Thursday, September 13, 2012


Came in to see Todd with the pillow over Johnny's face--heh... he's SO TODD!!  They decide to keep their secrets. Johnny says Jax is a 'problem for both of us' 

MyJacks Boys! 

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH and JAX walks in!! yeeeeppieee!! Thank goodness, I love Jax. I'm going to have a Fostah's Beer for him!! 

I see the Mints are back. Stupid Trey. ugh. Stupid Krissy talking to Sam. Whateverrrrrrrr. 
FLEA was on!! WOW... She and Kirsten Storms. NICE surprise for me! Felicia tells Maxie "I just needed to grow up " ...which is what every girl who's ever loved a bad-boy says at one point or another. Sigh..
What house was that? It wasn't Patrick's can't be Scorpio/Webber's, that burned down. Hmmmmmmm anyone know? 


  1. The hospital: Carly blames Sonny for Jax's death! She says if he is dead it's your fault! THERE IS JAX! I KNEW HE WAS ALIVE! :) Carly runs to Jax and hugs him. (Too bad the running wasn't in slow motion ROFL!) Carly still wuvs Jax. :) Meanwhile Starr gushes over Johnny while Todd hates it. Todd is alone with Johnny, and puts a pillow over his face. That's my Todd! If you mess with his family, you have to deal with him!! Joe Jr is with Tracy. Joe Jr sees Sonny, and rushes Tracy back into the room and has sex with her! ROFL! And hey, they didn't get caught hahaha! Michael talks to Sonny about Krissy and Joe Jr Jr Jr getting married. Sonny is PISSED! Meanwhile Jason is obsessed with that baby cheeto file. And boy, Jason has three bromances going on now! Jason and Sonny of course, Jason and Spinny of course, and NOW the new one, Jason and McBain! :) Jason is so disappointed that he didn't get to play hero at the warehouse. Jason DID get that operation on his leg. The bullet came out. YIPPIE! :)

    Alexis's home: Mr. and Mrs, Joe Jr Jr Jr are back!! And now Krissy has to tell Sam the whole story!

    Starr and Joe Jr Jr Jr's place: Joe Jr and son hug! I love their scenes!!! :) They talk about the marriage, and that Krissy thinks they are going to get an annulment, but that isn't going to happen. DOH!

    Felicia, Mac, Maxie, and Spinny: I am not sure where they are. Spinny Great Maxie and Spinny scene!!! Felicia and Maxie have a heart to heart. They talk about Frisco, and Mac. And that Felicia had to grow up. Great scene!!!

  2. It was Patrick's house. They were talking about fixing Emma's playstructure outback. I think they were supposed to be babysitting her for Patrick.

  3. Jeanie Francis is out of Y&R was going to tweet. With the new writers maybe she will be back.

  4. I didn't know whose house it was either and came over here to see if you did.
    Since Emma was napping, was it Patricks house??

    Jason will stop at nothing to get Sam back. Him & Spinelli are on a mission!!

    LOVED what Spinelli said to Maxie. Might have to write that down!

  5. Where did you read Jeanie left Y&R?? I can assure you if its true GH will want her back. With Scotty?

  6. New it! I guessed that would happen! Just watch, she'll be back on GH and Steve Burton will be on Y&R.....

  7. I saw it on on fb it comes from soapsindepth

  8. Thanks Melissa..I saw it!!

  9. am i the only one who sees chemistry between Joe and Tracy?

    i once told Karen my scenario for Genie's return.

    My wish: She returns with Scott and a baby girl named Lucy. They pretend they are married and the baby is theirs just to piss Luke off for all his lying.

    A few weeks later, Serena arrives, and it is revealed that the baby is hers and Laura and Scott are not married, but are indeed a couple.

    Just my wishful thinking.

  10. I LOVE JOE and Tracy!! i really do! I wish he wasn't a baddie.
    If that was Patrick's house it's really different. Even the lamps!

  11. Karen, GH was caught by the radar of The Soup(clip parody show) again,and it landed on their "clip of the week(in other words, the clip they thought was humorously bad).They picked part of John Mcbain shoot-out, and refer to how John McBain is the only one to save the day.

  12. I also think Joe Jr. and Tracy have tons of chemistry. This reminds me of when Sonny first came on the show. I didn't like him, as he was a sleazy strip club owner. Then, when he met Brenda, he humanized, and suddenly I saw him as the most gorgeous man in the world!!

    I hated Joe at first also, really didn't like him--I realize that the actor is so good that you don't see him acting, so you hate him because he plays such a hateful character. Now you see him with Tracy, and suddenly he doesn't look so bad, even looks somewhat handsome.

    I am so glad that Tracy gets to have so many lovers. So many of the older actresses are put out to pasture, playing supporting roles with little action, yet Tracy continues as a desirable, sexy woman, which is how it should be!!

    Carly, however, is another story. I never liked her character, she is no great beauty, yet every rich and famous man falls immediately in love with her!! Seeing her at the hospital recently with all these gorgeous hunks who are/were her lover/husbands/would-be lovers, really drove it home to me. I want some of what she's having!!

    As for the house, I first thought also that it was Mac's house that burned down and maybe got rebuilt, it didn't look like Patrick's house to me, I thought maybe it's Mac's new house?? After all, he would build a play area for his grandniece in his yard, that would make sense.

  13. lost me when I read "Jeanie Francis." I was like, who??? It's actually Genie. :)
    Sonya...just wondering...why are you repeating the show's highlights after Karen has already done them? lol


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