Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Sponge

You know when the surgeon asks for the nurse to "Sponge" their forehead? That's me this week. Sponging my forehead. GH has been really up and down for me lately and I find myself not really caring if I watch the DVR or forget about it. Not a good sign. For some, GH is turning into what it always should have been and they are watching.  I'm very happy the ratings are up and things are looking rosy. But alas, I need that sponge. 

Pull your gear on, get a beer from Mac at the bar and sit next to those pink balloons in the corner. Let's do our surgery at the Floating Rib this week! 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lexi Ainsworth at "The Cottage" Premiere

OUR Kristina (she still is damn it) at the premiere of "The Cottage" starring David Arquette. Love the dress! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Steve Burton's Last Day

Kris Alderson tweeted this photo of the cast/crew wearing Jason's iconic black tshirt  and jeans to the set. 

Steve himself tweeted this:

To you:the fans,thank u for enriching my life.I am humbled by your love and support.I appreciate all that u do for me.

I had to get one more hug from OUR favorite mob enforcer - who’s got one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met

"I Didn't Drive, I was Driven"

Joe get it right..Tracy doesn't drive lol...not if she doesn't have to! And Tracy can't resist another roll in the Joe-hay. 

OMG that wall paper in Starr and Trey's apt is so horrific. I know I've said that before but it's bothering me even more now.

"I'm gonna do what I gotta do to protect my family".... says Sonny. 
For the 100000000000 time. 

Spinelli thinks there are "other forces at work" with the baby. He calls Ellie at the lab. Maybe they'll find out about the switch.
 Ok There was a giant sandwich on the side table at the restaurant! All the boys playing poker-- talking about marriage.  Smoking cigars. ugh. 
Spinelli "This reminds me of a poem"
Milo "Does it have Hobbits in it"?? ahah BRAHAHA best line of the week. 
Sonny wants to give Trey a wad of money.   Then he pulls out the CHARM!

The Floating Rib looks SO FUNNY in the pink/black/white. 
If "Connie' is trying to be "Kate" why is she acting so "Connie" like. ?????? Milo is going to strip? "Magic Milo"? I saw Felicia back there. Mac caught Milo's shoe.  LOL   Then Connie did body shots...interesting oh! With whipped creme!!  She wants  to make out with Milo...oh. AND OLIVIA FINDS HER !! 
.. Starr and Sam meet for the first time today at the shower.  Huh.  
Liz's hair looks nice. Maybe it curled up from all the lying/switching of the DNA test. 

Look what trended!

You can't see it well here but this is the TVGUIDE Tribute to John Ingle... He taught acting for many years... he will be so missed. 

Oh Dear.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Vanessa BACK?

Hmmmm, a tweet saying she was "Shooting this week" made people sit up and go: WHA?! Will Brenda be back to GH sooner rather than later? We knew she was probably coming back... here's hoping it's confirmed by someone. She and Maurice were certainly hinting at her comeback way back this summer so maybe this is it! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

GH Cast Goes to DWTS!

To support Kelly Monaco-- Kirsten Storms put this on Facebook for us!  

DWTS Tonight!!

KeMo goes out on the dance floor tonight!! I say as GHers it would be great if we all supported her, even if we split the votes if you have a dancer partner fave.  NO matter who was dancing, I'd say the same thing! It's great PR for the show--and Kelly sure does how how to hoof it!! 

Jason and Sam are cornered at the Chinese Restaurant, having to pretend  to be all happy. The poor Old Lady is sick routine. Now they HAVE to stay! Those are the same actors that were there last year.  Sam was crying pretty well. 

Trey gets about a lifetime's worth of information in 2 minutes from Dad. LOL "I know it's an awful lot" YOU THINK!!??  They had matching shirts on. 

John would have totally smelled Heather if he was that close! LOL He swabbed Victor Jr's cheek for DNA with a giant swab..geesh. 

NuKrissy..well.  Don't care.

Spin and Maxie were even boring.

ConKate has Johnny sign something. Not sure what. I think it's a marriage certificate or something? Not sure--that's the rumor.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Olfactory

RIP COOK! We never saw her but she did have a name: Virginia. Watch this hilarious clip from long ago and Monica calls her by name:

Are you ready to scrub on up? I have a new scrub outfit with cupcakes all over it. Hope you like it! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday's GH

OMG..well. Ugly Betty redux or what? Where's that nerdy nurses' braces?? She already has the stupid glasses. AND I JUST GOT THE SABRINA reference.!!  There she is...Sabrina herself. 

