room and makes Dr. O inject him. She's like: He's your son. He says "Not anymore" 

Haunted Star: Trina's taken away. Spencer fights to go with her but is stopped. One guard goes to punch him but Curtis steps out and says nope.  Spencer manages to tell him where Trina is. The goons think he's another guard. Curtis leaves. Spencer gets sucker punched. 

Curtis finds Trina, they hug. Zip tie the guard. Then Trina says she's not leaving without Spencer so they go to find him. 

Spencer is beaten badly. Trina runs out: leave him alone. 

Portia is thinking about Trina, Marshall pops in to see her at her office. He has no idea what's going on so Portia fills him in (geesh). Boring 

Joss is in her dorm room, flashesback to talking to Trina about Spencer. Wants her to come home. Dex knocks on the door. BOOTAY CALL? Yep, they go to bed then talk about the wedding. Yawn. Dex tells Joss he got the footage for Michael and this will all be over. (but will it? Will it?) She's afraid Dex will be caught up in it too. He says he should be able to turn evidence against him if his name gets mentioned. 

Millow.. :eyeroll: just more talk about looooove and Lifeeeeeee and...yada yada. They are in the gate house. He carries her over the threshold. They kiss. Then they talk about the wedding and you know, Millow stuff. Talking about Sonny. Then Michael shows Willow the footage Dex got on Sonny. He explains it's a federal offense and Sonny can go away forever. Michael also tells her he hired Dex to do all this. 

Robert is leaving a message for Diane. Scotty is snoring on the bed in Anna's room. Liz is trying to get in. He stalls. She's suspicious. Robert tells her it's confidential.

Scotty wakes up, has no phone. Then he plugs in the house phone and calls the WSB. 

WSB shows up in Scotty's room. Robert says he's an idiot and probably just killed Liesl

Valentin has blood coming out his nose after the shot. 

Curtis and guards tussle

Willow faints after Michael tells her the whole story.. 

The Writers Strike: Will GH be Impacted?


The Writers Guild of America begin their strike today, with picketing to start (mostly) on the west coast. Read full article: Indie Wire.  99.7% of all members approved the strike. 

This has happened before in 2007, GH and all soaps felt the effects as the writers stepped back. We got the "text message killer" reveal and it was NOT a good look. Effective immediately, all writers will cease work in the development and writing of scripts for the industry. Given that the writers are THE heart and soul of the industry, this will have big repercussions. 

The last strike lasted 100 days. I know some of you are frustrated with the writing but I'm not looking forward to the summer if things are going to change drastically. The vision (especially for the Cassadine End Game) needs to be carried out. Unlike some shows, the work on GH doesn't stop because they bring in writers that will cross the line. 

We won't see the affects for about 5 weeks because scripts are that far out. We shall see what unfolds! I for one have read what the writers were offered and am behind their decision. Seems like studios want day contracts. 

Monday, May 1, 2023

Scotty's OUT!


Greenland: Valentin's phone rings ..he decides to run out so the guards think it's only him that's there. 

Dr. O is working on the antidote. Victor tells her to hurry it up if she wants to save Willow. Guards call on the walkie talkie and tell Victor that Valentin is there "Hello, DAD" he says. Dr O knows this will throw off Victor's plans. He says to search for more people that may be on the island. Dr O tells Victor they are compromised now and they should regroup. He thinks she may be right. 

Holly and Anna talk about Greenland. Scott hops in, he's been listening. Robert comes in the door and they hope he hasn't called WSB.  He hasn't but unless they do, he will. Then Holly sneaks in and puts a cloth around his face and he passes out.  Robert, Anna and Holly are going to Greenland. Anna pulls her plugs out. OH they are making Robert stay there while THEY go!! 

Carly's out of jail and at the Q's. Michael tells her he thinks Ned called the SEC. Willow is happy to see Carly. Carly says Sonny covered Drew's tracks. Willow says "see, Sonny cares about us" . Michael is grumbling. 

Nina meets Marty at the Metro, tells him to 'call off' reporting anything to the SEC. He says UM NO can DO! IT'S DONE! Carly's already been brought in. He goes to look for Laura. 

Sonny at the warehouse, getting the shipment. He says he's mad he got targeted the last time and someone is obviously aiming for Pikeman. Anyway, They open the crate and find bricks of explosives that could take out a whole city block. Sonny's mad.. but he takes the shipment. He has to get back to Nina and tells Dex to take the money and make sure it all goes smoothly. Dex then counts the money and makes sure it's shown on camera. 

Sonny goes back to his office. Nina shows up. He tells her about the wedding and Carly getting taken by the SEC.  He says Drew wasn't there. Nina is confused. Sonny tells her the Greenland plan-- and that he diverted them to the plane going to Maui. 


Dex sends the footage to Michael 

Drew is pretending to be a guard taking in Laura 

Anna and Holly leave for Greenland

Victor wants to use Valentin as a test subject. 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...