Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1/2 Way Through GH

COOK Died!! what!! I saw Edward..he's probably going to give the medicine to Emma. It's clear JI had a stroke or something.  So sad.  

I came in at 2:44-- and the show didn't tape!! UGHHHHH.  

Monica told Tracy to shut up!! Hee hee..

"If we don't get better, will we see Mommy"??  Says Emma to Patrick. 

So I don't know what's happening but dang LULU is trying to be a BOMB expert!! LOL Shawn rescues Alexis and Jax throws some keys overboard. 

Jane Elliot...bravo!!! 


  1. Karen....I just finished watching, and I don't know where to begin writing my blog.

    Didn't Edward look thin?

  2. I couldn't believe how good GH was today. Right now, John Ingle, Tracy, and Emma are trending topics on twitter. i haven't seen 3 GH people trending at the same time before!

    You have to catch it on Soapnet--i hope you still get that channel.

  3. Great show today!!!!!!!!!!!

    The warehouse: Mcbain is on the phone with the FBI, to help with the bomb, but the FBI have put him on hold! ROFL! And you can hear music in the background! ROFL! The FBI put him on hold with music! ROFL! The anti serum is there, but the bomb is with it also. Todd wants to let Johnny die (which really, I don't blame him, because of what Johnny did to Hope and Cole) but Todd doesn't let him die. :) Lulu won't leave Dante! She says they either die together or live together. She won't leave him. Awww! :) Alexis threatens Jerry that SHE is a Cassadine!! YES! :) Jerry tells Jax, that he is dying! All because of the Balcon. When he was shot the last time, and fell in the water, there was poison in the bullet, I think it was, and there is a cure, but it cost a lot of money! And that is where the 8 million comes from. That is why he wants the money!!! So he could have a second chance in life!!! Th show today was so suspenseful!!!!

    The hospital: Todd tells Carly, that a guy can change for you awwww! :) Monica is there!!!! She has something to tell Tracy! Someone has died! Monica makes me and Tracy think Edward died. I started to cry! No Edward didn't die! It was Cook!!!! Oh no! Not Cook! :( Edward is still alive!!! :) Patrick made the anti serum, but it's only one! Tracy wants Edward to have it! Monica wants to follow protocal! GIVE IT TO EDWARD!!!! Emma is sick. :( Give it to both Edward AND Emma!! Edward shows up! The actor looks so frail. :( Tracy stole the serum from Monica's office, (we didn't get to see it tho) and Tracy tells Edward to take it. Edward tells Tracy to give it to Emma!! I cry!! Patrick gives it to Emma! Why couldn't they both drink it? I don't understand!!! Tracy and Monica talk. :( Great scene! Tracy's speech to Monica about Edward was great! I loved it! So sad tho. Tracy talked about how her daddy had a long life, and it was full of love. And that if it's his time, then he will be with the woman he loves!!! We all know who that is!!! LILA!!!!!!!!!!! :( If Edward does die, it would be sad, but it wouldn't be shocking or surprising, cus he is 110 years old. I would still be sad. :(

  4. What happened to Katie Curic? On the West Coast Jeopardy and Millionare folows GH. Strange!

  5. Here in DC we have Cooper Anderson at 3:00 and "THAT PERSON" at 4:00

  6. To me it felt like it was Jane Elliott talking about John Engle. It really felt very real!

  7. KAren:

    you should watch the John Ingle scene. PS: Kleenex! Great scene! Am so glad they had Jane Elliot do the voice over!

    Todd needs to STFU. He took Carly's BFF's baby,never bothered to tip her off about her Uncle's innocence let alone his where abouts then and he's talking about how a guy can change for her? Hypocrite! Yet he goes ahead and says Johnny has not changed at all! (OK he has not changed but at least he is willing to tell Carly everything)
    I hate the way Cartini have Todd as this male figure of virtue while he cals out everyone else.

    All in all today's episode was GREAT!

  8. Mybelle...I agree. It did sound like JE was talking about JI

    As for ratings and Katie..check out my blog. Someone is watching Katie!

  9. The voice over, and its echos of JI's real life, was beautiful. If I could of had three wished for todays show it would have been to have Big Alice be the one to bring Edward in, for Tracy to have called Monica her family or to have hugged and for Anna to be the person McBain was on the phone with as Anna is an explosives expert. All in all a fantastic show however. Must see tv again!