I mean.  Please. Really?? Not digging that. Then the DOC looks like a Cindy Crawford wanna be. This show was going so well. *sigh* THE Fantasy? AHAHAA. 

You know the doctor probably works for Duke. 

OK, Jason got everything in like a DAY with the blood types. I do enjoy him making Steven Larzzz Look like a moron though tee hee. THEN McJam figure out the entire timeline of events in 2.3 minutes at the Floating Rib and John gets to Llanview in about 2 minutes. lol

Johnny and Todd talk with CARLY IN THE KITCHEN? If she was really CARLY she would totally be listening in. 

Spinelli and Sam are still fun. He's like their little brother. 

JaSam meet at the Chinese Restaurant! awww with their little dragon things. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Today's SHOW??

Should I watch it?? What's up!? I have it on DVR.. 

Sorry if I've not been keeping up. Today I was in an all day workshop on R and S articulation methods. :) It was actually pretty good!

I WILL be doing a full Sunday Surgery..!!

QUESTION: ARE YOU LIKING THE NEW DOC/NURSING STUDENT GIRLIE?? Do you think we need these girlies???!!  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Llanview In the Afternoon...coming to you in 2013!

A great new book is being compiled and you can get an advanced look by liking the Facebook Page! Look what Erika Slezak said about the Eterna shoot:

Erika Slezak, on the challenge of selling some of the show's more...fanciful scenes: "So here were these two grown men, respected actors and directors, digging a hole in the studio floor to find the entrance to Eterna behind little papier-mâché rocks."

"It Was Too Late"

Sam says about Jason because she saw him with Liz. In the meantime, Jason's trying to find the baby. IT's their anniversary. John saved one of the dragon things!!

Joe and Tracy. He's trying to make her think he's innocent of rape and murder!! Good luck with that. Although all he has to do is kiss her and..melt. I love them together! 

YEAH Sexis!!!  Alexis probably knows what being young and PG was like.  NLG was so good when she found out about Trey. They so remind me of BO AND NORA!! get the junk food out! 

Maxie and ConKate..heh.  "Chains and Lucite..not big chains, little ones" heh "the Connie 
side of you may be less demanding"-- says Maxie LOL.  Maxie wanted HIGH TEA ahaha. Connie wants Tequila and Strippers for her bach party :)

SO Krissy and Trey had sex.  And it was good by the look of her face. 

CarJohn:  Josslyn's with Jax? Okaaaaay. Maybe Jax can be a silent manny now for his own kid. 

Does Starr work? Ummmm. I know she's rich but...

Jason and Steven Larz. Steven is getting the truth in his face. He KNOWS ABOUT TEA'S BABY! Woot!!  

WHERE THE HELL is Anna? Her getting home is only taking about 88 days. Geeze.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Carolyn Hennesy Returns to GH

Ms. Hennesy tweeted that she'll be back for a bit on GH. No details yet, but I wonder if she'll work for Tawd on the paper, pissing Heather Webber off! 

Watch The Crazy!

Oh ConKate is out in full force!! I loved the scene where she put Trey's medal in her mouth. SO suggestive on SO MANY LEVELS! I bet we find out Connie did seduce Junior after all... I also like the fact Olivia can see her. HEH.
. The hairbrush? "Knock yourself out" was a wonderful line. 

Can't wait for the wedding shower Maxie tries to throw and the wedding where you know  Kate will be all "WTF is happening""!!!? 

Although we all know DID people can't just jump in and out of personas, I am liking this mayhem at the moment! 

Todd and Ingo were great as well..Roger can do no wrong lately. LOVING him on GH!! Hope today's show is as fun. Use this for comments, I'll watch when I can. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Huron Your Own

GET IT??!! I crack myself up  Yes, today You are on Your Own. Busy Tuesday around here. GH is getting to the point where you really have to watch almost daily so you don't miss anything. I didn't realize Connie would find out about Trey this quickly. 

Use this for comments. I'll pop on when I can.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sean Kanan back to GH!

SOD and a bunch of other sites report that Sean Kanan is returning to GH soon, in a contract role. Just what that role one knows.
And  head writer Ron Carlivati  isn't even talking, all he tweeted was:  "the plot thickens"...

TV Guide isn't spilling and neither is SK.. all he'll say is that he's back and thrilled. Sean played AJ Quartermaine from 1993-97. Billy Warlock was the recast.  AJ was "killed off" in 2005. 

