Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Sponge

You know when the surgeon asks for the nurse to "Sponge" their forehead? That's me this week. Sponging my forehead. GH has been really up and down for me lately and I find myself not really caring if I watch the DVR or forget about it. Not a good sign. For some, GH is turning into what it always should have been and they are watching.  I'm very happy the ratings are up and things are looking rosy. But alas, I need that sponge. 

Pull your gear on, get a beer from Mac at the bar and sit next to those pink balloons in the corner. Let's do our surgery at the Floating Rib this week! 

If I had written this scene, someone would have gotten the Dead Man's Hand! 
First of all, having Sonny's wedding number 33 isn't really what I had in mind. Yes, we get that it's going to be FUN and CRAZY and all sorts of nuts, but it's STILL ANOTHER SONNY WEDDING. Zzzzzzz. Now, I have to say I did love the Poker Game aspect.  Why the hell the boys got together this time is beyond me. Free booze and cigars? Still the scene was great and I love the little touches like the club sandwiches on the side tray. Stuff like that just makes my heart glow. I did miss CONAN though-- and if I were Cartini I would get Roxy in to tend the bar there. Not even make a big deal of it, just have Roxy there with her porcupine. 

Yeah for Spinelli and Ellie... it's time he got a cute girlfriend. Yes, I love Spixie but let's be honest, she's married to MATT and needs a wake up call. BTW, I do miss Jen Lilley a bit--glad Kirsten's back but still...

Tracy can't stay away from Joe's Joy Stick --heh. That's awesome.  She can't get pregnant, no WTD story-- and she's over 25!! Joe's great around her as well.  I don't want him to be a meanie because I really love the two of them together. Let him run ELQ and be a nasty business guy-- enough mobular crap. 
Olivia was finally sprung from GH.  Just in time to witness  Connie kissing Milo in the back room. I still say if "Connie" Wants people to still think she's "Kate" she's being pretty stupid. (not to mention people around her not realizing she's not Kate) Thank you for putting Mac and Flea in there (god knows why she was there but I'm happy)-- and all the ladies of Port Chuck. Between that and the poker game we haven't had this kind of cast fun in a long, long time. LONG TIME. 
AND There was food!! It still boggles my mind that at Sonny and Brenda's wedding there were no extras and not even a cheese plate. LOL 

Yet another Sonny wedding disaster is coming!! 

Let's get to THE UGLY. 
I just can't with this. It's wrong in so many ways. I do think Sabrina or Dr. W will be Duke's something (kid, spy, niece, whatever) but stop the idiocy. We know she's going to take down her mighty mane, whip  off her glasses and be some kind of Lucy Coe Vixen.  When she looked at Robin/Paddy's wedding photo, it creeped me out. 

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM:  Liz..what's up? Very out of character for a mom that lost her baby and has had more Who's the Daddy episodes than Maury to switch to deny someone their kid but eh..that's drama for ya. She'll come clean so not all is lost. I guess it makes for some guilt and great curly hair. By the time anyone figures it out though,  Heather will probably be setting Victor up in preschool in Venice. 

SCENE  OF THE WEEK:  Two of my fave people-- in the same room doing a verbal dance. I  swear Finola Hughes is the best thing to happen to GH since the whole regime change. And LOVE the fact she's police commish. A lady at the helm!! 

RUNNER UP: Lulu "teaching" Milo how to strip from the crowd.  Awesome little moment and very cute. 

HEART MELTER: Emma and her Daddy.. aaaaaaaaaah!!! These two are just darling. DARLING!! More please.

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: See above... the Nurse Betty Dr. Britt stuff is just painful. Even more so than NuXtina --which is saying something.

Can we just retire these already? Thanks.

Burton's last week-- and I know plenty of people out here 'in the real world' that are not happy about "Jason" leaving the show. Remember, a lot of other actors have left and come back. Not to say he's coming back but I think his exit will leave that possibility. I have heard SK is going to be AJ which would be cool because it opens the door for some awesome Michael/Daddy stuff.  We shall see! 

I say: Get the baby stuff cleared up once and for all, get the DID ConKate over with-- hurry up on the Robin reveal yada yada.  The 2pm time messes with my schedule--but I think it's been good for the show's ratings. (and lead in to "Katie" in most markets) 
Have a great Sunday-- tomorrow it's OCTOBER! 


  1. So glad I am not alone in thinking Sabrina/Dr Britt stuff was stupid. Thankfully Dr Britt's time is about up on this show.

    Scene of the week for me was Lulu teasing Milo how to dance.

    I am enjoying gh these days. I also am sad at the departure of SB and glad the door is being left open. Perhaps if ratings start to sink they can lure him back on for a bit.

    My dislike for Liz made me realize something this week. Though I have always known her as a sneak & liar, I never thought her to be EVIL. I knew she would come forward with the dna or there was another reason out there. (Todd)

    I forgot AJ was Michaels father.

  2. I agree with your comments 150%. I realize GH has improved but it is still not must see tv for me. Too much kitzch that I just dont care about...the new doctor and nurse character, Starr, Christina, etc.

    I enjoyed having a lot of people at the bachlorette party but was wondering why Felicia and Sam were there. Why wasnt Alexis there...I thought her and Kate were gal pals.

