Thursday, September 27, 2012

"I Didn't Drive, I was Driven"

Joe get it right..Tracy doesn't drive lol...not if she doesn't have to! And Tracy can't resist another roll in the Joe-hay. 

OMG that wall paper in Starr and Trey's apt is so horrific. I know I've said that before but it's bothering me even more now.

"I'm gonna do what I gotta do to protect my family".... says Sonny. 
For the 100000000000 time. 

Spinelli thinks there are "other forces at work" with the baby. He calls Ellie at the lab. Maybe they'll find out about the switch.
 Ok There was a giant sandwich on the side table at the restaurant! All the boys playing poker-- talking about marriage.  Smoking cigars. ugh. 
Spinelli "This reminds me of a poem"
Milo "Does it have Hobbits in it"?? ahah BRAHAHA best line of the week. 
Sonny wants to give Trey a wad of money.   Then he pulls out the CHARM!

The Floating Rib looks SO FUNNY in the pink/black/white. 
If "Connie' is trying to be "Kate" why is she acting so "Connie" like. ?????? Milo is going to strip? "Magic Milo"? I saw Felicia back there. Mac caught Milo's shoe.  LOL   Then Connie did body shots...interesting oh! With whipped creme!!  She wants  to make out with Milo...oh. AND OLIVIA FINDS HER !! 
.. Starr and Sam meet for the first time today at the shower.  Huh.  
Liz's hair looks nice. Maybe it curled up from all the lying/switching of the DNA test. 

Look what trended!

You can't see it well here but this is the TVGUIDE Tribute to John Ingle... He taught acting for many years... he will be so missed. 


  1. Floating rib: Oh oh Maxie has to look for a stripper and fast!!! I was thinking, Uh Maxie? MILO IS RIGHT THERE! Pick him!!! :) Maxie asked Lulu for help, and Lulu picked Milo! Good call Lulu!! MAGIC MILO!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! Strip Milo strip!!!! Come on don't be shy!!!! :) YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GO MILO! :) Great scene! And then Mac tried to stop it before it got to far! :) Poor Mac! ROFL! Mac got Milo and then went in the back! Connie followed them and then jumped Milo! She was kissing him when Olivia caught them! ROFL! And um Olivia isn't wearing a bra, so I was waiting for her wardrobe malfunction! Liz was around looking guilty. Felicia is around too!!! They all are giving Milo money in his underware! ROFL! *grabs some singles* Milo needs a girlfriend!!!! :) And why is Krissy drinking?!!? Why is Mac giving her shots?!!?! Isn't she 19?!!?!

    Joe Jr's hotel: Tracy shows up to give him his madaline (sp) and then she couldn't leave!!!! Joe Jr says I am under your skin and you are under mine! OH YEAHHHHHHH! :) And then she grabs him and kisses him! WOOT WOOT!

    Sonny's "restaurant": The men play poker! And then they all tease Michael about Starr and him getting married. :)

  2. Hilarious bachelorette party scenes at Jake's! (It will NEVER be The Floating Rib to me...because it's just not.)

    Go Milo, go Milo, go Milo!!

    Liz's hair looked beautiful! Also nice to see that Olivia's been sprung from the hospital just in time to start throwing back shots.

    Steve Burton's last day of taping today. Buhhh-bye!

  3. I have not seen the show yet. Why is Sam, Starr and Liz at Kate/Connie's bridal shower?

  4. Brender - I know, right? Felicia too! She was probably there for Mac but she was still partaking in the festivities! Ron said Liz was there because Connie likes "Lizzie" but I don't think they gave us a reason on screen. Starr said she was going to show support for Michael and I'm really not sure WHY Sam was there ;) LOL!

  5. Glad to see olivia was FINALLY sprung from the hospital. She has only been there since JULY.

    Milo was FABULOUS. It was great Lulu showing him what to do in the beginning, Then Milo got into it down to his UNDIES. Whipped Cream, money shoved down his pants, body shots! GH was almost rated R today.

    Milo was trending too! (I think spontaneous trending is always more impressive then planned stuff - Not that it was not very nice to see that for Steve)

    Connie got so into it, she forgot she was supposed to be Kate. I wonder what excuse she will give Olivia.

    Sonny and Trey were so unoriginal.

    Compared to the bachlorette party, the poker game was very boring.

    I love Tracy and Joe.

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  7. Really liked Mac's quick aside to Felicia that the shots he was pouring Maxie were watered down. Lots of fun stuff today. Spinelli explaining "Dick" meant Phillip K. Dick cracked me up.

    Olivia was hanging pretty free today.

  8. Yes, the wallpaper in that apartment is awful. And what is that thing behind the couch that looks like a drying rack for kids artwork...that thing with the ledges?

  9. Pretty good show yesterday - lots of funny moments. Can't believe no one notices that Connie is there and not Kate. Kelly S.'s overacting is hard for me to watch. Olivia looked stunning, and Lulu and Maxie were great - nice to see them together. Still can't warm up to NotKristina, but Starr doesn't bother me anymore, maybe because her role is diminished and she is kind of cute.

  10. Look's like Maxie called on all the old Jake's regulars to fill in for party guests. Any reason to party. Although Krissy and Sam kind of stuck out, except for Sam to get the knife in the belly.
    I guess Liz took BitchDoc's advice - if you want your man you don't let anything get in your way!

  11. Scene of the week: Lulu trying to show Milo what to do during his strip routine from across the room. I was laughing my head off.


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