Today's Show.. Hugely Huge

1. Connie basically tells Trey she wanted  to abort him.

2. Tracy thinks Joe raped Connnie

3. Sam signs the divorce papers

4. Tea's clueless to Heather's Sheeze

5. Spinelli finds out the baby they buried wasn't Sam's...and Heather may be involved

6. Steven  Larzzzz finds out his Mama escaped from Ferncliff. 

I only saw the last 30 minutes, sorry! 

John Ingle Passes Away

This weekend  we lost a beloved member of our GH family, John Ingle who took over the role of Edward Quartermaine in 1993. With a twinkle in his eye, we grew to love him in the part. Did you know he was also in the movie "Heathers" as the principal? Mr. Ingles  also guested on several TV Shows in the '80s such as Silver Spoons, Newhart and many others.

 From 2004-2006 when he was let go from GH for a time, he played Mickey Horton on DOOL. Fans wanted him back at GH badly and he was rehired to play Edward in 2006. 

I had the privilege to interview John in 2003 and he was such a wonderful man. When he was let go at GH, his son-in-law made a point of saying that he loved GH and all the cast like members of his own family.  

Oh wow. RIP John Ingle. I wish I had stayed in touch. Never had a granddad, but he was the next closest thing, for me. I'll miss him deeply
Totally burning dinner and getting pizzas delivered in honor of Edward Quartermaine. Rest in peace, John Ingle. You were loved by all, sir.
R.I.P. John Ingle... Thank you for all your years as our beloved Edward Quartermaine. Hope you flew to the angels & found your wife. xo

A great husband. A great father. A great friend. A great actor. A great man. We love you John

John Ingle was a class act, a professional and the sweetest man you'll ever meet

Mr. Ingle, I have such admiration for the way you lived your life. You will be missed sir.
I had the privilege of talking with John Ingle a few weeks ago when he was on set. He was a kind man. I'm humbled to have known him.

John Ingle has passed away. He was a kind man who taught me a great deal about what it means to be an actor and a man. Rest well my friend.

I love you John ingle

My heart is broken by the loss of a great man, an inspiring talent, a wonderful mentor and a classy spirit that is so rare in this world.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Surgery: The Cure

Whenever I'm alone with you,

You make me feel like I am young again.
Whenever I'm alone with you,
You make me feel like I am fun again.
The Cure 

OH WHAT A WEEK! GH moved timeslots and came out with a BANG BANG BOOM! Rootin' and Tootin'. Early returns say it's up in the ratings. Let's hope so. They certainly pulled out the stops. Monday and Tuesday was like a good mini-series. The editing was superb. The dialog, awesome. You know I was excited. NO Junior Mints until Friday!  
SCRUB UP... here we go:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Yeah, A Krey Day

Chad Duell turns 25 today
Krissy and Trey. Whatever... blah blah, don't care

Alexis and Sam!! 

Spinelli trying to get the girlie to do some testing for him. go. 

Liason day!! While Sam is talking about Forgiving Jason. 

You haven't had a man since the Industrial Revolution! Tracy to Monica!!! LMAO

NEWS BREAK--those poor guys from Libya. I got to see about 15 min of he show today. 

New Spoilers are UP!

Will Starr and Michael move in together? What's Joe's REAL secret? And more-- Tracy makes Jason and offer.  Get thee to the WUBSNET! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Genie Francis OFF Young and Restless!

Get over to Daytime Confidential and read all about it!! We know no love is lost between she and the exGH producer Jill Farren Phelps. Well, guess that carried right over to Y&R. GOOD FOR US!!! EEEE! 


Came in to see Todd with the pillow over Johnny's face--heh... he's SO TODD!!  They decide to keep their secrets. Johnny says Jax is a 'problem for both of us' 

MyJacks Boys! 

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH and JAX walks in!! yeeeeppieee!! Thank goodness, I love Jax. I'm going to have a Fostah's Beer for him!! 

I see the Mints are back. Stupid Trey. ugh. Stupid Krissy talking to Sam. Whateverrrrrrrr. 
FLEA was on!! WOW... She and Kirsten Storms. NICE surprise for me! Felicia tells Maxie "I just needed to grow up " ...which is what every girl who's ever loved a bad-boy says at one point or another. Sigh..
What house was that? It wasn't Patrick's can't be Scorpio/Webber's, that burned down. Hmmmmmmm anyone know? 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Awesome Interview with Maurice and Spin!!

Boat Goes Boom!

Thank you to John Ingle!

"There's just something about John" Says Sam... interesting!!

WHERE ARE JERRY AND JAX?!! Sonny thinks they are dead.

