Tuesday, September 11, 2012

John Ingle (Edward) On Today

In what promises to be touching scenes. I may not be able to blog today, I am not sure-- so use this for you comments if I'm not on by 3:30ish. John has been missed.  


  1. I read his scene will be a tear jerker. Either way, I welcome him back!!

  2. John Ingle is currently very ill. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

  3. I remember loving David Lewis in the role of Edward. Esp the infamous scene with Tracy and the heart medicine. (has to be on a top 10 list somewhere). And he had unmistakable chemistry with the beautiful Anna Lee When he left and John Ingle took over, I didnt take to him at first. Never thought anyone could step into the role. But over time he did, and made it his own. He brought a certain humanity to the role and a heart that showed that the character wasnt all business, but had a very caring, nurturing side, especially when paired with his grandchildren. (apparently his children were already a lost cause, ha ha). His portrayal will truly go down in history as one of the best characters on GH. Steve Hardy may have always been the shows leader, but I think Edward was the shows patriarch (and that goes for the actors as well)

  4. Sadly you are correct. He is very ill and he looked it.

    This will be his only appearance.
    I wish him nothing but the best
    and thank him for coming to do this scene today.

  5. I think that John Ingle was the original Edward, left the show and someone else took over the role, and then JI came back.

    I hope he feels better soon, and that he can come back to the show, he is missed.

  6. AntJoan
    No David is right David Lewis was the original Edward. John Ingle was a replacement.

  7. David Lewis was the original Edward, but I've enjoyed John Ingle much more. He and Lila together were so sweet.

  8. It was David Lewis originally, then John Ingle took over the role. He did leave briefly and Jed Allan took over. Thankfully, John Ingle came back! He did look ill and very frail today and I don't think it was just acting :(

  9. David Lewis was the outstanding as Edward. JI is the third replacement and has been so perfect. So sad to hear he is ill.


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