Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NEW GH Spoilers are UP!

Rumor is he's back for a few scenes!
 Go take a gander at the WUBS NET and find out all the spoilers that are coming your way!!! You know we have an exciting boat chase/booming in the works, what else is up? I think I'm most looking forward to Connie coming back to mess with the wedding. I don't know why but it COULD be hilarious!!

Hope you have a good day. First day back to full work for me... not sure if I'll make it home to blog. If not, Please let me know about the show below. 

Hope you had a good Labor Day as well. Mine was full of good food and friends and fun!! Can't ask for more than that!  

Kristen Storms is BACK tomorrow as Maxie. I know a lot of you will be happy!! She was missed. 

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  1. oh Karen am so lookign forward to Connie once again! SKate is so boring! Poor Sonny stuch with the airheads that do his bidding about being a coffee importer and know nothing about being mob wives :( Why lord why????????????? Even Sonnie would make a better mob wife



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