Monica talks to Jason, and it's REAL not just a fantasy! Yippee. So glad Leslie C is back for this bit of the story. He gives the baby file to Monica to read.

Although I don't like ConKate, the Olivia scenes were good. "I'm enjoying the rain" says Olivia. When it's not raining!! (but she predicted it!! It rained later)  She about knocked Sonny over when she saw him at the hospital. They make out right in the middle of the lobby lol. Sonny wants to move the wedding up.  TO NEXT week. LOL 

Lulu and Dante bring back the serum to GH..Edward is still sick!!

Liz confesses she has feelings for Jason.

People should be camped out at the hospital not the lake house!! Alexis comes home with Shawn.

OH! Port Chuck has a text message chain!! Everyone finds out the antidote is real. And McBain comes to the lake house and Sam  sees him and smiles. Awww They are going to put the serum in the water for people to drink. Never heard of that before but whatever.  Lante takes a shower to get "Well" and ..."clean up" LOL zexy. 

Liz talked to Cam and Aiden while they were in DISNEY I guess... she should talk to poor Gram. 

It ends with McBam in the rain and Liason on the GH rooftop. 

EARLY Ratings from Monday showed GH UP to 2.5! That's awesome... We need to keep them up there! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1/2 Way Through GH

COOK Died!! what!! I saw Edward..he's probably going to give the medicine to Emma. It's clear JI had a stroke or something.  So sad.  

I came in at 2:44-- and the show didn't tape!! UGHHHHH.  

Monica told Tracy to shut up!! Hee hee..

"If we don't get better, will we see Mommy"??  Says Emma to Patrick. 

So I don't know what's happening but dang LULU is trying to be a BOMB expert!! LOL Shawn rescues Alexis and Jax throws some keys overboard. 

Jane Elliot...bravo!!! 

John Ingle (Edward) On Today

In what promises to be touching scenes. I may not be able to blog today, I am not sure-- so use this for you comments if I'm not on by 3:30ish. John has been missed.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Giant Rubbah Tire Balloons!!

Wow..loved those tire balloons on location! They were GIANT!! LOL...

Sam gets to hold a baby. Awww.

Heather is totally recreating her "nanny" time with Steven Lars and Diana Taylor when he was PJ!!! WOW Holy-History Cartini! Google it. Heather took care of "PJ" who was Steven Lars after Diana adopted him. 

Liz should have been, I don't know, taking care of PATIENTS that are passing out in the lobby?  

The fight scenes.  JOHN whipped his hair like 4 times and tucked and rolled. The whole thing was fun. The thugs had machine guns, they all had handguns and mowed them down!!
Jerry Shoots..JAX!? No...

Jerry Shoots...Carly? No...

That was some bullet tag. Had me going. I hope Johnny doesn't die. You know I even had Johnny was shot in the spoilers and forgot in all the excitement!!  BOMB in the briefcase--a Guza touch? 

And Todd looks like he's going to finish Johnny off. wow. 

Nice Steven Lars and Liz Hug. Nice JaSam hug... 

GREAT SHOW TODAY!! in sequence, all about the same storyline--nice. Is Johnny going to die? Hmmmm, maybe!? 

PS> I got home early because my lady was ill today. Also--- you were all right about Tea's apartment. There are no stairs, it's not the same! 

Live Twitter Events All Week during GH!

Check out TV Source Magazine for the schedule of actors slated to live tweet during the show this week! Laura, Nancy, Becky and Lisa all tweeted last night and it was a ton of fun. They will tweet during the east coast broadcast time,  2pm. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Just's 2pm est and 1 central and pacific...unless your local station told you differently. Your DVR should automatically switch it but check.

Biggest thing? TELL people that aren't on the computer about the change--they may not know. I won't be live tweeting but will watch probably at my old time at 3pm. Then blog.


Sunday Surgery: Blood, Sweat and Sweat...

If you could take the drops sweat we had this week on GH, you could probably just about fill Jason's Box of Pain. Almost. 
They were sweating in the streets, bedrooms and hospitals. In the PCPD and on the docks. All over the place. Kleenex boxes lined the desks and in the mental hospital.  And yet, people still were standing up! 

Here we go...get some antibiotics and hunker down... it's SCRUBBIN' TIME!! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

DWTS Rehearsal with Kelly !

Kelly tweeted this from her rehearsal with Val  C! 

General Hospital Ratings: Last Week Was Great!

That's right!! 

FROM SON..please  go there for all ratings stats!