    Now that Mac is running the bar will we ever see Coleman?

    I am not upset about Jason leaving. Ive grown tired of him. I do hope, however, that if/when they do Edwards funeral they somehow include Jason, even if it is just him looking in through a window with a tear in his eye. I also think Edwards funeral would be a great time to bring Alan back...even if as a ghost again. Also holding out hope they can get Ned, Dillon, Brooklyn and other living Q's back for even one day. I'd like to see former grandchild in law Nicholas, former daughter in law Lucy, Bobbie, Lucky, Laura and a few of the Ward clan return for the funeral as well.

  3. One good thing about Steve/Jason leaving is Liz won't have to be dragged into this JaSam crap anymore. Who am I kidding they'll probably find another way to throw her under the bus for someone else. They killed their kid so now they want to kill Liz and Jason's friendship {eye roll}!

    I also love the Tracey and Joe "relationship" and thought the Milo stripping scene was light hearted and funny.

  4. I think of Brit as Britch. She's two faced and awful. I don't like the ugly Betty thing, either.

  5. They kind of explained Sam's presence at the party - she was there for Kristina. Felicia was there for Maxie and Mac. I don't know why Liz was there.

    Which leads into my picky complaint: why was Lulu talking with Liz about Jason when a quick glance to her left would have shown her Sam was right there, in listening distance? Lulu just seemed like an idiot in those scenes. I don't know why that bugged me so much. Also, why didn't more people come up and say hello to Kate? And if Olivia can really see the "truth," couldn't she have realized that dress was not flattering on her?

    "More who's the daddy episodes than Maury" almost made diet pepsi come out of my nose. Great line!

  6. Skeebob: Thanks for noticing that scene w/Liz talking to Lulu while Sam was right there!! It drove me crazy also, and kept going on and on!!

    I also loved the Lulu/Milo stripping tutorial, very cute!! And, I also wondered why Connie is acting like Connie and everyone is clueless!! Even if she was recently "integrated," her shrink is dead, she would need a lot more care and would be referred to someone else.

  7. Totally with you on the Sabrina and Britt thing. What a terrible waste of screen time. It's a shame because Britt character actually has nice chemistry with Patrick. It would've been nice to explore Patrick dating her and the feelings/guilt it brings up as well as challenges with Emma. But no. That'd be too hard for Ron to have to write.

    As much as I like the show, (the witty banter, having Anna back, Todd scenes, Tracy and Joe, Jax back for a nano second, anything Alexis, Patrick, Emma, Mac, McBam) there is so much I dislike (Trey being Kate's son, endless Jasam pimping, out of character writing for Liz, lack of Alexis, Mac, Flea, and Lante and lack of continuity, lack of storyline set-up. I'm realizing that I am not a fan of Ron C.'s writing style when it comes to storylines (or in his case, lack thereof) and the fact that he hasn't put forth one original idea yet. His handling of Liz character is shameful. Maybe next week he'll write that she's really not a Webber or a nurse.

    Days of our Lives has become my must watch soap lately not GH and that makes me sad.

  8. I found kate/Connie's dancing on the pool table alone and sucking back whipped cream ridiculous.Her character is so over the top.
    Liz being written as the bad guy is nothing new,as I see the agenda never changed. If writers get it in their head ( however wrong the notion is ) that jasam will boost ratings, then they will pimp jasam at the expense of Liz. Kelly monaco is in DWTS and they will use this and propel her story on GH in the hopes of grabbing ratings. She will be front and center and Liz will be roadkill. Twitter lit up with Carlivati taking the heat for the way he wrote Liz as possibly messing with DNA results. View the dialogue on his twitter page as he has been tweeing alot with fans.
    Looks like Edward's death will be honored at Christmas with a nurse's ball. Hope vets come back for this.

  9. I am ecstatic over the fact that Jason will be gone soon. I used to be a huge Jason fan, but he's really been pissing me off over the last few years. Hopefully, with him gone both Liz and Sam will come out of his leather jacket clad shadow.

    I can't believe how out of character they are writing Liz right now. They're playing right to the haters. For some reason they think that every GH fan hates Liz when that is far from the case. That said, I do think that this is a bit of long overdue Karma coming to bite Sam on her ass. She deserves this after what she did to Jake. Now, she can feel what Liz felt when she allowed Jake to be kidnapped.

    love2chat402000, where did you hear about a Christmas Nurse's Ball?

  10. If a Nurse's Ball in trubute to Edward means a bunch of newbies and/or OLTLers singing to honour a GH icon, NO THANKS.

    I hear yet another OLTL (some Clint person) is coming to GH and will take over ELQ. Also heard they are getting rid of Joe and the OLTL dude will be Tracy's new love interest. Monica better watch her back...I bet there is a OLTLer waiting to take over as chief of staff as well...

    I HATE what is happening to GH. Too much kitzch, to much OLTL for my liking.

  11. I tuned in today and then tuned out at the jasam pimping and roadkill Liz.Saw Johnny watching dancing with the stars and Carly asking him coyly , " doesn't she look like ..." Just what I said before that jasam is front and center and Kelly M DWTS promotion.


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