Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lexi Ainsworth at "The Cottage" Premiere

OUR Kristina (she still is damn it) at the premiere of "The Cottage" starring David Arquette. Love the dress! 


  1. Oh Kristina how we miss you - I don't know why they think you couldn't handle this story line. NuKrissy looks older they Tray.
    By the time they bring back Morgan he'll be older then Michael! We need all Sonny's kids back

  2. Agreed wherewolfmom. Dumb move by the last regime cutting her loose. They looked like complete morons firing a talented actress just coming off a well deserved Emmy nomination. Making Kristina look 10 years older takes the credibility away from the once well-crafted character. She's all of a sudden the tallest out of the Davis girls. Excuse me as I shake my head. Is she the same height as Michael now? Absolutely incredible and not in a good way.
    You can follow her on her twitter account: @_lexiainsworth as she is very active on it and always responds to my tweets which is cool. Very sweet and nice person :)

  3. I agree! Aging Kristina was a bad move, but the new Kristina is also a bad actress. I cringe when she's onscreen.

  4. She is and always will be my Kristina!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!

  5. This is what a REAL 19 year-old looks like!

    Lexi Ainsworth is AWESOME!!/pages/Lexi-Ainsworth-The-Next-Chapter/164993546926178

  6. JFP can roast in hell for what she did to my girl.

  7. But but but....she looks 12! LMAO....WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!!!

    Love Lexi Ainsworth!!!

  8. Sorry for the multiple comments -- I just love Lexi Ainsworth and am still beyond pissed that the witch JFP fired her for being petite.

    Epic fail. I hope JFP roasts in hell for this and her numerous other mistakes (ie. Genie Francis, etc.).


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