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,339,000 (-166,000/-86,000)
2. B&B 3,111,000 (-173,000/+384,000)
3. GH 2,661,000 (+215,000/+175,000)
4. DAYS 2,571,000 (-200,000/+208,000)

WOOT!! Last week was pretty twisty-turning wasn't it?? Jax was back, Jerry told his story about the Dead Man's Hand and the PATHOGEN was unleashed. This is what we need to get us stable and staying in the daytime line up. Ratings in the 2.0s. Let's do it!
Now more than EVER--DVR if you can't watch live. I have to resort to that and I'm obsessive about watching live vs DVR. If this Virgo OCDer can do it, so can you!! Watch on Tell your friends and family. Set their DVRs even if they don't watch. Hell, can't hurt. Find them Nielson families. Bribe with cookies. Or have them watch, they may love it!! 
This is good news if it keeps up--that's the big factor, it has to STAY THAT WAY!! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Location Shoot!! Location Shoot!!

Yep, in a big ol' warehouse. People just sweating all over. Dripping. ugh

Molly puts on a blonde wig for TJ. Please no. Then they go over the bucket list. Alexis comes in. Whoops. Wants to see that paper!!

Heather goes To see Tea, Tea's all happy to see her-- and then Heather says "That baby isn't yours"..oh boy.  BUT! Heather saves the day by saying she meant that she saved it's life--so she kinda is responsible.  Heather is holding Victor.

Then Heather holds Victor. (That's the OLTL's Victor's  old house, btw.) Tea tells her he has some blood disorder (the Cassadine thing) and she cant' figure out how he got it.
Meanwhile, Jason is listening to Patrick about how the baby died and is thinking..hmm  Patrick took the time out to read Sam's dead baby's file. While PEOPLE ARE DYING. Good Gravy.  Jason finds the blood types don't match--LMAO! Jason, not any doctor but Jason. 

Jerry is skulking outside Alexis' house. He knows SHAUN!! Oh, from the Balkan days. Forgot all about that. Shaun gets knocked out. Jerry takes Alexis to the location. Shaun finds a paper with Jerry's location on it.

For a cliffhanger day-- it was really not very exciting.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

AH! Happy Fantasy on GH!

OMG LOVED the Lamaze class--- The SHOWER WITH MONICA!! Why can't this be true!!!?? A HAPPY SOAP!

I LOVED it. LOVED it. I want some of that sheeze for real dang it-- ;/ MONICA! MONICA! MONICA!! 
Spin and Maxie trying to find her over night bag!! LOL  It was so awesome. And Spin and Maxie kiss (in her dream). Spin gave the baby a little black tshirt. 
MONICA  and Jason had their talk they should have had years and years ago!! I was almost crying...
Alexis holds the baby and Edward sends over gifts. They name the baby Daniel Edward  Morgan.  Awww, that's the name a lot of people wanted  for him anyway.
Then THEY SHOWED A BABY GIRL!! Her name is Emily! Happy family. And Yes, I'd be happy if they did a JAKE  fantasy too--this was just a happy soap day.
I really needed it. 

Steven Lars looks like a walking corpse. Geeze. Heather killed the nurse guarding her and decided to go get that baby for herself. Watch out Tea!  She knocks on Tea's door and Tea opens it.
Took Heather 2.2 seconds to get to Llanview!  LOL 

PS> note the MOD Kleenex box at Ferncliff!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Count the Kleenex Boxes at the PCPD

Liz and  Jason hug...Liz is a sweaty macaroonie. Geeze. Patrick isn't...Jason isn't too bad...maybe it's her pale skin! 

Everyone is in the PCPD yelling at Jax. Did you see that MOD Kleenex box on the desk? LOL The police don't even care that Jax/Sonny are almost fist fighting.
Sonny: "Why won't you Jacks boy just stay dead"? 

The note in the safe said "You're right. Find the cards, find the cure" but the safe isn't where they were. and Sam faints.  Then, John takes her to GH where Liason and McBam end up in the same room. Awkward. 
Jerry is working for Duke, btw
The cure was in the fireplace hearth in that shed that Ewan took Liz to. He obviously knew it wasn't there. Jerry finally gives it to Joe. 

Jerry is on speaker phone at the PCPD. 

Maxie "I haven't been here in a long time" (referring to the hospital) but I think they did a little nod to KS coming back. Maxie translates Robin's handwriting. 

Ewan is dying, finally Patrick goes in..and Ewan says--"Robin..Robin..." and flatlines.

