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March 6, 1953 - May 10, 2023

I'm shocked and speechless. Jackie was such a great actress. Her character connected with so many people on the show. Her greatest scenes were during BJ's death. She shined brighter than any star during that time. But she also was powerful when Caroline came to town. What an incredible performer and what a devastating loss.

I realize this blog is for todays show, but I hope you give your memories of Jacklyn. 


Karen is on a well-deserved vacation for a few days.
Instead of doing filler, I am just going to post a pic or two
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  1. I got up to do some work and saw this. I am in shock. She was such a powerhouse. There are no words.

  2. "Her family told ABC News she died after a short battle with cancer."
    Don't know if that's been verified.

  3. What a horrible loss. Jackie Zeman always seemed like such a nice person. Her portrayal of Bobbie Spencer is a large part of the reason why I became a "GH" fan in the 1980s. Her importance to the show cannot be overstated. I hope they do a tribute episode.

  4. So shocked and stunned! Seemed like Nurse Bobbie would be around forever. Such a tremendous loss.

  5. I don't have the words, just so saddened by this. I remember her in so many stories. I loved her with Jake and Tony, and yes, BJ's heart was just a devastating story. She knocked it out of the park. The scene with her and Felicia is still fresh in my mind. May she rest in peace.

  6. I'm so sad for her family and friends. What a huge loss. I'm so glad they did the tribute to Bobbie at the Nurse's Ball this year while she was still with us!!

  7. I am shocked and heartbroken. I met Jackie while on the set of GH. She was so warm, and so kind to me. She will be greatly missed.

  8. Devastated. She brought a sparkle to the screen.

  9. Jackie was the best. She and Rick Springfield were my intro to Love in the Afternoon.

  10. This is so terribly sad. Another GH family member gone way too soon. She played her character so perfectly. Feisty and outspoken and ready to take what she was given. She is already missed.

  11. The mini tribute to Bobbie at the Nurse's Ball makes me wonder if Frank knew of her illness.

    1. I bet Frank did know. Maybe others??

    2. Also the very pointed waves goodbye outside the window of the gatehouse the day of the wedding.

  12. This loss will be unlike no other for fans of GH of my generation. Jackie never mailed in a scene. She always gave it her all. Her loss is immense not only to her family and her fans, but to ongoing legacy that is General Hospital. I don't know how to say goodbye to Barbara Jean.

  13. Since the family said short battle with cancer - so quick - I wonder if it was pancreatic cancer? Also they said her last show was Millow's wedding......just so sad.....I met her once and she was short (!) and just so kind...but a legend..........
    ------not a great show today ----- but I still think Curtis isn't Trina's father and after he finds out, he takes the WSB job that involves danger.....................and what if he had to investigate Mrs. Wu????
    -----LOVE Taggart and Trina's relationship.
    -------Spencer was a maybe Tracy IS staying longer ----why does she wanna know about Deception products???? Glad she has a storyline..
    -------for SURE we need an episode honoring Jackie and that means after the writer's strike I guess? AND are they filming now? I hope so - the GH family needs to be together.

    1. "Mufasa says, I wonder if it was pancreatic cancer?"

      Don't mostly men get that?

      "Also they said her last show was Millow's wedding...."

      Oh thank you! I've been wondering if they were going to have Bobbie on again.

    2. no women too - a friend of mine was diagnosed years ago and it was literally 5 weeks.....

    3. "mufasa says, no women too"

      Yeah I looked it up. It said mostly men get it, but women get it too.

      "a friend of mine was diagnosed years ago and it was literally 5 weeks....."

      Wow I'm so sorry! :( Cancer does not mess around. :(

  14. Thank you Dave! :)

    Q mansion:

    Tracy and Brooky: Tracy wants Brooky to work at Deception so she can get the green in her pockets? No something is up. Tracy is up to something. :) Tracy calls Chase and wants to have lunch with him. Tracy is blackmailing Brooky HA! :) Brooky agrees to work at deception.

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie, Gladys, and Sasha: Maxie wants Sasha to be the person to be on home and heart. Gladys does not like the idea and says Sasha is not ready. At the end Sasha agrees to do it!

    Maxie and Sasha: Sasha agrees to do it. Didn't she already agree to do it? Am I in the twilight zone?

    Police station: CHASE IS BACK YAY! Everyone claps and so do I!!! :) Lookin good Chase! Chase is on the phone with Tracy and he wins the lines of the day.

    Chase: Lunch? So you speak Quartermaine, The hell was that about?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Come on Chase. Dante is right. You are a detective.. Detect! :)

    Dante and Chase: Dante has a load of work for Chase to do!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

    The bar: Ms. Wu is giving her nephew Brad a birthday party! Brad's birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD! :D

    Ms. Wu and Cowboy Cody: Ooooo she heard of his "stealing" and doesn't want him to be at the gambling table!

    Ms. Wu, Cowboy Cody, and Gladys: She wants to kick both of them out of the gambling table, but she is giving them 1 more chance. :) Ms. Wu you should invite the Tribbles! And the green beans, and Badger Bob to the gambling table! :)

    The hospital:

    Taggart and Trina: Trina wants to tell him alone that she will get a dna test! She wants his blessing. The scene made me all emotional!! I hope Curtis is Trina's father, so that she can have 2 fathers! :) They both love her. :)

    Taggart, Trina, Portia, and Curtis: Trina tell Portia and Curtis she is going to get a dna test done!!!

    Portia and Curtis: Curtis says it's over between them. Portia isn't so sure about that.

    Curtis and Frank Drebin: I'm thinking what does he want with Curtis? Does he want him to join the WSB? YUP I'M RIGHT HE DOES! Say no Curtis!!! I don't trust Frank Drebin. Curtis says no, but this guy is insistent. He thinks the Savoy will be boring, so he thinks Curtis's answer is a maybe. He even gave Curtis his number!!

    Laura, baby Ace, and Spencer: Awwww baby Ace! :) Spence knows he should call Vampira. Laura did. :)

    Laura, Spencer, Baby Ace, and Vampira: There is Mama Vampira! All happy to see her baby.

    Pawtucket Holtster, Baby Ace, and Vampira: Pawtucket Holter checks baby Ace out and baby Ace is perfect! :) Hey Pawtucket Holtster where have you been? And where is your cousin?

    Throwback Thursday: *Jump in my time machine to go to April 27th 1983* In honor of Jackie Zeman's passing, here is Bobbie and Leslie talking.

  15. I hated Bobbie for the longest time because I liked Laura and Scotty, then Laura and Luke. Then, I really liked Bobbie ALOT. Think I started liking her about the time that her love of her life was Roy DeLuca. So sad to see the Vets pass.

  16. So devastating about Jackie's passing. I hope the current writers pen something that scab writers could go by if they decide to write her off due to death. Obviously, she needs to be honored at some point with a tribute episode.

    Not a bad ep today at all! I loved it because NO Cujo or Mini rolling their eyes and being snarky with everyone!! Yay!!! Interesting about Curtis and the WSB. Love having Ms Wu on! What a great character! Esme finally reunited with Ace with a scowling Spencer...looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Very glad Trina decided to get the DNA test. I honestly don't care who her father turns out to be. I know that's probably an unpopular opinion with some, but I really like both Curtis and Taggert, it's just Taggert is hardly ever on and having him not be part of Trina missing was a major fail.

  17. Lisa LoCicero, our Olivia, is on CSI Miami tonight.

  18. Ms. Wu's "I simply don't care" to Cody was perfect. Me too, Selena, me too!


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