  10. Haven't you been asked before to please stop pimping your blog, Deb?

  11. I loved JE's voice over at the end. It was beautiful and heartfelt. So much of the show was so good today. That little actor who plays Emma is so good...reminds me of Kim M. when she first arrived on the show.

    On another note, can we please not start snarking at each other again? It really has no place here.

  12. In Buffalo we have
    ricki Lake at 3 followed by Katie. It is so odd that they did this and so many places are airing anything but Katie in place of GH. What was the point.

    Karen, If you have video on demand you might be able to catch GH there.

  13. Katie is a regular syndicated show, meaning if it could air on another network. Where I live it is on the NBC affiliate. ABC's owned stations air Katie, but if the station is not owned, the affiliate can choose the programing. So, Katie is like Ellen and Dr. Phil, where both are syndicated. Katie is NOT like The View or The Chew, both shows that are ABC owned that will likely air on all(however the station CAN choose not to air the program) ABC stations.

  14. Wow! Today's show....wow! I loved it! I cried, John Ingle brought me to tears! The last three minutes just got me. Jane Elliot's VoiceOver. This was GH at its finest :) And all this without, Kate, Michael, Starr, Kristina, Trey, Jason, Sam, Liz, Luke and Anna! Proof, well written, great editing and utilizing some underused actors/characters ie: Alexis and Shawn and adding in Jerry and Jax (a keeper btw). John Ingle literally stole the show, that HAS to be scene(s) of the week!
    Karen, you can watch GH on YouTube.

  15. I sort of wish we could have some of these scenes with a story that makes sense.

    For instance, why did Jerry kidnap Joss and Alexis and make them so very sick that their hearts stopped, when he could have just given them a glass of water like Joe gave Tracy?

    If Jerry is short on cash, why did he buy the cable station? Why would he kidnap Robin and pay the exorbitant costs of keeping her in an exclusive sanitarium in Switzerland when he could have locked her in some kind of warehouse or safehouse with armed guards or something?

  16. @Gwen Hayes

    1. Had Jerry given Alexis and Joss the serum it would have been easier for the docs to replicate it. Case in point: Tracy.

    2. Although Jerry had some cash, it clearly wasn't 88 million. What he did is called an investment.

    3. Jerry is not financing Robin's kidnapping. Duke Lavery is.

  17. I thought todays show was very good. Better than last Fridays cliffhanger. It was great seeing John Engle again. It was nice seeing Tracy and the Quartermains being in the center of everything, they have been sorely missed. (Even a Dillon,Ned and Alan mention!)

    I hope they make the Q's strong again, they have always added a light to the show and it is a shame what Guza did to them to pimp the mob.

  18. I believe he had a stroke by his speech and movements ; /

  19. The episode yeseterday was WONDERFUL. I completely ignored most of the questions I had.
    Tood brought it again. He is definitely the comic portion of the show. They tried to make McBain funny yesterday too because of the bomb thing, but it wasn't funny at all. Wish it would have been Anna on the phone with him.
    Jax and Jerry...GREAT. Sonny saving Jax...GREAT. Monica, Tracy and Edward on together, loved it.
    Patrick gave the serum to Monica because he has done his best and now just wants to spend his remaining time with Emma. Those two together made me bawl like a baby, and I don't cry. And then Edward giving the syrum to Emma and Monica deciding to look away. I LOVED it!
    A+ show today!

  20. Is Jerry acting alone with regard to poisoning the water or are we suppose to beleive that Duke is somehow involved in this as well?

    I would find it hard to beleive that Duke is involved. If he were I beleive Anna and Emma would have also received the serum not just Alexis and Joss.

  21. The voice over at the end was brilliant, the best part of the show.

    The rest is just not making sense to me but I guess the pieces will start falling more into place.

    Giving Emma the antidote was ridiculous in my opinion...so now she watches everyone die around her while she waits for Anna to show up?? Lol! Monica was right, it should have been given to a doctor. Tracy stealing it and wanting to give it to "Daddy" was also ridiculous (but classic Tracy, so kudos for that). Not a fan of how they wrote that but I absolutely loved seeing John Ingle. Sadly, I agree it does look as if he's suffered a stroke.

  22. I bet Duke paid Jerry a lot of money to help kidnap Robin. Jerry clearly needs a lot of money! But that doesn't answer the question of why Duke would kidnap Robin.

  23. does anybody else think that Monica just stepped off the set of Planet of the Apes?..is crazy Jerry really dead this time?...lets get back to crazy Heather then!!


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