SO many holes today.
Why didn't ANYONE from PCPD listen in on Jerry's phone call?
Where the hell is Dante? Dolores?

MAC? He'd be in there, "retired" or not. Maybe he and Coleman are having a "Pathogen Party" at the Floating Rib.
It's taking DAYS for Anna to get home. 

Work  Situation: Looks like I'll be home around 2:30 everyday--if I hurry.. lol. Damn it. I really like to be here live. I'm not sure how this is going to play out at ALL. ;/ 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You A Low Rent Goombah?

Tawd stole the show today! He sees Tracy and says: "you're Tracy Quartermaine? I thought you'd be taller"!! ahha
Then he tells Joe "You a high rent or a low rent goombah"??? 
Todd texts everyone to come to Tracy's house to cough up money. He eats the soup and then spits it out LMAO!!  To Johnny: "There's the kid's table" hee hee.
"Who here hasn't exorted money from those they love"?? Asks Todd "Nobody? Nobody? RIGHT"!! 
Johnny on the phone: "Hey, you know that cash we buried in the thing place to that person? I need it. No, not ALL of it.." ahhaa. 
There were a lot of jokes about the 1% right there.

Cards: Tracy tells Sam and McBam Luke has them. Well,  LUKE SHOWED Sam where they were along with Jax. But they forgot that part. Ok...well. Johnny also mentioned he got Luke's safe-- and can't open it.
Wow,  wonder where they are. DUH Sam opens the safe and finds..well, tune into tomorrow!

Jerry Jacks reminds me so much of Gordon Ramsey today.  YOU DONKEY! And Ewan sounded like Shrek..
Jerry tells Jax: It's NOT ABOUT THE MONEY--it's NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY!! Ok, well, better tell Todd that. 
Jax tries to break out Jerry, then Joe overtakes Jax and he and Jerry escape. 

Ewan shoots Jason in the leg...Jason shoots him in the stomach. Liz just blah blah blah like a banshee ..A LOT. At the hospital stupid Steven Larz asks about Liz' hands as Jason limps by. ConKate wants Steven to save Ewan. ugh. 

FLOP SWEAT all over the stage today--geeesh everyone has it.!! They must have a spray bottle.

WATCH TODAY'S SHOW it's so funny-- honestly!! 

NEW GH Spoilers are UP!

Rumor is he's back for a few scenes!
 Go take a gander at the WUBS NET and find out all the spoilers that are coming your way!!! You know we have an exciting boat chase/booming in the works, what else is up? I think I'm most looking forward to Connie coming back to mess with the wedding. I don't know why but it COULD be hilarious!!

Hope you have a good day. First day back to full work for me... not sure if I'll make it home to blog. If not, Please let me know about the show below. 

Hope you had a good Labor Day as well. Mine was full of good food and friends and fun!! Can't ask for more than that!  

Kristen Storms is BACK tomorrow as Maxie. I know a lot of you will be happy!! She was missed. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pop Goes the Wub!

Haven't done one of these in ages and I need to talk about some stuff out there!! So on this Labor Day, if you have the time sit back and relax and read on!! (GH is a rerun by the way.)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

GH Switches to 2:00 on Sept 10th

Check your local listings because in most markets, GH will be shown at 2pm/est. The GH cast have done a series of fun spots on you tube to remind us all to watch! Here's my fave lady: 

Sunday Surgery: Confuse-O-Gen

A pathogen (Greekπάθος pathos “suffering, passion” and γενής genēs “producer of”) or infectious agent (colloquially known as a germ) is a microorganism—in the widest sense, such as a virusbacteriumprion, or fungus—that causes disease in its host. The host may be an animal (including humans), a plant, or even another microorganism.[1][2]
Maybe this guy should live in Port Charles?
Let's get this over with first. I have to say I am really interested in all the names soap writers give for medical crisis on our shows.  We've had:

A Virus (Luke and Kong storyline)
A Toxin (Toxic Ball storyline) 
and now a "Pathogen"... I don't know about you but it just cracks me up. I'm waiting for the "Amoeba strain degenerational macarobiocular SARS"  next.  Of course each character HAS to say that word 66 times an episode. That's just how it's done. 
Ok, now that I have that out of my system here we go on to LAST WEEK'S SHOW! Scrub up with EXTRA scrubbie because it was quite a ride!!

I think they'd make great vampires.  Just sayin'

You're Still IN

  I REALLY need for today's show to be a good one. Dang it.  Scotty and Ava talking about the boring custody case.  She says Laura is on...